Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...

Jane the Killer

When it comes to having a boyfriend how do you feel when you and your boyfriend instead of looking like a couple you look like if you were brother and sister?

Welcome to my “amazing” life.

You guys already know that I am the betrayer in this story.

A lot of you probably expected it after all I am Jane the killer.

The deal I made I didn’t want to do it but like I said in chapter 5 it was either her life or ours.

What does bother me is the fact that almost everyone likes Zariah.

By everyone, I mean everyone including Jeff!

To make matters even worse was that they were even making a party for her!

I was beyond furious! now that I think about I should end her instead of trying to save her.

Relax Jane Remember the promise you made to Tails Doll and EJ.

I was walking with Clockwork in the woods when I received the text about the party.

“They are having a party? Cool!” said Clockwork excited.

“Pfft Are you kidding me? How it that cool?” I said rolling my eyes.

“Come on Jane! We haven’t had a party due to what happened two years ago!” said Clockwork frowning.

As you can tell Clockwork acts a lot like her boyfriend Toby.

I do get jealous of Clockwork and her relationship with her boyfriend.

Why? Because Jeff would never care for me as deeply as Toby does for her.

Does that make me feel unloved? Yes...Yes it does

“Either Way! I hope they get in trouble” I said scoffing.

“Jane Let’s just go and have some fun okay? Don’t be a spoilsport!” said Clockwork looking at me.

“Fine, we are only going for a while”, I said giving in.

“Yes! You’re the best!” squealed Clockwork hugging me.

“Okay now let go of me,” I said raising my voice.

Clockwork quickly stopped hugging me.

“Let’s go!” said Clockwork dragging me by my arm.

When we both made it to the Mansion I have to admit.

The boys did a nice job decorating for once in their life.

We entered and I was stunned by how beautiful everything looked the lights were all different neon colors and the music was loud!

“Woah! They did a good job!” yelled Clockwork.

“Why are you yelling?” I yelled back.

“Because I can’t hear with all of this music!” yelled Clockwork over the music.

“Jane!” I turned around hearing someone call my name.

“Jeff?” I said walking towards him.

“Hey! You came I thought you wouldn’t” He said grinning.

Trying to not feel intimidated I said: “Im only staying for a while”

Jeff smirked “Sure but come with me”, He said taking my hand.

“But-” I said looking at Clockwork.

She mouthed at me: “Go with him!”

I nodded and let Jeff take me away.

He took me to the kitchen.

“Jeff, what are we doing here?” I asked confused.

“Hold on just a sec” He answered going through some cabinets.

I just looked at the floor waiting.

“Aha! I found it!” said Jeff grinning.

“Found w-” I froze in midsentence.

Jeff had gotten a bottle of wine and was handing me one.

“Want some?” He asked.

“Jeff! You can’t drink! Slender said that you can’t!” I said scolding.

“Oh, whatever! Come on Jane live a little!” He said drinking the bottle.

I just looked at the bottle of wine not knowing what to do with it.

“Please Jane doesn’t tell the rest just drink with me.” He said nudging at the bottle in my hand.

“F-fine”, I said sighing.

Oh, what the heck a good drink won’t kill anyone right?

I started drinking I haven’t drink wine in a long time.

“There you go”, said Jeff smiling.

“Phew That wasn’t so bad”, I said after chugging the bottle.

“Let’s go dance!” said Jeff grabbing my hand and running to the living room.

As we dance I noticed that Zariah wasn’t there but I didn’t care at that moment.

I was feeling weird but I don’t get that affected as Jeff or Ben do.

After a while, everyone was here except for Zariah and Sonic.Exe

“Laughing Jack stop the music!” said Toby.

LJ stopped the music and all of us gathered.

“Where is she?” I asked Tails Doll.

Tails Doll frowned an took his phone out and sent a quick text to Sonic.Exe

“Well?” asked Ben.

“He says that they are arriving soon,” said Tails Doll.

“Eh until then let’s continue partying!” yelled Laughing Jack starting the music again.

“Rogers Are you sure this is okay?” said Masky looking at Toby.

“I’m positive bet Slendy won’t arrive early”, said Toby playfully shoving Masky.

We continued partying until the front door opened and Sonic.Exe entered with Zariah.

“Zara! She’s here you guys!” yelled Toby over the music.

“Woah,” said Zariah smiling at all of us.

“This party is to welcome you and that you are a part of us now!” said Ben winking at her.

“I- Thank you,” She said smiling.

I grabbed her hand and said: “Come on girl! Let’s Ddddance!”

The music rewinded and we continued dancing.

Eventually, we got tired and decided to play some games.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Sally.

“Hmm we could *hic* play video games?” suggested a very drunk Ben.

“I don’ think so,” said Laughing Jack shaking his head.

“Well, this party was for Zaria so she should decide what to do,” I said slurring my words.

“Tiene Razon Jane what do you want to do Zara?” asked Nina looking at her.

“Um I don’t know anything you guys want to do,” said Zariah looking at all of us nervously.

“I have a suggestion,” said EJ.

“What is it?” said Sonic.Exe

“Why don’t we play 7 minutes in heaven?” suggested EJ.

“Yes! Can we play it?! Please?!″ said Ben begging us.

“That is not our decision it’s Zariah’s,” said Liu glancing at Zariah.

“I mean if you guys want to then yes” replied Zariah.

“Are you sure?” said Hoodie looking at her.

“Im positive you guys,” said Zariah.

“Alright you guys know the drill Ben we need your hat,” said Jeff.

“Fine here,” said Ben handing over his hat.

“Come on girls follow me,” I said slurring my words and leaving the room.

While we waited (in the kitchen) for the boys to add something in the hat I turned to Zariah and said:

“Don’t worry you won’t be getting neither Jeff nor Ben since they are acting weird”

“Oh that’s good to know” replied Zariah sighing in relief.

“Girls come on we are done” called Toby.

“That’s our cue,” said Nina.

We went back to the living room and all gathered up together.

“Zariah since this party was made for you means you go first!” said Ben winking at her.

“Oh um okay,” said Zariah gulping.

Sally nudged at Zariah to put her hand inside the hat and take something out.

Zariah put her hand inside the hat and she got out a bloody/white glove.

I saw Ben frown and pout because he wasn’t chosen (I made sure he wouldn’t get picked)

“Who’s is this?” asked Zariah swallowing.

“Mine” replied Sonic.Exe his red eyes looking at her.

“Oh okay,” said Zariah relaxing a bit.

“In the closet you two,” said Jeff slurring his words.

I’m not sure if it was the beer but I swear I saw Masky flinch and look at Zariah.

We played 7 minutes in heaven for a long time and surprisingly Slender didn’t come back early like he always intended to.

I went outside to get some fresh air and I felt my phone ring.

The caller ID was unknown but my vision was getting blurry so I just answered.

“*hic* Hello?” I said.

“Get ready Jane,” said the unknown voice.

“Ready for what?” I said confused.

“Get ready because I see you haven’t killed her yet so I will do it I might hurt one of your friends but I won’t hurt you,” said the voice.

“I don’t mind,” I said nodding.

I was in a bad state which meant I didn’t understand what he was saying that day.

“Good we will do amazing things dear we just need to get rid of Zariah and everything will be okay,” said the voice.

“Got it,” I said starting to feel sick.

The unknown caller ended the call and I didn’t feel well so I ran back inside and ran to the restroom and threw up.

After that disgusting situation was over I brushed my teeth and I collapsed on my bed.

I didn’t care about what he had told me.

I just didn’t think it would happen just as he said.

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