Five Minutes

Chapter 20

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Chapter Twenty

'Are you ready?'


'Yes you are Lily. You look beautiful!' Hestia said with a smile.

'No, I'm ready for the party.' Lily said with a sigh, 'It's seeing James I'm not ready for. I don't want to tell him that I like him but I do want too and you must just be so bored with me swapping and changing my mind about this. Especially as I keep going on about it.'

'You worry way too much.' Hestia laughed putting a comforting arm around her best friend, 'I don't mind you swapping and changing your mind. I've always said you and Potter were perfect for each other. I'm just glad you finally realise it. And that you, you know…won't become a crazy cat lady who talks to her teapot.'

'Who in the world do you know like that?' Lily asked.

'My mother.' Hestia said sadly, 'But anyway. You won't turn out like that because you'll have Potter.'

'Maybe.' Lily said unsure.

'No you will.' Hestia said, nodding her head so enthusiastically she went a little dizzy. 'Anyway. Oh! I know! Let's practice what you're going to say to him!'

Lily rolled her eyes and looked at Hestia impatiently. 'Do we have to?'

'Yeah!' Hestia said enthusiastically, 'Come on! It'll boost your confidence.

Lily sighed and, in seeing Hestia wouldn't give up on this crusade to help her find what she would say to James, consented to practice the conversation with her. 'Hi James.' she said reluctantly still.

'Hey Evans!' Hestia replied in a deep voice and running a hand through her hair.

Lily burst into hysterics. 'What are you doing?' she laughed.

'My James Potter impression.' Hestia said with a pout at the way Lily was laughing. 'I thought it was pretty accurate. I even ran my hand through my hair.'

'Well he does do that a lot.' Lily managed to squeeze out between peals of laughter.

'I once counted him do it thirty seven times during a Quidditch practice.' Hestia said thoughtfully, 'But I still think my James Potter impression is good!' she whined, getting back onto topic.

'It needs a lot of work.' Lily said, her laughter fading away, 'And he doesn't call me Evans anymore.'

'Technicality.' Hestia said waving Lily's comment away. 'Let's try again.' she continued pleadingly.

'Fine.' Lily said exasperatedly, 'But no stupid impressions.'

'Oh alright.' Hestia smiled goofily, 'Hi Lily.'

'Hey James.' Lily said pointedly.

'I haven't seen you around lately.' Hestia said, being James.

'I've been busy.' Lily replied unsure of what else to say. In her mind, this was all a bit silly. There was no way on earth, aside from an extremely lucky coincidence, that this conversation would ever go the way she practiced with Hestia. Unless they gave James a script to follow. That would probably look suspicious though…she would just have to go with it.

'Some things never change!' Hestia said, still being James.

'But something's do.' Lily said, just going for it now and not particularly bothering to be too subtle. After all, it was only Hestia really. 'I mean last year you asked me out every day. And the year before that. And the year before that. And the year before that.'

'Well you asked me not to ask you out.' Hestia said, trying to work out if what she had said made sense.

'Yeah I did…It's strange the things you miss.' Lily said.

Hestia was nodding her head in approval. 'That's a good move there Lily!' she said, becoming herself once again.

'Can we just get this over with?' Lily said, not having the patience to talk normally with her. 'What would you say next if you were James.'

'Probably something like…oh yeah I know!' Hestia said excitedly clapping her hands together like a toddler.

'Well tell me then please.' Lily replied.

'Alright, alright. Keep your hair on.' Hestia said. She cleared her throat in preparation before saying, 'You miss me asking you out?'

'I dunno.' Lily said, 'Maybe you should ask me and find out.'

'Ok just stop there.' Hestia said, 'That was so smooth you could be a milkshake!'

Lily laughed, 'Alright. God your cheesy!' she kept laughing, but when she was able to control herself, she managed to say, 'Let's get this practice done with so that we can get down to the party which you have spent so long planning.'

