Five Minutes

Chapter 22

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Chapter Twenty-Two

'You failed!' he spat to his cowering subject, 'Can you not do anything right?!'

'M-m-my Lord,' the death eater stammered, 'There were things beyond our control. Other animals. Centaurs. A barrier, my Lord.'

'Excuses!' Voldemort said walking away from the death eater who had been cowering at his feet.

Voldemort swished his cloak and sat down in a chair on a platform which resembled a throne, not unlike the one Dumbledore sat on during school feasts, (though this one was steel grey with a green seat). Nagini wrapped herself through Voldemort's arms and Voldemort stroked her scaly skin as if she were a cat. He was deep in thought.

'We could try again, my Lord.' the death eater suggested meekly.

'It would be pointless now.' Voldemort hissed, 'You failed. Why would I send you out again when you were unsuccessful the first time.'

'But if the boy can tell us the location again-'

'No.' Voldemort bellowed, 'The location we were told was wrong.'

'Wh-what do you mean, my Lord.' the death eater stuttered.

'The boy informed us the werewolf was in the shrieking shack.' Voldemort said.

'Will he be punished, my Lord?' the death eater quivered.

'He will not.' Voldemort stated.

'My Lord?' the death eater questioned, a little confused as to why the informant would not be punished but it was likely he would be.

'In the boys mind, he was correct.' Voldemort said, 'I've seen it.'

'Is it possible the boy has, dare I say, tricked you, my Lord?' the death eater whispered quietly.

'Insolence!' Voldemort screeched as he glided forward and loomed over the once again, cowering death eater, 'You think I can be fooled Crabbe? You think I, Lord Voldemort, the greatest sorcerer the world has ever known, can be fooled by a sixteen year old boy!'

'Of course not my Lord.' Crabbe whimpered.

After five seconds of causing Crabbe to cower in fear, Voldemort released him from his stare.

'He heard the werewolf in the shrieking shack from Hogwarts. It was only by chance and Fenrir's lycanthropy that you were able to discover his new location. We were only unable to get into the Hogsmeade grounds.' Voldemort said, mostly to himself as he sat down on his throne again, Nagini intertwining herself around Voldemort again.

'Perhaps we could try again, my Lord.' Crabbe whispered.

'No. Dumbledore will have been alerted to our presence by now.' Voldemort said in thought, 'Even if we were to figure out the way past his defences, he will have strengthened them by now. Even I cannot penetrate his magic without studying it carefully. Besides it would draw too much attention.'

'But, my Lord,' Crabbe said, 'Don't we want the attention?'

'Yes,' Voldemort said, 'But on my terms…'

For the next two weeks, two Gryffindor students missed school.

The first was Lily Evans. People were quite shocked at this but it was publicly known that she was in bed with a really bad cold, sickness and a flaming temperature. She had been offered some pepper up potion by madam Pomfrey and all of her roommates to rid her of the cold so she could focus on waiting out the temperature, but she had declined every time. She kind of like an excuse not to see James, giving herself some more time to attempt to move on and rid herself of her feelings for him. She, however, did not tell anyone, even Hestia, for she knew what she would say, that this was the reason behind her refusing the pepper up potion. She simply said that coming from a muggle background, she was taught to just let the cold take its course. It was all nonsense of course. Her parents usually loaded her up on flu and cold remedies when she had a cold at home. But Hogwarts didn't know that so it worked as an excuse. Plus, the temperature and sickness made her illness longer.

The second student was Sirius Black. No one was particularly surprised that he had missed two weeks of school, he had done so before, but if they knew the real reason why he wasn't in lessons, they wouldn't believe it…

After getting Moony away from the death eaters, thanks to Wormtail riling the centaurs, Prongs and Padfoot, along with Wormtail, carried Moony to the shrieking shack. When they had gotten him in and Prongs had laid him down on the floor, the stag, dog and rat had decided it was best to return through the whomping willow's passage and back to Hogwarts as it was getting lighter and they were covered in painful injuries. They left Moony knocked out on the floor and began to quietly climb the dirty tunnel. Halfway through, as Prongs couldn't fit down all the way through the tunnel as a stag, he transformed back into James. But this didn't go without concequences.

