Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...


The first thing I felt was pain all over my body my first thought was if I died which I found out to discover that I was not dead.

I don’t remember what happened all I remember was being chased, having twisted my ankle, seeing a creepy smile, and then darkness.

I sat up and realized that I was in a room laying on a bed. I thought it was my bedroom and started feeling relieved but that relief went away when I saw clothes and stuff that did not belong to me.

Getting up I tried to walk but couldn’t I held onto the wall and made my way to the door only to discover that it was locked from the inside.

Now I was panicking I didn’t know where the heck I was I couldn’t find my phone and I was trapped inside a room.

I froze when I heard what seemed to be footsteps approaching my room and hearing voices coming from the hallway (I’m assuming).

Desperate I was looking for somewhere to hide and gratefully found a hiding spot which was under the bed. I heard the voices starting to get closer I squeezed my eyes shut and trembled in fear.

The door opened and I heard at least 5 people enter the room.

“H-huh? I-I t-thought y-you s-said y-you b-brought h-her h-here!” said a voice that sounded very small almost a whisper.

“We did! I’m not lying!” growled a low raspy voice that sounded familiar.

“I swear to god she was here!” said another low voice.

“G-guys what if she’s hiding and we are scaring her,” said a voice that sounded calm compared to the others.

“Muchachos! Callense! Ay we should look around she must be hiding” said a girl’s voice that sounded a lot like Lily’s.

I was trembling and wanted to sneeze due to the dust that was under this bed I tried to move but ended up hitting my head and saying:

“Ow!” quickly I covered my mouth and heard all of the voices stop.

Suddenly I saw light and realized that they had found me and had pushed the bed away from my hiding spot.

“There she is,” said the same raspy familiar voice.

I covered my face with my hands and refused to look at any of them.

“Guys I think we are scaring her...” said the calm voice.

“Pfft scare her? Come on” said the low voice.

“Ayy muchachos,” said the girl’s voice.

I heard someone kneel in front of me and say:” Hey it's okay we are your friends we aren’t going to hurt you Zariah”

I was so confused how did they know my name? Friends? What?

Even though I was scared I felt calm and safe with this stranger so I decided to take my hands away from my face and look at him.

The stranger smiled he had brown hair, orange goggles, a mouthguard and wore a hoodie over his head and had brown eyes.

“Hi there my name is Toby even though I’m pretty sure you would remember me,” he said softly.

“How do you know my name?” I asked.

“Ha-ha! You still ask we haven’t seen you in 13 years Zariah” said the person behind Toby.

I realized in horror that it was the guy that had knocked me out.

“Ignore him,” said Toby shooting a dirty look at the guy.

“So you know me?” I asked.

“Of course before you have any more questions I’m assuming you want to know who the rest are,” said Toby.

“Yeah,” I said unsure.

“The boy in the white hoodie is Jeff,” said Toby pointing at Jeff.

“Didn’t mean to scare you Zariah but had no choice to knock you out” smirked Jeff.

Toby rolled his eyes and said:” The blue hedgehog over there is Sonic.Exe” pointing over to the hedgehog.

Sonic.Exe was horrifying he looked exactly like Sonic the hedgehog the Sega character but scarily with blood on his quills, face, hands, and red/black glowing eyes.

“Nice to meet you Zariah sorry that I pushed you,” he said making eye contact with me.

“I-It’s fine,” I said feeling nervous.

“Next is Hoodie he’s Slenderman’s proxy as well as his older brother he’s pretty shy” whispered Toby pointing to the guy named Hoodie.

Hoodie didn’t seem scary he just wore a yellow Hoodie (aka his name) and wore a mask that had a frown in it.

“H-hi” whispered Hoodie.

“Hi,” I said.

“And last but not least we have Nina,” said Toby pointing to the girl.

“The one girl who is annoying” mumbled Jeff.

“Shut up, Jeff! I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that!” said Nina glaring at him.

“Heh,” said Jeff playing with a knife.

Nina’s Spanish accent sounded exactly like Lily’s, Nina also looked a lot like Jeff pale, with a knife, wearing a jacket (that did have color) and also a carved smile on her face.

“Hi Zariah nice to meet you,” said Nina smiling.

“You too,” I said.

“I know that Slendy and the others will be excited to meet you and see you again!” said Toby grinning

There’s more?! I thought.

“Come on can you get up?” asked Jeff.

“Y-yeah I can” I lied and tried to get up but staggered and was about to fall when I felt someone catch me.

“Well That’s a no,” said Sonic.Exe looking at me.

I shivered a little because Sonic.Exe’s hands were cold almost as ice.

“I-I g-guess y-you’re g-going t-to h-have t-to c-carry h-her” whispered Hoodie.

“Enserio? Are you sure Sonic.Exe?” asked Nina.

“I’m sure let’s just get out of here,” said Sonic.Exe carrying me.

