Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...

Homicidal Liu

I was okay with working with Tails Doll and Masky.

Except Tails Doll had something else in mind. For some reason, Masky looked bad almost as if he was on drugs I couldn't see his face but just looking at his clothes it did look like he wasn't having a good day.

I had started cleaning the counter table when I heard Tails Doll talking to Masky.

“I’m so glad you got in trouble yesterday,” said Tails Doll smiling evilly.

“I know you’re happy” replied Masky.

“I’ve been waiting for someone to finally fight with you and I’m so glad it was Sonic.Exe,” said Tails Doll cleaning the fridge.

“Mhm,” said Masky ignoring him and cleaning the kitchen sink.

“You know that Zariah will be better off without you haunting her about her past,”

I knew that Tails Doll was only doing this to provoke Masky.

You guys might think that I hate him I honestly feel bad for him.

“Tails Doll stop it,” I said raising my voice in warning.

“But it’s true! He needs to let her go because he will only hurt himself more” said Tails Doll smirking.

Masky’s fists clenched and I knew that he was going to punch Tails Doll in any second.

“Tails Doll Stop talking,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Why should I? If it’s obvious Masky needs the help of a human girl to be strong” said Tails Doll mocking Masky.

I reacted before Masky could.

I punched Tails Doll very hard which knocked him out immediately and he collapsed on the floor.

Masky just looked at me surprised.

“You didn’t have to do that,”

“He was being a jerk I'm pretty sure Eyeless Jack told him to provoke you”

“It doesn’t matter really I’m going for a walk” mumbled Masky opening the back door and leaving.

I sighed I couldn’t do this by myself! I decided to follow Masky and left the unconscious Tails Doll to deal with this himself.

“Masky wait up dude!” I yelled running towards him.

“You shouldn’t be here we are going to get in trouble,” said Masky.

“I don’t really care If I have to deal with Slenderman,” I said rolling my eyes.


“Listen Masky don’t listen to whatever the other’s may tell you they just don’t understand you,” I said.

“Says the one creepypasta who got murdered by his brother and came back to get revenge on him,” said Masky chuckling.

I frowned “Yeah sure Jeff killed me but here I am to haunt him” I replied with a smug on my face.

“At least you and your brother communicate with each other,” said Masky grimly.

“You call calling your brother a mistake and him calling me pain as communicating? Ha!”

“You guys joke around a lot Hoodie and I are in separate places,” said Masky.

I didn’t say anything because it was true Masky and Hoodie hardly worked together in anything except to please Slender by working hard to be his best proxy.

We both stayed quiet and kept on walking through the forest. I suddenly felt the weird feeling of goosebumps on my arms.

Thats odd... We creepypasta’s never got those feelings.

I heard movement and quickly got my knife out of my pocket.

Masky heard it also and got his crowbar and moved anywhere he heard the noise.

Someone was watching us and was being very secretive about it.

“Masky I think that we should go tell the others” I suggested.

“Agreed,” said Masky turning around.

Holding our weapons out we walked back to the Mansion to find Tails Doll waiting for us out in the back porch.

“Hey! Tails Doll!”

“Hurry up you two I’m hungry!” yelled Tails Doll annoyed.

“Chill but you better apologize to me though!” yelled Masky grinning.

“In your dreams!” yelled Tails Doll rolling his eyes but laughing.

I laughed but I never noticed the shotgun that was aiming at Masky. Until we heard a loud noise combined with a yell and a body falling on the floor.

“What was that?” said Tails Doll confused.

“Dunno Hey, Masky are you-” I froze seeing Masky on the floor.

Blood was pouring from his chest and I realized that the noise had been a gunshot!

Someone shot Masky!

“Masky! Hey! Wake up, dude!”

“Shoot! Look Liu he’s been shot twice!”

“God no Masky! WAKE UP!” I yelled slapping him.

Masky was not moving at all it seemed almost if he was dead.


He nodded and ran back inside.

As soon as Tails Doll left someone put their hand on my shoulder and I turned around to see a human next to me smiling evilly.

The guy looked around the same age as Masky with dark brown hair and light orange eyes while he wore a black jacket and dark blue jeans.

“Looks like I got a nice shot,” said the man smirking.

“You...” I said angrily “YOU SHOT MY FRIEND!” I yelled.

“He might live he might not,” said the man unware of who he was talking to.

My anger was boiling like lava If you know my brother Im ten times his craziness.

“YOUR NEXT!” I yelled and stabbed the man in the chest.

The man just laughed and I was so confused until I saw that he was not bleeding at all.

“What are you?” I asked scared for the first time.

“Tell my thanks to your friend who gave me all the permission to kill Masky,” said the man smiling.

“How do you know his name!?!!” I asked holding my knife.

“I know many things Liu Woods or should I say, Homicidal Liu,” said the man staring at me.

I felt cold all over who was he?! How did he know who I once was?!

“Goodbye,” said the man and in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

My heart was pounding against my chest.

Friend? Was someone betraying us? Who is helping this mysterious man end us?

How is he immortal?! My head was spinning with so many questions.

I suddenly knew. One of us is trying to kill Zariah but also hurting us at the same time.

What concerned me the most was.

Who...Who would be unloyal to us in such a horrible way?

Whoever it is will wish they had never done it.

I vow I will end the traitor even if it someone I know!

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