'Ok' Hestia said as herself before reverting to being James again and asking, 'Will you go out with me Evans…Lily?'

'Yes.' Lily said, 'Great. Now that's done with, can we please go down to this party and get it over and done with?'

'Sure.' Hestia said, 'We will go down to the fabulous surprise party I have thrown for you and you will tell James you like him. He will ask you out and you will live happily ever after.' She finished matter of factly. She was a romantic and always thought the best of these situations. If she ever got a boyfriend they would have to deal with that side of her and live up to her expectations. If they didn't…she didn't know what would happen. She didn't know what would happen if the romantic in her was destroyed. She'd probably take down everything else around her until that was destroyed too.

'Only if he still likes me that way.' Lily mumbled.

'Of course he does.' Hestia stated matter of factly guiding Lily towards the dormitory door, 'And anyway, it's your birthday. He can't refuse you. Especially looking like that.'

'I'm only wearing a nice top and some jeans.' Lily said rolling her eyes as they opened the door and began their decent down the girls spiral staircase to the common room.

'But it's a gorgeous top. The emerald greenness really brings out your eyes.' Hestia said happily. She'd picked out the top herself and was now feeling immensely proud of herself.

They were nearing the bottom of the staircase when suddenly, a yell of 'SURPRISE!' echoed across the common room. The whole of Gryffindor house must have gathered to wish Lily a happy birthday, (she got along with pretty much everyone).

'Oh my god!' Lily said, feigning shock. She wasn't meant to know about this party after all. 'Thanks guys!' she said with a smile, 'This is so nice of you!' She looked around the common room smiling in thanks and to also see if a certain person was there yet. He was. But as soon as he looked up to smile at her she looked away to Hestia who just wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. Lily gave her a nervous smile and took a step down the stair. Unfortunately for her, she missed her footing and fell down a couple of steps. Luckily, Hestia caught her before she made too much of a spectacle of herself and she assured Lily that no one, especially James, didn't see her mishap.

'Are you ready, then?' Hestia whispered as they reached the bottom of the stairs successfully.

'No but I don't think there's much we can do about that now.' Lily replied with a nervous deep breath.

The two girls stepped into the thick of the common room automatically becoming part of the crowd which had formed for the shout of 'surprise'. This didn't bother Lily too much as it meant she had a bit of time before facing James. She took a deep breath and dispersed through the common room with the rest of the crowd to the opposite side of were James was.

'What are you doing?' Hestia hissed, 'He's over there.'

'I know.' Lily said.

'Then why are you over here?' Hestia asked confused.

'Because he's over there.' Lily replied. Upon seeing Hestia's face however, Lily expanded on her explanation, 'I'm just giving myself some time before I go and tell him I like him. So I can think of what to say to him.'

'What do you mean?' Hestia said, a little outraged, 'We practiced what you would say upstairs.'

Lily rolled her eyes and said in an exasperated voice, 'Do you really think everything will go like that?'

'Well if you say exactly what you did upstairs…' Hestia started.

'It'll only work if he says the exact same things as you did in response to what I said.' Lily replied with a sigh, 'And it's not like we can give him a script or anything is it?'

'Well we could.' Hestia murmured pedantically.

Lily shook her head. 'Don't worry. I will tell him tonight. I just need a bit more time to…get my confidence together.'

'Alright.' Hestia replied with a slight smile.

Lily then began to circulate around the room, being careful to avoid James and the marauders until last. She spoke to everyone in the room holding, sometimes lengthy conversations with various people, just to make her time last a little longer. It wasn't hard to find things to talk about. Usually she just repeated the same conversation with different students every time. It was the bog standard coming-of-age questions; What are you gonna do first now that you can use magic outside of school? What's the first drink you'll have now you can legally buy one at the three broomsticks? Do you feel any older? Lily couldn't help but think that she would have to endure another round of similar questions in the muggle world next year when she turned eighteen. Not all of the students understood about the muggle eighteen being the wizarding seventeen, but those who did, the other muggleborns, shared her views and sometimes made the conversation twice as long. This gave her more time to think of what to say to James. Whilst people were talking to her, she was inside her own head thinking of different scenarios between her and James. Nobody really noticed that she wasn't all there though because she always seemed to manage to nod her head in agreement in all the right places.

