Five Minutes

Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

'Pass me the Quaffle!' James shouted to his team mate. He quickly swerved right to catch it.

'YES! Got it!' he shouted placing it under his right arm. James ducked under one of the opposing team's chasers, dodged a Bludger and rolled over in mid-air to evade the greasy fingers of the other team. He then zigzagged his broom, left then right, left then right to avoid having the Quaffle being snatched from him.


Suddenly, what James thought was the Quaffle under his arm, popped. James looked down and saw the remnants of a red balloon float down gently. He sat in mid-air for a few seconds just staring at the shrinking shards of red balloon. Why had that happened? He could have sworn that that balloon was a Quaffle. A solid, red, firm ball. He'd have bet his life on it. He'd have bet Sirius' life on it!

How strange, James thought. He looked up and found himself staring at nothing. Everything was pitch black. There was nothing, nothing to be seen. No Quidditch pitch, no Quidditch balls and no Quidditch players. He flew around the darkness looking for some sign of life. Anything. Just when he was starting to lose hope he saw something flickering in the distance. He zoomed towards it as fast as he could. It was a small candle. He reached out and touched the flames.

At that moment, the flames turned into an Ice-cream. But not just any flavour ice-cream, James favourite flavour ice-cream; double chocolate-chip. The sight of the ice-cream was mouth-watering to James. He picked up the ice-cream, and was about to take the first lick when he heard a small voice shout his name.

'Prongs!' the voice shouted softly.

'Prongs!' louder.

'PRONGS!' The voice reached an ear-splitting volume.

James looked around in surprise. Then he looked down at his ice-cream which had turned into Sirius' head.

'Padfoot?' James asked, freaked out that his ice-cream had just turned into his best friends head. 'What you doing?'

'What am I doing? What are you doing? If you're gonna eat ice-cream for breakfast the least you could do is save me some!'


James woke with a start. The echo of his growling stomach had woken him up. He groaned and rubbed his eyes, looking at his surroundings. Remus, Sirius and Peter were all missing and it took James a few moments to realise where they all were. Peter was singing merrily, (and out-of-tune) in the shower and Remus and Sirius were at their practical DADA. James and Peter's practical's were in in the late morning and James had completely forgotten. Luckily, the exam timetable had worked out in his favour. Today, all of the fifth years would be taking their practical. Surnames A through to M were scheduled to take the exam in the early morning, and N through to Z were scheduled in for late morning. The girls would take theirs in the afternoon. James wasn't particularly worried about his practical. He was sure of himself because he was naturally smart. Some would call this arrogance but James simply called it confidence.

After around five minutes James' stomach rumbled again. He decided now would be the time to get out of his warm bed. He kicked his duvet off and swung his legs over the edge of his bed giving an almighty yawn. He grabbed his school clothes from the end of his bed and pulled them on slowly and lazily, yawning again.

'Peter?' James shouted at the bathroom door as he pulled on his school robe over his uniform. James didn't hear an answer but assumed Peter had replied as he had stopped warbling.

'I'm gonna go get some breakfast.' James continued, 'I'll meet you down there!' James waited for Peter's reply but didn't hear one. Assuming he was ok with it, he sighed, turned around, and walked out of the room.

James dawdled down the stairs, still rubbing his eyes and yawning. Once at the bottom of the boys staircase, James ambled through the empty common room with his hands in his pockets and over to the portrait hole. He was all ready to open it when he heard a sharp intake of breath. He turned around and saw a small red-headed figure sat on the bottom step of the girl's staircase.

'Evans?' James questioned with a smirk at the sight of her, sauntering arrogantly over to where she was sat and leant against the wall in his usual position; arms folded and legs crossed. 'What you doing here? You're usually at breakfast by now.'

'A girl can break her routine you know!' Lily snapped irritably at him.

'Whoa! You can't break your routine.' James said seriously, 'I'm meant to go down to breakfast and ask you out. Then you're meant to chuck whatever's in your hand at me, usually pumpkin juice. You can't break the routine! You'll confuse me!'

