Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...

Clockwork (Clocky)

As you all may know I am Toby’s Girlfriend!

Everyone says that we act a lot like the other.

After all, that’s how a couple should be right?

Even though I act nice and cheerful if you mess with me.

When Toby told me about the fight Masky and Sonic.Exe had I was mesmerized!

For the first time, Masky got in trouble?

There had to be a reason for it!

I was nervous to work with Sonic.Exe

I mean come on! He’s the best at killing hunters and humans!

But since I was going to be working with him I might as well figure out what happened yesterday.

“Sally, you have the supplies right?” I asked.

“Yes!” said Sally nodding at me.

“Great! Let’s go!” I said smiling at her.

We began cleaning each one of the Slender Mansion rooms.

I kept stealing glances at Sonic.Exe

I thought I was being secretive but no I got caught red-handed.

“Clockwork what do you want? Why are you eyeing me suspiciously?” said Sonic.Exe glaring at me.

I felt my cheeks turn red in embarrassment.

And here I thought I was being secretive good job Clockwork! said my inner self.

Oh shut up! I need to think about what to say!

Sally flinched and stared at both of us worried.

“Well?” said Sonic.Exe impatiently.

“Why did you fight with Masky?” I asked.

“Great everyone knows about that stupid fight,” said Sonic.Exe growling.

Sally whimpered and hid behind me.

“Stop doing that and answer my question,” I said in the calmest tone.

“Ugh, we just fought because I was concerned about Zariah alright? Geez” said Sonic.Exe his red eyes flickering.

Zariah? Hm That’s highly unusual.

" Is that all?” I said curious to know more.

“He got mad at me when I told him I liked Zariah I don’t understand why I know they where friends when they were kids but now? Tch” said Sonic.Exe scoffing.

“Oh that makes-” I stopped talking and let his words sink in.

Wait a minute! Sonic.Exe likes her?!

“Don’t act surprised if it's for your good” warned Sonic.Exe

" Zariah is pretty,” said Sally softly.

Sonic.Exe softly said: “Yeah she is”

“Hm I don’t know why Masky got mad but I think that maybe he just wants to protect her like how he protected her when they where kids,” I said thoughtfully.

“Maybe” replied Sonic.Exe doubtfully.

“Sonic.Exe? What do you like most about Zariah?” asked Sally leaving her hiding spot behind me.

“Well She’s beautiful and kind I like how she treats us not like serial killers more like normal people and I feel like Im drowning just staring at her eyes,” said Sonic.Exe emotion in his voice.

“Aww!,” said Sally smiling.

“Don’t tell anyone I said that” said Sonic.Exe covering his mouth embarrassed.

I laughed “Don’t worry your secret is safe with us!” I said winking at him.

“You aren’t that scary after all,” said Sally cleaning the window.

“Yeah and you guys are pretty cool to talk to,” said Sonic.Exe smiling.

“Okay now let’s keep on cleaning before Slendy comes and makes us clean the stairs,” I said making Toby’s bed.

Sonic.Exe chuckled “Yeah let’s finish before he hits us with the newspaper like Smile Dog,” He said sweeping the floor.

Both Sally and I burst into laughter.

We finished in less than a minute and since we had an objective due to having Sonic.Exe we were the first ones to eat!

You probably think that we eat in the kitchen no we eat in the dining room!

“Oh god, I’m so glad we finished first”, I said my stomach growling in hunger.

“Be thankful you guys got me or else we probably would be eating the last″ said Sonic.Exe eating fruit.

“Thank you for helping us finish!” thanked Sally.

“Your welcome kiddo” replied Sonic.Exe patting Sally’s head.

I’ve never seen Sonic.Exe so nice to anyone before!

Even Sally was surprised by his actions I could tell that she was starting to like him instead of being afraid of him.

“Clocky?” said Toby approaching me.

“Toby! Did you guys finish?” I asked.

“Yeah mind if we join you guys?” asked Hoodie who was next to Toby.

I looked at Sonic.Exe and he nodded which told me he was okay with them joining us.

“Of course!” I said smiling.

“Thanks!” said Zariah sitting next to me and sally.

While we ate and talked I noticed that Sonic.Exe kept looking at Zariah a lot.

Sally and I shared a look and giggled.

He heard us and looked away blushing.

It was adorable seeing Sonic.Exe act that way to someone especially a human girl!

Did I ship them? I’m not sure but for being Sonic.Exe’s first crush it was totally cute!

Eventually, Jeff, Jane, and Ben joined us later on accompanied by EJ, LJ, Nina, and Smile Dog.

I noticed that Tails Doll, Masky, and Liu were missing though.

“Guys where are they?” asked LJ frowning.

“That’s odd they should’ve been here already,” said Ben.

“Eh, They are probably taking longer to get extra credit since Masky got in trouble yesterday” suggested Jeff.

“I don’t know Jeff,” said EJ unsure.

We had no idea how wrong we were until we heard it.

A rattling noise that made everyone flinch.

The noise of a gun shooting someone who was in the forest.

The sound of someone yelling and footsteps running away.

“Masky?” said Zariah recognizing the voice.

Then the sound of a body falling on the grass.

“Hunters,” said Ben his face pale.

Our worst enemies had hurt one of our kind.

We all knew this meant war.

Where there will be no mercy or repentance...

“Your time is up,” I said my eyes narrowing.

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