Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...

Dr. Smiley (Epilogue)

“Can you stop pacing you are worrying me, Devin!”

I looked at my wife who seemed twice as anxious like I was.

“Sorry, my dear but what can I do? Our daughter has gone back to our old home who knows if the curse might happen”

Karla squeezed my hand “It will be okay Zara is strong I believe those serial killers are gone from there everything will be fine”

I tried to relax but this feeling in my gut wouldn’t let me stop worrying about the curse.

A few years ago before my daughter was born I betrayed my blood family. I was told to kill Karla but I couldn’t for I foolishly fell in love with her defending my feelings I lied saying I did when I didn’t I was discovered by Zalgo who told Splendorman.

As punishment, I was withdrawn from the creepypastas and I got cursed somehow.

Ever since Zara was born I showed her my abilities she wanted to become a doctor like me.

If only she knew what doctor I actually was before.

When the accident happened 13 years ago both Karla and I promised each other to never let Zariah come back here.

I was praying will all of my might for Lily and Gabriel to take care of her.

What I appreciated was the fact that my wife was always there to make me feel better.

Karla has peach skin with green emerald eyes the ones I fell for she petite although I’m older than her she doesn’t mind our age difference being nine years apart.

“You are right I should relax a little”

“Devin she is about to be an adult we won’t be able to protect her anymore it will all be up to her now”

I sighed she was right.

“But we don’t know if they are truly dead Karla”

“Let’s hope they are there’s no way the new generation of them survived unless they managed to survive”

“Don’t say that don’t jinx it” I said nervously.

“You’re right sorry,” said Karla shaking her head.

A sudden knock on our door startled us both.

“Who could it be at these hours?” Frowning I walked over to the front door.

Opening the door I found a guy with dark brown hair a black sweatshirt and light red eyes a smile on his face.

“Can I help you?”

“You must be Dr.Smiley I know a lot about you”

“Honey who is it?” asked Karla.

Alarmed I narrowed my eyes at him “How do you know me what is your business here at my house?”

The young man laughed and laughed.

I could feel a bad presence inside of him this wasn’t a normal teen but he didn’t seem to be a creepypasta either.

“I’m here to make you pay for trying to stop my girl’s destiny from happening”

Before I could defend myself a sharp pain came all over me.

I touched my chest and fell on the floor away from him.

Blood was dripping from his weapon.

“DEVIN!” Karla ran towards me and tried to help me.

“Run you have to go you can defend yourself” Staggering to get up I said.

“No, I won’t leave you” Tears in her eyes as she shook her head firmly.

Karla hugged me and I pulled her close and faced the young man.

“You aren’t one of them what are you?” I asked.

He chuckled and I noticed his left eye had robotic parts half on his face and a silver arm replacing his human one.

No wonder he looked familiar I know him but I killed him, didn’t I? There’s no way he is alive.

Did he become a robot? I don’t remember how I killed him my memories are blank.

“It can’t be” I whispered.

“Yes it is me and I’m here to get revenge on you”


“Goodbye Mike”

“Devin don’t do this I didn’t mean to betray you I’m sorry I couldn’t continue killing”

“I don’t care”

“Please I have a-”

*Back to the Present*

“Don’t do this”

“Why shouldn’t I? This is who I became thanks to you”

"Mike I don’t know how you did this but listen to me I-”

Pain was seen on the young man’s face but he quickly changed that expression to anger.

“So you do remember but do you remember who else was there?”

What in the world is he talking about it was only him and me! Or was it I don’t remember the event well

He smiled “It doesn’t matter now why don’t I get rid of the person you care about first?”

Yanking Karla away from me I heard her scream.


I heard Karla struggling but then she went silent.

Her body was thrown towards me and silent tears fell from my face dripping to the floor she was gone and in minutes I was going to be next.

“How sad isn’t it? Now you know how I felt”

“Zariah is strong she will fight against you my daughter will never be yours”

“We will see so long Smiley” He spat.

Charging towards me I managed to get up but he got my leg and threw his weapon at my heart as the pain came to me I gasped for air and my heartbeat slowed twisting my body I crawled towards Karla and grabbed her hand.

A pool of my blood was covering me before I died the last thing I saw was the young man standing in front of me a smug smile on his face.

My heartbeat finally stopped and I gave my last breath before closing my eyes

“I got revenge next will be Zara,” He said looking up at the ceiling as if promising someone.

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