She had been circulating for an hour and a half when James finally came up to her. Though, he didn't come up for the reasons Lily would like or even expected.

'This is yours.' he said friendlily, placing a book in her hands.

She turned the book over to read the title written on the cover. 'The Go-Between.'. She had lent him the book a few weeks ago and had completely forgotten about it until now.

'You read it?' she asked him, flipping through the pages of the book absentmindedly.

'Err…not really.' he said, running a hand through his hair.

'Why not?' Lily asked, interested in what the excuse would be. When she had previously talked about this particular book, people had though her a little bit mad for wanting to read such a dull story. It was part of the reason, or so she thought, that she had never received it for her birthday or Christmas before in past years. She wondered what James' excuse would be.

'I thought it was a bit silly.' he started before going into a little bit of a rant, 'How that kid could ever think that by writing a few words in a book he could create magic is beyond me. I mean, where's his wand for a start, and, also, just because you write something in blood doesn't mean it'll come true. It means you're a bit crazy and you'll probably faint, but it does not mean you're a wizard!'

'You realise this is a muggle book right?' Lily laughed. He had taken the prologue too seriously.

'Still. There's common sense.' James said as if it were obvious.

'But to a muggle who doesn't know about magic and the wizarding world…it's exciting and unusual and the only way they can explain it is by saying it's something supernatural.' Lily said telling James how many muggles attempted to explain away unusual or difficult things even though they didn't usually believe in these things.

'Well it's still a bit farfetched.' James muttered under his breath before saying at full volume, 'Happy birthday anyway. Are you having a good time?'

'Yeah, yeah. Hestia really knows how to throw a dignified party.' She said looking around at everyone in the common room gathering around the table which was covered in food. There were small sandwiches, sausage rolls, pumpkin pasties, pumpkin juice and a chocolate birthday cake. It was a delicious spread.

'Mmm…' James said with a shrug of his shoulders, 'Doesn't even begin to compare with a dignified marauders party.'

Lily raised her eyebrows, 'Your parties are never dignified.' she said shaking her head, 'All you ever serve is butterbeer and jelly, an obsession which I do not get-'

'Obsession?' James asked curiously.

'Yes.' Lily replied matter of factly, 'an obsession with jelly. You left dinner earlier today because there was no jelly and you called it an emergency. Your always eating it and judging by the way the house elves greeted you with four bowls of it earlier, I assume that's all you eat when you're down there.'

'Point taken.' James said.

'Plus it's all you serve for food at your so called 'dignified' parties and at these parties someone always ends up getting blown up.' Lily said.

'Nah that's just Pete.' James said, 'You can't leave him in a room alone without him managing to blow himself up somehow. Sometimes he doesn't even have a wand on him. He just spontaneously combusts. It's quite a talent really.' he finished thoughtfully.

'You and me obviously have very different definitions of the word talent.' Lily said with a laugh.

They talked for a while Lily all the time building up the courage to tell James how she felt about him. She was just about to tell him when Alice and Frank turned up next to him.

'Hey Lily!' she said excitedly as she went in to give Lily a hug, 'Thought we'd come and wish you a happy birthday seen as Potter here seems to want to hog you all night! You two have been talking for almost twenty minutes!'

'Yeah.' Frank said chiming in, 'Didn't know if there was something going on here…'

'No there isn't.' James said quickly, 'She's all yours now anyway. I've got to go to the Owlery.' he said to Frank and Alice in a light-hearted manner before turning to Lily and saying, 'Happy birthday Lily. I'll see you later. You look great by the way.' and walking away.

