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Smile Dog

I have to say that Zariah is a pretty interesting girl now that she’s all grown up.

I know that you are all probably wondering how we met her aren’t I right?

Well in this chapter I will recap how we met her!

It was 13 years ago when I was 6 years-old all of our new friends weren’t with us yet.

I remember one day walking in the woods (in my dog form) and saw a small girl around 5 years-old playing by herself in the street.

I was going to ignore the small girl until I heard a honking noise and saw a truck going at a very high speed.

My eyes widened when I saw the truck was going to run over the girl and kill her!

Quickly I changed form and ran and grabbed the girl and ran back into the woods.

I had almost not made it but I did.

I sighed in relief and noticed that the girl was looking at me.

Feeling awkward I turned into my dog form.

She squealed and said: “Puppy!” she grabbed me by my neck and petted my head.

I felt myself turn red I know that I’m technically a dog but I don’t enjoy it when people pet me.

“Um, can you get let go of me?” I asked the little girl.

“No doggy” answered the girl.

I sighed in frustration and changed back into a human and tried to get her off me but damn! She had a very strong grip!

“Can you please get off me?” I begged.

“No doggy!” said the girl scolding.

I had to go back to the mansion but I couldn’t go back with a small girl!

After a few more minutes trying and getting nowhere I decided to just take her with me.

I swear I even tried growling at her and showing her my evil side she wouldn’t budge!

“Fine! Then follow me!” I said.

“Okay doggy!” answered the girl.

I started walking into the woods with her following behind me.

After a while, we got to the Mansion and saw the #1 killer and my best friend Jeff the killer at the front door.

“Well...Well...Well... Smile dog you are in big trouble” grinned Jeff (13 at that time) playing with his knife.

“I know! But I have bigger problems than that!” I said trying to get Jeff’s attention.

“Sure you do,” he said finally looking at me.

Jeff froze when he saw the girl that was holding onto me and got his knife and was about to kill her until I said:

“Wait! Don’t kill her!”

Jeff scolded and said: “Why shouldn’t I! She’s a human Smile!”

The small girl’s eyes widened in fear and she buried her face against my neck and said: “M-monster”

“She’s just an innocent girl Jeff,” I said calmly.

“So what?” said Jeff annoyed.

“I just bumped into her” I looked at his knife “Can you put that away for once!”

“Why?” Jeff asked confused.

“The knife scares her Jeff correction all of you scares her!” I said glaring at him.

“Humph,” said Jeff putting his knife away.

“Can I enter at least?” I asked.

“Fine but I’m going to pretend that I had nothing to do with this I am not saving you this time Smile,” said Jeff opening the door for me and shutting it closed.

“Typical” I mumbled.

“Is the monster gone?” asked the girl.

“Yes he’s gone,” I said.

“Hello? Is anyone in here?” I asked.

“Over here Smile!” yelled Ben (9-year- old) from the living room.

Carrying the girl I walked over to the living room to find Ben and Laughing Jack playing videogames.

“Hello there Smile!” said LJ (11-year-old) nodding in my direction.

“Hey, guys do you know where Toby is at?” I asked.

“He’s in the kitchen eating waffles, as usual, whatever for?” asked Ben stopping the game.

“Well, we have a problem,” I said hesitantly.

“What kind of-” LJ was about to ask until I couldn’t carry the girl anymore and she fell on the floor in front of LJ and Ben.

“GAH!” they both said jumping startled.

“That kind of a problem,” I said.

At that moment Toby (5-year-old) came running: “Guys? Is everything okay?” he asked.

The small girl just laughed and smiled at us.

Toby saw the girl and said: “Aw!

“Hi there!” said Toby crouching down to be at the small girl’s level.

“Hi!” said the girl looking at Toby.

“What in the world Smile!” said Ben looking at me.

“I bumped into her by accident! She wouldn’t let go of me!” I protested.

“Great now what do we do?” said LJ looking at the girl.

“Relax guys,” said Toby picking up the girl.