Moony had woken up and from instantly smelling James' human blood, flew into a frenzy and began to chase them down the tunnel. James ran for his life, the safest bet he had. Wormtail was scurrying along the side of him whilst Padfoot, bravely and on his own, tried to fend Moony off of his best friend. As James was clambering out of the whomping willows passage way, Wormtail by his side, Padfoot pushed Moony back in the direction of the shrieking shack. Wormtail transformed back into Peter and, as the passage sealed itself, he and James were able to catch one last glimpse of Padfoot brawling with Moony in an effort to keep him from them.

James and Peter waited impatiently, sick with worry for their friends safety, at the entrance to the tunnel. Padfoot had never handled Moony on his own. Remus had always said to James and Sirius that neither of them in their animagus forms could handle a fully grown werewolf on their own. That was why they were always together when he transformed. James knew this and, in the back of his mind, he couldn't help but wondering what state his best friend would be in when he finally emerged from the whomping willow, if he ever emerged at all.

When Padfoot eventually clambered out of the whomping willow tunnel, twenty minutes after James and Peter and seen him push Moony back down, he was is a terrible state. He could barely move and so collapsed at the base of the tree. When the tunnel entrance closed again, Peter immediately transformed back into Wormtail and dashed forwards to freeze the tree which would start to move about again in no time. He was then joined by James who picked the limp dog up and rushed him out of the way of the whomping willow whose limbs would soon start to fly again. Wormtail followed. James laid him down in a patch of rising sun whilst he, himself, stayed in an adjacent shadow, and looked over his wounds.

Obviously, from what James could see of Padfoot's injuries, whilst getting him back to the shrieking shack, Moony had become more vicious in his attempts to try and exit the tunnel. Padfoot would have attempted to stop him, being battered, bruised and scratched on his back in the process. James could tell because a third of his wounds had embedded grit and dirt in them something that wouldn't have happened if he had just come out of the tunnel with open gashes. Another third of his wounds were the ones he had received during his fight with Moony in the forest. They were now all matted with fur and blood. The last third of Padfoot's wounds were scattered with splinters and large shards of wood, obviously from the shrieking shack. It didn't take James two guesses to figure out what had happened in there.

James looked around for Wormtail who was squatted at his feet, still a rat, in a position no person wanted to see.

James looked down at him disdainfully, 'You better trying to be turning back.' he said.

Wormtail looked up and twitched his nose and whiskers at James before returning to his squat. After a few minutes he had begun to transform into himself again. When he was there he looked at James pleased with himself. James didn't share his enthusiasm instead he just told Peter to go and get the invisibility cloak, the map and their wands from the dormitory.

When he was gone, James took another look over Padfoot's wounds, apologising to the unconscious dog profusely for he thought it was his fault. There was no sense in his apolgy though. It wasn't his fault. He couldn't help that his animagus form was so large and could barely fit down the tunnel. Still, he thought it was his fault and didn't know how on earth he was going to make this up to the mutt in front of him. A lot of jam most likely. Sirius always said jam cures everything. James just hoped that this was one of those things.

Peter was back in a flash and handed James what he had been and fetched.

'Err…why are you handing me your wand?' James asked, holding it back out to Peter.

'Sorry…' Peter mumbled as he took his wand back and gave James his own.

James shook his head and, using his own wand, squirted some water over Padfoot's face to wake him up.

Padfoot stirred and his eyes flickered open, but not with ease. He let out a pathetic whimper and looked up to James. There was blood in his eyes.

'Can you transform back?' James asked, 'Whimper or blink a few times if you can.' He waited for a response from Padfoot but got nothing.

'All right.' James said, 'Peter, you take the map. Stay ahead of me and tell me if the coast is clear.'

Peter nodded to show that he understood.

'I'm gonna carry Padfoot. Looks like he's not gonna be able to change back at the minute.' James said, looking down at his best friend, 'When I've got him, you throw the cloak over us. Got it?'

Peter nodded again.

James picked the dog up in his arms and, when the cloak was over them, covering them from top to toe, he started off toward the school.

When they arrived back in their dormitory, making it through the school uncaught, James carefully laid Padfoot down on his bed. He lit the lamp that was on the bedside table as well as the one on his own. It gave him just enough light to try and clean some of Padfoot's wounds.

For the remaining nights of the full moon, Padfoot stayed as a dog but didn't go to sit with Moony in the shrieking shack as Prongs and Wormtail did, (to ensure that no-one tried to get to him again).

