Five Minutes

Chapter 33

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Chapter Thirty-Three

It had been five days since James and Remus, aided by Sirius and Peter, had staggered back to the Gryffindor tower in the early hours of Sunday morning; the day after James' birthday. In the end, James had drunk four firewhiskys and Remus had really topped the bill with six. It took them both three days to fully recover from their exploits and even then they couldn't really remember what had happened. They had to ask Sirius many times to explain what had happened as their memories were completely blank. However, Sirius' retellings of their antics weren't really reliable as they changed every time he told the story.

'That didn't happen last time you told the story.' James said with a shake of his head as he put his feet up on the table in charms class.

'No it really did!' Sirius said trying his very hardest to be convincing, 'On the way back you had a ten minute conversation with the door of Zonko's!'

'That does sound like something you would do.' Remus said with a nod, throwing a Bertie Bott's every flavour bean into his mouth, relaxing as, from two days ago, the full moon was over and done with.

'You were worse.' Sirius said turning to Remus with an evil smile on his face, 'You flirted with Madam Rosmerta, but when she said you were too young for her, you threw a huge paddy, picked up one of the barstools and claimed that as your girlfriend.'

Remus sat chewing his sweets, a flicker of a memory coming back. 'Nah I didn't.' he sighed, not wanting to admit this. It was rather embarrassing. It made him want to swear of firewhisky altogether if that's what it did to him. Plus, he could really do without the headache. And it probably wasn't too wise to drink so much a day before the full moon. He knew that it had made him snappier, (literally), with Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs during those long nights.

'Deny it all you want mate.' Sirius heaved, 'It happened.'

'I still don't believe you.' Remus said with a laugh of disbelief, throwing another bean into his mouth, 'Yesterday you told me that I stood atop the bar and started dancing.'

'You did!' Sirius insisted.

Remus stared at him, not believing one word of his tale anymore. Today he had declared a bar stool as his girlfriend, the day before he had danced across the bar and the day before that he had tangoed with Peter. They were just not things that Remus would do usually and he just couldn't believe that a little firewhisky could change him that much. In denial, Remus did the only thing he could; rebuff everything and throw Bertie Bott's every flavour beans at Sirius head.

'Stop that!' James said, catching one of the beans Remus had just skilfully aimed at Sirius head, 'You're wasting perfectly good sweets!' he finished, gobbling down the little bean which tasted like peppermint.

'True.' Remus said, throwing another bean in the air but this time into James' waiting mouth, 'Can't waste these delicious sweets on this numskull!' Remus reached out and ruffled Sirius' hair slightly.

Sirius slapped his hand away and in a protective manoeuvre against his hair being messed up. He never let that happen. In that respect, he and James, his best friend and, practically brother, were exact opposites. Sirius liked his hair just so. It was the only aspect of his heritage that he actually liked. The Black family were mean, deceitful, cruel and for all intents and purposes, evil; but dammit if they didn't have great hair. Thick in volume and jet black. The only downside to this was that Sirius could see that he shared his hair with his cousin Bellatrix. In spite of this though, Sirius always kept it neat and clean. On the other hand James couldn't care less if his hair was neat and tidy or not. In fact he took great pride in his messy hair and often ran his hand through it to mess it up even more, (if that was possible). Remus and Sirius made fun of James for this action but, likewise, James and Remus made fun of Sirius for being a girl when it came to his hair. They were inside jokes which the whole school were in on.

When Sirius had made sure, in the two-way mirror that he and James had found in the Potter mansion that his hair was still intact, he scowled at Remus who was smiling at him in amusement.

'Bertie Bott?' Remus asked, offering Sirius the pack.

'Thanks.' Sirius said, getting the wrong idea and taking the whole thing, making James laugh out loud.

'Can I have one?' Peter asked meekly from beside them.

'No.' Sirius said, holding the pack away from Peter, 'You eat too much already.' he finished, sticking his tongue out at his small, plump friend.

'Ahh just give him one.' James said, taking the packet of beans from Sirius and handing them to Peter, noticing at the same time that Lily had entered the room. He hoped she had seen his 'chivalrous' act. That would make an awesome impression. He winked at her as she passed him and went to sit down with a smile forming on her face.