'Well that's not hard to do!' Lily sniped. She turned her head away from him quickly, rolling her eyes.

'Then I'll have to break my routine too!' James continued with another smirk and a sigh as if it was a great strain on him. He then collapsed down onto his knees in front of her and said dramatically loudly, 'Dear sweet Evans! Apple of my eye, keeper of my soul…go out with me eh?'

'Not if you paid me!' Lily replied, her jaw stiffening.

'You'll go out with me eventually.' James went on surely clambering back to his feet and clapping the dust of the carpet off of his robes.

'No I won't.' Lily said adamantly, but still not moving from where she sat, 'You're a prat. An obnoxious, arrogant prat.'

He ran a hand through his scruffy hair and stared down at the pretty red head with longing. James took a deep breath putting up the façade that he had perfected over so many rejections; the façade that he didn't care when he did. But his perfected expression had a gaping hole in it as he was unable to stop himself staring at her which irritated her.

'Will you stop staring at me?' she hissed at him.

'Only if you go out with me.' James retaliated.

'Go out with one of your adoring fans!' Lily snapped referring to the gaggle of girls that usually followed James around, all eager for him to ask them out. Only he never did. Only Lily.

'They're not as fun to annoy.' James smirked.

Lily rolled her eyes again and turned away from him, wishing on one hand that he would leave. On the other hand, if he left, the portrait hole would open and she would be bombarded by Severus. She wasn't sure which was the lesser of the two evils.

James had been watching her again, waiting for a sarcastic retort of some kind. But it never came. And he saw something in her face. An expression he had never seen before and, he had a feeling, it had nothing to do with him. Whatever it was, it broke his heart to see her like this.

'Alright Evans! I'll play nice 'cause I'm curious!' James said eventually, sitting down next to her on the step. 'What's up?' he asked sincerely.

Lily looked at him with a strange expression on her face. How could he switch from an annoying jerk to someone who genuinely looked concerned in less than two seconds? She looked into his eyes suspiciously as if she believed that he was going to play one of his pranks on her. But all she saw was concern. And the tone of his voice had just made her want to tell him everything. Everything.

Don't be stupid Lily! She told herself sternly, this is Potter you're talking about! He's an arrogant, obnoxious, stuck-up, self-loving, irresponsible toe-rag! He doesn't really care! Lily had just about made up her mind to tell James to go away when a voice in the back of her head changed her mind. He could help you, the voice said, just tell him the situation!

'OK!' Lily said, resigned, 'Fine. I'll tell you…' She paused, unsure of how to word her situation. After a few minutes silence and several coughs from James, she began again, 'Well, last night, Severus came up to the portrait hole to apologise for calling me….you know. He wanted us to forget about it and be friends again. Well, I told Severus I didn't want to be his friend anymore because of….you know….and he just wouldn't accept it. He said he was going to sleep out there until I forgave him. I didn't believe him. But this morning when I was coming out of the common room, he was waiting for me, so he could apologise again. I couldn't believe he actually slept out there! He was there all night! And don't tell me he wasn't because I know he was. I saw the remains of one of his rages. There were parts of one of the suit of armours all over the floor! It's just…he won't or can't accept that I don't want to be his friend! No matter how many times he apologises, I won't forgive him because, well, I just don't want to! I don't want to be his friend anymore!'

Throughout Lily's little rant James went through a number of emotions. Guilt for causing Lily to lose her best friend. Happiness she didn't want to be his friend again. Compassion for her pain in losing a friend, and humour about the suit of armour being strewed across the floor.

Lily stared at James face, waiting for him to reply when she saw all of the emotions he was feeling flash across his face. It was a strange sight for her to see in 10 seconds. After a minute or so, Lily pinched James on the arm to remind him of her presence.

'OW!' James yelled in shock, rubbing his arm, 'What was that for!'