Lily tried to control a blush from the smile James had flashed her before he left her. Luckily, nothing was noticed by Frank or Alice who seemed to be too involved in talking about how their first date was going. Little did they know, but Lily was a tiny bit jealous and couldn't help but wonder how a first date between her and James would go.

No Lily. You're getting ahead of yourself! she told herself fiercely, the first step is to tell him you like him and let him know you are open for a relationship with him.

She looked around for Hestia and quickly met her gaze. She signalled for her to come over and Hestia, being a good friend, came running.

'Did you tell him?' Hestia whispered to Lily quietly. After all, Alice and Frank were still in front of them talking about who was more nervous before their date had begun.

'Not yet.' Lily whispered back, 'He said he had to go to the Owlery and that he'd see me later. I'll tell him then.'

'Anyway, we'll let you carry on!' Alice said as she and Frank departed from Lily and Hestia's company. It was just lucky she was so wrapped up in her date with Frank or she would have noticed that Hestia had joined them for a start, and that Lily wasn't listening to her.

'Go tell him now!' Hestia said hardly containing the excitement that was bubbling within her, 'Can you not see that what he said was code for, 'come and meet me in the Owlery now'?'

'You think?' Lily said not being able to restrain herself form thinking that Hestia was more excited about all of this than she was.

'Yes! Now go! I'll cover for you!' Hestia said.

Lily nodded and began to make a discreet exit from the common room. She couldn't help but think that James' invisibility cloak would be of great use at this moment in time. After exchanging pleasantries with Mary McDonald and other Gryffindor students however, she did manage to make a swift exit out of the room.

She quickly and quietly hurried down the corridors, (for all students were meant to be in their common rooms at this moment in time), making her way up to the seventh floor where the entrance to the west tower, and by extension, the Owlery, was located. As she went up some steps she past a couple of prefects who were on patrol and made up a story that she had to go and talk to the head boy and girl about her prefect duties and that they were patrolling the seventh floor. If she hadn't been a prefect she doubted that they would have believed her story, but they did and she was able to continue up the stairs. As she climbed the staircase, which lead onto the seventh floor and would also lead her to the Owlery, she past a Ravenclaw girl sneaking the opposite way. It was unusual for a student of that house. The girl looked shocked at the sight of Lily and gave her a slightly dirty look. If Lily was on prefect duty she would have taken some points away from her for being out of her common room so late, but as she was also breaking the rules, she decided to let it slide.

Lily approached the door to the west tower. She didn't worry about the door being locked though because the marauders would have used alohamora to open it as the Owlery was usually locked through the night from seven till seven.

Her assumption was correct. As she pushed the door she found it had been unlocked so that, she assumed, she could get through and meet James, (if what Hestia had told her about a secret message in James' words was true). And also, so that she and James could get back down into the school. She slipped round the door and made her up the spiral staircase. There was a sudden change in temperature which could only be narrowed down to the fact that the Owlery had no windows to trap the heat inside. The cold nipped at any part of her skin that she had left bare; her arms, hands and cheeks. She was shivering as she began to climb the spiral staircase up to the Owlery. It was getting colder. She only hoped that her drastic change in body temperature would be worth it.

She reached the top of the spiral staircase, the icy coldness now at its peak. She was getting ready to enter the room, straightening her top and running a hand through her hair causing herself to smile as it reminded her very much of James. She placed her hand on the door handle and just as she was about to open it she heard voices inside.

'She gone?' said one voice.

'Yeah she left a few minutes ago. Why did you hide?' said another.

'She doesn't like me!' said the first voice in a whining way. Although annoying, it did help Lily figure out who it was; Sirius Black.

'She's a beauty though Prongs!' the second voice came in again. If the first voice was Sirius, and the second voice was talking to James, (identified by Lily through the use of the nickname his friends gave him), that meant that the second voice had to be Remus.

