Five Minutes

Chapter 38

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Chapter Thirty-Eight

Lily bounced through the large gates which served as the main entrance to Hogwarts. She was extremely excited. All her hard work had paid off and she had done it. She had passed. She wondered how many others had passed their apparation tests. She knew that Hestia hadn't as she hadn't taken hers yet. She wasn't seventeen and, until she was, she wasn't allowed to take the apparation test that they had been taking lessons for since they returned to Hogwarts from the Christmas holidays. She would have to wait until the summer holidays when her birthday was. Then she could go to the Ministry of Magic and take her test there. Unfortunately for her, in Lily's opinion, that meant that she wasn't able to experience the feel of community as the rest of the sixth years took their test in Hogsmeade.

That sense of community was what made the test fun for her. All the mishaps that happened when the group she was in had taken the test. Like when Alice, who was walking back to the school with Frank, had been told to apparate into the three broomsticks and had ended up apparating on to the roof of the pub instead. Luckily for her, Frank, as the dutiful boyfriend, had distracted the examiner long enough for her to disapparate off of the roof and into the bar. However, Franks 'distraction' took a lot longer than planned, to the point where Alice had to walk out of the three broomsticks to see what was happening. You see, the only way Frank could think of to distract the examiner was to disapparate and splinch himself and quite painfully so. He left behind his left ear, both his big toes and six fingers. Luckily for him, he had already taken his test and passed so the only consequence of his actions was a few aching, reattached body parts.

Through all that excitement though, Lily still wanted to know how her other friends did. She wanted to know how Emmeline had gotten on. Things were a bit strange with them at the minute since Emmeline and Alice's fall out. It really had nothing to do with Lily or Hestia, but somehow they had been dragged into the middle of it as, for the past week, Alice had been hanging out with them instead of Emmeline. Alice hadn't been back to a divination lesson since their fall out either, too suspect that Emmeline would see more of what she believed, was Franks 'disloyalties'. Even if what she saw was just a load of false blobs which were nothing to do with Alice, Lily still liked Emmeline and believed that she was entitled to her own opinions and she wanted to know how she had done in her apparation test.

As she started towards the school though, she saw some of her other friends. Others she knew had taken their tests before her. They were under their usual beech tree laughing in their care free manner. Their school robes were hung over one of the branches of the tree, (as they had been told they had to wear their school clothes to take the test in) and they were just sat in the white school shirts and deep grey trousers that almost all of the students at Hogwarts wore under their robes. (Lily wore a deep grey pleated skirt and a white open neck shirt under her school robes) She made a start towards them and, as she got closer, she saw that they were each sat with a jar of jam and a spoon. Still, she would ask about that afterwards. Right now she wanted to know how the marauders had gotten on in their apparation tests.

'Hey.' she said to them as she sat down next to James, her red hair flying out and flowing down as she sat. 'So how did you all do?' she asked with a curious, happy and questioning tone.

'We all passed.' James said nonchalantly with a shrug.

'Yay!' Lily said, suddenly hugging James much to his surprise, 'Well done!'

'Err…thanks.' James said his shock showing clear on his face. He hugged her back and after a few seconds, withdrew from her with a confused smile as Sirius was making insinuating faces at him behind Lily's back.

'Where's my hug?' Sirius said to Lily, pulling a fake puppy dog face at her.

'You are joking right?' Lily asked with a polite 'are you kidding me?' smile.

'No.' Sirius said seriously whilst James, Peter and Remus sniggered into their jam. 'Why won't you hug me? Don't you like me?'

Lily paused and thought for a second. 'Not as much as him.' she said pointing at James who raised his eyebrows. He was confused.

'Come on Evans!' Sirius whined, opening his arms wide, 'Give me a hug!'

'No.' Lily said simply.

'Why not?' Sirius asked innocently.

'Well,' she began, looking him up and down with a bit of a repulsed look, 'for one, you're covered in jam. Why are you all eating jam?' she asked, looking around at all four of the marauders, frowning in question.

