Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...


They recognized her as soon as Jeff had knocked her out.

Ben, Jeff, Tails Doll, and I were ordered by Slenderman to get Zariah and take her to the Slender Mansion.

He had told us not to scare her but as you guys can see that didn’t go off as planned...

“Jeff you could’ve killed her!” yelled Ben.

“Not my fault my natural instincts are to kill!” yelled Jeff sarcastically.

“Can you both shut up already!” yelled Tails Doll annoyed.

Jeff and Ben winced and nodded.

“Guys let’s focus please,” I said my red eyes flickering.

“Don’t blame it on me blame it on the elf over here” said Jeff.

“ELF?! THAT’S IT! YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT!” yelled Ben and tackled Jeff to the ground.

Tails Doll and I just looked at Ben and Jeff shoving each other and wrestling on the ground as you guys can see this is normal for us.

I’m not Slenderman’s proxy like Masky But I am a creepypasta and when I lose my patience everyone especially Tails Doll knows how I act.

I growled and my eyes flickered in warning: “Guys” I said.

Tails Doll flinched and looked in my direction and quickly looked at Ben and Jeff:

“Guys Sonic.Exe is losing his patience I suggest you guys get up and stop fighting”

Faster than lightning Ben got off Jeff and quickly stood up while Jeff did the same. Like I said I’m not a proxy but I can be very scary when I’m bothered.

“We need to take her to the Mansion,” I said calmly.

“Alright but since she’s unconscious someone needs to carry her,” said Jeff.

“Not it,” said Tails Doll.

“Ha Not it either,” said Jeff.

Ben grinned and said: “I don’t mind at all” and started walking to the unconscious Zariah.

“Don’t even dare,” I said and grabbed Ben by his shirt.

“Hey! Nobody wants to take her! I’ll take her then!” protested Ben struggling.

“No I’m taking her because you would want to hurt her and that’s a no!” I said.

“Come On!!!” said Ben trying to get off my grip.

I dug my fingers into his skin hard and in a low dangerous voice, I said:

“Ben, you don’t want to lose all your fingers don’t you? Or else you won’t be able to play video games and be a pain to everyone”

Ben paled and said: “No! Okay fine you can take the chick! Don’t take away my videogames!! I beg you!”

I lowered him and let go of him and in my normal voice, I said: “Good now move”

I walked over to Zariah and froze she was pretty for being a human no I don’t mean pretty beautiful actually I felt something weird inside me but then remembered that the other’s where with me.

“Hey! Exe? Are you enchanted by her beauty or something?” teased Jeff smirking.

I huffed and felt my cheeks turn red in embarrassment did I want them to think that a human girl got my attention? No! Then why do I say I’m god if I’m acting like this?!

I turned around and looked at Jeff and said:” Ha-ha very funny”

“Then hurry up!” said Tails Doll grinning.

I rolled my eyes and picked Zariah up and said: “Alright let’s go”

I started running with Zariah in my arms and felt the others following behind me. As much as sonic loves running I do too it feels nice the breeze going against you it feels amazing.

We got there and used (I was forced) to use my room to put Zariah in there I placed her in the bed and closed the door locking it and went downstairs and bumped into Tails Doll.

“So? What’s up with you and the girl?” he asked.

“Huh?” I asked confused.

“You froze and started looking at her for what almost seemed like forever and I’m 100% sure you where blushing” grinned Tails Doll.

“Ugh! I hate the fact that you know me so well!” I groaned and covered my face with my bloody hands.

“Heh so?” asked Tails Doll.

As you can see dear reader Tails Doll is a voodoo doll version of Tails the Fox so I guess you can tell that he is also as smart as Tails is.

“Nothing I just think that she’s pretty,” I said.

“Uhuh sure,” said Ben behind me.

I jumped startled and groaned “Are you guys serious?” I said facepalming.

“What? It’s basically the first time you might actually fall for a girl” grinned Jeff.

“W-WHAT?!!” I yelled surprised.

“What smiley face over there is trying to say is that you might actually fall for the chick...” said Ben playing video games on the TV.

“Ha! Y’all wish!” I yelled.

“But Exe I never saw you freeze like that and look at a girl for that long,” said Tails Doll suspiciously.


“Sure,” said Ben.

“Well if you won’t tell us okay,” said Jeff shrugging.

“I’ll figure it out don’t worry,” said Tails Doll folding his hands against his chest and looking in my direction.

“I hate you all!” I said hissing.

“Yeah we know,” said Ben laughing.

I growled irritated and ran off deciding to have a long run to clear my thoughts.

Could it be true what Ben said? Would I actually fall for a human girl? I thought.

“What! What am I thinking?” I mumbled to myself.

Could it be possible? Ha! I Doubt It!

Me? The scary Sonic.Exe who claims to be God fall for a girl? I honestly doubt that!

Remember one thing reader.


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