Lily sighed downheartedly. Obviously Hestia was wrong and James telling her he'd see her later was not an invitation for her to come and meet him. It didn't matter though. Lily was resolute in telling James how she felt now. She wasn't going to stand in a freezing cold tower just for the fun of it. So she leaned a little closer to the door, waiting for an opening in the conversation at which point she would interrupt.

'So how longs it been?' Remus asked.

'Since Christmas.' James replied, his voice happy.

'I was there.' Sirius cut in, boasting, 'I was introduced to her first. It obviously means he loves me the most.'

Lily was about to enter and interrupt the conversation when she heard another voice, who could only be Peter, squeak out, 'You mean he loves Sophie.'

'It's true.' James stated before continuing, 'Sorry Sirius but…I love Sophie way more then you.'

Lily's stomach dropped. Who was Sophie? It was obvious it wasn't his mother by the tone of the conversation they were having. Lily was sure James didn't have any sisters or siblings at all. He was an only child she knew because she always used to blame that for his level of arrogance. Who was Sophie? She wondered to herself. Unfortunately, she didn't think she was going to like the answer. She listened closer, not being able to move or take her ear from the door.

'Of course you met her first!' Remus was saying, 'You were at his house for Christmas. You were there when she flew in!'

'I wish I could fly like her!' Sirius said dreamily.

Great! Lily thought, this Sophie could fly meaning she would play Quidditch. Not only would James definitely like her, he would love her. And obviously, from the conversation she had overheard, he already did.

'Are you happy with her then?' Remus asked.

'Definitely!' James said positively.

'Not wanting another?' Sirius asked.

'Not at all.' James replied, 'She the one I wanted. She's perfect. Couldn't be happier with her.'

Lily heard footsteps coming towards the door. She absentmindedly stepped behind the door and out of sight as it opened and the four marauders came out. All of them smiling and laughing without a care in the world or a heavy weight on their hearts.

She waited behind the door at the top of the west tower until she heard the door at the bottom of the tower click shut. When it did, she closed the door she was still hidden behind and walked forward to sit on the top step of the spiral staircase to wallow in her newly found misery.

She was too late. He had moved on and had gotten himself a girlfriend. She couldn't believe it. If only she had given him a chance sooner. She was kicking herself. James Potter had liked her for years but as soon as she had started to return his feelings he had gotten over her. How dare he do that! He had led her on through the start of this school year. He had grown up so that she would fall for him, and as soon as she did, he had decided to move on. And she had come up here for nothing. Nearly got caught by some prefects and…Oh my god! she thought to herself. That must have been her. Sophie! The girl she had passed on her way to the west tower. The girl that had given her a dirty look. That must have been her. Everybody knew how James had felt for her and now this Sophie was actually with James, she hated Lily, hence, the dirty look.

Lily became madder and madder the more she thought about the situation. James had had all the time in the world to tell her that he had a girlfriend and he had neglected to mention in. The selfish, obnoxious pig! How could he betray her like this?

The door to the common room swung open. This was it. Hestia was about to see her best friend bounce into the room happily and tell her that she and James were going out. She couldn't wait. Most people would have thought this weird. The fact that she was so excited for her best friend to tell her Quidditch captain that she liked him. But Hestia couldn't help it. She had seen Lily study so hard for five and a half years, not noticing anyone in that way before. Always being tied down by that leech Severus Snape who would have literally killed any boy who went near her. Apart from James Potter. Only a fool would take him on in a duel and Severus Snape, although many things, was no fool. But unfortunately, because of the close friendship of Lily and Snape and Snape's hatred for James, Lily was never able to see what a great guy James really was. But now, now Lily was free from those chains, she could see James in his true light and be with the person who she was meant to be with. It was so exciting for Hestia.

The door was open and walking through it was James Potter. Unable to wait for Lily, Hestia rushed over to James to see what had happened.