'You were taking too long to answer me!'

'You never asked me a question!'

'Fine! You were taking too long to respond! Better?'

'Much. So, I still don't really get what the problem is.'

'Haven't you been listening?' Lily sighed exasperatedly.

'Incessantly!' James replied sincerely

'Well than you….' Lily paused, confused, 'Incessantly?' she said sceptically, 'I'm surprised you know such a word Potter.'

'Well I am full of surprises!' James said proudly.

Lily rolled her eyes and muttered some incoherent words under her breath.

James sighed, 'So, what is the problem'

'Well, Severus is still out there!' Lily said as if it were obvious.

'And…' James said still a little confused.

'And,' Lily continued, 'I don't want to see him! Actually, I don't want him to see me!'

'Well, I could distract him whilst you slip by! You know, bit of a duel!' James suggested with a mischievous grin.

Lily rolled her eyes. 'No!' she said sternly, 'Just because I don't want to be his friend anymore doesn't mean I want you to go and hex him into oblivion, you bullying moron!' Lily snapped standing up and going to sit on one of the sofas in the common room muttering to herself.

James caught some of her words and scrunched up his eyes, regretting what he had said. He would never get into her good books if he carried on like this. And he desperately wanted to be in her good books. After a few seconds of thinking and deliberation, James had an idea that may inch him closer to those coveted good books.

'Y'know Evans,' James said looking at Lily who was looking resolutely down at her knee's, 'There is another way that you can get out of the common room without Snivellus,' Lily gave him a sharp look, 'Sorry, Snape. Well, I can get you out the common room without him seeing you.'

'What?' she said exasperatedly, 'How?'

'I have my ways' he replied with a small shrug of his shoulders and a smile tugging at his lips.

Lily looked at him, interested, 'No tricks?' she asked suspiciously.

'No tricks!' James said honestly holding his hands in the air.

Lily paused before eventually and cautiously saying, 'OK….'

'Wait here!' James said before he ran up the boy's staircase.

Lily watched him dash up the stairs and out of sight. She started to play with her fingers, deep in thought. She wondered what James was doing.

Knowing Potter, she thought, he's probably got something up his sleeve. She didn't trust him at all. He had never given her reason to.

Upstairs, James was sat on the floor rifling through his trunk to find his treasured invisibility cloak when Peter came out of the bathroom half dressed. He squealed in surprise at the sight of James making James jump up and quickly pull out his wand, pointing it straight between Peter's eyes. Peter went cross-eyed to try and keep James' wand in sight.

James grinned at the sight of one of his friends and put his wand away. 'Wormy!' he exclaimed happily going back to his search, 'Have you seen my cloak anywhere mate?' James asked Peter, still rifling through his trunk.

'N-n-no.' Peter stammered, as if nervous he was actually talking to James, 'I, I think Pa-Padfoot had it last.'

'Thanks mate!'

Peter smiled, his eyes shining. He called me mate! Peter thought happily.

'Ah! Found it!' James said reaching under Sirius bed to retrieve his treasured invisibility cloak. 'Hey Pete? Can you help me with something?' he asked standing up.

'M-m-me?' Peter stammered in surprise, looking around him as if he expected to see someone standing next to him.

'Well yeah,' James said sincerely, 'Unless there's anyone else you know called Peter!' he smiled jokingly.

'What do you want me to do?' Peter asked willingly, looking up at James like a sweet little puppy dog who would do anything to please his owner.

'I'll explain on the way down!' James said turning and walking towards the door, 'You coming?' he asked Peter. Peter quickly scampered after him smiling happily.

James suddenly stopped and turned around catching Peter by surprise.

'You might want to put your shirt on.' James said wisely.

Peter nodded his head vigorously and scurried up the stairs to fetch his shirt. A few seconds later he came back fully-dressed, cloaked and all, and they both walked down the rest of the staircase, with James filling Peter in on his plan.