'Oi!' Sirius said, smacking James over the back of his head, 'I do not appreciate being passed over for a girl.'

'Why not?' James asked, running a hand through his hair in natural reflex, 'You pass us over for girls all the time.'

'Yeah but that's different.' Sirius said, waving the comment away and nodding flirtingly to a couple of Ravenclaw girls who had just entered the room. They giggled giddily at Sirius' affection and took their seats smiling from ear to ear.

'How on earth is that different?' James asked with an exasperated look of question.

'Easy.' Sirius said, flicking his hair back dramatically, 'I am not chasing a dream.'

'All right Sirius. Shut your mouth now.' Remus said, finally returning to his studious self and taking out his wand and charm book ready to start the lesson.

'Yeah.' James said, also taking out his wand and book, 'Or you won't have a mouth to shut.' he threatened with wide-eyed sarcasm.

Sirius laughed. He knew James wasn't serious. He never was when it came to threats against him or his friends. They were always, if you like, friendly threats and always empty. Actually, Sirius would be delighted if James followed through on one of his threats for once but he knew that would never happen. Unless it was a threat against a Slytherin, death eater or Voldemort himself. James looked upon them with vehemence. As did almost everyone else.

James sat up upon noticing the classroom door open, 'Here we go.' He leaned forward on his table as Professor Flitwick entered the room, quiet with anticipation.

The small professor, who was half-goblin, waddled into the room with a pile of books in his hands. He was talking as he entered, but not to the students in the classroom. He was speaking to a quick quotes quill about a third year pupil who had wreaked havoc in his class before them. It was obviously a letter home to the pupil's parents, something which always happened to the marauders. After so many of them though, their parents just ignored them now.

Flitwick reached his desk and, standing on tip-toes, pushed the books onto his tall desk. Many wondered why his desk wasn't tailor made to suit him but nothing ever came of it. So, James, Remus, Sirius and Peter had decided to tailor make Professor Flitwick to suit his desk.

Before Flitwick stood on the pile of books he used to raise himself to look over his desk, he drank the cup of tea that was placed near the edge. He sighed in content when he had finished and clapped his hands together to symbolise readiness to the class. He clambered onto the pile of books and stood up straight.

'All right then class,' he began, 'We are going to continue practicing non-verbal charms. Today I want you to try the summoning charm. If you get it right, it should look like this.' He ended bending down to pick up his wand. Only when he reached down, he was further away from his desk than usual. Looking down at his body, Professor Flitwick suddenly realised that instead of his usual three foot, he was now around five and a half. He blinked a couple of times and looked up at his class, half of which was staring just as stunned as he was, the other half smiling with nodding heads as if in success.

Professor Flitwick narrowed his eyes at the four boys at the back of the room. 'And how long will this last boys?' he asked them with a squeak.

'Just for the day.' Remus said with a yawn as if he was already bored of this.

'Mmm.' Professor Flitwick hummed as if he was annoyed. Truth be told, he found it a rather interesting experience. 'All right class, wands out. Let's start!'

Professor Pomona Sprout had never been one for relationships. Her first and only love was Herbology and the joy it brought her when she taught her students was indescribable. The greenhouses where she held her classes were her second home and the main castle of Hogwarts was her first. The students in Hufflepuff house were her family, her sons and daughters. The students in Gryffindor and Ravenclaw were like nieces and nephews to her and the Slytherin's were like those distant relatives in your family that you pretend don't exist and try really hard to forget. She loved each and every one of them. Most through choice, some because she was a professor and ethically she wasn't allowed to play favourites. She had never even considered leaving her job to find love.

On April fool's day she was teaching a class of second years, Ravenclaw's and Slytherin's, about the dangers and benefits of mandrakes. They were half way through the class, had just finished re-potting the mandrakes and were now making notes on how to use the mandrake to benefit the wizarding society when the glass door to the green house slammed open, shocking everyone.

