Five Minutes

Chapter 41

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Chapter Forty-One

Platform nine and three quarters was buzzing with chatter and laughter as students greeted their friends after a six week break from each other. People were hugging each other and jumping up and down squealing when they saw each other and that was just the boys. Everyone had missed the people that they spent most of their adolescent lives with and were just pleased to see that they had come back in one piece. The platform was filled with trunks and owl cages as the students slowly loaded the train. Not everyone was moving slowly though. There were some people who couldn't wait to get on the Hogwarts express.

Severus pushed his way through the bustling crowds with his head down. He dragged his trunk quickly towards the gleaming scarlet engine, pushing people out of the way as he went. He was surlier than ever and just wanted to get on the train, go to school and get the whole year over and done with as soon as possible. He was only going as it was a legal requirement and he needed his N.E.W.T's but if he was to be perfectly honest he'd rather be trying to work himself up into Voldemort's good graces. He was now a death eater, fully-fledged but, whilst he was at school, there wasn't much he could do. Especially as the Hogsmeade trips were now protected by roaming teachers and anti-apparation charms meaning no-one could attack the students whilst they were there and the students couldn't leave. Until the Christmas break when he would return home, Severus and all his other Slytherin 'friends' wouldn't be able to attend a death eater meeting and their only way of contact would be via letter or whatever they read in the Daily Prophet.

He heaved he trunk onto the train but found his way blocked.

'Want some help there?' James Potter said, smirking to Severus who didn't have his upper arm strength and looked as though he might need some assistance.

'Piss off Potter!' Severus spat in his face, pushing past him and disappearing down the train.

James watched him go. That's what he got for, for once in his life, trying to be nice to him. Delightful. Well, that wasn't true. He wasn't trying to be nice to him. He was reminding him subtly that he had spent time with Lily Evans in the summer holiday. His mere presence at a place where Severus should be ought to remind him of that. James Potter smirked again. He jumped off of the train and made his way through the crowd until he reached Peter and his mum saying their goodbyes.

'Do you have everything?' she asked her son who was clearly uncomfortable at being dropped off by his mother who was wearing a thick, mustard coloured, hand woven cardigan, a grey flat cap, army boots, bright green, flowery pedal pushers that were too small to her and an eye patch to cover the empty socket that had been left behind after she had been attacked. The older generation of wizards always found it harder to keep up with the latest muggle fashions. So when they did venture out into the muggle world to drop their children off, they looked a little strange and, to their kids, embarrassing.

'Yes.' Peter murmured with a tense jaw.

'Oh James.' Peters mum said when she finally saw him approaching them, 'Just a few things, he has new shoes on so be careful he doesn't trip and his trunk is rather heavy so you can carry it because it might hurt him.'

Peters mum suddenly plonked Peters trunk into James hands. Normally carrying trunks wasn't a problem but James was sure that there were bricks or something in this one because it was too heavy for him to hold.

'I'll see you at Christmas then darling!' Peters mum said, planting a great big wet kiss on her son's forehead before waving to James, who was struggling to pick up Peters case, and disapparating.

As soon as she was gone James stopped trying to manually move the case and turned to Peter. 'What did you put in here? Rocks?'

'No.' Peter said, wiping his forehead, 'Mum made me pack all of my clothes and all of my text books from the last six years.'

'Why?' James puffed, 'We didn't use them when they were actually set. Why would we use them now?'

Peter shrugged and took out his wand to levitate his trunk with. He moved the trunk magically over to the train and through the thinning crowds. It would be eleven in less than two minutes and, as soon as the big hand hit twelve, the train would pull out of the station. With this in mind, Peter and James stepped onto the train and walked down to their carriage where Remus and Sirius were waiting. They slid open the door and Peter levitated his trunk onto the shelves above. Then, both boys flopped down onto opposite seats in the carriage. No sooner had James sat down though, Remus got up.

'Come on then.' he said to James who looked at him with confusion and raised eyebrows.

'Come on where?' James asked, 'The trolley comes to us.' he continued, for this was the only reason he thought Remus would want to venture out of the carriage which they usually stayed in for the whole of the journey.

'To the prefect's carriage.' Remus explained as if it were obvious, 'We have to go there for a bit to sort through some stuff.'

'Well why do I have to go?' James replied, 'I'm not a prefect. And anyway, you don't usually go till about twenty minutes into the journey.'

'Well, I don't usually go when I'm supposed too because you lot never let me.' Remus said, gesturing around to the three boys who were still sat in the carriage, 'But now it's different because you need to be one of the first ones there.'

'Why?' James questioned with a yawn.

'Because you're head boy.' Remus said, raising one eyebrow.

'Oh yeah.' James said as if he had just remembered, forcing himself to stand up, 'Let's go then.' he sighed.