When Remus came back, he helped James clean out some of Padfoot's more difficult wounds, all the while saying, 'this is all my fault' and 'I'm so, so sorry'. When they were confident that all his wounds were clear, they tried to get him to change back. But he had lost a lot of blood and was still a bit too weak.

It took him one week to gain enough strength to turn back. It was difficult trying to find a substantial excuse when people asked where he was and as they couldn't take him to madam Pomfrey because they would then alert the teachers and the ministry to their illegal adventures, it was even harder trying to heal him. In the end, they snuck into the hospital wing and stole some healing creams and potions which would help him get better.

After two weeks though, Sirius Black and Lily Evans, the two students who were out for two weeks, were both fit and well enough to go back to school and, perhaps more importantly, to the apparation lesson.

Every sixth year student was gathered in the main hall, Sunday morning, the thirteenth of February, ready for their next session on apparation with Wilkie Twycross. Dumbledore had arranged the enchantments so that the apparation lesson could take place in the great hall with no immediate danger of people apparating into or out of the hall, from within Hogwarts or out. The buzz in the hall was extraordinary. Apparation was a favourite to everyone especially James, Sirius, Remus and Peter. They had even made t-shirts.

When they walked into the hall, they had their jackets on so no-one had seen their t-shirts. As soon as Wilkie Twycross had called for everyone to stand behind a hoop to begin the day's lesson, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter situated themselves in the third row back, slap bang in the middle. They then took off their jackets, apart from Remus, revealing their t-shirts. Written on the back of them were the words, 'Wilkie Twycross - Legend'. On the front of James', Sirius' and Peter's t-shirts was a large letter D.

'Right then,' Wilkie Twycross began, 'continuing from our last session. I do hope that everyone is in front of a hoop.' he said, looking around the hall. As he did this he noticed James, Sirius and Peters t-shirts.

'Ah.' Wilkie Twycross said in surprise, 'The three D's. Destination, determination and deliberation. Am I correct?'

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter looked at each other for five seconds before turning back to look at Wilkie Twycross and simply saying, 'No.'

It was then Remus' turn to speak. 'These D's stand for, dum. Daft. And dopey.' he said, pointing to Sirius, James and Peter in turn respectively. He then took of his jacket to show these words, each with an arrow beside them, corresponding in length to the distance of each of his friends from him.

The hall tittered with laughter. (Or at least the Gryffindor's, Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaw's did. The Slytherin's weren't impressed.) Even Wilkie Twycross gave a little laugh.

'Quite funny hey?' Hestia said to Lily. They were in the back corner of the great hall, in front of their own hoops as far away from the marauders as they could possibly get.

Lily just looked at Hestia. Shrugged sadly and turned to face Wilkie Twycross awaiting instruction.

'We are going to attempt to apparate into hoops today.' he said, 'But not your own. We are going to apparate into a partners hoop. Everyone get a partner.'

There was a lot of unnecessary bustle in the hall, considering everyone was already stood next to their friends. When everyone had chosen a partner, the chatter died down and Wilkie Twycross was able to instruct them to begin.

Remus and Peter were partnered together and Sirius and James. They had played rock paper scissors, the way they made all their decisions, to see who would be with Remus as he was the only one of the four who was halfway decent at apparation at the moment. Peter won with rock whilst Sirius and James had settled on scissors. So when they were in their pairs, they actually got on and did what they were asked to do. After all, apparation was no laughing matter. You could be splinched, as no doubt Peter would be, and it was the fasted mode of transportation in the wizarding world and the marauders, if anything, often needed a quick getaway. Apparation was perfect for them.

Lily in the corner was being distracted from concentrating. Hestia was jabbering on at her.

'I'm just saying.' she said, 'You've had two weeks to think things over and you haven't gotten rid of your so called 'crush'. This goes deeper than you would like to think.'

'For goodness sakes Hestia will you just shut up about it now!' Lily snapped, reaching the end of her tether. 'Just drop this subject. Yes I'm not getting over this as quick as I thought I would but that doesn't mean that I won't.'

Hestia sighed and rolled her eyes.

'I don't see why this is so important to you anyway.' Lily said, 'It's not like it particularly involves you or that you'll benefit from it in any way is it?'

'But you'd make such a good couple.' Hestia whined.

'Yeah well…I thought so too but obviously he thinks differently.' Lily said, 'Now, can we just concentrate on apparating into each other's hoops?'

