Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...

Tails Doll

I’m honest with you I wanted to punch someone in the face.

I have no idea what the heck is going on here my suspicion about Jeff and Smile Dog made me get angry that I didn't know what was going on!

To make matters worse everyone is talking about this human girl named Zariah that seems to be popular here.

I honestly don’t know who she is but I have a feeling that they are hiding something from us.

I was so what relieved when Masky came out of Slender man’s room to explain what was going on.

Sonic.Exe, Clockwork, Sally, EJ, Liu, Nina, Hoodie, Jane, and I were given orders to wait outside Slenderman’s room for an explanation.

“Masky?” said Liu.

Masky just nodded at us and said” I’m guessing you guys want to know what’s going on”

“You're right we want to know!” said Sonic.Exe.

“Masky what is going on?” I asked.

“First of all who the heck is Zariah?!” said EJ.

“Calm down! Okay, I know that we are hiding something that might be making y’all be suspicious about us” answered Masky.

“Yeah and?” asked Clockwork.

“Look Zariah is a friend that I know and so does the others,” said Masky.

“The question is does Slendy know?” whispered Hoodie.

“Yes, Hoodie he knows her as well” answered Masky.

“Why did you get happy when you saw her?” asked Nina.

“Because I haven’t seen her in about 13 years alright?” said Masky sighing.

“13 YEARS?!” I yelled surprised.

“Yeah,” said Masky.

“Whoa, man! That means you guys meet her when she was 5 years old,” said Liu shocked.

“By that time Liu I think you and I were still human,” said Nina.

“Yeah I think so too,” said Liu nodding.

“Listen, guys, we want to bring her here so she can be with us and meet you guys,” said Masky.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea...” said Sonic.Exe looking at Masky.

“Wait! Now that I think about it isn’t Zariah the one responsible for what happened in this same village 13 years ago?!” said Jane thoughtfully.

“You'rere right!” everyone said.

“Yes, it was her fault for not going to her house first” answered Masky sighing.

“So? Why do you want to bring her here after what she did?” asked Clockwork

“It wasn’t her fault! It was almost all mine” said Masky looking down.

“What are you talking about?” asked Hoodie.

“I didn’t give her to her parents because I was being selfish,” said Masky crossing his arms against his chest.

“Selfish? Bruh you’re always selfish” said Sonic.Exe rolling his eyes.

“A ver estas diciendo que por tu culpa casi mueres?!” said Nina facepalming.

“What did you say Nina?” asked Masky not understanding.

“Ugh What I meant was are you telling me that because of your fault you almost died?!” said Nina annoyed.

“Basically yeah,” said Masky sighing.

“Come on guys we can’t judge this human girl just because we don’t know her,” said Sally trying to defend the girl.

“Are you kidding me? That girl will bring us trouble for sure” I said growling softly.

“Look you guys just give her a chance,” said Masky running a hand through his brown hair.

“I guess we should,” said EJ sighing.

“Ugh, are you kidding me EJ?” I said irritated.

“Tails Doll...” said Exe as in warning.

“What?! Are you actually insane Exe?! You really want a human girl here with all of us?!” I said surprised.

“Calm down Tails Doll! She could be nice,” said Sally holding her teddy bear.

“You might be right,” I said grumbling.

“To answer your question No I don’t mind if only the girl won’t bother us I don’t see a problem with her meeting the rest of us” said Sonic.Exe

“Humph,” I said scoffing.

Sonic.Exe glared at me “Don’t provoke me Tails” he said in a low tone.

“Fine! She can come here geez!” I said holding my hands up in surrender.

Believe me, when you try to argue with Sonic.Exe it is not likely to win against him.

“Fine we will give her a chance but if she gets on my nerves I’ll end her,” said Jane huffing.

“Now that’s settled then I need Sonic.Exe and Sally to come with me,” said Masky nodding at us.

“Okay,” said Sonic.Exe getting up.

“What do you need us for Masky?” asked Sally nervously looking at Sonic.Exe

“I need your help with luring Zariah here,” said Masky.

“Sure,” said Sonic.Exe and Sally leaving the room with Masky.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” said Liu.

“You’re not the only one,” I said narrowing my eyes.

“Ay Callense! It will be fine Zara isn’t the type to bother!” said Nina.

“Well if Jane kills her I call on eating her kidneys,” said EJ grinning.

“Ew Eyeless Jack! Your gross!” gagged Clockwork.

“My eating-kidney addiction is not gross!” said EJ frowning.

“Ignoring the fact that Jack almost made all of us throw up we should give this girl Zariah a chance,” said Hoodie.

“He’s right,” said Clockwork.

“Fine but if she gets on my nerves,” said Jane making a hmph sound.

“Yeah we know you’ll go stabity stab on her,” I said rolling my eyes.

“This concludes the meeting then,” said Liu standing up and leaving.

After everyone left except for me, Jane and EJ we decided to just sit around and talk.

“Guys I have something to confess,” said Jane.

“Let me guess you’re breaking up with Jeff “again” just because he did something stupid?” said EJ snickering.

“Bet,” I said my red eyes glowing softly.

“No listen are you guys going to pay attention?” said Jane a little irritated.

“Fine sorry what is it?” I asked.

“I’m working with someone...” said Jane.

“What are you talking about?” said EJ confused.

“I’m working with someone to kill that girl Zariah,” said Jane guilty.

“WHAT?!” I yelled.

“Shush! The others might hear you!” scolded Jane.

“Jane are you betraying us?” said EJ.

“I- Yes But listen to me both of you it was either giving information about us or letting the girl get killed,” said Jane.

“That makes the situation a lot worse,” I said grimly.

“Why are you telling us this Jane?” asked EJ.

“Jack, Tails you two are the only creepypastas I enjoy being with also you guys are good at keeping secrets,” said Jane.

“That’s true,” said EJ nodding.

“Fine we won’t say a thing but you have to tell us more about this guy and try to find a way to get out of this mess before Slender finds out!” I said frowning.

“I will trust me I will,” said Jane nodding.

“Fair enough then your secret is safe with us,” said EJ.

“Thank you,” said Jane giving us a small smile.

“Just get out of the problem soon,” I said.

“Mhm!” said Jane.

“Alright well I’m out so see ya!” said EJ waving and leaving.

I turned to Jane and said: “I got to go bye” and I left.

I would like to kill Zariah myself If I could.

But I might get in trouble and I know that Exe wouldn’t defend me for that.

My entry is over but remember this.

Imagine a world exactly the same as the one you live in... Except you don’t exist. That’s the reality I face.

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