Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...

Nina the Killer

No tienen Idea! You guys have no idea how much I wished I could tell Zariah that It’s me!

That I’m Lily! Her best friend! Except how would she believe me?

If I’m a creepypasta?

We all said goodbye to Jeff and the others except Masky didn’t say anything just left.

Como Siempre (like always)

After the muchachos left Sally decided to put on her favorite scary movie Rings.

I put my head on Liu’s shoulder as we watched the movie.

The only ones remaining where Sonic.Exe, Zariah, Yo (me), Liu, Tails Doll, Clockwork, Toby, EJ, Jane, Smile Dog, and Sally.

It was around 10 pm as we started the movie we heard footsteps and saw Slender he told us: “You kids better be in bed by 12”

We all said: “Yes Sir”

Before the movie began Zariah looked at us and asked:

“I have a question, you guys”

“What is it?” said Clockwork.

“Is Masky always like that?” asked Zariah.

“Like what?” said Toby.

“God! She’s talking about if Masky is always that annoying person who won’t show his feelings or emotions to us! Right?” said Tails Doll looking at Zariah’s direction.

“Kind of but yeah”, said Zariah unsure.

“Oh, Si! Masky is always like that most of the time he doesn’t even hang out with us his job is just being el Mejor de todos!” I said.

“Yeah, he’s pretty mysterious! He never takes his Mask off!” said Sally.

“Wow so he just wears that mask all the time?” said Zariah shocked.

“Mhm”, said Smile Dog.

Then we began the movie we knew that this movie wasn’t that scary I did forget the fact that Zariah Estaba con Nosotros (Was with us)

Until at the part that the girl (Samara) came crawling out of the TV in the movie and screamed.

Zariah whimpered and would jump at anything that touched her.

I saw Tails Dolls grin at EJ and disappear.

I looked at Sonic.Exe who frowned at EJ.

Liu looked at me and whispered: “Are they planning something?”

“Ay, I think so” I whispered back.

All of a sudden the lights turned off and I heard Zariah gasp.

Then I heard a scary noise and heard Zariah scream in terror.

“Zariah!” we all exclaimed.

The lights turned on and we saw that Tails Doll had scared Zariah and had knocked her over also Jane had her knife aimed at Zariah’s heart.

“Looks like you get scared easily” smirked Jane.

“Haha got you!” said Tails Doll laughing.

“Deben estar bromeando” I said shaking my head.

“Pfft!” said Clockwork snickering.

“Hahaha!” laughed Sally clapping her hands together in glee.

“Are you serious?” said Liu sighing.

“Guys”, said Toby facepalming.

“Best Prank Ever!” laughed EJ rolling down on the floor.

I felt bad for Zariah la pobre chica (the poor girl) was on the floor trembling from the scare.

Everyone was laughing except for Me, Liu, and Toby until we all froze when we heard an angry voice say: “ENOUGH!”

I looked at who said that which Sonic.Exe he wasn’t laughing at all ways.

“WHAT WAS THAT JOKE FOR?!” yelled Sonic.Exe

Tails Doll flinched and said: “We just wanted to scare her Exe it’s not a big deal”

“Not a big deal?!” said Sonic.Exe his eyes darkening.

Sally whimpered and hid behind Jane.

Sonic.Exe got up and helped Zariah up.

“You all have no feelings! You all saw how scared she was about the movie and this is how y’all make her feel better?!” yelled Sonic.Exe angry.

“B-but W-we” said EJ stammering.

“I don’t want to hear it!” said Sonic.Exe going upstairs with Zariah.

“He’s right”, said Smile Dog looking at us.

“You too Smile?” asked Jane frowning.

Smile Dog changed into his human form and glared at us.

“He has a point she’s scared and the first thing you all decide to do is scare her even more!” he growled and left as well.

“Thanks a lot, Tails Doll!” said Toby fake clapping.

“Oh really? Now it’s all my fault?!” said Tails Doll.

“You brought this up! Not us!” said Liu.

“Bien Trabajo Tails Doll Now Sonic.Exe hates us!” I said shaking my head.

Tails Doll growled at my comment and before I could blink he had scratched me with his claws in my check.

I gasped as I felt small droplets of blood go down my cheek to my neck.

“That’s it!” I said angrily.

I grabbed my knife and cut Tails Doll’s chest and shoved him away from me.

Liu got in front of me and growled at Tails Doll.

EJ grabbed Tails Dolls alarmed and said: “No fighting! You can’t hurt girls!”

“I don’t care about that anymore!” hissed Tails Doll shoving EJ away from him.

Sally was in shock staring at us all fight.

Tails Doll started advancing towards Liu.

“Someone turn him off!” I yelled.

Quickly Toby touched the gem that tails doll had on top of his head and turned him off.

Tails Doll slumped into the floor as the doll he was.

“I think”, said Toby swallowing “That we should go to sleep...”

“Entendido,” I said trembling with my bloody knife in hand.

Liu wrapped his arm around my waist and said goodbye to the others as we left.

When we got to our room he helped me wash off the blood from my cheek and knife as he also cleaned the wound.

“Liu?” I asked.

“Yeah?” he said.

“When are we going to tell Zariah the truth?” I asked.

Liu sighed and said: “I don’t know I think we should wait until she’s more adapted into being with us”

“Alright”, I said.

The truth was that the last time we where human was after the incident 13 years ago this whole time we’ve been creepypastas without letting Zariah know.

I was also thinking that Sonic.Exe’s reaction was very surprising to all of us.

Realmente se me hiso muy raro su actiud. (Really his attitude was very strange)

Normally he would’ve laughed along with us but no he got mad at us.

I want to know what Zariah means to him.

Remember my quote:

“Go to sleep, my prince...”

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