'I guess so.' Hestia said, pleased that she had gotten under Lily's skin.

Lily shook her head, irritated with Hestia's incessant yammering about James, tried to focus on apparating into Hestia's hoop. As Wilkie Twycross said, she wouldn't reach her desired destination if she didn't fully focus. She just wished Hestia would stop going on about James. Maybe the reason she hadn't been able to rid herself of those pesky feelings was because Hestia brought them up at every available opportunity.

Lily closed her eyes and turned, successfully apparating for the first time. She felt a tug behind her belly button and felt as if she was being compressed through a very tight tube. Her whole body tingled at the uncomfortable sensation but she was pleased with her first successful apparation. It was her landing which wasn't successful.

'Woah!' a voice laughed.

She opened her eyes, still a little dizzy and disorientated from her apparation, and found herself looking up into James Potters hazel eyes, being held by him round her waist as he tried to steady her dizzy body.

'You lost?' he asked with a cheeky smile.

Lily quickly got out of his arms as if he were fire, her heart beating fast and an indescribable terror in the pit of her stomach at being there.

'You all right?' James asked, his face a mix of confusion and cheek.

'Fine.' Lily said abruptly before hurriedly walking away to Hestia who was wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

'You were meant to apparate into my hoop, not James Potter's arms.' she laughed as Lily neared her.

'Shut up Hestia.' Lily said, quite embarrassed at what she had done.

'If you were thinking about apparating into my hoop you would have had no problem.' Hestia began, 'But, I mean, it does make sense if you were thinking about him instead.'

'Really Hestia?' Lily sighed, 'I thought we'd dropped this?'

Hestia just stayed silent and smiled knowingly at Lily before looking pointedly at James who was staring after Lily, extremely confused.

'What's up Jimmy-boy?' Sirius asked stepping into James' wooden hoop.

'You do realise that's cheating right?' James said pointing to the hoop on the ground absentmindedly but still glancing off in the direction Lily had just gone.

'Ah, no-one will know.' Sirius said waving James' comment away, 'What's up?'

'Now Lily's mad at me.' James said, confusion still written all over his face turning back to look at Sirius to see if he had any answers. He didn't.

'Wow.' Sirius said, 'Two girls mad at you…that's the dream!'

'You have odd dreams.' James stated simply.

'Thank you.' Sirius said proudly, 'Now why are they mad at you.'

'I. Don't. Know!' James said, rather frustrated.

'Well you've probably upset Evans.' Sirius said, 'It wouldn't be the first time let's face it. You're kind of an idiot when it comes to her.'

'Thank you.' James said, 'I really needed that.'

'You know what I mean mate!' Sirius said.

'I see you have completed the task.' Wilkie Twycross said to Sirius as he approached him and James, 'If only your partner could extend you the same courtesy so you could move on.'

'I keep thinking the same thing.' Sirius said, feigning upset as Wilkie Twycross patted him on the arm reassuringly and walked away.

When he had left Sirius looked at James, laughter written all over his face. 'And he calls himself an apparation instructor.'

'That's because he is.' James said,

'Pft!' Sirius replied waving his hand at the obvious facts, 'Hey. Can we go see Sophie tonight?'

'What is your obsession with her?' James said, 'You trying to steal her from me?' he laughed, playing with Sirius who momentarily looked like a dear caught in the headlights before catching on that James was joking.

'Nah.' Sirius said, waving a hand, 'She's yours. She made that clear when I first met her and she attacked me.'

'Ha. Yeah.' James laughed and then sighed, 'That was funny though. And no. We can't go and see her tonight.'

'Aw.' Sirius whined.

'We can, however,' James began pointedly, 'Go and see Sox tomorrow. When she's back.'

'Yay!' Sirius said.

'Who's seeing socks?' Peter asked timidly as he and Remus walked over to James and Sirius.

'Not socks you prat!' Sirius said, 'Sox. And I'm talking about Sophie!Not Sox!'

James shook his head with a slight smile and a roll of his eyes.

'We're going to go and see Sophie!' Sirius repeated, looking at James with the look children give each other when they say, 'Na, na, na, na, na!'

'Oh.' Peter mumbled, backing away from Sirius, who was looking at him as if he were dirt and hiding partly behind Remus.

'When?' Remus asked, pulling Peter out from behind him, unimpressed with his cowardice.

