Five Minutes

Chapter 40

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Chapter Forty

Remus, James, Sirius and Peter were stood in one of the many out houses on the Potters property. There were quite a few of them dotted around the grounds of the mansion but, if you were looking for the group, they were easy to spot. They were in the outhouse which had the roof blown off.

'How did you manage this?' Remus asked in shocked disbelief. He looked at James and Sirius with raised eyebrows. They were both extremely dirty.

James' glasses had soot covering the lenses and black splotches covered his face. His usually pristine shirt, which he had rolled the sleeves up on, was now extremely dirty and had gained a few tears. His jeans had oil all over them and his hair, well, nothing had really happened to his hair. It was always a mess. Sirius was also a mess. His hair had oil streaked in it and his face was a state. His t-shirt, just like James', had dirt splashed all over it and was ripped in some places. Unlike James though, this wasn't such a shock for Sirius as he usually had something spilt down it. Most often, it was some kind of food substance. His jeans were also oily and had a few tears down them. Together, the pair looked as though they had been dragged through an oil slick.

'I'm not really sure how it happened.' James said, blinking the soot away from his eyes and taking his glasses of to wipe them on the corner of his shirt. It made no difference. He just ended up wiping the grime around the lenses. If anything he made it worse.

'We were putting in the valve springs in the engine when they…sprung.' Sirius said staring forwards with an unwavering gaze. 'The springs hit the oil pump which burst and unleashed the pistons.'

Remus laughed quietly and received a glare from Sirius through narrowed eyes.

'Really?' Sirius said with exhaustion. 'You're laughing at the word piston? You're so immature!'

Remus' mouth fell open. Was Sirius really calling him immature? They boy who played with his food, making one of his Cherri Owls talk to the other about who would make the dangerous 'excursion' into his stomach first, was telling him to grow up? That was rich!

'You're telling me to stop being so immature?' Remus asked as he raised one eyebrow inquisitively, 'Like you're one to talk.'

'At least I don't laugh at the word piston.' Sirius retaliated rather cockily.

There was a pause of awkwardness between the four boys as they looked around the damaged outhouse. The size of the floor plan of the single outhouse was as big as Peter's mum's bungalow. You could live in it if there was a kitchen, a toilet, a bedroom and, well, a roof. Actually, it probably wouldn't be wise to live in the outhouse as Sirius' motorbike was in parts all over the floor and there were lots of oil puddles as well. You'd fall over if you didn't look where you were going.

'You have to admit it though, piston is a funny word.' Remus said after a moment, filling the end of the awkward pause.

Sirius nodded his head. 'Yeah it is.' he agreed, 'Piston.'

'Piston.' Remus repeated.

'Piston.' Peter copied.




'Guys!' James suddenly butted in, cutting his friends off in their random 'piston' saying cycle, 'We have to fix this!' he continued motioning around.

He wasn't wrong. The outhouse needed fixing, as did the motorcycle. He and Sirius had been working on it for most of their summer holidays and now they were pretty much back to square one. All the hard work that they had put in was now all gone because of one lousy spring. Well, at least one thing was settled. Before the summer holidays had started, Sirius had said that building his motorcycle would be as easy as their end of year prank; filling the great hall with balloons. Obviously, at the time Remus, James and Peter knew that Sirius was underestimating the difficulty of building a motorcycle by hand but, at least now it was gratifying to know that Sirius knew that they were right.

'How are we supposed to fix it?' Remus asked, kicking a part of the motorcycle which was on the floor next to him.

'I don't know.' James said, beginning to panic now. If Remus didn't know what to do then they really were screwed. 'Look,' James said, trying to think coherently, 'Mum only gave me one instruction when she left for work this morning; don't blow up the house. It was the only condition I needed to follow so that she would leave us all in the house alone and I've broken it. I've blown up the house. She is going to kill me.'

There was a pause which Peter decided to fill. 'Well,' he said meekly, 'technically this isn't the house so you haven't broken any conditions.'

