Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...


Monday, August 1st, 2040

Time, 11:00 am

Location, On the rooftop of an abandoned house

Zariah was my best friend I met her 13 years ago people blame us for the accident but I don’t think that’s true.

I don’t blame her either for not going to her parents first then us although how did her parents and the village find out that Zariah always came to visit us?

We are killers but the only cannibals in our family are EJ and LJ you'll find out who they are later on.

I sighed that was a long time ago I was never going to see her again nightmares of that day haunt me every night.


“Masky? Masky!” cried Zariah trying to get off her mother’s embrace

“Zariah no!”

*End of Flashback*

I should stop thinking about that I couldn’t do anything to help her those are her parents and they had every right to take her away from a killer like me.

I was angry that day when Slender told us we were moving somewhere else to get more recruits I protested against him I wanted to go back and find Zara but what could I do? What would I have said to her parents?

The only memory I have of her is this necklace she dropped that day the necklace is a Colombian Emerald Pendant that looks old probably from 1967. I twirled it in my fingers the pendant was beautiful and the emerald shined when the sunlight touched it.

This must be important to Zariah but now I have it and will take care of it until one day I will see her again and put it on her.

"Hellooooo Masky are you there" waved EJ

I blinked twice "Yeah?"

"There you are I thought I was going to have to punch you to snap out of that stupid trance" grumbled Sonic.Exe

Oh yeah, those two are Sonic.Exe and Eyeless Jack they are some of the new recruits we got from Colorado.

I glared at him well I tried because I wear a white mask which covers my face I have dark brown hair and light brown eyes I also wear a yellow jacket and black jeans.

"Sorry I was thinking about something what did you say, Jack?"

"Thank you for now paying attention what I asked was if you think that maybe someone new is moving here"

Hm, that was a good question but I already knew the answer to that.

"Not likely"

"I agree on Masky with that," said Sonic.Exe his red eyes glowing softly.

"Aw, you two are always ruining my day can't we just think that there could be a 5% chance someone new might show up?"

Exe and I shared a look and laughed at EJ for his absurd assumption.

"PFFT! ARE U, SERIOUS MAN?!" I cackled.

"HAHA!" chuckled Sonic.Exe

EJ groaned "Why am I being made fun of by a guy who uses a crowbar to defend himself"

I stopped laughing "Oh yeah? Then stop saying stupid things, you kidney eater"

"Hey! My kidney eating addiction is not gross" scoffed EJ.

"Admit it, Jack it is," said Exe snickering.

"You shut up all-mighty Sonic.Exe who claims to be a god" mocked EJ.

Sonic.Exe hissed and got up as if wanting to hurt EJ but he quickly sat down when he saw me staring at both of them.

"Changing the subject maybe-"

I was cut off midsentence because I saw a moving truck place itself in front of a house that had just been sold by the old owners a long time ago.

"Oh boy! New people!"

Sonic.Exe's ears twitched at the sound he closed his eyes.

"Exe? Who do you see?"

"I can't see well the faces but I can tell there is one guy and two girls"

One of the abilities Sonic.Exe possess is being able to detect people he can see figures if he closes his eyes and concentrates.

"What are we waiting for let's go check it out!" exclaimed EJ in glee.

The three of us jumped down on the concrete floor and ran and managed to get in the backyard of the new owner's house I was hiding behind a tree, EJ was hiding in the small cottage and Exe was hiding under the small dog house that was there (yes he actually managed to get in there)

I heard a woman's voice get closer to our locations and I whisper-yelled at them "Stay put!"

They both nodded and hid well Exe was having trouble because his red eyes could give him away.

"This is a nice backyard," said a girl with a ponytail.

"I agree Lily" replied the girl with light black hair.

Something seemed familiar with one of the girls like if I knew one of them but I think I'm being weird or something I've never seen them in my life!

"I'll be inside see ya!" waved the girl with the ponytail as she went back inside the house.

The black-haired girl walked around the garden but she changed her direction and started walking to where I was I couldn't see her eyes for she had sunglasses on her. I immediately panicked I couldn't let this human girl see me or else we were going to be screwed if Slender found out.

"Zara? Where are you?'' someone called out.

"I'm outside what is it?" the girl replied.

"I need your help moving stuff inside come here!" the voice called out.

The girl sighed but turned around walking back inside her house but before she was fully gone from my sight she turned around once again and took her sunglasses off her eyes exposing her beautiful face.

What mesmerized me was how pretty she was but what caught my attention were her eyes they were emerald-green so full of life I felt my heartbeat speed up and my face felt hot.

With a small twirl, she was gone and I felt speechless not knowing what to do I was in trance.

"Wow," said EJ standing next to me "That's a really beautiful human girl"

"Eh I couldn't really see her face so I don't think I can agree," said Sonic.Exe

I finally recognized those eyes of hers there was only one girl who had those eyes.

"Zariah?" was all I said.

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