Professor Sprout looked up, dirt on her face which had been flung at her by an unhappy mandrake, and saw one of her Gryffindor students, Sirius Black. As it was April fool's day and he was stood in what was obviously trying to be a heroic pose, she could only assume that he was here to wreak havoc. She sighed and clapped the dirt off her hands, reluctantly letting whatever silliness he was about to release to happen. It was the quicker and less painful option, (hopefully).

'Pomona Sprout,' Sirius said in a booming voice and stepping into the room with a swagger, 'I Sirius Black do hereby declare my love for you and propose that we run away together. As our love is forbidden, I believe it is the only logical solution.'

There were giggles from around the room from some of the girls and some snorts of laughter from the boys. Sirius looked around the class and smiled at everyone, knowing in his heart that they all thought he was cool. And if anyone told him otherwise he would die.

'Not so fast!' James said as he appeared in the back of the classroom.

Professor Sprout blinked at James at the end of the green house. There were no doors at the back. The only way in was through the door that Sirius came through. As she didn't see him enter she had to assume that he had been in the greenhouse before her class started. That thought was kind of creepy but she did have to commend his commitment to this slightly lame and familiar charade.

James walked forwards, speaking in a hushed tone. 'Was it all a lie Pomona?' he asked his Herbology Professor, a very dramatic fashion, 'All those days in the greenhouse? Was it only me who believed they were special? You have to tell me Pomona. Do you choose me or this chump with the bad hair do?'

'Hey!' Sirius said, dropping character as James insulted his locks. 'That's not what we agreed to!'

'Sorry.' James replied, also dropping character and turning to his best friend, 'I was just feeling the moment.'

'Well you felt wrong.' Sirius whispered.

James hung his head. He should have known better than to insult Sirius' hair. He was never going to get over this. 'I'll do it again then.' James said with a sigh and a roll of his eyes. 'Pomona,' he said, attempting a smouldering look as he turned to Professor Sprout, 'Do you choose me or this idiot who obviously loves his hair more than you?'

'Neither!' came another voice from the back of the room.

Professor Sprout looked to the back of the room again to see Remus Lupin, the sensible one of the group, the prefect, standing at the back of the room with an odd mandrake shaped hat on. He had been hiding in the green house dressed as a mandrake. That was rather odd. Professor Sprout rolled her eyes and sighed, wondering how long this was going to take.

'She chooses me.' Remus said, jumping up onto the long table that ran the length of the greenhouse. 'We didn't want to hurt your feelings so we didn't tell you. We have planned to run away together tonight but I guess there's no point putting it off any longer.' Remus jumped down onto the floor, the girls behind him marvelling at his athletic stance and other rear features. Remus walked forwards and held out a hand to Professor Sprout. 'Are you ready my dear?' he said with dramatic emphasis and pauses.

Professor Sprout looked at the three boys jokingly vying for her affections and shook her head. Playing along, she said in a monotone, 'Wait. Let me get my suitcase.'

'Pomona please!' Sirius said, falling to his knees in front of Professor Sprout much to the amusement of the Herbology class which was still watching with delight. 'Give me another chance!' Sirius continued with a false voice which suggested crying, 'I can change! I am nothing without you!'

'That's true.' James said with a nod of his head, 'And as hard as this is for me, now I know that he really cares for you and…he really cares for you,' he said, gesturing to his two friends and trying to figure out if his repetition would have confused anyone else but himself, 'I hereby give up any claim I have to you.'

'Claim?' Professor Sprout blinked.

'Don't make this harder than it needs to be, Pomona.' James said hanging his head, placing a placating hand on Professor Sprouts shoulder, 'Life must move on and so must we. Personally, I am moving on to this beautiful young maiden just here.' James finished, jumping onto the table just as Remus had moments before. He walked the length of the table, every girl hoping that the beautiful young maiden was them. They did get a massive shock when they found out who James offered a hand to and pulled up onto the table.

It was Peter in a wig and a dress. The class laughed as the short plump boy was led down the table by James. They laughed even harder when they saw Peter stumble and fall off of the table after James' fluent jump. James helped him up to his feet and rearranged his wig which had fallen over his face.