'Well I wanted to see her tonight-' Sirius began.

'Yes we should see her tonight.' Remus said adamantly cutting Sirius off, 'If that's what Padfoot wants.'

James looked at Remus understandingly. He walked closer to Remus and put his arm around him in a brotherly fashion. He whispered, 'You don't have to feel guilty for attacking him you know. It's not your fault. And, let's face it, he probably deserved it anyway.'

'I still feel bad though.' Remus said ashamed.

'Well, giving him his own way isn't really going to help.' James said patting Remus on the shoulder and removing his arm, 'In the long run, it's just gonna annoy us really.'

'Yeah.' Remus said, 'But he annoys us anyway…why are we friends with him?'

'Search me.' James said with a shrug, 'Ah. We should keep him around. He's good to laugh at!'

Remus chuckled. 'That's true.'

'Hey.' James said, 'Just think of you attacking him as ultimate payback for what happened before Christmas last year.'

'Yeah.' Remus sighed, 'Ok.'

'Hey. Hey. Hey. What you talking about? Is it about me? Is it about me?' Sirius said bouncing up and down excitedly like a kid on his birthday as he opened his presents.

'We're talking about you, not to you so shut your mouth and try to apparate.' James said, telling Sirius off.

'No.' Sirius said defiantly.

'Well,' James sighed, looking at Remus with a shrug, 'I tried.'

Remus shook his head and rolled his eyes. 'So when we going to see Sophie then?' he asked.

'Tomorrow.' James said, exhaling in annoyance at the name.

Later that evening, Lily and Hestia were sat in the corner of the common room, all their belongings spread out on a small table with two seats. Lily was forcing Hestia to do the Herbology essay Professor Sprout had set them on Friday about the uses and properties of the fanged geranium, which she had neglected to mention till now. This meant Lily, who was a stickler for doing her homework and getting it in on time, hadn't been informed about this homework because she was hiding in her bed with a cold along with other ailments. So now, she was stuck, on a Sunday night, doing homework instead of reading her book or hanging out with her friends, as she wanted to do.

'Do I have to do this?' Hestia moaned.

'Well considering it's in for Tuesday, I'd say yes.' Lily said in a monotone as she checked her Herbology book to ensure that her facts were correct.

'But it's Monday tomorrow!' Hestia whined, 'I still have one day.'

'But you won't do it tomorrow.' Lily said stopping writing and turning to face Hestia, 'And the way you're going, you're not gonna get this done tonight so you'll have to finish it tomorrow.'

'Well if I'm gonna be doing this tomorrow anyway then technically, I don't have to do it now!' Hestia said putting her quill down happily and resigning herself to relaxation.

Lily sighed, picked up Hestia's quill and placed it in her hand. 'If you make a start now, you'll be able to finish it tonight or tomorrow, but, if you don't do anything now, you're not gonna get it finished at all. And you know I'm right. So can you do me a favour and just get on with it so I can finish my essay.' Lily finished, 'Please?'

'Fine.' Hestia huffed returning back to her Herbology essay reluctantly and unenthusiastically.

'Evans!' a voice yelled from across the common room.

Lily turned around to see who had called her and saw James, who had just entered the common room, walking towards her. She sighed and rolled eyes, turning back to Hestia who was trying to hide an evil smile.

'I'm going upstairs.' Lily said gathering her things together hurriedly and standing up.

'You can't leave now!' Hestia said with an incredulous laugh, 'He's seen you see him see you!'

'What?' Lily asked confused.

'Hey Evans. Jones.' James said as he reached the girls nodding his head in a hello to them respectively.

'I've got to go.' Lily said as she began to walk away.

James quickly grabbed her arm and gently turned her around to face him. 'Are you all right?' James asked her, 'Earlier you ran off when you bumped into me in apparation and I think maybe you've been avoiding me-'

'I was ill.' Lily said quickly and defensively very aware that he hadn't let go of her arm. She looked down at it pointedly.

'I meant after the apparation lesson.' James said slowly and cautiously slowly removing his hand and suspecting Lily wasn't telling him the whole story, 'Are you sure you're all right? I mean, you can tell me. We are friends. Aren't we?' he asked, a strange vulnerability in his eyes.

Lily had to steel herself not to let anything show. 'What did you want?' Lily sighed.