I wanted to get down but I knew I couldn’t walk so I decided to let him carry me.

We all exited the room and went downstairs I found to my discovery that this wasn’t a house it was a Mansion! After a while,

I saw a living room and was shocked to see that there were indeed more creepypastas.

Since I had been distracted I had forgotten the fact that a creepypasta was carrying me!

I turned bright red remembering and felt more embarrassed that Sonic.Exe was looking at me and quickly turned his face away but I’m not lying to you I swear I thought I saw him turn red also.

Once we entered the living room, I saw that there was some kind of elf guy playing videogames with a Voodoo Doll.

Next, I saw a clown that was laughing and talking with a girl that looked like she had a clock on her left eye.

I looked over to the kitchen and saw a guy with a blue mask eating something and chilling with a dog.

I then saw what seemed to be either Jeff’s or Nina’s sibling talking with Sally and another girl that looked like Jeff’s Girlfriend or something.

“Guys! Guess who’s here!” yelled Toby to the group.

“Zariah!” yelled the elf and ran over to my side.

“You’re here! You’re here!” said the clown.

“Well look at that” smiled the dog

Wait the- the dog just talked?! Oh, wait I think it’s that creepypasta what’s his name? Oh right, Smile Dog

“Wow look at you Zariah! You are all grown up!” said the Clown.

“You look cute,” said the elf winking at me.

I just nodded at them trying to be nice.

“Okay, guys I think she might not remember y’all that well,” said Sonic.Exe

“Oh right! Hey there my name is Ben Drowned” said Ben.

“Ha-ha! Sorry I should re-introduce myself my name is Laughing Jack but you can call me LJ for short” said LJ.

“My name is Smile the Dog,” said Smile Dog.

“I know you are probably wondering if there’s one more you should remember or see and don’t worry you’ll see him soon!” said Toby.

“Nice to meet you guys,” I said.

“Now I’ll present the others,” said Jeff walking over to the girl with the clock on her left eye.

“Okay,” I said.

“This is Clockwork she is known as a new creepypasta and A.K.A Toby’s Girlfriend,” said Jeff smirking.

“Hi, Zariah! Nice to meet you!” said Clockwork smiling.

“JEFF!! She’s not my girlfriend” said Toby twitching and blushing a little.

“Anyways the guy over here,” said Jeff walking over to the guy that looked like if they were siblings.

“This is Homicidal Liu but call him Liu for Short he’s my brother and Nina’s Boyfriend,” said Jeff.

“Hey there Zariah,” said Liu.

“Jeff! Don’t provoke me on wanting to stab you!” growled Nina and blushed also.

“Next we have Eyeless Jack he’s a killer like me and he eats kidneys,” said Jeff gulping a little.

“Hi Zariah,” said EJ eating what now I know a kidney.

“Last but not least we have well you already met Sally Now, Jane! This is my girlfriend don’t mess with her” said Jeff.

“Hi,” said Jane.

“Also this is Tails Doll he is the best friend of Sonic.Exe,” said Ben pointing to Tails Doll.

“Wow, there is a lot of you guys,” I said shocked.

“Well yeah, we need more creepypastas to help us live longer,” said Nina.

“Hey guys I think she’s ready to see them,” said Jeff.

“What? There’s two more?!” I said.

“Relax Zariah they won’t hurt you” reassured Sonic.Exe

I was scared I didn’t know what was going to happen I decided to be brave as I was taken away by Sonic.Exe and taken to a room that I thought was empty.

Sonic.Exe sat me on a chair while I panicked and said:

“Sonic.Exe! Please don’t leave me! I don’t want to die!”

“Zariah you are not going to die relax!” he said.

He was about to leave until I grabbed his arm, he looked at me surprised.

“Please I’m scared don’t leave me here!” I begged tears falling down my cheeks.

He didn’t say anything just looked at me finally, he sighed and said:

“Listen everything’s going to be alright it’s just our leader who wants to see you he won’t kill you instead he will be happy to see you,” said Sonic.Exe.

“Are you sure?” I asked still holding onto his arm.

“I’m positive now he told us that he didn’t want anybody else with him except you I have to go it will be fine” Sonic.Exe reassured me.

“Okay,” I said trying to calm my nerves down.

“Alright then,” said Sonic.Exe.

I let go of his arm and he left me I decided to get up and look around the room until the leader of their group showed up.

Leaning against the wall for support I walked and saw a lot of images of the creepypastas I just talked too

I kept walking and bumped into a desk.

“Ouch!” I said.

I looked around the desk and picked up an image of a weird symbol and the bottom of the page it said “Proxy”

The light’s flickered and I froze and backed away from the desk.

I then felt a shiver and felt something grab me I screamed horrified and tried struggling the thing wouldn’t let me go!

I then felt it move me closer to someone and I gasped when I stared into no eyes with horror I knew who he was.

I stared at the face of a monster.

Slenderman The leader of the Creepypastas.

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