'I'm sorry Pomona.' James said hanging his head and putting his arm around a very embarrassed Peter. 'I think it's just better this way.'

'Ok.' Professor Sprout said, indulging in their little performance.

'It's only best.' James nodded, 'Now you won't have the pain of letting these two down when you chose me. Now you must choose between them alone.'

Sirius and Remus stepped forwards, one on either side of Professor Sprout. They both dropped to their knees and took on of Professor Sprouts hands in one of their own, the other on their hearts. They mirrored each other in every possible way much to the amusement of the Herbology class. Whilst they were kneeling down, James went to find himself a seat and, as there were none available, he took one from a Ravenclaw girl. She didn't mind however as she soon became the envy of all the other girls as James pulled her back to sit on his lap and wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her in place. He was going to leave her without a seat and she really didn't mind. She was blushing furiously and grinning to all her friends. James didn't notice the effect his simple move had had on her and he continued to watch his friends in front of them.

'Pomona my dear, you must choose me.' Sirius said with urgency, tugging at his Herbology teacher's hand, 'I know that our love is forbidden but you have to give us a chance.'

'No Pomona!' Remus said, tugging Professor Sprout hand towards him along with her attention, 'Deep down you know I am better for you than he is! What could you get from someone who loves his hair more than you?'

'Hey!' Sirius said standing up, 'I don't know what this sudden attack against my hair is all about but can we please stop it? We didn't practice it this!' he pouted folding his arms.

Remus shook his head and stood up, putting his hand on his hips. He lost all focus in his character and talked solely to Sirius. 'Why does it always come back to your hair?' he whispered fiercely.

'Why do you always attack my hair?' Sirius whined silently to Remus who was still shaking his head in exasperation.

'Technically I didn't attack it I just insulted it.' Remus sighed, folding his arms and looking up in despair. He would never understand why Sirius had this odd fixation on his hair.

'Still, it's just a bit too far.' Sirius moaned, pulling at his locks with both hands, just like many of the girls in the Herbology class they had interrupted were doing right now. They would have continued with their little fight about Remus insulting Sirius' hair for ages as Sirius wouldn't have let the topic go easily, if it had not been for Professor Sprout stopping it once and for all. She was realising that they may not leave for a while and she still had some important facts about mandrakes and their uses in society that she needed to tell her class.

'All right.' Professor Sprout said, cutting across what she was sure to be another thrilling statement about Sirius Black's hair, 'Don't mean to spoil your fun,' she continued to groans from her class, 'but I am teaching a lesson here. I choose none of you so please leave and I do believe you have pulled this stunt or similar before.'

James moved the girl of his knee and sat her back down, blushing and giggling to her friends, and walked over to Remus and Sirius being followed by Peter. Remus and Sirius looked at James in confusion, much the same way that he was looking at them. They had a silent conversation before arriving at one question.

'When did we do this before?' James asked Professor Sprout with one eyebrow raised.

'To Professor McGonagall a couple of months ago.' She replied with her hands on her hips.

'Oh yeah!' Remus said in realisation, clicking his fingers at the same time and turning to his three friends, 'You know we did do something similar.'

Sirius and James nodded their heads in agreement. Peter played with the wig he had on which had been causing him to itch like crazy. Why wizards couldn't create a wig that didn't itch was beyond him. They could do everything else, even heal the common cold, but a comfortable wig was obviously just too big of a stretch.

'We have to start writing down what we do.' James said as the group prepared to leave.

'That might be wise.' Sirius replied making his way towards the door, walking beside James with Remus and Peter behind them.

'Sorry folks. Continue with your lesson!' Remus said when he reached the door. He gave a wave to the second years and said, 'Remember, mandrakes are very important!'

'But don't eat them!' James added as he dragged Peter out of the green house after him and Remus.

'Yeah.' Sirius continued, 'They don't taste very good.' he finished, rubbing his stomach before leaving with the rest of the marauders and allowing Professor Sprout to continue with her lesson.

Yes, Professor Pomona Sprout had never been one for relationships and after all this, she was glad for it.

