Five Minutes

Chapter 11

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Chapter Eleven

'I can't do it!'

'Yes you can!'

'No. No I can't!'

'Why not?'

'It's against the laws of nature!'



'Don't say my name when I've just said yours!'

'Don't say my name at all!'

'What am I supposed to call you?'

'Elvendork! It's unisex!'

James sighed and shook his head. He had been trying to persuade Sirius to apologise to Severus Snape for putting his life in danger. It was the right thing to do and it had been over a month since the incident had happened. But Sirius just wouldn't do it.

'Why do I have to apologise?' Sirius whined, 'I'm already in lifetime detention, I've been taken of the Quidditch team, I'm not allowed to go to Hogsmeade and I've been banned from Quidditch!'

'You said that already!' James interrupted

'How's the search for my replacement going anyway? I heard that one of the third years is very good and-'

'Don't change the subject!' James laughed.

'Fine!' Sirius huffed, 'But I'm still not apologising! I've apologised to you, Moony and Wormtail. Why do I need to apologise to that slime as well?'

'Because it's the right thing to do!' James said exasperatedly.

'Why?' Sirius replied, 'What do you thinks gonna happen? That we'll all suddenly become friends and skip off into the sunset holding hands? No thank you! Don't you think I've been punished enough?!' Sirius looked aghast.

'It's still the right thing to do!' James argued for the final time.

Sirius looked at James blankly. 'I don't like you this year.' he said in a toneless voice.

'What?' James asked surprised and confused by Sirius' sudden declaration.

'Yeah. You've changed. You've grown up. I don't like it!' Sirius said.

'I'm still me. And I've not totally grown up - I mean, who was the one who magically sewed up all the Slytherin's arm holes on their robes last Monday?'

Sirius looked at James in shock. 'Me!' he burst out.

James was speechless for a second whilst he tried to remember. 'Oh yeah…' he said, 'But I did the same to the head holes!'

'Well yeah you did but-'

'I haven't changed!' James laughed, 'It's just with…N.E.W.T's, I thought I had better spend more time studying and doing the homework. The only thing I stopped doing from last year is pranking random people in halls.' James said before adding in his mind, or what some people would call bullying.

Sirius looked down and scuffed the floor before saying, 'Ok. But I'm still not apologising!'

It was time for the second Quidditch match of the season and, unfortunately, the weather wasn't ideal. They were a week into December and snow had begun to fall. It wasn't settling however. The ground was wet from the rain from the previous night so any snow that landed turned to either ice or slush.

As soon as the two teams, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, were up in the air they could all feel the bitter wind whip their robes around their ankles. They couldn't hear the crowd over the screaming gale and it was hard to grip their brooms with their frozen hands. They all pushed through it though, mounted their brooms and took off into the air when Madam Hooch blew her whistle, and began to play.

'Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff!' Mary McDonald yelled her voice amplified through the sonorous spell. She was commentating on the game again. 'The long anticipated game. Unfortunately, the long anticipated winter weather has also decided to make an appearance! Seems like that's not affecting our players though! Hestia Jones is in possession of the Quaffle. She dodges the Ravenclaw Beater. Flies towards the hoops. She shoots. SHE SCORES! Ten points to Gryffindor.'

Hestia flew back down the pitch high-fiving James as they passed.

James zoomed towards the falling Quaffle and caught it in one arm. He flew back round to the front of the hoops and threw it up in the air where Hestia was waiting. She caught the Quaffle and was about to make another shot when a Bludger knocked the Quaffle out of her hands breaking her fingers.

'And the new Gryffindor Beater takes it out on one of his own!' Mary yelled, 'The new choice for beater is sixth year Dirk Creswell. Judging by his performance just now, people are questioning James Potter's choice on the replacement of Sirius Black. It's still unclear why he has been kicked off of the team but, knowing his reputation as we all do, it's probably as a result of one of his many pranks!'

'Mary. Do comment on the game! You are not running a gossip show!' McGonagall said strictly.

