Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...


I was very stunned to discover that all of the creepypastas had planned a party for me!

When I entered the mansion with Sonic.Exe I was very surprised but I felt loved by them even though I had no memory of them.

Jane came over to me while grabbing my hand she said:

“Come on Girl! Let’s Dance!”

I smelled something odd on Jane only to realize that she had drunk wine.

I just nodded and danced with her.

Everyone was there even Masky! (surprised there!)

I got tired after dancing and I went to the kitchen for snacks and bumped into Eyeless Jack.

“Oh sorry EJ!” I said.

“It’s fine Zara”, said EJ reading a book.

“Not to be annoying or anything but what are you reading?” I asked curiously.

“Oh, I’m just reading a book that was made about me” replied EJ.

“Really? Cool! I didn’t know you liked reading” I said.

“Both Slender and I enjoy reading,” said EJ shrugging.

“Nice well I got to go,” I said heading towards the living room.

“Bye Zariah,” said EJ nodding at me.

I talked with a lot of the creepypastas and the more I talked with them I learned more about them at the same time.

Until they decided to play 7 minutes in heaven.

I was beyond scared I was terrified!

I mean who wouldn’t want to be stuck in a closet with a creepypasta for 7 minutes!

Especially If they were not thinking straight like Ben and Jeff!

I was so relieved when Jane told me that I wouldn’t be getting either of them.

When Sally shoved the hat in front of my face I was scared a part of me wanted to run away while another part of me wanted to stay and relax.

I put my hand inside Ben’s hat and grabbed something.

I took the item out of the hat.

It was a bloody/white-glove and I could feel that the blood was warm.

“Who’s is this?” I asked swallowing thickly.

“Mine” replied Sonic.Exe

I turned around and locked eyes with Sonic.Exe

You have no idea how relieved I felt knowing that I was going to be with Sonic.Exe for 7 minutes.

The odd thing was that I felt butterflies in my stomach for some reason.

We both entered the closet and I didn’t like the fact that we where going to be stuck in the dark with no light.

EJ shut the door behind us and all the light I saw was Sonic.Exe’s red eyes that glowed.

“Time starts now!” yelled Liu from the other side of the closet.

“This is really awkward,” I said trying to look around.

“You think you’re the only one who feels like that?” said Sonic.Exe sighing.

“If I’m honest I was really hoping to get you,” I said.

“Huh well guess you got lucky then?,” said Sonic.Exe his red eyes illuminating my face.

“Yeah” I responded.

We both stayed silent for a while until we locked eyes again.

My heart was beating faster just staring at his red eyes.

“Zariah?” said Sonic.Exe breaking eye contact.

“Yes?” I answered hitching a breath.

“I think that”, said Sonic.Exe moving closer.

“That?” I said tilting my head a little.

“I think that I like yo-” said Sonic.Exe cut off midsentence.

The door swung opened with a very annoyed Ben and a curious Tails Doll.

“She’s still alive that’s for sure”, said Tails Doll.

“I see you guys didn’t do anything”, said Ben relieved.

“What did you expect?” said Sonic.Exe confused.

“Oh nothing,” said Tails Doll grinning.

“Can we please just move on?” said Liu looking at us.

“Yeah let’s please,” said Ben nodding in agreement.

“I’m leaving”, said Masky standing up.

“What? Why?” I asked confused.

“I’ve seen enough things lately”, said Masky glancing at my direction.

“But”, I said.

“I’m out,” said Masky leaving the room.

“Oh, well sucks to be him let’s continue guys”, said Toby ignoring Masky.

I kept looking at the direction where Masky had been a few seconds ago.

“Zara? Can we talk?” said Sonic.Exe calling my name.

“I- I’m sorry Exe but I’ll be right back guys,” I said getting up.

“What? Where are you going?” asked Jeff puzzled.

“After Masky”, I said leaving the room.

“Zariah Wait!” yelled Sonic.Exe after me.

I ran outside as fast as I could.

The wind howled against me and I felt cold.

“Masky?” I said.

“What do you want” replied Masky sitting next to a tree.

“Masky why did you leave?” I asked.

“That’s none of your business okay?” snapped Masky annoyed.

“It is my business when you just leave for no reason!” I said raising my voice a little.

“It doesn’t matter you would understand If you only remembered me”, said Masky grimly.

I gasped “W-what?”

He knew! Masky knew that I didn’t remember any of them It was almost as he could look through me even though he wore a mask.

“Don’t act surprised” said Masky.

“Masky I’m sorry okay? but can you at least tell me what’s wrong?” I said softly.


I flinched and looked at him.

Why does he care so much that I hang out with Sonic.Exe?


“Because I know that he won’t treat you the same way I did!!” said Masky growling.

“Oh really? I bet he would treat me a lot better than how you may have done to me!!” I said angrily.

“Want to know why I’m so mean to everyone Because of you”, said Masky softly.

“What are you talking about”, I said confused.

“You were the only one that saw my face and now you don’t even remember how I look like”, said Masky turning away from me.

“W-What?” I said puzzled.

“You only wanted to be with me when we where kids but now that’s ruined as well”, said Masky sighing.

“Why don’t you just stop being so mean to the other’s and give them a chance! They don’t know that you are hurt!! But since you only care about me you act mean to everyone else” I said huffing annoyed.

He grabbed my wrist and spun me around so I could face him. (well his mask)

“Let go of me!!” I yelled struggling.

“Want to see the real me? Fine!” said Masky lifting one hand to his mask.

I froze scared but also curious to know how he looked like.

He took his mask off and I caught my breath.

Masky was handsome with brown hair and cobalt blue eyes that pierced through mine so deeply that I felt that he was staring at my soul.

I suddenly felt something trigger through me and I remembered.


“Where are we?” I had asked.

“We are in Slender’s Room” answered Masky

l frowned when he looked at me while wearing his Mask

Masky froze when I touched his Mask and started taking it off.

I smiled when I saw his face and I touched his cheek.

Masky was frozen in place just looking at my green emerald eyes.

He quickly put on his Mask when he heard a voice call him.

*End of Flashback*

I blinked and looked at Masky again.

He-he did know me but why did I forget?

“Masky I-” I said stopping midsentence.

“Just leave Zariah” said Masky breaking eye contact.

“Masky I’m sorry I-” I said feeling horrible.

“It doesn’t matter you won’t remember me I know I just have to forget about the past and focus on now” said Masky putting his mask back on.

I felt bad Masky knew me but I was trying to forget him for some reason.

“Bye Masky” I said going back inside.

He didn’t say anything but just glanced at me until I was gone.

I saw him through the window he sat down all alone.

I eventually went back to the party and tried to act fine but I couldn’t stop thinking about that flashback I got.

My heart had so many emotions that I could not describe.

I don’t know what is wrong with me.

But I feel that I’ll have to let go of the past or the present.

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