*Tap* *tap* *tap*

Remus sighed, and rolled his eyes.

*Tap* *tap* *tap* *tap*

Remus took a deep breath and barred his teeth, gripping his wand and the book of defensive spells he was studying.

*Tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap*

Suddenly there was a huge bang and a great big cloud of black smoke erupted from the end of Sirius' wand. When the smoke finally cleared up, it was revealed that a great big chunk had been taken out of the table. Sirius inspected the hole, shrugged his shoulders, and went back to tapping the table with his wand.

*Tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap*

'Will you please STOP?' Remus said through gritted teeth. He turned his head slowly to look at Sirius who was swinging backwards on a chair next to him, grinning and tapping the table in front of him with his wand sending brightly coloured sparks everywhere.

'Stop what?' Sirius asked still grinning at Remus, still tapping on the table with no particular rhythm.

'Tapping the table!'

'Fine!' Sirius sighed dejectedly, pouting like a five year old girl who had just had her favourite doll taken off of her. He looked around at his surroundings for a few seconds, bored. He was just wandering what he should do when inspiration, (or an annoying instinct), struck.

*Cluck* *cluck* *cluck*

He had begun clucking his tongue.

*Cluck* *cluck* *cluck* *cluck*


'Fine!' he said, rolling his eyes. After staring at nothing in particular, Sirius was bored, again, so he began to hum quietly under his breath for lack of something to do.

'Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm!' He hummed a little louder, 'hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm! HMM-HMM-HMM-HMM!HMM-HMM-HMM-HMM'He then stopped humming all together allowing Remus to breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, Remus' joy was not to last. Sirius had just stood up and decided to take his little tune, full scale.


'Will you just, SHUT UP? Some people are trying to study!' Remus snapped angrily.

'What's the point?' Sirius scoffed, falling back into his chair with a thud.

'Just because you've taken your exam already doesn't mean the rest of us are going to stop revising!'

'Well it should!' Sirius pouted.

'Why should it?'

'Because I'm really bored! And I mean really really reallyREALLY REALLYreally reallyreallyreally R-E-A-L-L-Y…'

'Why are you still here Sirius?' Remus asked tiredly interrupting Sirius and putting his quill down.

'Why else? I'm keeping you company!' he smiled jollily nodding his head and widening his eyes like a mad man.

'Well thank you!' Remus smiled sarcastically and nodding his head enthusiastically, 'Now leave!' he said his face dropping to a deathly stare.

'Fine!' Sirius sniffed dramatically, wiping a fake tear from his eyes, 'Be that way! All I've tried to do is be a good friend and keep you company so you don't have to face this scary exam all on your own and so that you don't panic too much and so that you know where at least one of your friends are, but noooo!' Sirius took a deep breath, 'You want me to leave. You don't want my company and…'

'Sirius!' Remus said cutting Sirius of abruptly, 'Will you please leave!'

'NO!' Sirius said pouting again.


'Fine!' Sirius said defeated. Sirius got up, grabbed his bag shouted, 'See-ya, Moony' over his shoulder but before he could leave, Remus was called into his exam.

'Be here when you get back!' Sirius said sitting back down, 'We'll go and get breakfast! I'm starving!'

Remus shook his head and breathed a sigh of relief that he was finally getting away from Sirius. At least for the duration of his exam!

Severus was pacing back and forth outside the Gryffindor common room. He'd waited as he had said, all night, to try and apologise to Lily again. He thought she would at least hear him out again after that, but when she had first tried to exit the common room and had seen him, she had turned around and walked straight back into Gryffindor tower. Severus had been watching the portrait hole religiously ever since.

'Will you stop staring at me!' the Fat Lady said shrilly, 'It's very unnerving!'

'Oh shut it you fat prune!' Severus snapped angrily at the Fat Lady stopping suddenly. She raised her painted eyebrows and stalked out of her frame.

Just then the portrait swung open revealing the Gryffindor common room.