'Sorry Professor.' Mary said, she did love to gossip. 'So Hufflepuff's Gwenog Jones in possession. If there ever was a match for Gryffindor's James Potter, She's it! Jones, Hufflepuff's Jones, shoots and scores. Ten points to Hufflepuff!'

James soared through the sky, the bitter wind slapping his face. He caught the Quaffle and passed it to Hestia. He flew below her as she made her way through the other players on the team. She was a good fifty metres from the goal posts when the Hufflepuff chasers surrounded her. She dropped the Quaffle to James below her who flew up to the goal posts and threw it through the middle hoop, scoring Gryffindor's second goal.

'Are they allowed to do that?' Lily asked Sirius in the stands. He was sitting between her and Remus with a gloomy expression etched across his face.

'Yes.' he sighed in response to Lily's question. He hated not being in the game. And Lily's constant questions about the game wasn't helping this fact at all.

Remus could see this and clapped Sirius on the back comfortingly. 'Don't worry mate!' he smiled, 'There's only one game left and you can re-join the team next year!'

'If Prongs lets me back on!' Sirius grumbled.

'He'll let you back on!' Lily said confidently.

'How do you know?' Sirius said grumpily, 'You only just decided you were friends a few days ago!'

'I know. But you two have been friends for six years.' Lily said as if were obvious.

'I guess.' Sirius said a little bit happier.

'I hope this game finishes soon!' Alice said from beside Lily, 'I'm freezing!'

'Do you want my scarf?' a voice said from behind them. It was Frank Longbottom, another sixth year Gryffindor.

'No its ok!' Alice said before turning to face Emmeline who was next to her. She didn't notice Frank's disappointed face.

'Aren't you cold?' she asked Emmeline.

'The cold isn't something you should reject, but, rather something you should embrace.' she said serenely.

Alice looked at Lily who shrugged her shoulders.

'I'm with you on this one. The only thing I'm gonna embrace is a jumper!' Lily laughed.

'You can't really embrace a jumper Evans!' Sirius said as he watched the Gryffindor seeker circling the pitch, 'She needs to be lower…' he added.

Lily looked confused. She hadn't seen Sirius watching the seeker. 'What do you mean?' she asked him.

'Well she can spot the snitch from up their but she's not equal distance from the snitches lowest and highest altitude which means if she sees the snitch below her it's gonna take more time to reach it. The other seeker could get there first.' Sirius said knowledgably.

'What?' Lily asked still thoroughly confused.

'The snitch can only go up to a certain height. It's charmed to stay in the pitch at all times and can only go up to five hundred feet. She needs to be at two hundred and fifty feet to maximise the catch.' Sirius rambled.

'Right…' Lily responded. What Sirius had just said had gone in one ear and out of the other. 'How are we doing?' she asked Remus as she tried to save face.

'One hundred to ninety at the minute. The Hufflepuff's are up by one goal.' he answered not daring to take his eyes off of the game. 'It's Gwenog Jones! She's the only one who is actually level with James' standard. Add in our mediocre keeper and Hufflepuff could win.'

'That's why our seeker needs to come lower!' Sirius said frustrated. As he said this however, the Gryffindor Seeker zoomed skywards with her arm outstretched. She clasped her hand around what the spectators assumed was the snitch and rapturous applause broke out for Gryffindor's win.

'You were saying?' Lily said to Sirius.

'Well obviously, on this occasion it was a good thing but not always!' he retorted.

Lily and Alice laughed and Remus chuckled until Sirius gave him a sharp glare.

'Gryffindor win! Two hundred and forty to one hundred points!' Mary yelled to the cheering stadium.

James and the team flew down instantly and rushed out of the cold and into the changing rooms. Once inside, James congratulated the team and put out a bowl of chocolate frogs for them to take as they pleased.

'Oh boy! Chocolate frogs!' Sirius said excitedly as he entered the changing room. He had rushed down from the stands under the pretence of wanting to be the first to congratulate James on the win. Really, he just wanted the treat.

