Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...


Siblings, what happens when you and your brother both become creepypastas?

A total disaster that’s what happens.

Masky is a very complicated creepypasta to talk about.

I tried to help him yesterday but he never wants my help.

Well, he never wants anybody’s help if I’m honest.

I didn’t mean to yell at him even I was surprised but I did it because he needs to let us help him sometimes!

I know my brother and I know that there was a different reason for him to react and want to stab Sonic.Exe.

I’ll find out eventually.

The next day everyone was grounded because Slender caught us red-handed.

We were all going to clean up the mansion in three teams.

“Ugh Slendy do we have to...?” groaned Jeff.

“Yes you do and no more groaning Jeffery you drank against my will when I told you clearly that you couldn’t!” said Slenderman scolding at him.

Everyone still groaned not happy I was surprised that even though Zariah wasn’t in trouble she still wanted to help.

“Now the kitchen clean up team will be Masky, Liu and Tails Doll,” said Slenderman.

Oh no, Liu and Tails Doll? They hated Masky I bet they hated him more thanks to the fight from yesterday.

Worried I glanced at Masky to see if he was going to be fine.

My brother was hardly awake his yellow jacket stained with blood.

I think he went night killing again.

“Okay now off you guys go,” said Slenderman nudging at them to go to the kitchen.

Tails Doll, EJ, and Masky left the living room.

“Next we have the living room clean up team which will be Hoodie, Toby, and Zariah wait here, for now, then we have Jane, Jeff, and Ben who will be helping me with something else,” said Slenderman.

Nice I can work perfectly fine with Toby let’s see how Zariah will do though.

“What about us?” asked Sally.

“Hm let’s see Sally, Sonic.Exe, and Clockwork will be cleaning each room,” said Slenderman.

“On it,” said Clockwork nodding.

“Nina, EJ, Smile Dog, and Laughing Jack will work on cleaning the bathrooms,” said Slenderman.

“Si Señor!” said Nina.

“Excellent now go clean!” said Slenderman motioning us to start.

After everyone left only Me, Zariah and Toby remained.

“Well Zara are you sure you want to help us?” asked Toby.

“Of course! I always want to help others!” said Zariah smiling.

“Fair enough,” I said grabbing a broom and beginning to sweep the floor.

Zariah started cleaning the windows and Toby picked up the trash.

“I got to throw this outside I’ll be right back,” said Toby picking up the trash bag and leaving.

“Hoodie?” said Zariah.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“Can I tell you something?” She asked unsurely.

“Sure,” I said a little suspicious.

“Look I can’t remember Toby or the rest but yesterday when I argued with Masky he revealed to me how he looked like,” said Zariah.

Stunned I accidentally dropped the broom I was holding.

Quickly I picked it up and just stared at her.

“You saw his face?!” I repeated dumbly.

“Yeah, and when I saw his face I had a flashback of my childhood where I was being held by Masky and I saw his face when I was a kid,” said Zariah nodding.

“Wow He never lets me see his face,” I said clenching my teeth.

“I felt so bad after arguing with him he does know me and I was ignoring that,” said Zariah sadly.

I sighed “Masky is very hard to deal with but it looks like he relaxes when he is with you...” I said thoughtfully.

It suddenly hit me.

What if my brother had fought with Sonic.Exe because of her?!

That makes a lot more sense now!

“I don’t know if I should talk to him or just let him be,” said Zariah biting her lip.

“He is in a lot of trouble after the fight he had yesterday with Sonic.exe he-” I was cut off midsentence because of Zariah.

“Wait what? They fought?! When?!” said Zariah.

“Um probably after you talked with him?” I said confused.

“Oh it’s my fault he was in a bad mood and I think Sonic.Exe made it worse,” said Zariah guiltily.

“Hey don’t worry about it Masky will get over it it's not a big deal,” I said shrugging.

“I’ll talk to him again after he’s calmed down,” said Zariah.

“Okay,” I said.

So now I know why Masky was acting weird.

I think that maybe Zariah is getting closer to him.

Maybe Masky will have someone else to help him that isn’t only me.

How shocking is that?

I want to learn more about this!

I might even ask Smile Dog for help figuring out whats going on with my brother and Zariah.

I thought that my brother could handle himself.

You have no idea how wrong I was.

Until I heard the sound of a body collapsing on the grass.

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