'Sirius had a bad stomach.' Remus said in way of explanation.

Lily nodded her head slowly as she once again looked around at the group of boys. They all seemed extremely contented with their jam jars, each with an individual spoon. Peter wasn't actually eating his as quick as the other three and, by the look of his face as he took a rare spoonful, Lily suspected that he didn't actually like jam. He was just eating it so that he wasn't left out. Remus was eating his casually and seemed to be the only normal one out of the four. Sirius was making a right meal out of his. He had jam all around his mouth, some on his nose and some on the white school shirt he was wearing with the sleeves rolled up. Finally, Lily turned to James, her heart rate speeding up as she did so. He wasn't messy at all but, like Sirius, the sleeves on his brilliant white shirt were casually rolled up. However, unlike Sirius, there were no jam stains. He was eating his jam weirdly but Lily kind of liked it. He was using the back of the spoon instead of the side specifically designed for the purpose of eating food with. They were all sat crossed legged on the grass apart from James who was leant against the beech tree, his legs bent up with his elbows leaning on his knees. Perhaps that was why he smelt of beech wood.

She snapped herself out of her staring and blinked her eyes a couple of times. 'Well I'm going to see how Emmeline got on.' she said, standing up and smoothing down her skirt. 'Well done on your tests.' she continued, smiling down at James.

'You too.' he replied politely, giving her a confused smile, 'Bye.'

'Bye.' she answered and walked away.

James watched her go thoughtfully before shaking his thoughts out of his head and returning to his jam.

'Thought she just wanted to be friends?' Remus asked James who just shrugged.

'She does.' James said noncommittally, licking the jam off of the back of his spoon.

Remus inhaled with raised eyebrows. He dug back into his jam. 'Could've fooled me.' he muttered.

Before the students of Hogwarts knew it their end of year exams had arrived. People were really stressing out and some of them just went stir crazy. Especially those taking major exams such as O.W.L's or N.E.W.T's. You could often find a fifth year or seventh year student talking to themselves in the toilets or crying after believing their exam had gone badly. One student this year from Ravenclaw, who was taking her History of Magic exam, had even ran out of the great hall half way through the test as she had believed that she had confused the names of two historic wizards and was just going to nip and ask them who was who.

Some people in the school however, weren't too fussed about their end of year exams. James Potter and Sirius Black in particular didn't give two hoots. They had missed their Herbology exam as they had decided that painting all the mirrors in Hogwarts black was a much better use of their time. Since Herbology was their first exam though, Remus had since been instructed to drag them to every exam thereafter, ensuring they didn't miss anymore. This wasn't fun for James, Sirius or Remus.

'Come on!' Remus said, pulling one of Sirius' arms as he was using the other to hold onto their dormitory's door frame, refusing to go down to their Charms exam.

'I don't want too!' Sirius said as he gripped even tighter to the door frame, determined that he would not be dragged down to the Charms classroom and be submitted to a test he didn't want to take.

'What's the big deal?' Remus asked through gritted teeth giving one last tug before giving up, out of breath after ten solid minutes of pulling Sirius' arm. 'It's not even a proper test like situation. All we have to do is go to our normal lesson.' he said, leaning against the wall opposite the dormitory door to recover.

'But it's still a test and I don't like tests.' Sirius moaned still gripping the doorframe intensely for a few seconds before realising that Remus was no longer pulling him. He attempted to nonchalantly let go of the door and lean on the door frame without Remus noticing but it didn't work; Remus saw him and raised his eyebrows.

'You took the apparation test.' Remus pointed out folding his arms and waiting with mock baited breath to see how Sirius would respond.

'Yeah but I had to take that test.' Sirius said, 'It benefited me. Just like the O.W.L's did and the N.E.W.T's will next year. They are the only tests that I have to take.'

