Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...

Ticci Toby

I saw Masky entering Slender's room and I couldn't help but wonder what was going on since I also saw Jeff and Smile Dog entering as well I'm a curious person so I decided to ask my girlfriend Clocky if she knew what was up.

"Do you think everyone's acting strange?" I asked.

Clockwork bit her lip "I don't know has something happened Toby?"

"Nah I was just asking"

"Okay," said Clockwork laying her head on my shoulder I sighed and hugged her.

Falling in the moment with my girlfriend I relaxed and cuddled next to her but the moment didn't last for we were rudely interrupted.

"Ahem, Toby?" said Ben standing in front of us.

I huffed "What is it?"

"Slender needs us come on let's go," said Ben yanking me on my feet.

Oh no not Slender! Did I do something wrong?! Oh god did he find out about the accident I had while babysitting Sally?! I'm so dead!

What am I talking about? let me explain I was in charge of taking care of Sally while everyone was out killing and I left her playing with her dolls to grab some waffles when out of nowhere I hear Tails Doll shriek in horror by the time I got inside the room I flinched seeing TD covered with slime but he wasn't the only thing covered in slime so was Sally's whole room.

I just gaped at the mess not knowing how to start cleaning TD was throwing daggers at Sally for what she had caused while she smiled innocently I couldn't stay mad at her after all she's only 6 years old she doesn't know much about rules and commands.

Heck even I can't follow orders sometimes and I'm only 23 years old yeah I don't act like my current age but I'm still responsible on some occasions.

So now you understand why I'm scared right now.

"B-but w-what d-does h-he n-need m-me f-for?" I stammered nervously.

"Something important you're not in trouble scaredy mouse" teased Ben.

I swallowed relieved but my nerves were causing me to twitch a lot which is a bad habit I have that I need to control.

As we entered Slender's room I was surprised to find Jeff, LJ, Masky, and Smile Dog sitting down on chairs waiting for our arrival.

"Ah now that we have Toby and Ben we are ready to begin," said Slender nodding at Masky.

"Y'all better hurry my nerves are killing me" laughed LJ.

"Oh shut up you monochrome clown" called out Ben rolling his eyes.

"I heard that" muttered LJ glaring at him.

"Enough you two anyway the reason we are all here is that I have news that I have to share with you all" explained Masky.

"Well spill the tea!" said Smile eagerly to know.

"So you all remember Zariah I'm assuming and we all thought that we would never see her again but the thing is... when I was on watching duty with Sonic.Exe and EJ I saw a woman who had the same green emerald eyes Zariah had and I felt it was her and I confirmed it was because her human friends called her by her name she's back"

Everyone stared at him in shock I was the first one to break the silence by tackling Masky and annoying him with a million questions.

"You saw her? How is she? How old is she? Did you talk to her? Does she remember us?! Did she recognize you?! How does she look like?"

"Ugh Toby get off me!!" yelled Masky shoving me off him.

"Toby..." warned Slender.

I got up and bowed in front of my leader "S-Sorry sir sorry Masky you can continue"

"Alright, the little girl is back what's the big deal then?" asked Jeff polishing his knife.

"The deal is that Slender and I have been talking and we think that it would be a good idea to bring her here to meet our new friends and recruits and well to catch up on everything about her life as an adult now," said Masky.

"In killing words you mean we kidnap her" grinned Ben his red irises flickering back and forth.

"No, we can't do that she is our friend!" I said shaking my head.

"Ben is actually right Toby," said Slenderman nodding in approval.

"Of course I- wait whaaa?" said Ben dumfounded.

I stared at my leader confused did he really just say we are going to kidnap our best friend and drag her here unwillingly better than going to talk to her and bringing her to the mansion on her own free will?!

"I need you guys to come up with a plan to lure Zariah to us it would be wise for you guys to include some of our new friends to help as well think about it after all not all of you can go" suggested Masky.

"In the meantime what will you be doing sir?" asked Smile watching him curiously.

"Masky here will explain the situation to the other's who don't know who Zariah is I know they want to know as well what secret we are hiding from them you are excused Masky," said Slender dismissing him.

Maksy bowed in front of him and then walked out the door followed by Slenderman.

"Hm well if it's kidnapping heck yeah I'm going" stated Jeff.

"Pass," said LJ ignoring the offer.

"I need to see more cute girls so I am in" winked Ben.

"I'm actually fine with staying here," I said shrugging.

"Same" muttered Smile sitting next to Jeff in his human form.

"That just leaves three extra spots Liu told me that he and Nina are friends with Zartiah they are pretending to be those human friends of hers we could ask them to make her go out at nighttime I was also told of Zariah's sickness if she gets distracted who will she bump into though?" asked Jeff frowning.

"Let's use Sally since she's a kid Zariah won't have a doubt to follow her since she will be lost by then" smirked Ben.

"Okay, then who chases Zariah is she tries to run away from us?"

"I was thinking Sonic.Exe would be the perfect fit for this problem" suggested LJ.

"Perfect now let's let TD go as well if Exe loses control like always TD can get him under control," I said.

"Well, gentlemen looks like we have some roles to play in this plan" smiled Jeff.

I couldn't help but laugh at that I am really excited to see Zariah again I treated her like a little sister! I adored her so much although something is bothering me is if the other's will treat her nicely.

I know for sure that Clocky will treat her so kindly because that's how my girlfriend is and that's why I love her so much for her personality.

The other's won't go that hard on her, would they?

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