James turned to look sharply at Peter who instinctively cowered backwards slightly. He reprieved his action though when James began to nod his head with a mischievous smile spreading across his face.

'I like your thinking Pete!' he said, reaching out and ruffling Peters thin, straw-like blonde hair. He then clapped his hands together in a final sort of way, exhaled deeply, and said 'Right. I think we should leave this for now-'

'Noooo!' Sirius cut in with a whine.

'-and go and get something to eat.' James finished.

'Oh. Ok.' Sirius consented, immediately turning around and beginning the long trek across the grounds and over to the Potter mansion.

'Knew that'd sedate him.' James muttered to Remus under his breath as he folded his arms and leant over to one of his friends.

Remus took a deep breath and also folded his arms. He watched Sirius almost running across the grounds in search of food and nodded his head slowly. 'Yep.' he agreed to James, also muttering under his breath, 'Doesn't it always?'

Severus' summer holiday was boring to say the least. He had only been called to one of Lord Voldemort's meetings and, as he hadn't been to the previous one, due to the fact that he was in school, some of the things said hadn't made sense to him…

'My Lord.' one of the death eaters closest to Voldemort said. Severus looked at him and saw that he was wringing his hands. He was obviously rather scared at sitting quite close to Voldemort. Either that or he was afraid that the information he had to give wasn't good enough. Severus listened to what he had to say.

'We destroyed Chamberlaine Court my Lord.' the death eater said, bowing his head, 'Only one survived. We caught her sneaking away and brought her here for you to deal with.'

'Excellent.' Voldemort hissed, looking up above the table where there was a lifeless body floating in the air.

Severus had no idea why Voldemort had ordered an attack on the place named Chamberlaine Court. He had no idea where that was. Looking around the table to his fellow future death eaters, who had also missed the previous meeting, he noticed that they looked almost as in the dark as he was. Nobody seemed to know what Voldemort motives were for attacking Chamberlaine Court. Then again, perhaps he had no motives. Perhaps he had just pointed to a place on a muggle map and thought, yes I'll attack them!

Voldemort continued, 'Have the Minister of Magic's assistant kill her. She will make the perfect message.'

Severus didn't understand this either. It was obviously in reference to something that was said in the previous meeting but he had no idea what and was too scared to ask. The other thing he was afraid of was killing for the first time. Some others though, didn't share his fear and dove straight in, eager to be made a fully-fledged death eater.

'My Lord!' Bellatrix said from opposite the table from where Severus sat. He followed her eye line up the table. They, along with Wilkes, Avery, Mulciber and Rosier, were sat at the very end of the table near the door, as far away from Voldemort as they could possibly be. They weren't high enough in rank or respect to sit close to him.

Bellatrix continued, 'I have completed the task you set.' she said with a creepily devoted smile up at Voldemort.

'Well done.' Voldemort replied with empty congratulatory words, 'Anyone else?'

None of the death eaters in training, or so to speak, said anything.

'I see.' Voldemort said in disappointment. 'Get on with it!'

And that's what Severus was doing now. He had seen Bellatrix be branded with the dark mark on her left arm. She was the only one out of the selected six Slytherin student, who were about to start their final year at Hogwarts, that was now a fully-fledged death eater. The five boys had vowed after that meeting that they too would be branded with the mark by the end of the summer. Severus could now be branded.

He stood over the lifeless body of one of his neighbours, breathing heavily and gripping his wand so tight his knuckles were going white. He couldn't believe he had just done it. The body was lying in a pool of deep red blood which had spilled out after Severus had cast his own spell on him. It was cut and hacked in large deep slashes; the cause of death. Anyone who found the body, (for Severus had done the deed down a side street out of sight), would assume that they had simply been the victim of a knife crime. Nobody would know how this man was killed. Nobody except Severus and those in the wizarding world would know that. Most importantly, Voldemort would know that he had done it. He had made his first kill.