Remus couldn't answer him. He shook his head in exasperation and rolled his eyes, his eyelids blinking down quickly. What he said wasn't untrue. The apparation test, the O.W.L's and the N.E.W.T's were technically the only tests that would benefit him directly and give him a good standing out in the real wizarding world. Remus just couldn't understand how Sirius could approach the end of year tests which were a great indicator in how much they had learnt that year with such a casual flippancy.

After thinking about his response for a few moments, Remus opened his mouth to talk when James came out of the dormitory. He walked straight past Remus and Sirius with a quick urgency whilst pulling on his school robes over his shirt and trousers and sorting the collar on his shirt out underneath it.

'And where are you going?' Remus asked, giving up on Sirius and following James down the stairs.

'Owlery.' James said simply, jumping down the last three steps into the common room.

'We have a Charms test.' Remus said as he trailed after James into the common room, shoving his hands deep in his pockets and clenching them. He was getting quite annoyed by this now. Sometimes he wished that he wasn't viewed as the responsible one. The prefect. If he wasn't viewed as this by almost everyone in the school, most importantly the teachers, then maybe Professor McGonagall wouldn't have charged him with ensuring that James and Sirius took the end of year exams.

'And?' James said in response to Remus' statement, turning around to him and shrugging. 'I need to go to the Owlery. I don't know where Sox is. I haven't seen her since…the 5th. Not last Sunday, Sunday before.'

'Ah yes!' Remus said, folding his arms and looking as though he was extremely disappointed in James and was about to scold him, 'The day you came back to the common room covered in blood.'

James sighed and hung his head back, looking up to the ceiling. 'I wasn't covered in blood, it was just my arm.'

'And you still don't want to tell us how that happened?' Sirius asked. He had followed James and Remus down the stairs because he didn't like the fact that Remus' attention had so fickly switched from him to James.

James inhaled deeply. 'Don't we have a Charms exam to get to?' he asked changing the subject. He would have to go and try to find Sox later. He was sure she was ok wherever she was. She was a very tough bird. She may only be small but she could take care of herself. She did do her own hunting.

Remus frowned. 'Hmmm.' he hummed with narrowed eyes. He wasn't best pleased that James was avoiding this subject. Something had happened and it was odd that James hadn't shared it with any of them. Their secrets, (such as the illegal Animagi secret), was what bound them together as a group. It was what made the marauders who they were and it was made their friendship strong and admired. But James keeping this one secret, no matter what it was or how big or small it was, made Remus and Sirius have suspicions which brought a previously unseen level of mistrust to their group.

'Look it was nothing bad I promise.' James said, sensing that they hadn't dropped the subject. 'But we do have a Charms exam to get to right?' he continued, looking extremely miserable when he mentioned their exam.

'Yeah alright.' Remus said, turning around, 'Sirius lets…' Remus stopped and looked around the common room. Sirius had gone. 'Sirius? Ugh. Prongs can you help me look for-' he started, but when he turned back round to face James, he was gone too. He sighed, shook his head and licked his lips. 'What a charmed life I lead.' he said.

Lily sat in her Ancient Runes exam, almost pulling her hair out as she stared at the symbols on the board which they were meant to be translating. She had done two so far and couldn't for the life of her figure out what the others meant. Her mind couldn't focus on the task she was meant to be doing. All she could think of was the fact that she had three exams left after this one and that the school year would be completely over very shortly. She'd be able to see her parents again whom she hadn't seen since Christmas. She never really got homesick but she did miss her parents. She was sure all the kids at Hogwarts did.

Shaking her head of these thoughts, Lily attempted to get back to translating the runes on the board in front of the class but she couldn't help her mind drifting off elsewhere. There were so many things that she needed to do before she was ready to go home. She had to finish packing for one. She had started weeks ago but, Lily being Lily, had packed and unpacked so many times that she might as well have never started. It seemed every time she would try and pack away her belongings, she found that she needed something that she had packed away. Any sensible person would just stop packing until the day or so before leaving. Not Lily. It wasn't that she wasn't sensible, it was just that she liked to have everything packed away in a certain way.