James saw Hestia running over towards him and motioned to Sirius, Remus and Peter, who had entered the common room seconds before him, to carry on up to the dorm.

'What's up Jones?' James asked as she stopped in front of him, assuming it had something to do with Quidditch.

'Where have you been?' she asked, bouncing on the spot.

'The Owlery.' James replied, his head following her jumps and bobbing up and down, 'Are you ok?'

'Yeah I'm fine.' Hestia replied, brushing his concern for her away, 'So what happened? What did you say?'

'About what?' James asked, thoroughly confused.

'You know!' Hestia said suggestively.

'Oh…No.' James said nodding his head at first before shaking it, completely oblivious to what Hestia was talking about.

'Well fine.' Hestia said, her mood changing suddenly. 'You two would have been perfect together but fine! Do what you want! You horrible person! I hate that you've done this!' said before storming off and leaving a very confused and a little hurt James in her wake.

She quickly however turned around and marched back to him to say roughly, 'And what time is Quidditch practice tomorrow?'

'Ten.' James said, 'Don't be late.'

'I won't!' she huffed before marching away.

James shook his head, still very confused as to what had just happened. He decided to put it down to the hype of the party and went off to the dorm room where Remus, Sirius and Peter were all waiting for him.

'What took you so long?' Sirius said. He was laid down on James bed throwing James' Quaffle up in the air and catching it again.

'Jones had a go at me.' James said nonchalantly, catching his Quaffle mid-air, pushing Sirius off of his bed and onto the floor and flopping down in place of him.

'What have you done now?' Remus said walking over to James bed and leaning against one of the posts at the bottom of his four poster bed. Peter copied and leant on the post next to James head

'Maybe he pushed her off of her bed!' Sirius grumbled as he got up from the floor, brushed himself off, and sprawled out at the bottom of James' bed.

'You do realise that this is my bed right?' James said with one raised eyebrow.

'Is that any excuse to push me off of it?' Sirius said sniffing dramatically.

'Yes.' Remus said bluntly.

'Thanks Moony.' Sirius said, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at him pathetically.

'You missed.' Remus said as he watched the pillow flop aimlessly to the floor.

'I meant to miss!' Sirius stuttered out before changing the subject, 'You already for tomorrow night?'

'I hope so.' Remus replied

'Lily? Lily?' Hestia was whispering as she made her way down the seventh corridor. 'Lily? Are you still up here? Lily?'

It was dark along the corridor, lit only slightly by Hestia wand. She had waited for Lily to come back to the common room for nearly two hours. It had gotten to five past one, Hestia had changed into her pyjamas and a dressing gown, and she still had no idea where she had gone. So she decided to go up to the west tower where James had said they had been. It had taken her quite a while to get up to the seventh floor as the school looked foreign to her this late at night. She was sure that the marauders could probably have found their way in five minutes flat. However, Hestia had never really snuck out of the dormitory at night before. Firstly Lily would have killed her for waking her up as she never liked being woken up before it was necessary. And also, Hestia never really had any motives to sneak into the school at night. She'd much rather be in her warm safe dormitory than the cold dark castle at this time of night.

'Lily?' she called again, still very quiet as she didn't want to wake anyone up or disturb anyone at this hour. Especially Peeves.

She reached the door to the west tower where the Owlery was just hoping that Lily was in there still. Hestia knoxed her wand, quickly cast the alohamora charm to open the door, which had locked as soon as it had been shut, and relit her wand again. The door opened swiftly to reveal Lily sat on the bottom step of the spiral staircase, cuddling herself in an attempt to get warm.

Seeing her best friend so cold, Hestia immediately took off her woolly dressing gown and draped it over Lily's shoulders.

Lily was shocked, not expecting the contact, and looked up.

Hestia gave Lily a sympathetic smile. She could see she'd been crying and so sat down next to her, putting an arm around her shoulders.

'Why've you been crying?' Hestia asked her.