It was lunch time and the whole of the school was in the great hall stuffing their faces with all they could as, for some unknown reason that nobody could figure out, breakfast hadn't been seen this morning. What they didn't know was James, Remus, Sirius and Peter had somehow convinced Dumbledore to remove the House elves from the kitchen for the morning shift. How they had done that though, even they didn't know. They guessed that Dumbledore was just intrigued as to what they were going to do. This was all to be revealed at lunch.

The marauders sat in their usual place along the Gryffindor table, in the middle. They were all eating the food that had appeared on their table, prepared by the house elves, with ease. They didn't notice Dumbledore watching them, wondering what they had done. Neither did anyone else.

'Did you know that in some places its bad luck to pull an April fool's trick after midday?' Remus said to his friends as he ate a sandwich that was sat on his plate.

'Really?' James questioned, choosing his lunch carefully. He had no idea what he wanted to eat. He didn't want a sandwich. Maybe a sausage roll? He reached out and took one off the mound of them on a platter in the middle of the table. He sniffed it and wrinkled his nose. Maybe not. He put it back and reached out for a pork pie. Maybe that would tickle his fancy.

'…but that mostly happens in muggle towns.' Remus finished, not noticing that James had begun to ignore him to choose his food.

'So are we going to get bad luck?' Peter asked, reaching for the sausage roll that James had sniffed and returned to the plate. He gobbled it down quickly and reached for another, waiting for a reply from Remus.

'Nah we'll be fine.' Remus said, 'Technically this isn't a trick it's just a bit of fun.' he whispered to ensure that no-one overheard them.

'Ok.' Peter replied, fully believing Remus as a wide-eyed school boy would do. He looked at his friend with shining eyes. He wouldn't lie to him. Their friendship group was built on the deepest level of mutual trust.

'You know…' Sirius started to speak, spraying bits of flaky pastry out of his mouth and across the table.

James, Remus and Peter all looked to him, waiting patiently for whatever nonsense he was about to spout out. They looked at him for a steady couple of minutes before he noticed that they were looking at him.

'What?' he asked, his mouth full of Remus' sandwich.

James and Remus looked at each other in joint confusion. They had a silent conversation, ignoring Peter, to determine who was going to ask Sirius what on earth he was on about. Remus lost.

'You said, 'you know'.' he stated, giving Sirius a questioning look which mirrored James' who sat beside him.

Sirius stopped eating, a big feat for him, and leant forwards. He looked side to side to see who was listening before saying, 'What do I know?' with curiosity.

Remus turned to James, who had raised an eyebrow at Sirius, and asked him, 'Why do we hang out with him?'

James sighed and shook his head at a loss. 'He's good for a laugh?' he said, not particularly sure himself. 'Just be thankful that when school is over, you can get away from him. He follows me home.' he finished, picking up another pork pie and wolfing it down.

Remus laughed and returned to his lunch. Beside him, Peter was tittering feebly as a way to fit in, copying Remus in every aspect. In synchronisation, they ate a couple of sandwiches waiting for their April fools fun to start.

It started at the Hufflepuff table after five minutes. Everything was normal then suddenly, a sonic sound burst its way through the hall in the form of a hiccough. It was unlike anything anyone had heard in the great hall before and it had struck silence. Everyone turned to the Hufflepuff table, to the girl who had just hiccoughed, and stared at her for a few seconds until she hiccoughed again. This time, bursting forth from her lips, a single bubble floated up into the air. It travelled up a few feet before popping and sprinkling yellow confetti down onto the girl it had come from. She looked shocked and had her hand to her mouth. People would have begun to laugh and move on if that was it, but it wasn't.

Within seconds, the same thing happened over at the Slytherin table. Three solitary bubbles rose from the echoing hiccoughs three feet above the table belonging to the most hated house in Hogwarts and popped. Then, almost spontaneously in turn, the three bubbles popped, green confetti bursting forth from each one. There was a pause. Tangible and silent. If someone was counting down from five, it would have made it even more anticipated, as five seconds later, the great hall was alive with bangs, pops and explosions galore.