She tried to stop thinking about all of the packing, or repacking, she had left to do and once again, tried to focus on the Ancient Runes that Professor Babbling had magically drawn on the board. She looked at the third one in the sequence. It didn't look like anything like any of the runes she had studied. She would tell her professor that she believed there was a chance she had made a mistake but she didn't want to risk being given a detention by her yet again. She didn't know what it was about her this year but her Ancient Runes professor had taken a sudden and, in Lily's opinion, a severe disliking for her. Suddenly, Lily, who had never had a detention through her first five years at Hogwarts, had ended up with three, all from the same subject. It was no match for the one hundred and forty three detentions that the marauders had collectively accumulated this year, but for Lily, it was three too many.

Try as she might, her mind started to wonder again. She had made the leap from Ancient Runes, to detention, to the marauders, and now she was thinking about James. This was the worse topic for her to be thinking about during an exam. She'd never be able to get back to translating the runes now. She was stuck. She didn't know what she was going to do about James. They were leaving for the summer holidays soon and she wouldn't see him for around six weeks. Last year and the years that preceded that, she wouldn't have minded at all. She wouldn't have relished in the fact that she would not be seeing him for so long. She would have revelled in six long Potter free weeks when she didn't have to intervene to stop him hexing Severus or anyone else he fancied. This year however, she had an empty saddened feeling in the pit of her stomach as she thought about it. She didn't want to not see him for six weeks.

'Alright class, you have ten minutes left.' Professor Babbling announced to the class.

Lily cursed herself internally for allowing herself to be distracted by her own mind. She looked back at the board and decided, as she couldn't for the life of her figure out what the third rune was, to move on to the fourth. If only she had chosen to move onto this one earlier. She knew exactly what it was. The year before she and Severus had been studying in the library and they had come across this rune. She remembered it because Severus had observed that it looked like Mrs Norris was being eaten by the moon. It was a good memory. It was just a shame that the happy memories she had of her and Severus were now all tarnished by the bad ones. She knew he was sat behind her and she wondered if he felt their memories were tarnished too. She doubted it. Even though it was painfully clear to absolutely everyone that they were no longer friends, she knew that Severus still appreciated and held onto their friendship.

She could feel his eyes boring into the back of her skull as she moved on to the next rune. She had a sneaking suspicion that he had translated the fourth rune by associating it with that memory too. She wished he hadn't. She would now have to cope with this annoyance for the last ten minutes of the test.

'That's it everyone.' Professor Babbling said waving her wand and collecting everybody's test papers in.

Lily sighed as she watched hers fly away. She hadn't finished it at all and, in five minutes when she went to collect her mark, she was sure she wouldn't get anything better than an A. To try and distract herself she started to draw circles around the wood groves on her desk. She waited for only two minutes before she was called up to the desk to receive her grade. She got an A, as she knew she would. She only translated three out of eight. Not even half of them. But as they were all correct, Professor Babbling had no choice but to pass her. Relieved Lily left the room and was greeted by Severus.

'Brutal wasn't it.' he said to her. A couple of years ago, even just at the beginning of their sixth year at Hogwarts, Severus would always have a smile on his face when he spoke to Lily. Now his face was devoid of emotion. If anything, there was something slightly sinister lurking beneath the surface. It made Lily's skin crawl.

'It wasn't that bad.' Lily stated matter of factly before walking away from him. It didn't work. He followed her.

'That fourth rune. The one with Mrs Norris being eaten by the moon.' Severus said, 'Funny right?'

'Hilarious.' Lily replied, thoroughly unamused, 'What do you want Snape?' she asked, using his last name and cutting him deeply.

Severus stopped and displaying no show of emotion, simply said, 'Nothing.' and watched her walk away. Their memories meant nothing to her now.