'Oh a mix of things really.' Lily said wiping her eyes and wrapping Hestia's dressing gown around her tighter, 'Being locked in a freezing tower for god knows how long. Forgetting to bring my wand with me. Thinking I'll get a detention if I'm stuck in here all night and am found in the morning by one of the teachers. My sister not talking to me. Missing my parents. I've forgotten to do some homework for transfiguration and McGonagall is going to murder me.'

'And Potter?' Hestia asked tentatively.

'And Potter.' Lily said sadly, nodding her head, 'He has a girlfriend. Sophie.'

'No.' Hestia said in shock.

'Oh yes.' Lily said, sniffing and resting her head on Hestia's shoulder, 'And he's in love with her.'

'Are you sure?' Hestia said. Love was a strong word.

'That's what he said.' Lily sighed, 'I waited too long. It's my fault. I waited too long and now he's moved on. We were wrong. He doesn't like me that way anymore.'

'Oh Lily.' Hestia said, hugging her friend in comfort, 'You know, he'll probably break up with this girl when he realises that he still likes you. It's only a matter of time and then you two will be together and-'

'No Hestia.' Lily said, sitting up for the first time.

'What do you mean no?' Hestia asked, confused as to what she was protesting to.

'I don't want to be with him.' Lily said.

'But that's all you've been able to talk about ever since you got out of the hospital wing.' Hestia said, 'Why all of a sudden do you now not want to be with him?'

'Because,' Lily started, 'it is all I've been able to talk about, it's all I've been able to think about too. It's engulfed my life for the past few weeks. I've already forgotten to do some homework. I don't want this to interfere with my N.E.W.T's. And who's to say that he will break up with his girlfriend? I can't sit around and wait for that to happen. I don't want to be one of those girls who just sits and waits around for a guy. That's not who I am and it's not who I want to be. I think things would just be easier if I just moved on. It's not like I love him. It's just a crush. I'll get over it.'

Hestia saw that Lily was trying to be serious about this decision. However, Hestia had seen the way Lily had talked about and to James these past weeks and she could tell that it wasn't just some insignificant crush. Lily genuinely liked him and if she tried to move on from this when she wasn't ready too, it was going to come back at moments when she least expected it. But there was no talking Lily out of this decision at this precise moment so Hestia decided to wait.

It's true, James had told Hestia himself 'no' to him and Lily getting together earlier that night. But Hestia couldn't help but feel that these two were meant for each other. Girlfriend or not, James really liked Lily and Lily felt the same way about James. It was just going to be a lot more complicated getting the two together that telling each other how they felt.

'Let's go.' Lily announced getting up, 'I'm tired and I'm cold and to be honest, a little bit mad at the whole situation so I think I just need to get some sleep.'

'Ok.' Hestia said as she got up as well, 'We're gonna have to be very quiet when we leave though. I think I heard Mrs Norris on my way up here.'

'Fine.' Lily said as she pushed the door, which had been left slightly ajar, open.

The two girls made their way down to the Gryffindor common room on the third floor and then up to their dormitory. Lily got ready for bed and gave Hestia her dressing gown back.

As soon as Hestia's head hit the pillow she fell asleep.

Lily however, had her head full of James and couldn't get to sleep. She was looking around the dormitory, at her four sleeping dorm mates, when she spotted a present on the window sill. She got out of her bed and walked over to it. The tag had her name on it so she assumed that it was for her. She took it back to her bed and opened it.

Inside the wrapping paper she found a photo of her and Severus in a frame. They were smiling and laughing in the playground where they first met. With the photo came a note with one word written on it. Always.

Lily stared at the photo and at the note. Her blood began to boil. Why wouldn't Severus give up. Upon thinking this, Lily realised that she had well and truly moved on from her failed friendship with Severus and without flinching, Lily threw the photo and the note into the bin next to her bed. With that single move she was able to settle down into a deep sleep filled with dreams of James which she wouldn't remember in the morning.

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