Severus didn't know how he felt about it. If truth be told, he didn't feel anything. There was no remorse, no sorrow and no regret. It was what it was. And right now it was starting to attract flies. So Severus left the body where it was, ready for it to later be discovered by a mother and her two young children. But Severus didn't care about that.

Putting his wand in his pocket, he went to sit on the wall opposite his house. Apart from to sleep, Severus had hardly set foot in his house this summer. He hated it in there. Since he had returned from Hogwarts, all he had for company was a snivelling wreck of a mother, still distraught after her dirty muggle husband's death the previous year. Severus couldn't stand her and made no attempts to conceal the fact. He had even told her that he thought it was disgusting how upset she was over a simple muggles death. She didn't respond well and had kicked Severus out of the house for the day. She wasn't too sharp on punishment though as she had let him back in not four hours later; a relief for Severus as he had nowhere else to go.

He breathed deeply as he watched his mother through the window walk into the living room. She walked past the armchair in which his father used to sit continuously and which she hadn't had the heart to throw out. As she walked past it she stroked the top of it and picked up the squashed cushion that was in the seat. She hugged it to herself and sniffed it. Unable to watch this disgusting scene any longer, Severus, with a sneer splashed across his face, got down off of the wall and went for a walk.

He went down a few side streets, past the shredded body that he was responsible for without batting an eyelid, and down to the local muggle park. He hadn't been in the park since he had stopped being friends with Lily. As soon as he walked into the park grounds and saw the swings, his mind was flooded with memories. Memories of the first time he had seen her. Memories of her long, deep red hair flowing out behind her as she swung back and forth on the swing. Memories of the first time he had told her she was a witch, he had shown her his powers and the endless days they had spent playing in that park.

Not being able to resist or tell his legs to stop, Severus walked the all too familiar length to Lily house. He thought that he would just watch her for a while, reignite some of his memories. He thought that he would sit on the wall outside her little semi-detached home and watch her in the kitchen, helping her mum make the dinner. She usually did in the summer holidays and, as it was one o'clock, there was a strong chance she would be there now. But as he approached, he noticed something had changed. The wall in front of the Evans' house had been taken out and, in its place, was a fresh growing evergreen hedge. He stared at it with venom in his eyes. It had ruined his plans and now there was nothing he could do but go home, lock himself in his room and avoid his mother. All he could do now was wait for the summer to end. And for him, it couldn't end fast enough.

One day, early in the summer, Lily had been sat in her room deep in thought. She was thinking about work. As soon as she had gotten back from Hogwarts for the summer holidays she was adamant to her parents that she would not be getting a job. She had told them that the first job she was going to get would be after she finished her Hogwarts and it would be a job in the wizarding world. To Lily's surprise, they had accepted this and had agreed to allow her to spend her summer reading, writing and, (for she was now seventeen and it was perfectly legal), practicing her magic.

At the beginning, this was fine. Lily's parents had been fascinated when she had shown them all the tricks and charms she knew and when she had shown them her apparation they were entranced. It was only Petunia who put a downer on everything. She had sneered at Lily's magic and had called her a freak on more than one occasion. Then when she had heard that Lily had decided not to take a summer job as she had at her age, she had scoffed at her decision and had accused her of scrounging off their parents.

After this, Lily began to have doubts. She got bored and then she started to think. What made it worse was when she realised that she hadn't had any mail. It wasn't unusual that Alice didn't write to her, she never did. It wasn't too unusual that Hestia hadn't written. She was in France after all and Hestia didn't like to pick up a pen, or quill in the wizarding world, if she didn't have too. Those two she wasn't too fussed about, as hard as that sounded. Even though they were her friends, she was used to this correspondence between them by now and it was nothing new. No, what she was thinking about was the fact the James had promised he would write to her and he hadn't. She wondered if he had forgotten or if he didn't want to. Either way, she didn't write to him in a way of prompt. She did however, begin to obsess slightly and she just couldn't get out of her head. All she kept thinking about was what Hestia had said and James' lack of letters. It was driving her crazy.