The marauders were taking their penultimate end of year test. Earlier that day they had all sat their Transfiguration end of year exam, (well Remus, James and Sirius had), and had all passed with Exceeds Expectations. Now, they were sat in their Defence Against the Dark Arts final, taking the written part of the exam after already passing the practical aspect of it with flying colours. The questions they were given were easy and James and Sirius answered every single one of them with ease. Remus also fully answered all the questions creating logical and reasonable arguments for each one. Peter had tried his hardest but couldn't answer them all. However, he had performed surprisingly well in the practical and had been able to disarm both Remus and James. For the practical, they had all received an O for outstanding.

The written exam was almost over and James had completely finished. He believed he had done a fantastic job and that an O for this part of the exam was also in the not too distant future. Finding no need to do anything else for the last five minutes of the exam, he put his feet up on the desk and pulled a spare piece of parchment into his lap. He began to doodle. He always did when he got bored. He wasn't the best drawer in the world but he wasn't the worst either. He began to draw a snitch in the centre before adding in the other Quidditch balls and a small Quidditch team. He then pulled out his wand and enchanted them to move, thoroughly amusing himself in the process.

'I don't think that's what you're meant to be doing is it Mr Potter?' the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher said peering over his shoulder. The whole of the class turned to look at him. After spending half an hour in complete silence, one of James' distractions was a welcome break to everyone.

'Sorry.' said James, pausing and looking at his drawing, 'Did you want it?' he said offering it to his teacher who simply took his drawing, screwed it up and tossed it into the bin. 'Please focus on your test.'

He walked away leaving James bored. He tapped his fingers on the table and looked about. He didn't have anything left to do now but wait for everyone else to finish. He looked about and saw that Sirius was also looking extremely bored. Smiling to himself, James got out his wand and levitated the scrunched up piece of parchment that had just been thrown into the bin. He caught it quickly and, using his wand, batted it over to Sirius who caught it in his ready and waiting hand. He smiled back at James, thankful for curing his boredom and took out his wand to bat the screwed up parchment back to James. They had created a badminton type game between them and were enjoying themselves immensely.

They had succeeded it batting the ball of parchment back and forth between them for about twenty or thirty hits before the screwed up bit of parchment changed its direction and hit their Defence Against the Dark Arts professor on the head. It stunned James and Sirius and they turned to look at each other slowly, trying desperately hard to muffle the uncontrollable laughter that was bubbling up inside of them.

'Mr Potter.' their professor said as he grabbed the piece of parchment off of his desk and once again, threw it in the bin, 'Mr Black. Do you really think this is an acceptable way to sit one of your end of year exams?'

James and Sirius, once more looked at each other in slow motion. They smiled cheekily at each other, both knowing what the other was going to say. They then turned back to their professor and, simultaneously answered, 'Yes.'

'Detention.' the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher stated plainly, looking between them unamused, 'I would have thought that, as you only have a few days left at this school, of this school year, you would be able to show some self-constraint!'

'Obviously not.' James and Sirius replied with a laugh.

Shaking his head, the professor collected in the written papers with a wave of his wand. 'Try not to make any more disruptions whilst I mark these.' he said as he sat behind his desk and began to look over his student's tests. He didn't have that many to mark as there weren't that many pupils in his class. Still, it took him a good ten minutes before he was finished. Or at least, it took him a good ten minutes before he came across James Potter's test. After he had found it, he took no time at all in calling him up to his desk.

'Mr Potter,' he began with a heavy sigh, 'after the practical aspect of your Defence Against the Dark Arts test, I had set some high hopes in store for your written part of the test. However, when I came across it, I was grievously disappointed. Will you please inform me as to why you thought it would be a wise idea to answer every question on this paper with the answer, and I quote, 'Merlin has the answer'?'

'Well, you see professor,' James said, trying to ignore the muffled laughs that were emanating from behind him, 'if you look it up, I think you'll find I'm right.'