'Go ahead!' James sighed as he changed out of his Quidditch robes, 'Where's Moony?' He asked as he pulled on a blue jumper.

'He's outside with Evans and those other two!' Sirius said through a mouth full of three chocolate frogs.

'What about Wormtail?' James continued as he looked in a mirror running a hand through his tousled hair and straightening his glasses.

'Had to do some astronomy bla bla bla!' Sirius answered leaning in for another chocolate frog.

'Astronomy bla bla bla?' James asked with a laugh.

'Like I really care about what he's doing!' Sirius said.

'Sirius!' James scolded.

'Well I don't!' Sirius said as Hestia walked towards James. They always walked back to the castle together because Hestia was obsessed with having feedback about her performance. James didn't mind because more often than not Lily was with them and he liked to spend time with her. What was better was that they were actually friends now so she wouldn't spend the time sulking about James being there and James wouldn't spend the time constantly asking her out.

Ahh, the good old days! James thought to himself, reminiscing.

'Ready?' Hestia asked James.

'Sure. Coming?' James questioned Sirius who was filling the pockets in his trousers with all the chocolate frogs they could hold.

The three of them walked out to meet Remus, Lily, Emmeline and Alice but were stopped when Gwenog Jones walked up to them.

'Good game Potter!' She smiled, 'I still say girls are better Quidditch players than boys, but you're not half bad!'

'Thanks! I think…' James said, returning her smile.

From a distance, Remus and Lily saw this exchange. Remus groaned at the fact that James was stood their talking and for some reason Lily had an urge to go and interrupt James smiling session with Gwenog. She was cold and wanted to get back to the castle as quickly as possible. She assumed this was the reason.

'So, Gwenog!' James said as they began to walk towards where the other four were waiting for them, 'Leaving this year aren't you?'

'Yep!' She replied, 'Got a spot as a reserve for the Holyhead Harpies. (Slughorn introduced me to the captain.) Anyway, it's gonna be good!'

'Sounds it!' Hestia said fascinated. She was walking the other side of Gwenog Jones, rapturously paying her her full attention as if she was already a celebrity.

'So this was your last school Quidditch match before you hit the big leagues then?' James asked her.

'Yeah…' Gwenog said sadly, 'Still got plenty to look forward to though!'

'Well, as you're leaving soon,' Hestia began steering Gwenog towards the castle and away from James and Sirius, 'Can you give me a few tips…'

James and Sirius reached the others only a short while after Hestia had directed Gwenog away from them.

'Where's Hestia going?' Lily asked James.

'She's trying to get some tips of Gwenog.' James replied casually before Alice started to whiter about the cold.

They started to make their way back towards the castle and James tried to make sure that he was walking next to Lily. He tried to do it inconspicuously but Sirius saw what he was trying to do and, just to be awkward, didn't move from James other side. Remus had, unconsciously, started to pull ahead and was talking to Emmeline whilst Alice had been caught up by Frank Longbottom and was now talking to him.

'What'd you think of the game then?' James asked Lily. She was on his right side and Sirius was on his left.

'The seeker needed to be lower!' Sirius interrupted childishly before Lily could answer.

'I know. I did tell her before we started the game because she kept doing it in the last three practice sessions. Luckily the snitch was above her this time.' James said before pointedly saying, 'What about you, Evans, what did you think of the game?'

'Too cold, too long.' Lily said simply with a smile much too James' amusement.

'It is winter.' James replied with a laugh.

'And?' Lily retorted, 'Doesn't mean it has to be cold! I'm freezing!' Lily said.

James continued to laugh whilst Sirius sniggered sarcastically at his side.

'Why didn't wear a jumper? Or even a scarf?' he asked her.

'I wasn't cold when I got up!' she said as if that was obvious.

'You were indoors.' James chuckled warmly.

'So?' Lily replied.

'Do you want to borrow my scarf?' James asked casually. Sirius looked towards Lily curiously waiting for her answer.

'Are you sure?' Lily said biting her lip.

James nodded and gave her a smile. He unwound his scarf from around his neck and put it around Lily's.