'Lily?' Severus said quickly, stopping his pacing and looking up sharply, 'Oh!' Severus sneered as he saw Peter Pettigrew emerge from the portrait hole.

At the hateful look on Severus' face, Peter shrank back before being seemingly pushed and tumbling out of the Gryffindor common room, landing on the floor.

'Trip over your own feet?' Severus sniggered cruelly.

Peter stood up nervously, his face as red as beetroots. 'N-n-no!' Peter stuttered 'I was pus-OW!' he yelled hopping up and down holding onto his foot.

Severus was sneering disgustedly at Peter and was about to say something when Peter suddenly ran off as if he was being dragged.

'OW!' Peter whined when they finally stopped outside the great hall, 'What was that for?'

'For almost giving us away!' James said throwing off his invisibility cloak to reveal Lily and himself.

'What?' Peter asked rubbing his arm with a very confused look over his mousey little face.

James rolled his eyes. 'Ah! Don't worry about it Pete!' James smiled, waving his hand carelessly at Peter before turning to face Lily. 'Breakfast m'lady?' he asked her, bowing ridiculously and motioning inside the great hall. Lily shook her head and rolled her eyes at James' behaviour before turning and walking over to the Gryffindor table. James wiggled his eyebrows at Peter and then followed Lily in. Peter followed James.

'This seat taken?' James asked, reaching where she had sat down and indicating the seat next to her.

'Yeah!' Lily said sarcastically, 'My invisible friend Greg is sat there!'

'OK!' James laughed sitting down. Peter sat down next to him

'You just squashed Gary!' Lily cried on mock surprise.

'Thought his name was Greg?' James asked slyly.

'What did I say?' Lily said with one eyebrow raised.

'Gary!' he laughed.

'Well, I meant Graham!'

James just continued to laugh. It took Lily few seconds to work out why.

'I mean Gary! Graham! Greg! Finally!' she said quickly before grabbing the jug of pumpkin juice and pouring herself a goblet full. After James' laughter had died down, he too poured himself a goblet of juice. They both grabbed their breakfasts silently, James shooting sideways glances at Lily every so often. After a two or three minutes, due to a compulsion that rose inside of him every morning James took a deep breath and was about to ask her out again, ('Hey Evans. Want to make your world complete and go out with me?), when he knocked over his pumpkin juice, spilling all over his trousers.

Lily burst into hysterics at James' 'accident'. 'HA! It looks like you wet...ha!'

James glared mockingly at her before burst into laughter also. Lily's laugh was just so infectious to him, that he couldn't help it. Suddenly, James made a snap decision and through his jam-covered toast at her. It hit her nice clean, white blouse and left a sticky red stain behind. She gasped and looked at James, shocked, then picked up her bowl of cereal, dumped it over his head, covering him with cheeri owls and milk and making him gasp as well before sending them both into peals of laughter. Soon everyone around them was laughing along with the pair of food fighters. At the entrance to the great hall, however, there was one person who wasn't laughing; Severus Snape.

When Peter Pettigrew had left the Gryffindor common room, seemingly alone, Snape thought something was wrong. He knew Peter went nowhere without his bodyguards. He knew Lily didn't want him to see her leave. He put two and two together. He wasn't stupid. She had used a disillusionment charm. And James Potter had helped her, using Peter Pettigrew as a decoy. James Potter would do anything to get on his sweet Lily's good side. Severus turned on his heel and swept angrily away, his head down, muttering wildly to himself. How dare she! he thought madly, eating with him, having fun with him! HOW DARE SHE!

Severus was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't notice Sirius and Remus walking the other way. Sirius and Severus shoulders knocked into each other causing them both to be turned around roughly.

'Hey Snivellus! Think you owe me an apology here!' Sirius said annoyed.

Severus looked around and sneered at Sirius before saying, 'Go to hell!' and walking away.

'I have been!' Sirius shouted to Severus' retreating figure, 'In fact I live there! With my Mother, Father and my butt kissing brother!'

