Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...

Eyeless Jack (EJ)

Sonic.Exe and I looked at Masky confused when he said: “Zariah?” It almost sounded like he knew the young woman.

“Zariah? Do you know her by any chance Masky?” I asked.

“Yeah, I can’t believe it she’s back,” said Masky surprised.

“How do you know her? That’s highly impossible...” commented Sonic.Exe.

“We have to go back to Slenderman’s now!” said Masky starting to run back to the forest.

Sonic.Exe and I just looked at each for a few seconds until Exe just shrugged and yelled “Masky! Wait up!” and started running off to catch up to him.

“Wait, guys! Don’t leave me here!” I yelled and started running.

What is going on? I wondered.

By the time I caught up to them they had already arrived at the slender mansion. I entered and bumped into Jeff.

“Agh! EJ watch where you’re going!” growled Jeff.

“Sorry! Have you seen Masky and Exe?” I asked.

“Yeah Masky came here running and quickly asked to talk to Slender Exe is with Tails Doll. Do you know what is going on?” asked Jeff.

“Yes EJ can you please tell us why was Masky in such a hurry,” asked Jane who was next to Jeff.

“Well, you guys know that we went to go hunt,” I said.

“And?” asked Jeff.

“So we noticed that some new people moved in and wanted to check it out...” I said.

“New people? Really?” said Liu (who had just walked in) surprised.

“Yeah so we went to check it out and got a glimpse of one of them it was a young woman like around 17-18 years-old Masky saw her and said “Zariah?” then we all came running over here” I explained.

Jeff’s face went paler than it usually was, Smile Dog who had been sleeping on the floor woke up startled.

“Z-Zariah? are you 100% sure masky said that?” asked Jeff.

“Yeah, why?” I asked.

“Jeff, what’s going on?” asked Jane confused.

“I gotta go,” said Jeff and ran out of the living room.

“What the heck?” said Jane.

“I’ll go check on Jeff,” said Smile Dog turning into his human form and running off as well.

“What is going on?” said Liu.

“I have no idea,” I said.

The 3 of us were about to enter slender man’s room when the door suddenly opened and Slender stepped out and asked:

“Jane, Liu, and Eyeless Jack do you need something?” Slenderman asked.

“Well we want to know what’s going on Slender,” I said curiously.

“I cannot tell you what is going on at least not right now I will tell you as soon as I talk to Ben, Jeff, Smile Dog, Laughing Jack, Toby, and Masky,” said Slender.

“Why them and not us?” protested Jane.

“Because I need their opinions right now” answered Slender.

“But Slender-” protested Liu.

“No, but’s please call out for them and tell them that I must speak with them” ordered Slender.

“Yes sir” we all replied.

With that said Slender shut the door on us and Liu and I told Jane to go get them.

With more curiosity, I wanted to know more about what was going on but I had noticed that when I said “Zariah” Liu paled a little..., almost as if he also knew the girl I wanted to know so I decided to risk it and ask Liu.

“Liu?” I asked.

“Yes EJ?” answered Liu.

“Do you know that girl? Zariah?” I said.

Liu alarmed looked at me and paled knowing he couldn’t get away from me he sighed and said “Yeah I know her”

“How? How do you and Slenderman know and we don’t?” I asked very confusedly.

“Let’s just say I’ve known her for about 13 years,” said Liu hesitantly.

“What do you mean around 13 years!?” I exclaimed.

“I- well,” said Liu.

“Liu?” I said.

Liu sighed and told me “Remember the mission Slenderman gave me and Nina?”

I nodded and said, “Of course I do everyone knows and Nina said you guys have been doing the mission for about-” I froze letting those words sink in.

Liu nodded and said, “For about 13 years”

I looked at him shocked and said “That means that means”

“Yes, Nina and I are Zariah’s best friends Alexander and Lilliana” answered Liu softly.

“How?! We kill Humans! We are professional killers!! How?!!” I yelled surprised.

“We never knew that Slenderman knew her Nina and I didn’t find it odd or suspicious to become friends with her!” yelled Liu back.

“I’m so confused” I mumbled.

“You’re not the only one,” said Liu softly.

“We need an explanation from slender after he’s done talking with them,” I said.

“Yeah EJ we really need one,” said Liu.

I didn’t know what concerned me more the fact that something was going on or that we didn’t know if that girl was going to bring problems to us.

What concerned me more was the fact that whoever this girl Zariah was is that I want to eat her kidneys.

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