'Thanks!' She said gratefully, shivering as James warm hands touched her neck. She put it down to the cold because as soon as James had finished putting the warm scarf on her she had stopped. She inhaled, smelling the scarf's sweet scent. It smelt familiar and comforting. Like beech wood.

'So what are you doing for Christmas?' Lily asked James and Sirius.

James looked a little sad but told her that he was going home to spend it at home with his parents. Sirius was going with him.

'What about you?' Sirius asked Lily, 'Gonna go to another of Slughorn's ridiculous shin-digs?'

'No!' she laughed, 'It's on Christmas eve. I'm missing it because I'm going home too.' Lily said a little sad also.

'Can't beat Christmas!' James said.

Lily was sat at her desk in transfiguration, scribbling furiously. It was the test McGonagall had promised to give them before they broke up for Christmas. Even Gryffindor's recent win four days ago hadn't changed her mind. When the lesson had started James had tried to persuade her to reward their victory by giving them the lesson off, much to the classes amusement, but all McGonagall had done in response was wave her wand at the board causing the test questions to appear. So the class had reluctantly sat down and took the test.

They were half way through and Lily was finding the test rather hard. Transfiguration wasn't her forte. If she was taking a charms or potions test however, she would breeze through it with no problem. It was only transfiguration which she thought was a labouring test. Her and her best friend Hestia had been studying all night for this test. Well, she had. Hestia had fallen asleep at around half eleven. Before that, they were discussing the rumour that in their O.W.L's the previous year, only one person had received an outstanding. Everyone else had only been able to manage an E. They didn't know for sure who it was who obtained the outstanding but they thought it may have been Remus Lupin. They believed that their suspicions would be confirmed when they all got the results back from this test because the chances were, whoever got the outstanding in the O.W.L's, would probably get the highest mark in this test.

So, now Lily was in the middle of the test which she had crammed for but she still wasn't very confident in her answers. She was now trying to describe the method of turning an inanimate object into a living animal. It was very complicated because you had to take into consideration, not just the outside appearance, but the inner working mechanisms like the heart as well.

The only good thing about this test was the fact that once you had finished, no matter if it was in five or fifty minutes, you could leave straight away.

'Done already Mr Potter?' Lily heard Professor McGonagall say quietly to James who was in front of her desk.

Lily looked up. She didn't really know why she did this because she could pretty much assume what was going on without having the need to see it. But, nevertheless, she looked up and saw James handing in his transfiguration test. McGonagall looked through it to check that all the questions were answered. When she seemed satisfied she placed the piece of parchment to the side of her desk and gestured towards the door allowing James to leave. As he passed her desk, he flashed a smile at Lily who was unaware that she was staring at him. She quickly smiled back at him, feeling hot under the collar, before looking down at her own test just wishing that she was able to leave with him.

James left the class room feeling pretty confident with the answers he had given on the test. Transfiguration, after all, was his best and favourite subject. He was able to complete the tasks with ease.

He ran a hand through his dishevelled hair before leaning against the wall with his arms folded and legs crossed in his usual stance. He had agreed with Sirius and Remus before class that he would wait for them after he had finished his test. (They all knew he would finish first) So that's what he did. He didn't have to wait long before one of his friends turned up, but, not one of the ones he was waiting for.

'Wormy!' James exclaimed happy to see his friend who looked ecstatic at being acknowledged by him, 'What are you doing here?' he asked.

'I have a free.' Peter said before beginning to doubt himself. 'I'm sure I do. Thursday? Fourth period?' he started to fumble around for his timetable. 'I was going to come and meet Remus for care of magical creature's next lesson. Unless it's not Thursday. Is it Thursday?'

'Yes it is.' James laughed good naturedly, 'And you do have care of magical creatures next but that's not for another half an hour yet!'

'Oh…' Peter said, a little disheartened.

'We were gonna come and find you once we'd all finished the test!' James smiled.

'Should I go back then?' Peter asked confused.

'Why?' James laughed.

'So you can come and find me.' Peter replied innocently.

