Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...


My chest hurts like you guys have no idea...

All I remember was walking back to the Mansion with Liu and then feeling as If I was getting stabbed twelve times in the back!

I just wanted to sleep forever.

But someone wouldn't let me.

She kept begging for me to wake up.

I felt some kind of connection with this person.

I opened my eyes and blinked trying to clear my vision.

I was laying down on the couch wearing a breathing tube and my stomach covered with bandages.

Looking around I saw a human girl sleeping her head on her arms sitting next to me.


Did I make it to the mansion? What happened?

I tried to get up but the pain I felt came back ten times way worse.

Okay, don't do that again Masky.

"Zariah?" I said.

She woke up and looked at me her face turning into a smile.

"Masky? You're awake!" said Zariah tearfully.

"Yeah, and my body hurts what happened?" I asked her confused.

"You got shot by some hunters"

I gaped at her in shock.

Did I get shot? How did I not see that hunter?

"Yeah You almost didn't make it you lost a lot of blood," said Zariah swallowing thickly.

"Wow, How long have I been out?" I asked curiously.

"For two hours Hoodie had to give you his blood so you could live," said Zariah.

"Oh tell him thanks," I said.

"Masky I have to tell you something," said Zariah making eye contact with me.

"Sure what is it?" I asked.

Dang her green eyes were hypnotizing me.

"I remember you," said Zariah smiling.

I felt my heart jump against my chest. She remembered me!

"You do?" I said not believing that this was actually happening.

"Yes!" said Zariah.

I was so happy that I pulled her close and I hugged her not caring about the pain I felt for moving.

"Zara..." I said softly.

"Masky..." said Zariah hugging me back.

Wait a minute! Was I wearing my mask?!

I pulled back and looked around and saw my mask on the table.

Great I got exposed.

" You barely realize that you aren't wearing your mask" teased Zariah.

Man! It's like she knows me that well!

"Who saw me," I said groaning.

"Only Sonic.Exe, Hoodie and Slender" replied Zariah laughing.

"Ugh," I said annoyed.

She stood up and handed me my mask.

"Thanks..." I said putting it on.

"You know you should show your face more" suggested Zariah.

"I guess but I'm not ready yet," I said wincing.

"Okay I'll go get Slendy," said Zariah leaving me alone.

Two minutes later she came back with Slenderman.

"Masky good to know your awake how are you feeling?" asked Slender.

"Sir If I'm honest with you I feel like I've been stabbed horribly," I said flinching.

"That's normal you just need to take some medicine and you'll be fine Masky," said Slenderman nodding.

"Im fine with that" I replied.

"Good I have some business to take care of so If you may excuse me I'll be in my room," said Slenderman leaving.

I asked Zariah to give me my medicine and after a while, the effect worked and I got up.

"Zara? Sonic.Exe? Are you still here?" asked Clockwork walking down the stairs.

"Here!" said Zariah waving at Clockwork.

"MASKY!" yelled Toby running down the stairs and tackling me.

"Oof! Nice to see you too Toby" I said laughing.

"Milagro! You're alive!" said Nina beaming.

"Yeah, I am" I replied.

"We were so worried about you," said Clockwork.

"Heh, where is everyone else?" I asked.

"Hunting for the hunter who hurt you" replied LJ

"Oh," I said.

"Guys I know that you are all happy but we have news..." said Liu.

"What is it?" asked Zariah.

"I saw the guy who hurt you masky he told me that someone is working with him to hurt us... and I think one of us is betraying everyone," said Liu.

"A traitor," I said clenching my fists.

"What's worse is that I think that the traitor is being told to kill you Zariah except maybe the traitor isn't doing and now we are paying the price" concluded Clockwork.

"But why Zariah?" I asked angrily.

"We don't know'' said LJ shaking his head.

"Did Masky get hurt because of me?" said Zariah softly.

"You can say that but don't worry Zara we are going to protect you no matter what," said Toby determined.

"It will be okay Zariah," said Sally grabbing her hand.

"Thank you guys," said Zariah smiling at us.

"Guys? Are you in here?" said Jeff coming from the kitchen.

"Jeff! we are in the living room!" yelled Liu.

"We couldn't find the hunter..." said Smile Dog collapsing on the floor.

"It's like he was never then and only showed up to shot masky," said Ben.

"Masky's awake actually guys," said LJ.

"Wait what? Masky?" said Hoodie.

"Hoodie," I said looking at my brother.

He ran up to me and hugged me while crying silently.

I hugged my brother back I owed him for saving my life.

"Thank you for always having my back Brian," I whispered.

"Any time but I will kill you myself If you start being a jerk again Timothy" whispered Hoodie.

"Tch," I said laughing.

"Guys there's a traitor that's pretending to be a part of us..." said Liu.

"What? Really?" said Hoodie.

"Yes really we have to unmask the traitor before they try to kill Zariah or before they end us," said Laughing Jack.

I don't know if I was the only one who saw it but I saw EJ and Tails Doll turn and glimpse at Jane.

"Jane? Are you okay?" I asked suspiciously.

"Huh? Yeah I am" said Jane nervously.

"You can tell us anything you know that," said Zariah.

"Im, not the traitor if that's what you guys think!"

"Jane calm down," said Jeff.

''Guys we are going to have to be careful if we find out that anybody is covering the traitor up we will have to tell Slendy" said Smile Dog.

"We will watch out for anyone that might be acting suspiciously," said Sonic.Exe nodding.

"Fair enough the meeting is over," said Liu leaving.

Everyone went their separate ways and I found Zariah outside sitting on the front steps of the Mansion.

"Stalker much?" asked Zariah hearing me approach.

"I'm sorry if you want to be alone I can leave," I said.

"No it's okay," said Zariah.

"Mind if I join you then?" I asked.

"Sure" replied Zariah looking off into the forest.

I just sat next to her and we both stayed silent for a few seconds.

"Masky?" said Zariah.

"Yes?" I said.

"Why does that mysterious person want to kill me?" asked Zariah.

"I don't know" I replied unsurely.

"I don't want to be the cause of you guys dying," said Zariah looking at me with tears in her eyes.

"Hey we won't die we will find this person and the traitor and end their plans before they try anything else," I said pulling her close to me.

"Are you sure?"

"Trust me everything will be fine"

"Thank you masky..." said Zariah laying her head on my shoulder.

"Um heh your very welcome Zara," I said blushing slightly.

I won't let anyone hurt her.

I would sacrifice myself if it meant saving my best friend's life.

Though I think I'm starting to feel something else than friendship in my heart.

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