'You do realise that this test is an important part of your education Mr Potter.' the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher said seriously to James.

'This is why I answered every question as truthfully as I possibly could professor.' James answered honestly with a nod of his head.

'You will only receive an A for you defence against the dark arts thanks to your performance in your practical.' he said, writing down James' mark on a piece of parchment and handing it to him.

'Awesome!' James said as he walked away to his friends, 'I got an A!' he said, holding his mark in the air, extremely proud. Even by doing nothing, James could still pass a test.

Severus sat in the potion test. They had been brewing the draught of living death, a potion they had brewed earlier that year, and were coming to the end of the limited amount of time given to them. His potion was starting to turn brilliantly clear. So clear you could see the bottom of the cauldron through it, just like you would be able to if the cauldron was full of water. This meant that his potion was fully brewed and he seemed to be the first one finished. He put that down to the little cheat-cheat's he had to speed up the process such as crushing the sopophorous bean instead of chopping it, as their potion book instructed, and stirring the potion seven times counter-clockwise and once clockwise. They were tricks he had picked up, meaning that he was the best at potions in the class and, maybe even possibly, in the whole school. His mind was brilliant when it came to the chemical side of magic. However, others were often favoured over his brilliance.

'Very good job Miss Evans!' Slughorn raved upon seeing Lily's complete potion. It was almost completely clear and you were able to make out the bottom of the cauldron through the liquid.

Severus didn't mind Lily receiving the credit he was long overdue. After all, after him, she was the best at potion in the class, made even more impressive, according to most wizards, by the fact that she was a muggleborn witch. Apparently, most wizards found it a rarity to find a witch, who wasn't brought up knowing about her magical abilities and who wasn't raised in the wizarding world, to be so skilled at magical crafts. But Severus knew, as soon as he had seen her all those years ago, jumping of swings and playing with flowers, that she would be an impressive witch. And he loved her for it. This was why he didn't mind her receiving credit for a well-made potion when his was obviously far better. What he did object to, was her new potions partner being given praise when all he ever did was joke and mess about.

Severus stared down at James. He had been sat in his chair with his feet on the table for the last twenty minutes of their exam just watching Lily make her potion. (She didn't notice him). He was staring at her with a sappy look on his face and Severus hated to think what was going through his mind, especially when he knew what he thought about when he looked at Lily like that. James Potter having those thoughts about Lily made Severus' skin crawl. The thoughts in his mind were put at ease though when he thought back to the other day. He knew James Potter had upset Lily, (even though she denied it), but he wasn't sure how. Still, it was enough to know that she wasn't happy with him. It closed the door on what everybody in the school knew James Potter wanted.

Glancing over at Lily, he wondered what had ever possessed him to destroy their friendship. No matter how unintentional it was, he still kicked and cursed himself about that fatal mistake. It was the one thing in his life that he actually regretted. If anyone was to analyse this they would find it disturbing that he regretted calling the girl he loved a mudblood more than arranging to have his father killed. But it was true. He could never forgive himself for what he called her. Thing were worse today. It was exactly a year since he had made his ultimate error. He was feeling extremely nostalgic and regretful. Anything that he had been feeling previously, his love for her and his remorse for ending their friendship was heightened. It was almost unbearable.

He was brought back down to earth and away from the shame running through his mind when Professor Slughorn passed him in his peripheral vision. He was telling the class that their time was up and was beginning to inspect everybody's work. He passed Mulciber and peered into his cauldron. He dropped in a leaf to test the strength of the potion as he would do with everyone before he graded them. His face said it all and Slughorn wrote down Mulciber's grade on a piece of parchment and handed it to him. He then moved on to Avery who was sat next to Severus and gave him his grade before finally coming to Severus.

He peered into the cauldron and smiled as if it was what he'd been waiting for. Seeing a student succeed in his class was why he became a teacher.

