Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...


Hello dear reader I know that you’ve been waiting for me to take over this story.

I finally got the chance to narrate for you ladies and gentlemen.

“Toby! You ate almost everything!” groaned Jeff.

“Sorry! You know my weakness is waffles!” said Toby frowning.

“Both of you shut your mouths up! There’s still food Jeff let’s just eat!” I grumbled.

“Can you guys be at least glad that EJ isn’t here to gross us out!” said LJ growling.

“True or else we wouldn’t be eating right now,” said Hoodie eating waffles with cheesecake.

“Yeah EJ with his kidney eating”, said Jeff clenching his teeth.

“Jeff! You’re ruining my appetite” said Toby gagging.

“So it’s only us?” asked LJ eating candy.

“Yeah Masky has to leave soon It’s only us with Zariah” answered Hoodie eating.

“Oh heck yeah!” I said happily.

“And what are you so happy about?” said Jeff glancing at my direction.

“The fact that I’ll get to flirt and hang with Zariah,” I said winking.

“Oh no,” said LJ groaning.

“Sure keep on dreaming Ben,” said Sonic.Exe behind me.

“What the!” I said.

“You thought I would let you flirt with Zariah?” said Exe glaring at me.

“What are you doing here Exe?” said Hoodie eyeing Sonic.Exe suspiciously.

“I thought you had to work today?” said Jeff folding his arms across his chest.

“Yes, I did have to work today but I didn’t go,” said Sonic.Exe his red eyes flickering.

“How come?” asked Toby twitching.

“Because I wanted to stay also I have a day off so,” said Sonic.Exe shrugging.

“Day off?! Ha! Nice joke!” I said sarcastically.

“Sure laugh all you want”, said Sonic.Exe amused.

“What are you grinning at? Slendy never lets anyone have a day off!” said Toby frowning.

“Fine, I just made it look like Im at work right now when I’m not actually,” said Sonic.Exe huffing.

“That’s not fair! You can’t have a “day off” when the rest are doing something productive!” said Laughing Jack.

“So what? I asked Tails Doll to cover for me and he did” said Exe snickering.

“You two are very close friends...” mumbled Jeff.

“Whatever I don’t care that he is here all I care is about spending time with Zariah...” I said not caring.

“Oh really?” said Sonic.Exe looking at me.

I swallowed “Yes really,” I said trying to act brave.

“Very well then”, said Exe leaving the kitchen.

Everyone relaxed as soon as Sonic.Exe left Dang! This dude is very scary!

“Man why is everyone afraid of him?” asked Hoodie.

“Are you freaking kidding me Hoodie?!” yelled Jeff.

“What?!” said Hoodie shrugging.

“It’s not that we are scared of him it’s the fact that he is very scary is we make him mad,” I said shivering.

“Haha! Nice one I doubt he is scary at all he wears fake blood and he has a fake attitude plus he’s invincible or so he says” said LJ cackling.

We all looked at him and started laughing.

“He Haha! Has Pfft! a point!” said Jeff trying to calm down.

“Agreed Ha!” I said banging my hand against the table laughing.

“Phew! Okay guys calm down” said Toby calmly.

“Let’s all just remember the fact that Sonic.Exe is still our friend either way!” said Hoodie.

“True,” said LJ nodding.

I then got an amazing horrible idea!

“Guys! I have an idea!” I said excitedly.

“What is it Ben?” asked Toby.

“Please don’t let it be something stupid,” said Jeff.

“Rude...” I muttered to myself.

“Anyways we should have a party!” I said grinning.

“A Party?” said Hoodie surprised.

“Yeah! We could have a party so all of us can hang together but mainly to get closer to Zariah!” I said proudly.

“Hmm, are you sure this is a good idea?” said Toby unsure.

“Yeah!” I said fist-pumping the air.

“Fair enough then we just need to get rid of Slendy for a few hours,” said Jeff playing with his knife.

I realized that we were going to do “not it”.

“Not it!” I said quickly.

“Not it!” said Toby twitching.

“Ha! Not it!” said LJ chuckling.

“N-Not it!” said Hoodie stammering.

“Not- Shoot!” murmured Jeff.

“Ha! Loser!” I said teasingly.

“I hate you ben!” said Jeff scoffing.

“It’s so fun to mess with you,” I said grinning.

“UGH!” said Jeff groaning.

“Well since Jeff didn’t say it in time he will be in charge of distracting Slendy and we will be in charge of the Party,” said Toby looking at us.

“Now I think that we need someone to distract Zariah,” said Hoodie.

“I would but I want to help so not it,” said Toby.

“Not it either I want to help with the party also,” said LJ.

“I and Masky are pretty busy also I’m about to leave so not it,” said Hoodie.

I winked and said, “Since Jeff can’t do it I’ll distract her!”

Finally! An opportunity to be me and not deal with anyone scolding at me for being a flirt!

“I don’t think so,” said a low angry voice behind me.

“Gah!” I said startled.

“Sonic.Exe?! Not you again!” I said grumbling.

“You think that you will distract Zariah out of everyone here? Are you crazy Ben?” said Sonic.Exe shaking his head.

“So what! And stop sneaking up on me it’s annoying!” I said frustrated.

“Boo-hoo! I don’t care about how you feel Ben” said Sonic.Exe rolling his eyes.

“Now that I think about it Sonic.Exe could distract Zara,” said Toby thoughtful.

“WHAT!?” I yelled.

“Heh I don’t mind,” said Sonic.Exe shrugging.

“Oh, that’s not fair! I said I was going to do it!” I protested.

“I think everyone in here sticks with Sonic.Exe this time sorry Ben,” said Jeff giving me a look.

“Ugh! Fine! I will get my revenge on you Sonic.Exe” I said pouting.

“Sure you will,” said Sonic.Exe

Everyone (except me) was now talking about what to get for the party.

I was very annoyed that Sonic.Exe had taken my place!

Great now I’m very annoyed.

One thing that shocked me was that Sonic.Exe seemed like he wanted to be with Zariah...

I almost wanted to yell at him and tell him to back off she’s mine!

But frustratingly I can’t or else Sonic.Exe would try to kill me. (Again)

“Okay well I’m going to distract Zariah,” said Sonic.Exe smirking in my direction.

I just glared at him.

He laughed at my actions and left.

Well, my entry is over I know that I didn’t do much flirting or being my normal self.

No worries though! I will in the next chapter I’m in.

Remember I’m always watching you through your electronics.

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