'Why must you always have the last word?' Remus asked Sirius curiously.

Sirius shrugged his shoulders making Remus roll his eyes. The two of them turned around and walked over to the great hall and were greeted by the smell of an amazing breakfast. Sirius and Remus spotted James over at the Gryffindor table drenched in milk and cheeri owls. They strolled casually through the Great Hall to where James was sat when they suddenly stopped at an unexpected sight. Lily Evans was sat the other side of him. Lily Evans and James Potter were laughing with each other and having fun. Both Sirius and Remus raised their eyebrows, looked at each other and walked cautiously towards the unusual scene.

'Morning!' Remus said to the pair of them sitting down on the opposite side of the table. Sirius followed suit and sat next to him immediately grabbing the closest piece of food he could lay his hands on and stuffing it in his mouth.

'Shoo wharfs goon none 'ere?' Sirius asked, spraying James with bits of muffin.

'Ergh! Say it, don't spray it!' James said in disgust.

'Sorry!' Sirius swallowed wiping the crumbs away from his mouth with the back of his hand, 'So, what's going on?'

'Nothing.' James said shrugging his shoulders.

Sirius and Remus looked curiously at James and Lily, (who was serving herself some more cheeri owls), for a second. Remus was about to say something to them when Sirius cut in.

'Ok!' he said nodding his head and grabbing a crumpet.

'What?' Remus asked him with raised eyebrows.

'Well, he said nothing! Any reason not to believe him?'

Remus sighed. There was no point in arguing. Once Sirius' mind was made up, there was no changing it. There was no room to change it. Remus grabbed some sausages and eggs and began to eat.

'So!' Sirius said happily, 'Gonna ask me how my exam went?' he wiggled his eyebrows happily.

James sighed, 'Go on then! How'd it go?'

'Well…I rocked! First they asked for some simple defensive spells then they got to the big stuff and I'm telling you, I was AWESOME! And not just normal awesome, I was AWESOME, awesome! You know what I mean! And anyway, I think that we should have that pre-party tonight to celebrate my awesomeness!'

'No. Wait until tomorrow.' Remus said calmly.

'Why?' Sirius whined.

'Well because we only have two days until the exams are actually over.'

'Really?' James asked. 'That's not long! We'll be leaving in five then.'

'Well done Einstein!' Lily muttered under her breath wishing now she was sat somewhere else. Yes the food fight had been rather fun but now all of the marauders were there she wanted to leave. They were all arrogant idiots. Believing they were 'awesome'. Thinking they had the audacity to disrupt the whole of the Gryffindor common room for another one of their stupid parties. Idiots.

'Who's Einstein?' James questioned her.

'Never mind.' she sighed snappily, 'I've got to go and study for my practical this afternoon.' and with that she got up and flounce away.

'Bye Evans.' James said as he watched her walk away, tilting his head to check out her slim retreating figure as he did so.

'You know, if you ever want anything to happen Prongs, you should probably start calling her Lily.' Remus whispered so that only Sirius and James could hear him.

'Who said I want anything to happen?' James whispered back grabbing another slice of toast.

'It's pretty obvious. You ask her out every day, you talk about her non-stop your always showing off in front of her and you always….'

'Alright, alright! I get the picture. But nothing will ever happen. You know that. She hates me.' James said depressingly.

'Didn't look like she hated you completely from where we were sitting…' Remus muttered quietly.

'Maybe…' James replied with a bit of hope in his voice. He grabbed himself another slice of toast and was reaching for the jam when he caught sight of his watch. He quickly dropped his food and grabbed Peter's arm before getting up and dragging him out of the great hall.

'Where'd James go?' asked Sirius, who had been too interested in his food to listen to James and Remus' conversation.

'DADA practical exam.' Remus answered with a sigh.

'Ok.' Sirius said jovially stuffing a whole sausage into his mouth and chewing with it still open.

'You're disgusting, you know that?' said a repulsed Remus.