So, in a way of controlling this irrational train of thought which seemed to never leap off the tracks but instead kept chugging along annoyingly, Lily decided something. It was something which would take her mind off of her correspondence issues and would quell her sister's loud mouth. It was also something that would get her out of the house and away from Petunia making her wedding plans for the wedding she was still not invited too. It was also the one thing she had told her parents she wasn't going to do so imagine their surprise when she came into the dining room one day and said…

'Mum, Dad. I'm getting a job.'

Richard Evans put down the paper he was reading and Heather Evans stopped pouring her husband a glass of orange juice. They looked at each other and then back at their youngest daughter. Richard was the first to speak.

'You said you didn't want a job.' he stated.

'Well I changed my mind!' Lily retaliated cockily only to receive a reprimanded glare from her dad to which she replied, 'Sorry.'

Again, her parents looked at each other and then back to her. Then it was Heathers turn to speak.

'There's a job going at the corner shop.' she said, 'You can apply there.'

And that was where the conversation had ended. Lily had gone to the corner shop after that and had secured the job. The only downside was that she had to get up at six o'clock every morning to get ready for work for seven. It wasn't because she lived a long way away from her new job, in fact she lived just down the road, it was that she took a long time to wake up in the morning. Still, it was worth it to get her mind off of those tracks. She hadn't thought about James' lack of correspondence, Petunias wedding, Petunias taunts, or anything else that was bothering her, for a few of weeks now. She had thrown herself into her new job.

So, she had been working for a good few of weeks now and had fully gotten into the swing of the job. Her customer interaction was, in the words of her young boss, extremely natural and she had worked out the perfect way to stack the shelves as fast as possible which was what she was doing now. She was behind the counter putting out all of the chocolate bars. She was doing very well and was working very fast but, unfortunately, had underestimated the strength of the shelf and how many chocolate bars it would hold. It fell to the floor with a thud and she sighed in frustration as she knelt behind the counter to pick it up. If it wasn't bad enough that she had made a mistake, someone was about to see it as the bell which monitored the door opening and closing, just rang.

'I'll just be a second!' she yelled to whoever had walked in. She didn't hear a reply and so quickly gathered up all the chocolate bars and shoved them back into the box on the floor, just in case it was Mrs Wright the little deaf old lady who lived down the street. She came in once a day for a paper. She'd get worried if she saw no one and, as her boss was out back, Lily was the only one in the store.

As soon as all the chocolate bars were in the box, Lily stood up and pushed her hair behind her ears to see who the customer was. They were leant on the counter opposite her, gazing at her with a smile and the customer was someone she knew all too well.

'James?' she asked with a shocked half smile spreading across her face. She shook her head a little to ensure she wasn't imagining him there. She wasn't.

'Good.' James said as if he was talking to a small infant, nodding his head slowly, 'You remembered.'

This time Lily couldn't keep her smile to a half. 'What are you doing here?' she asked.

'Well hello to you too!' James retaliated, standing up from his leaning pose and acting insulted.

'Hello.' Lily said quickly before reiterating her question, 'What are you doing here?'

James grinned at her and picked up a small tube of sweets that was on the counter. He looked at the label and shrugged. The sweets were called Opal fruits. He nodded to himself, undid the pack, unwrapped one of the sweets and popped it into his mouth.

'Well,' he began, chewing the sweet but not making it obvious that something was in his mouth, 'I came to take you out to-wow these are really good.' he finished off track, looking at the cuboid shaped tube of sweets in his hand.

'You're going to have to pay for those.' Lily pointed out, 'But do continue. You're here to…'

'Oh right!' James said, getting back to his point, 'I came to take you out for a celebratory lunch!' he said with a lopsided grin before adding hastily, 'As friends of course.'

Lily looked confused. What was there to celebrate? It wasn't like he would want to celebrate her getting a job in the muggle world. It wasn't that hard. She was the only one, or at least the first one, to apply. And anyway, she had gotten the job a few weeks ago, so all opportunity to celebrate this event had passed. So what did he want to celebrate? She decided to ask him.