The pair of them left the carriage and James, who had never been to the prefect's carriage before, followed Remus down the train. It took a short while until they had finally reached the prefect's carriage as they compartment that they had chosen was on the complete opposite side of the train. They slid the door open and there were only two other people in there; a Ravenclaw girl and Lily Evans.

'Hey Evans!' James said as he saw her. He smiled at her, extremely happy to see her. He hadn't seen her since they had gone to lunch in the middle of the holidays. After that, everything he felt for her, everything he had unsuccessfully tried to bury had come back stronger than before and he was extremely glad that they were now head boy and head girl together as he had an excuse to spend more time alone with her. Maybe by spending time alone with each other, Lily's feeling from after last Christmas would return, she'd forget that he had tried to kiss her and she had pulled away and she would finally go out with him. They were probably just feeble hopes but, hope was hope.

'Hey.' Lily responded softly, standing and staring at him. Her stomach flipped as their eyes locked. Not wanting James to feel uncomfortable, she shook her head a looked away saying, 'Do you know all the prefects?' as a way to change the subject.

'I know Remus.' James said, jerking his thumb to Remus who was stood next to him waving.

'I'll take that as a no then.' Lily smiled. She handed him a sheet of parchment which he took and glanced at but just put to the side. He knew Remus and he knew Lily. Who else did he need to know?

He sat down, well, laid down as he had put his feet up, on one of the seats in the carriage. They were softer than the ones in the normal compartments and were also longer. The curtains in the carriage were nicer too. They actually blocked out the light. James liked it in the Prefects compartment. It was more welcoming than the ones they had to use.

Soon the compartment had filled with the prefects from all houses. Half of them had been able to sit down but the other half were unable to as James was still sprawled out along the other seat with his hands behind his head. They just stood in the middle of the compartment, not really sure what to do with themselves. It was Lily who saved them.

'James, move your feet.' she said, sitting down opposite him.

James sighed and moved his feet, reluctantly sitting through the prefects meeting. He hardly said anything whilst it took place. The only person to actually talk was Lily. She knew what had to happen in these induction meetings and she sorted out which prefect would take the first years to the houses dormitories, which prefects would take the first two nights of patrol and which prefects would be in charge of ensuring the higher years didn't send the first years off in completely the wrong direction. (That shouldn't have been an issue for Gryffindor this year as James was usually the one to do that. Still, being head boy doesn't change everything and there was still Sirius to consider.) Then the part of the meeting came when they gave out passwords for the houses that needed them; Slytherin and Gryffindor. James got the wrong end of the stick when it came to this and suggested that they give Slytherin one of two passwords; 'Gryffindor rules' or 'I'm a little tea pot short and stout'. He was soon corrected by Lily and told that the passwords were set by the head of house, something which he didn't find fun at all.

Soon, thanks to Lily's efficiency, the meeting was over and the prefect's went back to their own carriages leaving Lily alone with James and Remus.

'Well I think I did a brilliant job.' James said very proud of himself and running a hand through his hair.

'I think you did too.' Remus agreed.

Lily looked at them both in confusion and blurted out, 'You didn't do anything.'

'That was the best part.' Remus said.

'Yeah.' James said in continuation, writing something down on a piece of parchment, folding it, taking out his wand and enchanting it and then sending it out the compartment. He then turned to Lily and carried on with what he was saying, 'You know you liked being in charge.'

Lily smiled at him, blushing a little and then tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Her stomach flipped again and the butterflies returned as he looked at her and winked. She looked down. She still really liked him and didn't know how they were supposed to work together professionally if she felt this way. When they had gone out to lunch in the holidays she couldn't help but wonder if that's what it would be like with him on a date. If so, she didn't know what Hestia was talking about at all but was too chicken to actually call her out on this. If she did, it wasn't like anything would happen. They were now stuck in a limbo, both thinking the other just wanted to be friends and both too scared to say anything.

'Are you coming?' Lily asked them both as she went to the sliding door.

'Nah.' James replied, flopping himself down on one of the seats again and sprawling out, 'We're gonna stay here. This place is much nicer than our compartment. You can stay if you want? I know I wouldn't mind.'

Remus looked away and out of the window as James invited his long time crush to sit with them.

Lily smiled again. All she seemed to do around James was smile. 'I'd love too.' She began, getting James' hopes up and making Remus raise his eyebrows in insinuation. They both dropped their expressions though when Lily continued with, 'But Alice and Hestia will kill me if I don't go and see them.'

'Oh.' James said, deflated and looking down. 'Sure. See you later then.'

Lily stood where she was for a second and then walked over to James and hugged him. It took him a few moments to realise and hug her back, breathing in the smell of her hair as he did so. They hugged for about three seconds before she stood back up, blushing furiously, said bye and left.

As soon as she was gone Remus turned to James who had a sappy smile on his face and said, 'Dude you should ask her out. You want to. Just do it.'

James didn't answer as, at that moment Sirius and Peter walked into the compartment.