All morning, Lily had been in the library studying. She was one of the smartest girls in the school for a reason and she wanted to keep it that way. It was a comfort to her anyway, to study. She liked the silence that studying brought especially in the library. The peace, the serenity. The respect most people had for studying. The feeling that no-one would interrupt you.


Well, almost no-one. Lily turned her head to see Severus Snape marching up to her at a rather rapid pace. She quickly tried to pack her things away before he could reach her. Unfortunately she was not successful.

'Lily. Look, I'm really sorry. Lily? LILY?' Severus was becoming impatient with her. He never liked being impatient. He also didn't like being ignored, especially by Lily. To grab her attention he snatched the book out of her hand which she was currently trying to fit into her already full book bag.

'Give me that back!' Lily said through gritted teeth.

'Not until you accept my apology! You of all people know how hard it is for me to apologise so why won't you forgive me?'

There was a pause where Lily thought about her response. 'Fine. Keep the book! I'll borrow Hestia's.' she said dismissively as she continued to pack away her things.

Suddenly Severus slammed the book down so hard on the table it made Lily jump as well as everyone else in the vicinity. Severus' cold black eyes locked down on to Lily's emerald green ones. They stood there for a few minutes just staring at each other. Severus trying with all his might to look as though he was pleading, and Lily noticing something she had never seen before. In the few minutes she was looking into his eyes, she felt as if she was looking into his soul for the first time. It was as if she was only really seeing the true Severus now. His eyes were black and cold, as if they had no feeling in them at all. She saw no remorse and no emotion. All she saw was a pit of darkness. Not the Severus she had once known, but the Severus he had become. And she didn't like what she saw. She had no desire to forgive him or be his friend ever again.

'Lily you have to forgive me. We are best friends!' Severus whispered forcefully.

'No,' Lily whispered back, 'we're not.' She quickly grabbed the book Severus had slammed on the table along with her other belongings, and walked out of the library without so much as a look behind her.

James Potter had just finished his Defence against the Dark Arts practical exam and was feeling pretty proud of himself. He was certain that his recent performance in defensive spells had earned him an O in his DADA O.W.L's. That would bring him up to around nine Outstanding's so far. Three more to go! thought James to himself. Some people in the school didn't like to guess what grades they had received in their recent exams, but James was different. James didn't need to guess. He knew. Now this arrogance would make some people unbearable, but in James this trait made him the kind of person everyone liked, except the minor few. But James wasn't thinking about that now. At the moment he was flying high and felt nothing could go wrong.

He turned the corner and made his way to the beech tree outside when he saw Sirius in the middle of a furious battle with Peeves the poltergeist.

'It's is my duty to report any misbehaving's to the proper authorities!' Peeves was saying in his usual annoying voice.

'Oh shut it Peeves! You're the one who causes half of the 'misbehaving's' around here and you know it!'

'Yes. But I have never, ever tried to sabotage a house's points before!'

'Please. You did that to Ravenclaw yesterday!' James laughed, walking up to where the two were arguing.

'Ah, Potty boo boo!' Peeves mocked before drifting through the wall closest to him.

'Why does he always leave when you show up? Can't I have one good fight with the pest?' Sirius said with a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

'Well ever since he found out I was the one who gave the anonymous tip to Filch about where he stored his ink pellets he's kind of just started to ignore me.'

'Why would you do that? We love to irritate Filch as much as he does!'

'Ah something he said to me really bugged me so it was the only way to pay him back. A prankster is nothing without supplies! You know that.'

'You know that means that he has something big planned for you right?' Sirius asked James with a raised eyebrow and a curious look on his face.

'No he doesn't.' James said as they began to walk down towards the lake and the beech tree they had proclaimed as theirs in their early Hogwarts years. It was a beautiful day and everyone in the school was taking advantage. Well, the ones who didn't have exams were taking advantage. People were laughing and playing in the sun. Some first years were sliding down one of the many hills using their history of magic books as a sled; the third years were experimenting with the tickling charm by casting it on some unsuspecting second years; and the fourth years were sat under…

'OUR TREE!' Sirius shouted making a couple of the younger student who were near them jump. 'THEY'RE SITTING UNDER OUR TREE!'