“How do you expect us to relax!!” yelled Ben.

“Well If I’m honest she’s pretty cute,” said LJ.

“And I thought I was the flirt,” said Ben rolling his eyes.

“Shut up Ben what I meant is that this little girl is pretty!” said LJ touching the girl’s cheek.

The girl smiled at Laughing Jack.

“Well you do have a point,” said Ben looking at the girl with a small smile appearing.

“Guys we cannot let Masky or Slender find out about this,” I said concerned.

“Deal,” they said.

“Find out about what?” said a voice behind us.

“Masky!” we all said.

The girl saw Masky and smiled at him.

Masky froze and looked at all of us.

“Smile...” he said groaning.

“I know! I know! I’m sorry! I just bumped into her! I’m sorry!” I said begging.

“Great I’m sorry guys but I have to tell Slender,” said Masky sighing.

“No!” said Ben.

“Are you serious Masky?” said LJ shaking his head.

“But-” I said.

“Masky No,” said Toby holding the girl against him.

“I’m sorry guys but I have to,” said Masky taking the girl from Toby’s arms.

“Masky please!” I said.

“I suggest you all go back to work,” Masky said turning around and leaving us.

“Well there goes the poor girl,” said LJ.

I didn’t say anything but changed into my dog form.

“Oh no, you don’t! Smile Dog! If you get caught you are in trouble!” hissed Ben.

“I don’t care! Take cover for me, please!” I begged.

“Fine,” said Toby nodding.

I silently went and followed Masky.

He entered Slender’s Room and was standing there waiting for Slender to come back from his talk with his brothers.

I hid behind the bookshelf of Slender’s room.

He carried the girl in his arms and was trying not to drop her.

She looked at him and asked: “Where are we?”

“We are in Slender’s Room” answered Masky looking at her.

The girl frowned when he looked at her while wearing his Mask.

None of us had ever seen Masky without his Mask before.

Masky froze when the girl touched his Mask and started taking it off.

I tried to see how he looked like but I couldn’t see it due to being too far away.

The girl smiled when she saw his face and she touched his cheek.

Masky was frozen in place just looking at the girl’s green emerald eyes.

He quickly put on his Mask when he heard slender call out his name.

“What is the problem Masky?” asked Slender.

“This is the problem, Sir,” said Masky settling the girl down on the floor in front of Slenderman.

“Where did she come from?” asked Slenderman surprised.

“Smile found her Sir he says that she wouldn’t let go of him so he brought her here” answered Masky.

“Hmm,” said Slender he picked up the girl and looked at her.

She smiled at Slender and said: “Hi”

“Hello, there Child what is your name?” asked Slender.

“Zariah my name is Zariah!” said Zariah smiling.

“Nice to meet you Zariah my name is Slenderman,” said Slender.

“Slendy!” said Zariah giggling.

Slenderman chuckled and said: “If it’s hard to say my name then you may call me that child”

I was in shock! Slenderman never let us call him any nicknames before!

“Sir?” asked Masky.

“Yes?” answered Slender.

“Do you want me to get rid of her?” said Masky.

“No she’s doesn’t need to die,” said Slender.

“Alright,” said Masky looking down.

“Now tell me, child do you know who the others are?” asked Slender.

Zariah thought for a moment and then said: “Toby, Ben, Jeffy, LJ, Smile Dog, and Masky! Those are my friends!”

“Jeffy?” said Slenderman chuckling.

I silently laughed at the nickname for Jeff.

“Very well then masky?” said Slender.

“Yes Sir?” asked Masky bowing down in front of him.

“Take her to the others she can stay here for a while,” said Slender.

“Yes Sir,” said Masky.

I left then and ran to the others happy!

I told them that Zariah could stay here with us!

That’s how we met her! I feel like if it was destiny that united us with Zariah!

And that’s it! I know you want to get back to the present so hurry onto the next chapter!

Keep Smiling, I’ll Keep Smiling with you.

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