'Well you're here now so that would be a little bit pointless.' James said with a chuckle at his friend's naivety, 'You can keep me company whilst I wait for Moony and Padfoot to finish their tests. So what are you doing in care of magical creatures at the minute?' James asked attempting to start a conversation.

Peter imitated James stance before replying, 'I'm not in care of magical creatures at the minute.'

James bowed his head trying to think of a new way, a simple way, to rephrase the question. He settled on, 'What are you studying in care of magical creature's next lesson?'

'Oh!' Peter said, just then grasping what James was actually asking him, 'We're studying the ministry's rating of magical creatures.'

'That sounds…interesting.' said James who had never had a desire to understand the ministry's rating of magical creatures. As far as he was concerned, if it was poisonous, had talons, claws or fangs, he was going to stay away from it. He had always though that the ministry deciding to rate the creatures using amounts of X's was a little bit silly and confusing.

'What are you doing in…what's your next lesson?' Peter asked James as he looked up at him with adoring eyes which James didn't notice.

'Me and Padfoot have a free.' James replied as he looked at his watch, 'He should be done soon actually. I think we'll probably go to the kitchens. You know what Padfoot's like!' James laughed.

'Always hungry!' Peter said killing the mood a little as he stated what was blatantly obvious to anyone who knew Sirius for more than a minute.

'Yeah…' James said trailing off. He did like Peter but it was always hard to keep a conversation going with him. He never left his sentences open for response and he always killed the atmosphere by pointing out the obvious. He was alright if you were in a group but alone, he wasn't the best conversationalist. James only hope was if Remus or Sirius appeared.

Luckily for James, both of his friends appeared at that moment saving James from having to stand in an awkward silence.

'PRONGS!' Sirius shouted as soon as he saw James. 'I thought you'd have left me all alone!' he said dramatically.

'What am I? A lump of wood?' Remus asked Sirius with his arms relaxed out in front of him.

'Well now that you mention it…OW!' Sirius yelled. James had just slapped him round the back of his head, 'What was that for?'

'Felt like it!' James smirked before beginning to walk away with Remus who was laughing.

Sirius watched the two tall boys walk away for two seconds before running to catch up to them. Peter had followed Sirius but, as the hallways weren't that wide, was stuck behind his friends whilst they walked side by side in a three.

'What'd you think of that test then?' Remus asked James.

He was about to answer before Sirius cut in and whined, 'Do we have to? It's bad enough I had to take the test once!'

Remus and James rolled their eyes before James answered Remus' question. 'Wasn't too bad actually.'

'Maybe not for you!' Sirius continued to whine, 'You're brilliant at transfiguration. I'll be lucky if I even get a D!'

'You won't get a D!' James said reassuringly before adding, 'Probably a T!'

'That's even worse!' Sirius said with his mouth open in shock at the little confidence his best friend had in him.

Remus looked at his watch and realised that it was time to go to his next lesson. He told James and Sirius before disappearing only to come back realising he had forgotten about Peter.

'So,' Sirius said when Remus and Peter had gone, 'Kitchens?'

That night Lily began to pack her trunk so that she would be well and truly ready to go home for Christmas. She wasn't packing everything and, unlike muggle children away boarding school, she didn't need to pack any clothes that may need washing because the house elves never left anything unclean for long. She decided to only pack some books and the Christmas presents she'd bought for her family so that she would have enough room in her trunk to bring her summer clothes back to school. Christmas was the only time Lily went home during the school year because there were always end of year exams at Easter and Lily needed to study. So, every year, when Lily went home for Christmas, on her return to Hogwarts, she would bring back all the clothes she would need for the summer season. It was her mother's idea and she had carried it out since her first year.

She rooted around in the drawers beside her four poster bed for the Christmas presents she had bought in Hogsmeade for her family on her last visit a week ago. She had bought her mother a blank wizard's recipe book. She thought it would be a nice present for her as her mother loved to cook. It was personalised to her mother's tastes with the cover; a simple, old fashioned, peach print, leather bound cover with her name in the centre and a rose boarder. All she had to do was write any of her recipes down in the book and they would automatically transform into print, correcting any spelling mistakes or grammar errors that a person might make. It was the perfect present for her mum who often created her own dishes. She was a brilliant cook, a skill which she had tried to pass down to Lily. It had worked. Kind of.