James exhaled unbelievingly. Was this real? Was Lily no longer his friend? Why? He couldn't think of anything he had done wrong. He decided to ask Remus when he next saw him. If anyone had paid any attention to any stupid things he had done to upset someone, it was usually Remus. He was the one who usually took notice of his surroundings and the personal relationships of his friends.

'When do you want to meet up and make a start on that potion?' he asked half-heartedly, 'Slughorn wants to see our progress in two weeks.'

'Well…I'm really busy at the moment…maybe you should just make a start on your own…' Lily said, slightly mumbling and twiddling her thumbs.

'Oh…' James said, nodding his head to fill the awkward silence that ensued, 'Ok then…Well…when you're not busy…you're welcome to join-'

'She can do tomorrow evening.' Hestia said as she continued to write her essay, sick of the uncomfortable back and forth between them.

'Really?' James said, visibly lighting up before saying quickly, in a less enthusiastic tone, 'I mean. Really?'

Lily slowly turned her head with an outraged expression on it, towards Hestia. 'Really?' she said through gritted teeth.

Hestia smiled evilly at Lily before leaning around her to talk to James. 'She's free tomorrow night after five.'

'Ah…' James said awkwardly, 'Actually, that's when the valentines feast is and I sort of have something planned-'

Lily looked up, becoming more and more upset and angry as James talked about his Valentines plans, no doubt with his girlfriend Sophie.

'-I can however do after the feast. Sound good?' James ended.

Lily didn't answer. She just looked down at her feet, breathing deeply, with a stubborn and moody face. She was preparing herself to tell James not to cut his plans with his girlfriend short for a stupid potions project. Unfortunately for her, Hestia beat her too it. Only she didn't say what Lily wanted.

'That's fine.' she smiled a little bit mischievously, 'You two can meet after the feast down in the dungeons in the fourth potions room. That room's always free.'

'Great!' James smiled at Hestia before looking down at Lily, 'See you tomorrow then!'

'Fine.' she mumbled before turning her back on James, flipping her hair and sitting back down at the table. She turned her head sharply to Hestia who was trying to smile innocently at her.

'Why did you have to do that?' Lily hissed quietly to Hestia once James had gone.

'Because it's school work and even though you're not admitting your feelings towards Potter anymore-'

'I don't have feelings for him-'

'-you've never wanted to miss out on doing any school work.' Hestia carried on.

'But he's having a valentines dinner before, no doubt with…her-' Lily said, not being able to bring herself to say James' girlfriend's name anymore.

'And after he's had a mediocre dinner with her, he'll go down to the dungeons, see you looking fantastic as always and forget all about her.' Hestia said, sucking up to Lily, (who had given a small chuckling smile), in an attempt to stop Lily being mad at her.

Lily smiled weakly at Hestia with a sigh and continued with her Herbology homework. Hestia sighed with relief at successfully evading an annoyed and angry Lily for the rest of the night.

'Hey Prongs!' Sirius yelled as he Remus and Peter entered the common room. The three boys walked over to where James was sitting, reading 'Quidditch Through the Ages' next to a group of third years, on the large settee in front of the fireplace.

'Move.' he said to the third years, (who did as he said), next to James before he jumped over the back of the settee and settled himself next to him.

'You have such a way with words.' Remus said sarcastically as he flopped down next to Sirius on the settee and Peter sat on the floor in front of them, looking up to them as if they were gods.

Sirius just smirked at Remus before giving James the Daily Prophet which was rolled up in his hand.

'Read that.' he said, as James unrolled the newspaper, 'Page three.'

'Alright, alright!' James said, 'I'm getting there!'

He flicked through the newspaper to page three and read the article on the page entitled, 'Attack at St Mungo's'.

In the early hours of yesterday afternoon, St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries was attacked by many followers of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Although their reasons for attacking the long-term home to many witches and wizards, it is believed that they were there to recruit for You-Know-Who.

In an attempt to save their patients and their families from the Death Eaters, the Healers of St Mungo's Hospital rallied together for an epic showdown between themselves and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's followers. Although many of the witches and wizards who were there allied themselves with the Healers to protect the hospital, the stand-out hero of this battle was Jane Potter, (wife to the late auror, Daniel Potter), single-handedly capturing six of the estimated fifteen death eaters who had attacked. Witnesses at the scene had only high praise for the witch when the Daily Prophet interviewed them.