Bubbles rose in the air and a mix of green, red, yellow and blue confetti rained down on each table as they popped. People were hiccoughing bubbles for five minutes before they stopped. They were all in the clear for just a few minutes before half of them started again. They would have been fine if they hadn't taken a sip of their pumpkin juice to clear their throats, but, (as Dumbledore would say) alas, they did. After the third time this happened, the pupils of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry learnt from their mistakes and stopped drinking the pumpkin juice.

Unfortunately, the teachers didn't learn. They had assumed that, as they hadn't been hiccoughing bubbles, their pumpkin juice hadn't been spiked by the marauders. They were half right. The marauders hadn't spiked their drinks with hiccoughing solution… It was fate really. They had bought too much the other night and this was just a coincidental opportunity that presented itself just in time. After all they weren't breaking any laws. Their professors were allowed to drink firewhisky after all.

April fool's day was over and had been for three days but some people were still hiccoughing bubbles. Plus, Hagrid was still recovering from all of the spiked pumpkin juice he had drunk. When the teachers had realised that their drinks were spiked, they all stopped drinking, Hagrid however, took it upon himself to drink everybody else's spiked juice. 'Don't want the kids teh drink this stuff' he said in way of explanation. As he was a half giant, it took a lot to give him a hangover, so you could imagine how much he would have needed to drink to become that intoxicated that it took him three days to recover.

The sixth year students however, were starting to forget it as was their third from last apparition lesson and, for the first time, they were going outside to take the class instead of being cooped up in the great hall. They were so excited. Soon, nearly all of them would be qualified to take their apparition test and then they could apparate anywhere they wanted. Some had high aspirations for this skill. They wanted to apparate across seas and oceans to foreign countries. Others were just happy that they would be able to apparate from upstairs to downstairs in their own homes. It didn't get more exciting than that.

Lily and Hestia were upstairs in their dormitory getting ready. Actually, Lily was upstairs waiting for Hestia to get ready. She was trying to pick out a top but just couldn't make up her mind.

'Go with the red one.' Lily said in a monotone, reading a book. She had started reading it as soon as she had finished getting changed and had begun waiting for Hestia. She was now on chapter six.

'Does it clash with my hair though?' Hestia asked, holding the red top up to her and posing to Lily.

Lily didn't even bother to look up from her book. 'You have brown hair Hestia, nothing clashes with it.' She sighed, turning the page in her book over to the start of chapter seven, 'I mean it's not like you have pink hair.'

Hestia stopped in front of the mirror and brought down the red top she had been holding against herself. 'Mmm,' she pondered, 'How do you think I would I look with pink hair?' she asked, leaning forwards into the mirror and tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

'Awful.' Lily said plainly, turning over yet another page in her book. She read quickly.

Hestia turned to her friend slowly with sarcastically narrowed eyes. 'Gee,' she began, 'it's nice to know I have the support of my best friend.'

'Hestia, you will always have my full support as long as you don't dye your hair pink.' Lily said with exasperation.

'All right I get it.' Hestia mumbled as she put on her red top and tossed the other one she had been holding onto her bed, 'There I'm ready. Happy?' she asked with her hands on her hips.

'Is your hair still brown?' she asked with no expression, not even glancing up at Hestia.

'Yes.' Hestia smiled, walking over to Lily and snatching the book off of her, 'Now let's go!' she laughed, putting Lily's book onto her bedside table and pulling her up.

They left their dormitory and met Alice, Emmeline and Frank in the common room; a nice but unexpected surprise. They all walked down to the entrance hall together, being forced to listen to Alice and Frank's tales of their relationship so far. They were sweet until they reached the second floor. Then they just became annoying. Lily was sure it would be different if she was the one telling the stories but, as she wasn't, they just became irritating and it was a welcome relief when they reached the entrance hall.

The whole of the sixth year of Hogwarts was crowded excitedly near the huge double doors which led to the grounds. The level of noise was deafening as it always was when you gathered a group of teenagers, any teenagers, in a room together. They'd all be having their own private conversations and, as others were talking around them, they'd begin to talk louder over the top of the noise. The vicious circle continued until the noise was unbearable.

