Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...


Zariah screamed when one of Slenderman’s tendrils grabbed her I wanted to leave my hiding spot and tell her that it was okay that she shouldn’t be scared buy following my leader's orders I didn't.

“Child it’s alright don’t be scared,” said Slenderman.

Zariah kept trembling in fear and crying begging not to get killed.

Slenderman sighed and looked at the direction where I was hiding and nodded the signal for me to get out of my hiding spot.

I nodded back and covered my face with my mask and went out of my hiding spot.

Zariah’s eye’s widened and we both made eye contact.

“Masky? Could you calm her down a little?” asked Slender.

I nodded and waited until Slenderman lowered her on the ground.

Zariah looked at me and with teary eyes asked “Are you going to kill me?”

My heartbeat started increasing for some specific reason I answered: “No Zariah why would we kill you?”

“Because you and your friends are cold-hearted killers,” said Zariah.

“That’s true but no we won’t kill you because you’re our friend,” I said.

She looked and me and nodded she kept staring at me which made me uncomfortable in a good way.

“Your Hoodie’s brother aren’t you?” She asked.

“Yeah, I am” I answered simply.

“That means your name is Masky Slenderman’s best proxy,” said Zariah.

“Yep that’s me,” I said.

We both stayed quiet for a few minutes until Slenderman cleared his throat and said:

“Zariah? Are you calmed down now?”

“Y-yes” answered Zariah.

“Well good! It’s nice to see you again Zariah” said Slenderman smiling.

“Yeah,” said Zariah simply.

I noticed something odd in Zariah’s attitude it was almost as if for her it was her first time meeting us almost like she had no memory of us.

“Slenderman? Can I- May I ask a question?” asked Zariah.

“Of course my child,” said Slender nodding.

“T-thank you um how do you and the other creepypastas know me,” asked Zariah.

Slender and I looked surprised at Zariah’s question.

I mean we were her best friends since we were kids I know it’s been 13 years since we last saw her but either way, she should be able to remember at least a little bit about us right?

“Zariah we’ve known you since you’ve been 5 years old,” I said.

She gasped and stared at us in shock.

“Child don’t you remember us?” asked Slender.

“N-no all I know is that one of y’all was responsible for kidnapping me 13 years ago,” Zariah said looking at us.

“We never kidnapped you,” I said soothingly.

“Zariah child Masky is right we never kidnapped you maybe you don’t remember the event that well,” said Slender.

“I don’t know what to believe,” said Zariah shaking her head.

“Masky? Can you take Zariah and let her hang around with the others for a while? Until she feels more calmed down?” said slender looking at me.

“Yes Sir,” I said and nodded at Zariah to follow me.

Following silently behind me I lead Zariah out of Slenderman’s room and outside where everyone was waiting for her.

“Zariah! You’re still alive!” said Ben grinning.

“Yeah I am,” said Zariah giving Ben a small smile.

“Dang it,” said Jeff huffing annoyed.

“What’s the matter, Jeff? Cat got your tongue?” asked LJ chuckling.

“Ugh I didn’t think that she would make it alive,” said Jeff sighing annoyed.

“Well, you lost the bet! Gimme my candy!” protested LJ.

“Bet?!” everyone said.

“What kind of bet?” I asked narrowing my eyes.

“They made a bet if either Zariah was going to live or die when you two wherein there with Slendy,” said Toby rolling his eyes.

“Are you two serious?” I growled.

“That was very stupid of you Jeff!” said Jane angry.

“Don’t say anything Jane unless you want me to make you go to sleep!” said Jeff.

“Oh now you’ve done it!” hissed Jane.

At that moment everyone (except Zariah and Sonic.Exe) including me started arguing about that stupid bet.

It was starting to get a little violent so I decided to give up and looked around for Zariah.

She wasn’t sitting on the sofa anymore I also noticed that Sonic.Exe was gone as well I went outside and hid seeing them both talking.

“So you are telling me that you don’t have any idea who Masky, Ben, Toby, Smile Dog, Jeff, LJ, and Slenderman are?” said Sonic.Exe surprised.

“Yes they all seem so happy to see me and I feel bad that I can’t share that same feeling for them,” said Zariah sadly.

“Wow, and they were all excited to bring you here to meet us,” said Sonic.Exe moving his hands behind his head and laying down on the grass.

“I’m sorry I just don’t know what to do,” said Zariah sighing.

“I don’t blame you also it’s alright,” said Sonic.Exe closing his eyes

“Sorry that I’m telling you all of this it’s because I didn’t know who else to share this feeling with,” said Zariah making eye contact with him.

“Heh I don’t mind I would’ve joined the fight but I get more violent than all of them so this is okay,” said Sonic.Exe laughing softly.

“I have a question though,” asked Zariah.

“Ask away,” said Sonic.Exe opening one eye.

“What about my friends? Lily and Gabriel they need to know that I’m alright” said Zariah.

“Hmm I can’t help you with that Zariah,” said Sonic.Exe frowning.

“It’s okay I’ll find a way to communicate with them,” said Zariah sighing.

“Alright,” said Sonic.Exe

“Sonic.Exe?” said Zariah.

“Yeah?” asked Sonic.Exe

“Thank you,” said Zariah.

“For what?” he asked.

“For just talking with me and trying to help me with my worries,” said Zariah smiling at him.

“Oh that it was nothing like I said I didn’t want to deal with the others so,” said Sonic.Exe

“Either way Thank you,” said Zariah smiling kindly at him.

“Eh don’t mention it,” said Sonic.Exe grinning.

I left then and ran out to the woods feeling that my heart was going to burst in anger.

I didn’t like the way Zariah was so calm with Sonic.Exe it made me feel Jealous.

It was almost like she enjoyed Sonic.Exe’s company better than mine and the rest. He didn’t meet her as a kid! I did! I was her one and only best friend! She enjoyed my company better than anybody else’s!

So why is she hanging out more with Exe?!

Okay. Calm Down Masky. She doesn’t remember us that well she’s trying to fit in and trying on getting to know us better...

I don’t know how to describe my emotions right now.

I wanted to push Sonic.Exe away and tell Zariah that she could talk to me. That I was there for her that I’ve always been there for her without her knowing it!

But I’ve changed a lot I’m, not the same Masky as before.

I want to tell her how I feel but how can I?

I know you (the reader) is probably wondering how Masky (me) has fallen for a girl.

I don’t know either but I’ll do whatever it takes to make Zariah remember me!

Even if it includes getting Sonic.Exe out of the picture.

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