'What do you want to celebrate?' she asked him.

James' face dropped. She didn't know? Well, he didn't want to ruin the surprise for her so, instead, he dug into his pockets, pulled out some muggle money that he had exchanged in Gringotts that morning, and put it on the counter to pay for the sweets he had taken.

'Doesn't matter.' he said, 'Nice to see-'

'No, no, no, no!' Lily cut in pleadingly. She wanted to know what he knew. She was curious now. 'I want to know! Please tell me!'

'I don't want to ruin the surprise for you!' James said with a small laugh holding his hands up to her.

'James if you don't tell me,' she started as she walked around the counter to stand in front of him, 'I'll…'

James smiled down at her and folded his arms. 'You'll what?' he said cheekily, knowing that she wouldn't really do anything.

Lily narrowed her eyes at him in frustration. 'Just tell me!' she begged, hitting him on the arm.

'Hey that hurt!' James said, rubbing his arm where she had just hit him rather hard. He didn't think someone that sweet could do that.

'I'll do it again if you don't tell me!' she warned, lifting her arm up in a pose ready to hit.

'Alright, alright!' James sighed, grabbing her hand and putting it back down by her side but not releasing it. 'Ready?' he asked her to which he got an excited nod and continued, 'You're head girl.'

'Oh my god!' Lily squealed with a great beaming smile. She released his hand jumped and hugged James, much to his happy surprise, throwing her hands around his neck.

'And I'm head boy.' James finished, wondering how she would take that bit of news. They were friends now but that didn't or wouldn't change the fact that Lily Evans had never believed James Potter was responsible enough to have a position of, well, responsibility. None of the marauders were in her opinion, even Remus who was a prefect. Her argument for that was, what kind of prefect allows his friends to break so many rules and, not only allows them, but helps them to achieve it on a daily basis.

Lily pulled away slowly from her extended hug with James and, with a disbelieving look she asked James incredulously, 'You're head boy?' Her hands were still resting on his shoulders. She felt she should move them but his hands were still resting around her waist.

'Don't look so shocked!' James smiled, rocking her teasingly, knowing the feat would be almost impossible for her. He was shocked when he got the letter. So was Sirius. And Remus. And Peter. And Linda. And even his mum who had wanted him to be a prefect.

When he had opened his Hogwarts letter, along with his friends who were staying at his place for a week, he thought he had opened the wrong one. He had even tried to swap it with Remus who read the head's award letter out loud;

Dear Mr Potter,

Congratulations! You have been selected to fill the role of head boy for your final year at Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. You, along with Miss Evans, will be responsible for the following;

The schools prefects

Night time rounds

The prefect rounds rota

Helping the lower year and your own year

Helping the school run smoothly

In addition to this, you will be viewed as a role model to the school. I hope you take this responsibility wisely.

Yours Sincerely

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class; Grand Sorc.; D. Wiz; X.J.(Sorc.); S. of Mag. Q.)

After the boys had laughed at Dumbledore's whole name, (mostly Brian for it was odd that his other names were old fashioned and fancy and then there was Brian), they had congratulated James on the honour and then mocked him continuously for an hour. After this James had decided to go and congratulate Lily and, so that his friends wouldn't realise what he was up too, he had suggested a nice childlike game of hide and seek. In the Potter mansion, they wouldn't be able to find him for ages which gave him enough time to come and see Lily who still had a shocked look on her face.

'I am shocked.' she said eventually as both of them finally released each other, 'Has Dumbledore lost his mind? You set the record for most detentions in a day-'

'Something for people to look up too.'

'-and regularly sneak out at night-'

'Without getting caught.'

'-and casually prank the Slytherin's-'

'Which they deserve.'

'-and your just down right stupid sometimes.'

'Hey! I'm stood right here!' James said, hurt at the last one. He was one of the smartest in the class. He didn't like to show it and admittedly he did act stupid but he wasn't actually stupid. Not at all.