The girls and Frank made their way to the front of the crowd to stand in front of Professor McGonagall and Wilkie Twycross; their apparition instructor. Wilkie attempted to call for silence across the babbling mass of student three times but was unsuccessful each time. Eventually, at a loss, the wispy wizard turned to McGonagall at a loss. Professor McGonagall simply rolled her eyes at yet another person's inadequacy to control a group of sixteen to seventeen year olds, and cleared her throat. The silence that fell was almost instantaneous with every student turning to face the harsh, Scottish witch.

'Right.' Twycross squeaked, rising up on his tip-toes as he addressed the students, 'Please grab a hoop from the side and spread yourselves out across the grounds in the left courtyard. We will start in ten minutes.'

No sooner had Wilkie Twycross stopped speaking the sixth year students rushed forwards, all determined to grab the best hoop, with the least splinters in it and the best bit of space in the courtyard. Everyone pushed and shoved and, unwittingly, grouped themselves into their houses across the courtyard. The Slytherin's were at the very back, the Hufflepuff's before them, Gryffindor's in front of them and the Ravenclaw's closest to where Wilkie Twycross would be stood to take the class. Unfortunately, this meant that all of the other houses had to make their way through the crowds of Slytherin's before they could settle into a spot.

'Keep walking short stack!' Bellatrix hissed at a Ravenclaw lad as he walked by considering where to place his hoop.

'He's taller than you Bellatrix.' Severus snapped as he tossed his own hoop onto the ground in front of him.

'You can shut up!' she barked at him huffily before turning away from him.

Severus rolled his eyes and turned away from her too, his eyes instantly drawn to a cascade of deep, red hair blowing in the wind freely. He followed Lily with his eyes. She was walking with her friends over towards the group of Gryffindor's about seven or so lines in front of him. She walked with grace and poise and Severus couldn't help but to let his mind wander to a less than respectable place with less than respectable thoughts about her. It was, however, brought crashing back down to earth when he saw that she had walked over to the marauders, the group of boys he absolutely detested, and that the boy he loathed most of all, James Potter, had put his arm around her in welcome. Admittedly, five seconds later he had removed it but still, even though he had no right, it was still the longest five seconds of his life.

'Why do we have to take these lessons?' Bellatrix ranted to Avery and Severus.

'Because we need to apparate.' Avery replied folding his arms and looking around him moodily, hating everyone and everything.

'But why can't he teach us?' Bellatrix whispered, her eyes lighting up in a way they had never done before as she spoke of their dark master. 'Why do we have to be taught by that sorry excuse for a wizard?' she continued, indicating with disgust at Wilkie Twycross who was now making his way across the sea of students.

'Do you really think he has the time?' Severus asked her with a sneer, 'He has better things, more important things to do than teach us how to apparate.'

'He would make time for his loyal subjects.' Bellatrix insisted through harsh, gritted teeth.

'Not for this.' Severus replied, not really paying attention to her anymore so, when she came at him, it was a bit of a shock.

'How dare you!?' she raged, being held back from Severus by Avery. She was attracting a few stares so Avery shoved her backwards and went to stand just in front of Severus in a way of caution.

Severus however, walked forwards to Bellatrix and grabbed her arm roughly so she couldn't move. He then leant forwards to whisper in her ear with a menacing tone. 'Do you really think the Dark Lord has time to teach us how to apparate? He has more important things to do. We have to learn from this idiot because it is the only option available to us. The apparition test is something that the Dark Lord takes seriously. He won't send us out for assignments if we don't have it. Would you really want him to be the one to come and bail you out when you've splinched yourself because you didn't pay attention to the class and you didn't pass your test? You would disgrace yourself in front of him and put him at risk or, what's worse, you could even just disgrace him. So, if you don't want this to happen, I suggest you shut your mouth and get on with the damn class!' he finished, his voice rising from a whisper at the end to usual volume. When he had finished speaking, he threw her arm back to her, unbalancing her slightly and walking away.

He stood in front of his hoop with a scowl plastered across his face. He didn't have the time or patience for her. She had been getting on his last nerve for weeks. All he wanted to do now was learn to apparate so that he could leave this school and the memories he had tried so hard to forget.

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