'Excellent Mr Snape!' Slughorn boomed approvingly so that the whole class could hear. They all turned around to stare at Severus who only looked at Lily. She didn't return the smile he gave her and instead turned around to check her potion. Severus visibly deflated and all he could manage to mumble to Professor Slughorn as he gave him his grade, an O, was 'Thank you sir.'

Severus watched as Slughorn moved onto Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, giving them both a grade but holding his nose as he passed Sirius' cauldron. It was emitting the toxic smell of month old socks. He then moved on to Lily to whom he also gave an O after the leaf he dropped into it disintegrated instantly upon contact. Finally he came to James Potter and didn't keep his surprise at the appearance of his potion quiet.

'Oh ho!' Slughorn said astounded, 'This is quite remarkable Mr Potter! Extremely clear. I see Miss Evans has been a good influence on you! This looks as if one drop could kill you! Well, let's see if it's as good as it appears shall we?' he finished, busying about and getting his last leaf ready to drop into James' cauldron.

'You know what Professor?' James said, snatching the leaf out of Slughorn's hand and chucking it behind him, hitting Severus in the face with it by 'accident', 'I know a better way to test this.'

Severus watched with a scowl as James reached into his bag and took out a clear glass goblet. He stuck it into his cauldron and scooped up some of the liquid. Severus knew what was coming and couldn't help himself in thinking; die.

'Bottoms up!' James said taking a swig of the liquid before setting it down on the table.

The faces of the people closest to James were a sight to see. As Severus looked around, he saw Professor Slughorn looking aghast at the sight of one of his students taking such a suicidal action. Severus then looked at Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, for whom he had equal contempt for. They were trying to muffle smiles. Lastly, Severus looked at Lily and her face broke his heart. She had utter fear on her face. Fear that James Potter might actually collapse. The terror she was feeling for the boy she had once despised was visible and oozing through every pore of her body. Even though it was James Potter who was at risk of a death like state from drinking the draught of living death potion, it was Severus who had just had a part of him die.

'That was good!' James said licking his lips whilst the class watched him in anticipation, 'Want to try some Sirius?' he asked his friend.

'Sure!' Sirius said all too quickly as he strolled over to James and immediately picked up the goblet James had drunk from and sipped the clear liquid in side. When he brought it down from his lips he nodded in approval. 'Nice!' he said, 'Here Remus. You try some!' he finished offering the glass to Remus.

Severus saw Remus sigh and take his hands out of his pockets. 'Yeah sure.' he said as he took the goblet from the Sirius, 'After dealing with you two for six years I think I deserve a break!' he ended as he also took a drink from the glass he had been handed by Sirius.

Everyone watched them for a couple of seconds before Slughorn finally had enough of waiting for his students to drop down dead. He marched over to Severus, grabbed the leaf that James had chucked at him and bustled back to James' cauldron. He dropped it in and, as soon as it hit the surface, it floated, the stem acting as a navigator around the bowl.

Disappointment filled Severus' face as he saw that nothing had happened. Apparently, instead of making the potion assigned for the end of year test, James had decided to just boil water for the whole of the lesson. The worse thing was he didn't fail. There was no T for troll given out by Slughorn for what Severus thought to be a stupid display of immaturity. Instead, Slughorn gave him an A which meant that he didn't fail the class as he should have. Severus believed it to be despicable but his thoughts of James' childish behaviour were soon put out of his mind as he looked at Lily once again. She was laughing. A beautiful sound and sight if only she wasn't laughing at one of James Potters pranks.

He didn't move as everyone packed away their things, the last exam of the year that the sixth years were taking done and dusted. He watched as everyone in the class strolled out happily, all looking forwards to their summer holidays. He wasn't looking forward to his. There would be no Lily again. He watched her slim figure as she walked out with the marauders, her soft wavy red hair cascading down her back. He could tell she was laughing. Even from behind.

He sighed. 'I miss you Lily.' he said to himself.

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