For her father, she bought some cufflinks. They were goblin made and so were very sturdy. Embossed on each of the cufflinks were her father's initials which were glazed with special potion paint. This paint would change colour to match the outfit you were wearing. All you had to do was rub the cufflink over the fabric in the colour you wanted and it would replicate it. Her dad was always going to fancy dinners for work so had to wear many suits. He always complained about his cufflinks though. Half way through the night he would invariably loose one of them. This is what inspired Lily to buy him some cufflinks for Christmas. Being goblin made, once attached to the suit, (or dress robes as they were originally intended for), they wouldn't fall off unless manually removed. It was the perfect gift for her father.

Her sister Petunia was a bit trickier. Since she started Hogwarts Lily's sister had resented and loathed her. It had made getting Petunia the perfect present kind of impossible, not that Lily hadn't tried. In the past she had bought her sweets from Diagon Alley only to have Petunia throw them away saying that she didn't want to eat poisoned freak sweets. She had also bought her a book of wizard fairy tales and a pair of goblin made earrings. These generous gestures had all been thrown back in Lily's face. Now the sensible person would have stopped giving Petunia magical gifts or gifts all together, but Lily was nothing if not persistent and she was going to try again.

Whilst in the Hogsmeade parchment and quill shop, where she had bought her mother recipe book, Lily had seen a diary with petunias on the cover. Her sister had always kept a diary and Lily thought she'd like a new one, but this wasn't an ordinary diary. Not for a muggle anyway. When someone would write in the diary, the writing would only be visible to them. Nobody else would be able to read it as the writing would be invisible to everyone else but the writer. Lily hoped Petunia would appreciate it.

She put all three presents in her trunk and closed it. Lily then got out the presents she had bought for her friends and placed them at the foot of the respective beds. She had bought Hestia a charm bracelet which had protection qualities against minor jinxes and curses. For Emmeline and Alice she had given them a quill and ink set; it included three quills, one eagle feather, a peacock feathered one and a pearly white swan feather. The set also included four bottles of ink; one was a colour changing ink, another was invisible ink, the third was a glow-in-the-dark ink and the last was your bog standard black ink. Lastly, there was some fine parchment. She had bought Mary a little something too because she felt bad about buying her four roommates presents and not Mary. Even if they weren't close, she did still feel bad. It wasn't much. Just a mix of Honeydukes sweets.

She looked back towards her bed where one last present sat atop of the covers. It was a small basket and, like Mary's present, was filled with a mix of Honeydukes sweets. She originally wasn't sure whether she was going to buy it, but in the end she did. After all, they were all friends now. The only worry she had was how they would react. She didn't want them to feel pressured into giving her a present too. She'd appreciate it if they did, she did love presents. But it wasn't necessary. She wasn't too fussed.

Lily sighed, walked over to her bed and sorted through the basket. She made sure everything was inside it before reading the card one more time. It was your typical Christmas card. She hadn't put any effort into writing any fancy verses or funny messages. It said, 'To Black, Lupin, Pettigrew and Potter. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. From Evans.'. She had used last names because that is what they called each other by.

She grabbed the basket off of the bed and headed towards the door making her way down the spiralling staircase to find the marauders.

She managed to spot James and Sirius in the centre of the common room playing a hand game. The pat-a-cake game you would play as a small child. She made her way over to them and put the basket on the floor next to James' where he and Sirius were sat cross-legged.

'What are you two doing?' Lily asked, unable to keep her curiosity at the boys' strange behaviour inside any longer.

'Hand game.' replied Sirius casually as if they always spent their Thursday nights this way.

'How old are you two?' Lily laughed watching their hands with fascination. They were clapping them together so fast you could barely see where they were coming and going from.

