Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...

Laughing Jack (LJ)

After a long list of chapters I the beloved Laughing Jack finally gets the chance to narrate! Hehe!

Where were we? Ah yes, the planification of the party! But of course!

“Now that Zariah is out of the way...let’s go get the stuff!” said Hoodie.

“Hmph,” said Ben annoyed.

“Aw cheer up Ben! Just because you won’t be able to distract Zara now doesn’t mean you won’t be able to at some point!” said Toby trying to cheer Ben up.

“Yeah listen to the Toby and stop acting like kid Ben”, said Jeff rolling his eyes.

“Thank you Toby and don’t you dare ever disrespect me like that Jeffy!” said Ben mockingly.

Jeff’s Eye’s darkened: “Don’t. You. Dare. Call me that again”

“Oh Please!” I said interfering “I bet you would let Zara call you that without getting mad isn’t that right Jeffy?”

“Burned!” said Hoodie snickering at my comment.


“I just love making Jeff angry,” said Ben smiling at us.

“Ha! You always do get the best of him” said Toby.

“Well since Jeff is now gone why don’t we all go get the stuff we need for the party?” said Hoodie getting up and putting his plate in the sink.

“Yes! Let’s go!” I said grinning.

Don’t mind me but what I love more about party’s is the candy and seeing everyone happy!

Hehehe! after all, I am a clown and I love to make others happy!

But just because I’m Laughing Jack doesn’t mean I don’t kill either...

Ben, Toby, Hoodie, and I ran outside into the woods and ran to the nearest store. Do you guys think that we pay? Ha! No, we steal.

“Okay we are here and nobody has noticed us Hoodie pick on the lock of the door so we can break it!” said Ben looking around.

“On it!” said Hoodie messing with the lock on the front door of the store.

“Hurry up you guys...” said Toby nervously.

“Hoodie”, I said gritting my teeth.

“Wait Did it!” said Hoodie opening the door.

“Jackpot”, I said smirking.

“You guys know the drill steal everything we can then we are out of here got it?” said Ben looking at all of us.

“Got it!” we all said.

I ran over to the candy section feeling the nice sweet smell of sugar.

I grabbed as much candy as I could get.

“Guys come on lets-” said Ben stopping in midsentence.

“Ben whats going-” said Toby confused

“GET DOWN!” yelled Ben ducking a bullet.

I ducked low and turned my head to see the store owner with a gun trying to aim at us.

“RUN! ” yelled Ben starting for the door.

I ran out of there followed by Toby and Ben.

“Is everyone out?” asked Ben.

“Yeah- Wait You’re here and so is Toby plus me”, I said counting.

We all suddenly froze.

“Hoodie!” we all yelled.

" He didn’t bring his gun!” groaned Ben facepalming.

“I’m going to get him,” I said starting to the door.

“Be careful LJ! said Toby concerned.

I turned around and grinned “This will be easy...” I said and went inside the store.

“Hoodie?” I yelled.

Where is he?

“I see you came to save your friend”, said a man’s voice.

I turned around to find the shop’s owner holding Hoodie by the shoulder with the gun aimed at his head.

hoodie was struggling but without his gun, he couldn’t do anything. I chuckled softly and said: “I would suggest you hand him over unless you want to pay the consequences”

“I ain’t afraid of whatever you guys are” replied the man.

“Oh, tough one huh? Hehe, this will be fun” I said smiling.

The lights of the store flicked on and off and my favorite song “Pop goes the weasel” started to play.

I was out of the man’s sight in hiding waiting to attack

“Enough of this! Where the hell did he go?!” said the man scared.

I jumped and attacked the man Did I kill him? Yes! Thats what I do best!

I got up and brushed off the blood from my clothes.

“Thank you, LJ! I was stupid to forget my gun” said Hoodie shaking his head.

“Don’t worry about it” I said licking my lips feeling the delicious taste of blood and candy.

“I haven’t seen you kill in a long time,” said Hoodie.

“Don’t mention this to the other’s for now” I said looking at him.

“Fair enough”, said Hoodie swallowing.

“Let’s go,” I said leaving the store Hoodie trailing behind me.

“Oh good you are still alive Hoodie!” said Toby relieved.

“But how did you do it LJ? The only explanation is that you killed him which you haven’t done in a while-” said Ben cut off midsentence.

“I found a way to escape while LJ distracted him,” said Hoodie interfering.

“Oh well we got our stuff now let’s get out of here,” said Ben nodding at us.

“Yes please,” said Toby.

We all went back to the mansion with our supplies that we “bought”

As we entered the house Ben said: “Great! Zariah isn’t here yet!”

“Well then what are we waiting for? Let’s get decorating!” I said.

“Let’s do this!” said Toby grinning.

After 2 hours we had finished decorating Slender’s house (Well half of everything I had to do it)

I know what your thinking is LJ the oldest one of all the creepypastas?

No, I’m not Liu is but I am the tallest after Slenderman and his brother’s of course!

“LJ? Can you text Sonic.Exe to tell the rest of the creepypastas about the party?” asked Ben.

“Sure” I replied grabbing my phone.

This is how the conversation went:

Me: Hey How’s it going distracting Zariah?

Sonic.Exe: I almost killed her! By accident, she is a very curious girl.

Me: Be careful If you kill her we will kill you.

Sonic.Exe: Yeah, Yeah I know but after that, it’s going fine are you guys almost done with decorating and stuff?

Me: We are done but we need you to notify the other pasta’s about the party before you can bring Zariah back here.

Sonic.Exe: On it, you guys tell me when

Me: Deal

Putting my phone away I said: “Exe is telling the rest”

“Great!” said Ben.

“So we are only having normal stuff for humans?” asked Hoodie.

“Not exactly EJ will have his kidneys for sure but I’m saving something for the party,” said Ben a smile forming his mouth.

“Wait Jeff can’t drink wine remember?” said Toby frowning.

“Relax Toby! I won’t drink that much also I will hide the bottles well Jeff won’t find them!!” said Ben scolding.

“Mhm we will see,” said Hoodie.

“You guys are positive that Slenderman won’t find out about this?” I said unsure.

“LJ chill out man! He won’t probably not until the party is over” said Ben.

“If you say so, Ben,” I said sighing.

“Now that the other’s are notified let’s get this party started!″ said Ben laughing.

“I assume that’s the cue,” said Hoodie nodding at me.

Text Conversation:

Me: Bring her here now!

Sonic.Exe: “Okay”

“This is going to be a disaster...” said Toby.

“Eh who knows maybe that girl might get us out of trouble,” said Hoodie.

“Agreed,” I said.

This is the end of the line for me Do you want to read more about the party? Quick go to the next chapter!

Do you want some candy kiddo? Hehe.

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