'Sorry.' Lily replied meekly. Had she just hurt his feelings? She better change the subject. 'So we going out to celebrate then?' she hoped, fluttering her eyelids in way of apology.

'Sure.' James chuckled, 'Let's go.'

Lily was about to go with him when she remembered something. She was at work. She couldn't just up and leave. She was only one on the floor and her boss was out back. Plus she didn't want to get fired by just going. But if she asked if she could go, she was too scared that she would get fired for that too. At first when she took the job it was a distraction but now, she actually liked it and didn't want to lose the work.

'I can't.' Lily said finally watching James' face fall for the second time since he entered the shop, 'I don't think my boss will let me.' she finished, pointing to her boss who had just entered the room carrying a heavy looking box.

James looked over to her. She was a blonde woman whom he presumed was probably in her late twenties. How she could be a boss he didn't know as she looked far too young to own a shop. Still, he took a deep breath, smiled his wonky smile with a mischievous glint in his eyes, rolled up the sleeves on his shirt and walked over to her, taking the box off of her when he reached her.

'Here,' he said, 'let me get that.'

'Thank you!' the woman said, her surprise that someone was helping her showing in her voice. She then looked at James who was smiling at her and her surprised expression grew.

James smiled back, put the box down on the side and ran his hand through his hair. He knew what she was thinking. He did look good today. He then stopped himself thinking that as his arrogance about his appearance, especially the running his hand through his hair thing, was something Lily didn't like. He knew this because she had told him time and time again during the six years that they had known each other.

'Hello…Hayley.' he said looking at her name badge, and then smiling charmingly at her, 'Listen I was wondering if, you know,' he began, 'I'm sorry but I have to say this, you have very pretty eyes.'

'Thank you,' Hayley said, blushing and starting to twirl a strand of her hair around her finger.

Behind the pair of them, Lily shook her head.

'They look so…giving.' James said as Hayley nodded along, drinking up every word, 'Anyway. I've just had some good news and I was wondering if you'd allow me to take my friend Evans over there out to celebrate. Normally I wouldn't ask such a thing but your eyes looked so caring and generous and kind. I thought I'd give it a shot.'

Hayley looked at Lily who was looking away. If she'd have looked over to her a moment earlier she'd have seen her roll her eyes at James' behaviour. Hayley looked back to James who was staring at her charmingly. She melted.

'Ok.' she said agreeing to let Lily go for lunch with James, 'As long as she's back for two.'

'Brilliant.' James said, touching her on the arm lightly, letting it linger there long enough for Hayley to retain her blush, 'Thank you.' He then turned around and winked at Lily who once again rolled her eyes but, after shouting her thanks and goodbyes to her boss, walked out of the shop with James.

They started to walk down the street together, James with his hands in his pockets strolling casually alongside Lily who had her arms folded.

'So where do you want to go?' he asked her.

'Well, before we go anywhere, I need to go home and grab my bag.' Lily replied.

'Oh ok.' James said, 'Where do you live?'

'Just there.' Lily answered pointing a little ways down the street.

James followed her finger to where she was looking. He saw a row of semi-detached houses which were part of a square complex surrounding a communal patch of grass in the middle. The grass had a few trees on it and a long vertical silver pole which James could only assume was some sort of odd muggle contraption or toy. (It was a lamppost.) Dead opposite the middle of the patch of grass was Lily's house. James knew this because this was the house they turned into. They walked up the little path way and stopped at the door.

Lily turned to James. 'Could you maybe wait out here for a second?' she asked him. She didn't think her parents, mostly her dad, would approve of her bringing the boy she had moaned about for five years into the house. In fact she doubted that her father would approve of her bringing any boy into the house who wasn't Severus Snape. Her father had liked him. Well, until he had heard how he had upset his daughter.

'Sure.' James said. He watched her walk into the house and, as soon as the door was shut he looked around. Her house looked extremely ordinary. It was nice house in a 1930's style. They were obviously at the back of the house as James could see into the kitchen. The back garden, which he was waiting in, was just a square piece of grass, separated by a small hedgerow. James then looked out to the communal patch of grass and noticed something which he found extremely funny.