They stood there for around five minutes with their mouths open and a look of shock across their faces, before someone spoke again.

'What are you doing?' Remus asked appearing behind them with Peter trailing after him with a look of shining admiration on his face.

'Some one's sat under our tree.' James said to Remus whilst Sirius was just pointing dumbfound at the five people who were surrounding the beech tree.

'Why don't you just, I don't know… ask them to move?' Remus said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

James and Sirius looked at each other and then back to Remus. They then shrugged their shoulders and walked towards the beech tree.

'So you're taking my advice?' a surprised Remus said as he followed two of his best friends. They never took his advice.

'No.' Sirius said kicking the beech tree as they passed by it. 'Why did we pick that tree anyway?'

'Because the whomping willow kicks back.' Remus replied with a little chuckle.

'It wouldn't kick me! It worships me!' Sirius said smugly sitting down on the grass. He had picked a spot which still kept the beech tree in his eye line so he could check when the fourth years had moved. His friends followed suit and sat next to him.

'So how did your exam go?' Remus asked James curiously. James was about to answer when Sirius cut in.

'Do we have to discuss the exam? Can't we plan our partay?' he whined stretching out the word party for emphasis and his own amusement.

'Yes the party!' Peter squeaked bouncing up and down before looking towards Sirius for a look of approval. He didn't get one.

'The exam went great Remus!' James said ignoring Sirius' idea to plan the party. 'He asked me to banish a Boggart and use the body bind curse on someone…'

'Someone?' Remus asked surprised, 'My examiner asked me to bind a bird…'

'Well he technically did ask me to bind a bird but it flew off as I was shooting the curse so I put the bind on our favourite person instead.'

'Who?' Peter asked excitedly.

James smiled simply as Sirius burst into peels of loud laughter knowing that James had cursed Severus Snape in his exam. What was better was that he would get a good grade for doing so instead of a detention.

'James…' Remus said shaking his head.

'I was an accident!' James said feigning innocence before adding, 'The first time…'

'What do you mean the first time?' Remus questioned suspiciously.

'Well, he had just gotten up when my examiner asked me to stun a living being in the room.' James explained, 'What was I meant to do?'

'Well I stunned my examiner!' Sirius interrupted smugly.

'WHAT?' Remus and James yelled causing Peter, who had begun to fiddle with the grass, to jump.

'Yeah!' Sirius replied to their yells, 'She was stunned to see how breathtakingly gorgeous I am!'

The boys laughed in amusement at Sirius' self-importance. They sat in the same spot for another half an hour chatting about nothing of any real substance before Sirius noticed that their tree had been vacated. Without any warning, he scrambled to his feet and quickly scampered over to the beech tree. Remus and James exchanged looks of confusion before following Sirius to see what had caught his eye. Peter began to trail behind the three running boys. He was the most unfit and therefore found it hard to keep up with his agile friends.

When at last all the boys had reached their beloved tree, they all collapsed in their usual spots; James leaning against the tree, Sirius sitting across from him, Remus on his stomach next to Sirius and Peter sitting crossed legs a little way out from the gang as if he didn't belong there. It wasn't too long before he started to play with the grass again and the conversation had turned to the party Sirius wanted to throw in the Gryffindor common room.

'It should be big!' Sirius cried with enthusiasm lacing his voice.

'All our parties are big Sirius.' Remus said with a bored expression, his nose in a book.

'But this one should be MASSIVE!' he said excitedly his eyes lighting up like a small child's on Christmas day.

'You know what we need for a massive party?' James asked his friends with a mischievous glint in his eyes. They all looked at him curiously before he smirked and continued, 'Supplies!'

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