'Today we're four.' James said turning to look at Lily and smile. His hands were still flailing around as if independent from his body.

'Four?' Lily repeated thinking she was at least six when she started playing that game, 'You don't seem like four year olds…'

James and Sirius stopped playing their game and James said, 'Sirius. Check your shoe'

Lily rolled her eyes at the boy's immaturity. It wasn't so much exasperation as partial fondness for their antics.

'Fourte-fourteen?' Sirius said looking at the bottom of his shoe in shock. 'Oh…'

James shrugged and smiled at Lily with wide eyes. 'Well…' he said 'Seems we're not four were fourteen.' he paused before looking back to Sirius with a curious look on his face. 'Fourteen?' he questioned. 'You have big feet.' he then added.

'I do not have big feet!' Sirius said indignantly.

'Size fourteen is big.' James said sarcastically sympathetic.

'What size foot are you then?' Sirius retorted with a bit of an attitude.

'Eleven.' James replied, for some reason obviously proud of his ordinary sized feet.

'Eleven?' Sirius asked looking a little upset in realisation. 'Wow I do have big feet.'

'Mmm.' James nodded. 'Smelly ones too!' he pinched his nose dramatically.

'Smelly?' Sirius said, offended

'Like blue cheese!' James sighed, visibly relaxing his stiff posture.

'What do you know about blue cheese?' Sirius challenged. He loved cheese. The smellier the better.

'I am the cheese master for your information.' James said pompously, dusting fake lint from his shoulder in an upper-class way.

'Oh yeah!' Sirius said, with a glint in his dark eyes. 'Name five types of cheese!'

'Oh. All right.' James scoffed, 'Blue, red, orange, yellow and white!'

'Pft!' Sirius said, blowing a strand of his handsome black locks out of his face, 'They're not types of cheeses! Their just colours!' he continued knowledgably.

'Fine. You name five types of cheese!'

'Ok. Stilton, brie, cheddar and red Leicester.'

'Ha!' James laughed pointing at Sirius triumphantly, 'That's only four! You only know four!'

'Gloucester!' Sirius said smugly. 'That's five.'

James lowered his arm in silence and he sat in the quiet for a couple of minutes before saying under his breath, 'Your feet still smell.'

'Ok.' Lily said making her presence once again known. She had stood and watched their childish back and forth with amusement. They seemed so innocent although she suspected, and knew, they were far from it.

'Forgot you were here Evans!' James said apologetically.

'I know.' Lily laughed good naturedly. 'Err…' she started not knowing what to say, 'I've brought you all a Christmas present.' She picked up the basket and placed in on James' lap. 'It's not much, but, there you go.' she said before smiling at James and turning away.

'Wait!' James said taking the basket off of his lap, shoving it on Sirius' and standing up quickly.

Lily watched him walk over to the corner of the room and grab his bag. He undid the clasp and took out two badly wrapped presents from it. He walked back over to Lily and gave her the two presents.

'We all pitched in together.' he said to her, 'We were gonna give you them on the train next week but since you just gave us a present now…'

'Thank you.' Lily smiled at James, his warm hazel eyes smiling back.

'No problem.' James said back, 'Thanks for ours too.'

Lily nodded her head and walked back to the spiral staircase which lead back to the girl's dormitories. She turned back to look at James who was sat back in the middle of the floor playing his pat-a-cake hand game again with Sirius. She smiled to herself and walked up the stairs.

'So…' Sirius said, still playing the hand clapping game with James, 'When exactly did we all chip in and buy Evans a present?'

'When I ordered it the other day.' James replied nonchalantly.

Sirius stopped playing the hand clapping game and looked at James sympathetically.

'Don't look at me like that.' James sighed.

'Do you really think anything's gonna happen?' Sirius asked James seriously.

'Well, I'm not hanging all my hopes on it-'

'You're not moving on either!' Sirius said in exasperation.

'No, I'm not. But we are friends now.' James said, shrugging his shoulders, 'Things might change.'

'All right!' Sirius said reluctantly, 'If you say so.'

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