Behind one of the trees opposite Lily's house, was Severus Snape. James could tell because of the greasy hair and big nose which stuck out from behind it. He was glaring at James who revelled in the fact that he obviously hated him being there. Then, just because it was absolutely hilarious for him, James leant against the wall next to Lily's front door in his usual position, looking as if he belonged there. He grinned cheekily at Severus and waved at him which only caused Severus to grip the tree in fury. James continued to smile at him, torturing him with his mere presence. He had to stop though when Lily came outside. He didn't want her to see him torturing her ex-best friend. Even though, it was only mental torture this time.

'Ready?' she asked him as she closed the door behind her.

'Yeah.' James replied. Then, just to piss Severus off even more he offered his arm to Lily so that she could link hers through as they walked. Lily hesitated and blushed slightly before doing just that and walking slowly away from her house with him. She didn't notice Severus' glare from behind the tree. James did though and smirked.

As the pair started off down the road. He looked at her up and down, subtly so that she wouldn't see, (after all he had established that they were only going out as friends, even though his body language stated otherwise), and smiled to himself. To him, she had never looked prettier. She had her hair down but had put on a head band to keep the deep red locks off of her face. It cascaded down her back with a gentle wave at the bottom. She was wearing a denim skirt and a simple white top which outlined her figure perfectly. She also had long brown boots on but parts of her legs were still showing.

Lily looked to James and noticed him look away quickly. She shook her head. Perhaps she had imagined that. 'Where do you want to go?' she questioned in reference to where he wanted to go for lunch.

'I was hoping you'd know a place.' James answered.

'Well we could go to the diner round the corner.' Lily suggested, 'We go there all the time.'

'Sure.' James said with a nod of his head.

They walked round the corner and saw the diner. Lily led the way towards it, neither of them saying a word as they approached the homely little restaurant. They weren't walking in awkward silence however. On the contrary, both of them were quite comfortable in each other's company, linking arms, talking or not.

James opened the door for Lily and she thanked him and entered the building. James followed her in and they looked around for a table. It was pretty empty so they could take their pick.

'Where do you want to sit then?' Lily asked James, gesturing around to the array of empty tables.

'How about here?' James said, pointing to the one closest to them.

'Err…no.' Lily disagreed, explaining, 'It's too close to the door there'll be a draft.' when James gave her a questioning look.

'How about that one over there then?' James suggested, pointing, this time, to the table furthest away from them.

'Err…no.' Lily said, repeating her last statement and explaining, 'It's next to the bathroom. It'll smell.'

'Well what about that one in the centre.' James sighed, sensing a theme here.

'No.' Lily said plainly, not even bothering to give an explanation this time.

'Well you pick one then.' James exhaled, giving up.

'How about the one near the window?' Lily asked politely, knowing that James would go and sit there even if she hadn't phrased it as a question.

'Err…no.' James said with no explanation.

'Why not?' Lily questioned in shock.

'Because you refused to sit at all the tables I suggested so-'

'Oh stop being so pedantic!' Lily laughed as she grabbed his hand and dragged him over to the table she had chosen by the window.

Almost immediately, as soon as they had sat down, a waitress appeared. She was wearing a blue chequered dress with a frilly pinafore on and in her hand was a small notepad and, as James couldn't see a quill, what he assumed was a writing instrument. Her name tag read Fran.

'Can I take your order?' she asked them.

'I'll have a pumpkin juice and-Ow!' James yelped, looking across the table to Lily who had just kicked him and was giving him a warning look.

'We'll have two cokes and two beef dinners please.' Lily said with a smile to Fran the waitress.

Fran smiled at Lily and then at James, paused to look at him a while longer, and then left to give in their orders.

As soon as she was out of earshot, James leant on the table and asked, in all seriousness, 'What's a coke?'

