Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...


It’s been a couple of months now and a little recap of what’s been going on.

I started college, went to visit my parents during the holidays, finally finished remodeling our house,

It’s going to be June next week and I’m finished with my first year of college!

Not that many things but hey! I've progressed and I'm free from having stress and anxiety of school and tests.

Now about those creepypastas...

I do feel that sometimes I’m being watched like that someone is looking at me by my window and there’s been pretty weird things happening.

For example, since we got here Gabriel and Lily leave at nighttime and don’t come back until the next day which I find that strange and when I ask about it they just shrug and say “We just had to go to work”

I don’t think that’s true because why do they have to work in the nighttime? I feel that they are hiding something from me.

I don’t blame them but I just don’t like the fact that they are acting strange but other than that things have been going fine here.

Not until today Gabriel wanted to have a little celebration at our success of finishing our first year of college and had asked me to go buys some party supplies I replied:

“Are you crazy? It’s barely 8:58 pm! You guys aren’t leaving to work today?”

“No not today we should celebrate our success!” replied Lily.

“Okay fine but why do I have to go get the stuff?!” I asked.

“Because you’re our best friend and will do as we say” teased Gabriel.

“Hahaha very funny” I replied sarcastically.

“Fine I’ll go since Zara is such a wimp!” said Lily giggling.

“What?! I’m, not a wimp!” I protested.

“Then be a grown-up woman and go buy the stuff we need to celebrate!” said Gabriel laughing.

“Fine! I will just to prove my point that I’m not a wimp!” I yelled and stormed off to get my jacket, shoes, and my backpack.

“Sure,” said both Gabriel and Lily still laughing.

“Bye!” I yelled over my shoulder and opened the door and left.

I really regret leaving that day I should’ve just let them think that I was a wimp or else my life wouldn’t have changed as it did.

I went to the store and bought chips, sodas, and candy after I paid the amount. I grabbed the stuff I bought and put it into my backpack and started walking home.

I was walking and don’t blame me I know that you guys might get mad at me for this or might think “Why is she going that way?!” “Turn back!” “Go back!” and other stuff like that but I get distracted a lot so if you guys have the right idea yeah that’s exactly what I did.

I got distracted and that’s normal for me what I didn’t notice was that I was walking through the woods yep where I was told not to go.

Finally, I stopped walking and looked up “Oh my god,” I said. I was in the middle of the forest alone.

At that moment I swear that I heard what sounded to be laughter and quickly turned around to find nothing behind me.

“Hello?” I asked, “Is anyone there?”

I’m not lying to you (the reader) I heard someone laughing! At this point I was desperate I wanted to get out of here and go home.

I heard a little girl giggling and turned around and saw what seemed to be a small girl around 8 years-old holding a teddy bear in one hand, laughing softly and staring at me.

“Hello,” I said softly “Are you lost too?” I asked the girl.

She smiled and said “No I’m not lost It seems you are”

That should’ve seemed like an odd answer to me but I didn’t care at this point.

“Well you shouldn’t be here, It’s very dangerous so I will assume you are also lost too” I replied.

She giggled again and said, “My name is Sally”

I thought that she wanted me to state my name so I said:

“Nice to meet you, Sally, my name is Zariah”

Sally smiled and said, “You have a pretty name”

I replied: “Oh um thank you you have a pretty name also”

I found it odd for a small child to be in the woods alone and talking to me very calmly not scared at all.

I jumped when I felt a small hand grab mine, I looked down to see that Sally had grabbed my hand.

“Follow me,” said Sally.

“I-I don’t know are you sure I should be following you?” I stammered.

She didn’t answer me just pulled my hand as a sign to walk and having no other option I did. We walked for what seemed for a few minutes getting nowhere until I finally asked:

“Sally? Where are we going?”

“To the lake” She replied.

“W-What?!” I said surprised.

“To see the moonlight so it can guide us home” explained Sally.

“Um Okay,” I said concernedly.

After a bit more walking, we got to the lake, I was surprised I didn’t expect to see a lake in the woods.

“I never remember seeing this before” I mumbled.

Sally was smiling and looking at the reflection of the moon against the water.

“Sally? Do you even know where you live?” I asked concerned for the small girl.

She smiled at me but instead of warming me, it sent chills down my spine.

“My home is here,” Sally said.

“What do you mean it’s here? Y-you, live in the woods?” I asked.

It hit me then what she meant She wasn’t human she was one of them!

Sally smiled at me and her brown eyes turned green and scars showed in her face.

“Want to play with me?” she asked.

I screamed and dropped her hand and started running away from her I stopped when I heard her say: “Get her” I heard movement and I started running again they were following me!

“Please Please get me out of here I don’t want to die” I whispered to myself tears running down my cheeks. My heart was pounding against my chest and the wind was blowing against me.

I dropped my backpack and speeded up I could hear laughter and more voices although someone was catching up to me. I didn’t pay attention and tripped over a branch and fell on my knees.

“Ow,” I said trembling from the pain.

I tried to get up but staggered and fell again, the voices were gone but I could feel that they were there, I felt two cold hands grab me by the shoulders I gasped and looked at who got me.

He had a carved smile on his face which send shivers down my spine, he wore a white hoodie stained with blood and had black hair that fell over his eyes. I felt something against my throat and realized it was a knife he smiled at me and in a rough voice said:

“Go to Sleep Zariah...”

That was all I heard and then nothing...

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