'I was there when they attacked' said one onlooker who has requested to remain anonymous 'We all thought that we were going to be captured, cursed or something by those wizards in masks, but then, out of nowhere, Mrs Potter, who's treating my uncle as it happens, performed some extraordinary magic. I've not seen magic like that in years. Very refreshing to see good magic at its best. If it wasn't for her, I doubt half as many people who were there would be alive today.'

Another witness described the protection Jane Potter had put in place as soon as new reached her about the attack. 'She performed many standard protection spells around the entrances and exits to the majority of the wards. Usually that's not particularly impressive. My son, who's studying at Hogwarts at the minute, can do most of those enchantments. It was the speed, effectiveness and efficiency that she completed them with. Sometimes even casting the spells over several floors at once. Now that's a wide aim.'

It seems that lately, despite their recent and tragic loss, the Potter family can do no wrong. We are of course referring back to the Hogsmeade attack in January when James Potter, Jane Potter's only son and last of the wizarding families line, was able to return all Hogwarts students, who were visiting the village, back to safety. It was also said that he assisted in disarming many of the death eaters and duelling them with skill equally matched to his opponent even though they are bound to have had many years and experience over his. The sales assistant in Zonko's joke shop, a place where James Potter is reported to be a frequent customer, commented to us that, 'James Potter fought with the ease, efficiency and confidence of a more accomplished witch or wizard. It's hard to believe he's just a sixth year. I'd wager that in a few years' time, he could give Dumbledore or even You-Know-Who a good run for their money.'

We're expecting big things from the Potter name. Who knows, the family might even be the ones to save the wizarding world from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

James finished reading and turned to Sirius who was now on his knees, bowing down to James.

'The saviour!' he was chanting.

James stood up purposefully and pushed Sirius over before sitting back down.

'Hey what was that for?' Sirius laughed as he stood up and jumped onto the settee next to James in a crouch, 'I was worshipping the future saviour of the wizarding world!' he said as he stuck his face ridiculously close to James, a creepy but joking smile on his face.

'And now you're annoying the future murderer of Sirius Black.' James said with a nod of his head.

Sirius gasped, feigning shock and hurt. 'You couldn't do that to me!' he said, 'You would want to be the person responsible for making the world lose true beauty?'

'You're right.' James said dropping his head momentarily before looking up with a cheeky smile, 'Good job I'm gonna murder you and not someone who's actually good-looking then hey?'

Sirius' face dropped. He grabbed the Daily Prophet from where James had placed it on the settee, rolled it up and preceded to hit him with it. 'Take that back! Take it back!' he was yelling as he beat James who was laughing infectiously.

'Remus help me!' James said through laughs.

'Don't get me involved in this.' he said as he grabbed the newspaper out of Sirius flying hand and settled down to read it.

'Thought you didn't want to be involved?' Sirius asked as he realised his weapon had been stolen. He flopped down from his crouch to sit down on the sofa.

'I don't.' Remus said, flicking through the Daily Prophet. 'Doesn't mean I don't want to read the paper!'

'You know…' Sirius began thoughtfully, '…you did say something about that earlier…'

'Yeah.' Remus said looking at Sirius, 'Then you saw that article about James and his Mum, stole it off me and ran up here.'

'Oh yeah…' Sirius said, 'So did you arrange a time for your potions thing?'

'Yeah.' James said, 'Tomorrow night.'

'What?' Sirius said, 'But the feast! It's Valen-'

'What's up?' Remus said, cutting Sirius off mid-sentence when he noticed James' confused tone and expression.

'You know Evans said she'd give me another chance?' James started, whispering so that she wouldn't hear him. She was just across the common room after all.

'Well yeah.' Remus said, remembering that he had been the one to convince her to try.

'Well do you think I've blown it?' James asked.

'What do you mean?' Remus replied.

'I think she's mad at me.' James sighed.

'But you've done nothing wrong. You were getting on really well.' Remus said, 'In fact I thought it was only a matter of time before you announced that you were together.'

'Well I can't do that now!' James said.

'Obviously not.' Remus said, 'I wonder why she's mad at you?'

'I don't know.' James shook his head, 'I was hoping you might have noticed something, or seen me do something wrong or…anything really.'

'I haven't I'm afraid.' Remus said, 'But I'll keep an eye out. We'll find out what's wrong.'

James smiled and sighed, 'Thanks.'

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