'Well you're about to find out!' Lily smiled as Fran returned and put down two tall glasses of coke.

James watched Lily take her coke with his head tilted to one side. She put the glass down and unfolded the napkin that was sat next to her. She placed in down in front of her, dug her fingers into her drink and took out a wedge of lime. James raised his eyebrows at her odd behaviour.

She looked up to see this and simply responded with, 'It's already a fruit drink why do they need to put more fruit in it?'

'Do you not like fruit?' James questioned.

'I have no problem with fruit I just don't like it in my drink.' Lily answered, folding the lime wedge up in her napkin and moving it to the side.

Simultaneously, they both took a drink. Lily, who had drank coke before, took a sip and put it to the side. James on the other hand, had never had coke before as he had grown up in the wizarding world. All he had really had was pumpkin juice, water or butterbeer. Coke was something completely different. He took a sip and his eyes widened. He took another sip and then another until his glass was almost half empty.

'Slow down.' Lily laughed, watching James get super excited about a glass of coke.

'I can't!' James said, taking another gulp, 'This is awesome! Where have muggles been hiding this stuff! It's bubbly! I like bubbles! You know, I can't taste any fruit in this and I left my lime wedge in. I'm telling mum to get this in! It's awesome and-'

'Maybe I should have ordered you a diet coke.' Lily smiled, noticing the sugar taking an instant effect on James. He was already someone who worked off of a natural buzz. Adding a full sugar coke into the mix wasn't particularly wise.

The pair of them had a lovely meal together, as soon as James had calmed down from the coke. Lily had ordered him a diet next and he began to return to his usual self. When he had, Lily had been able to get a word in edgeways and stop laughing so much for when he was on the buzz of coke he was ever so funny. Just the way he spoke was hilarious. And then, when he had built an office out of the salt, pepper, tomato sauce, menus and vinegar, his impression of Dumbledore had had Lily in stitches.

When there meal had arrived, he was calm and they began to talk. They talked about their summers and what they had been doing. They talked about who they had seen, why Lily had gotten a job, why James hadn't written to Lily, (he and Sirius had decided to use all the ink in his house to fill balloons and throw them off of the roof), and what they planned to do when they got back to Hogwarts and, as James said, ruled the school. Their conversation never lagged and the both felt very natural around each other with Lily wondering if this was what a date with him was like then maybe Hestia was wrong. Besides, before Hestia's ex-boyfriend had practically destroyed the romantic in her she had supported Lily on the topic of James. She had even gone so far as to say that they were inevitable.

They were having such a good time that time itself had flown by and it had hit two o'clock before they knew it. Lily had to get back to work and, reluctantly had to leave. She rummaged in her bag for some money when James told her to leave it. He said he'd pay. Lily had, of course, argued and said that he didn't need to pay for her but he continued to insist. If she hadn't had to get back to work she would have stood her ground longer but, as it was, she did have to go and unwillingly let him pay for her, promising she'd pay him back later. She hugged him goodbye, a long prolonged hug that neither wanted to pull away from but which James had ended by kissing her on the cheek, and left him sat at the table alone.

James watched her go. He had had a great time with her but felt that he did need to get back home now. He had left Sirius, Peter and Remus alone at his house, playing hide and seek of all things, for nearly three hours now. He'd be lucky if the place wasn't a mess by the time he got back but, as he had left it in the hands of Sirius, that was unlikely. The place wouldn't just be a mess but a pigsty. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of bits of paper which the muggles considered money. He had no idea how much the meal was but left two notes with the number twenty written on them. He then took one last sip of coke and left the diner to find a safe place to apparate. When he had, he turned on the spot with a smile on his face. Even if the rest of the summer was boring, it would still be the best summer he had ever had. He had spent three hours of it with Lily Evans. If that didn't equal an awesome summer, he didn't know what did.

Ok. :) I'm just gonna leave you with the summer holidays at the minute. In the next chatper they return to Hogwarts and the fun really begins! :)

I will try to update on the 31st of March

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