Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...


When I saw Sonic.Exe close to Zariah when the closet door opened I felt my jealousy get higher.

That was the reason I left the party my heart was in pain and I knew it.

I just didn’t expect that Zariah would follow me!

I know that you might think that I was a jerk to yell at her.

What did you expect me to do? To applaud her for not remembering me?

Ha! Like if that would make the whole situation even better.

I did feel uncomfortable when I took my mask off.

But for some reason, I saw the in her face recognition almost as if she recognized me.

I must’ve just imagined it.

Geez, all I wanted was to have my own time alone smoking.

But no I was disturbed again.

The back door opened and I heard someone say my name.

“Listen Zara just leave me alone will you?” I said irritated.

“So Zariah did talk to you then”, said Sonic.Exe

I turned around and there he was glaring at me with a frown on his face.

“What do you want”, I said glaring at him.

“I want you to tell me what did you do to her”, said an angry Sonic.Exe

“I didn’t do anything to her we just talked” I replied.

“You said something that changed her attitude I saw her act differently when she came back”, said Sonic.Exe growling.

“Look she wanted to know what was wrong with me I told her and then she left”, I said closing my eyes and ignoring him.

I felt the punch as soon as his fist hit my face.

“What was that for Exe?!!” I yelled rubbing my jaw.

“Listen I want you to leave her alone I don’t know what connection you had with her but snap out of it! she will never remember you” said Sonic.Exe growling louder.

That was the last straw! and I had been in a good mood all alone.

“You aren’t the boss of her! She can do whatever she wants!” I said getting up.

“Forget her Masky! Even if she remembered she wouldn’t want to be with you either way!” said Sonic.Exe folding his arms against his chest.

“And what makes you say that? She came here because she was worried about me! Also, why are you so close to her huh?!” I said raising my voice.

“Because I like her! and I don’t want her to get hurt by a cold-hearted person like you!” said Sonic.Exe his eyes flickering.

As soon as he said those words I felt my heart stop.

Wait he likes her? He likes her!!?!

I couldn’t contain myself anymore I know that he could kill me in less than a second but this had gone too far.

I grabbed my crowbar and hid it behind my back.

“You like her huh?” I said calmly.

“Yes I do and I would do anything to keep her safe If it means getting you out of the picture”, said Sonic.Exe calming down.

Let’s see how tough you really are Sonic.Exe...

I grabbed my crowbar from behind my back and slashed it in the air drawing three scars on Sonic.Exe’s chest.

“What the!” said Sonic.Exe as blood dripped down his chest.

“What’s the matter Sonic.Exe?” I said mockingly “Is your super-speed not working?”

" You’re dead for I AM GOD!” yelled Sonic.Exe and he tackled me.

You don’t want to know what happened next.

We were fighting for at least an hour and nobody noticed.

I was getting tired I was covered in my blood and with bloodstains on my jacket.

“I always thought you were a loyal proxy Masky but now you will be a dead one”, said Sonic.Exe smiling evilly.

“Bring it”, I said challenging him.

Sonic.Exe drew a big pool of blood from my chest and I winced but didn’t make a sound.

I stabbed him with my crowbar in the leg and that made him yelp in pain.

Sonic.Exe was getting ready to kill me but stopped when he and I were both lifted into the air.

“ENOUGH!” yelled a very angry voice.

“Slenderman?” said Sonic.Exe

“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” said Slenderman angry.

“Sir I can explain” I mumbled.

“Ooh, Masky the best proxy in trouble? HA!” said Tails Doll who was next to Slender.

“Wait everyone saw us?” said Sonic.Exe looking around.

“Not everyone”, said LJ.

I looked around and I saw Laughing Jack, Tails Doll, Eyeless Jack, Toby, and Hoodie looking at us.

Oh great

"Now explain what happened Masky...” said Slenderman lowering me and Sonic.Exe to the grass.

“Sir this wasn’t my idea he started it all”, I said giving Exe a dirty look.

“Do that again I dare you!” hissed Exe.

“Enough! What did you do Sonic.Exe?” asked Slender.

“It’s just that Zariah was acting weird after a conversation she had with Masky and I got mad because I thought he did something to her,” said Exe looking at the grass.

“Masky what did Exe say to provoke you?” asked Hoodie.

If you haven’t noticed Hoodie is my brother and right now I’m not giving him an amazing example as a leader.

“He just punched me first and I reacted without thinking,” I said ignoring the question.

I don’t let anyone see my emotions that’s why I wear a mask all the time.

“Well since you reacted instead of just walking off you both are in trouble,” said Slenderman sighing.

“Yes Sir” we both replied.

“Both of you will clean up all the mess you made including cleaning up everything from the “secret party” ” said Slenderman.

I just nodded Exe just sighed frustrated

“Understood?” said Slenderman.

“Yes Sir!” I said.

“Yeah,” said Sonic.Exe annoyed.

“Good Now everyone off to bed!” said Slenderman leaving.

Trailing behind Slenderman was Tails Doll, LJ, EJ and Sonic.Exe

Only leaving me, Toby, and Hoodie all alone.

“Masky...” said Toby feeling bad for me.

“Not now Roger’s just go away,” I said thickly.

Toby gave me a sad smile and he left as well.

Hoodie just put his hand on my shoulder and didn’t say anything.

I felt awful I’ve been so mean to everyone lately that a lot of them don’t even talk to me anymore.

Now, this fight just proved that I’m a bitch too anyone.

“I’m such a disaster” I said grimly.

“No, you’re not Masky,” said Hoodie sighing.

“YES I AM HOODIE! DON’T LIE!” I yelled pushing him away.


I was taken back Hoodie never yelled at me (actually at anyone) before.


I didn’t say anything.

“I want to help you brother but since you keep pushing me away I guess you are doing fine on your own!” said Hoodie shaking his head.

Even my brother hated me now and for some reason, my stupid common self felt fine with it.

“I DONT NEED YOUR HELP! JUST LEAVE HOODIE! ” I yelled ignoring him.

“FINE!” said Hoodie storming off.

Now I was all alone like I’ve always been.

Angrily I took my mask off and threw it on the ground.

Then the tears came I hate it when I cry because It shows that I’m weak.

I brushed the back of my hand against my eyes and went into the forest for a killing spree.

You might think that Im on drugs but no this is the way I am.

Nobody can change who I am who I’ve become.

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