'Awesome!' Sirius said as he walked in, 'This place rules!'

'I know right!' James said in reply, folding his hands behind his head and relaxing, 'I know how to travel in style!'

'Please! You hadn't stepped foot in this compartment before today.' Remus laughed.

'Yeah but now it's my carriage!' James grinned, 'I'm head boy. I own this train!'

Sirius and Remus looked at each other and laughed as Peter tittered behind them. James was going to be unbearable this year. If he thought he owned the train, they were sure that it would only lead on to him soon declaring that he owned the school. Not that they minded. It would be funny to watch.

Still, the thing that baffled them all was how James had made head boy in the first place. Merlin knows he wasn't exactly a model student. He received many detentions, played loads of tricks, bullied the Slytherin's (although he had gotten better at not doing that so much, not doing it at all last year), skipped classes, missed exams, sneaked out and basically didn't give two hoots. Why Dumbledore had decided to unleash him in a position of power that would also boost his arrogance was beyond everybody, including James. The only reason they were able to come up with was Dumbledore had gone crazy but even that seemed implausible. No matter what though, James would be head boy all year and they would just have to deal with it.

Lily sat with Hestia and Alice at the welcome feast, waiting for the first years to arrive. They were late which was unusual as Hagrid was always so punctual when it came to delivering them to the sorting. He had to be otherwise he would have a load of hungry teenagers mad at him. They were starting to get moody as it was. They had been traveling all day with only sweets from the trolley to eat. They needed real food and it was being held up by something. Only nobody knew what. They suspected Peeves had something to do with it as he always stropped about not being able to come to the welcome feast to greet, as he would say, 'the wee little piggy winks'.

Lily turned to Hestia and stuck her bottom lip out. 'I'm hungry.' she said.

'Me too.' Alice said, her belly rumbling loudly.

'No worries.' Hestia replied to them both, looking around suspiciously before digging into her robes. She pulled out three ice mice and offered them over the table. Alice and Lily grabbed one each and popped them into their mouths. They chewed them hungrily, the sweet taste filling them up for about a second. When they had swallowed, they all smiled at each other and then, simultaneously, there smiles dropped.

'I'm still hungry.' Lily whined, rubbing her stomach beneath her robes.

'Me too.' Alice repeated.

'Well I've got nothing left so you're just going to have to cope.' Hestia replied brutally. She had been harsh with them for the whole of the train ride. Cold even. Obviously a six week holiday in France wasn't enough time to get over your first boyfriend cheating on you.

They didn't have to cope with their hunger for much longer though as Professor McGonagall walked into the hall with the missing first years in tow. They followed her up the hall to the front where the old and fraying Sorting Hat sat atop a small three legged stool. They all looked terrified at the prospect of being there and were staring at the hat as if it was about to eat them. The small students were gathered around it nervously and the hall fell silent in waiting. Then it opened its frayed mouth and began to sing.

Almost a thousand years ago

When I was just a hat,

The founders had a problem

That caused them all to spat

They all had different virtues

Which they valued and revered,

But none could agree on which

Values should be reared

And so four houses were devised

Which today are still well known

Each founder heading one of them

And calling one their own

Gryffindor house took on those

Who were brave and bold

Taking on the colours of

Scarlett red and gold

Slytherin wanted those with

Cunning and use of means

Lending them the colours of

Silver steel and greens

Those with brains, thought Ravenclaw

I'll teach my magic too,

Clothing them in colours of

Bronze and royal blue

Then was Hufflepuff my friends

In yellow and deep black

Who only cared if you would give

The clothes straight off your back.

With all their houses settled

There was one more thing to do

To inform me of these values

So I could then place you

So put me on your head and I'll

See which traits you show

Put me on your head and I'll say

Where you ought to go!

The hall burst out in a rapturous applause as the Sorting Hat closed its ripped mouth and took an odd little bow. It was the Sorting Hat's shining moment, when he performed his little song before the sorting. He only had one job at the beginning of the year and it only lasted for forty minutes at the most. For the rest of the year there was nothing he could do. Students suspected that he spent his time working on his songs. That was why they always gave him a generous round of applause in appreciation, even if they didn't think the song that he had created was that good.

'When I call your name,' started Professor McGonagall, unravelling a long scroll of parchment which had a list of student's names on it, 'please come and sit on the stool and I will place the sorting hat on your head.'

Lily and Hestia looked at each other ready to play their game. It wasn't particularly a fun game but it was how they had decided who bought the butterbeer on their first Hogsmeade trip. What they did was guess which house the students would be placed in. Whoever lost bought the butterbeer. Lily usually won. She enjoyed winning.

'Molly Atkins.' McGonagall read.

A small girl with bleach blonde hair walked nervously up to the three legged stool. She looked at the stool and then around at the crowd of other nervous first year students. She smiled at them and sat down. As soon as she was settled, McGonagall placed the sorting hat on her head.

'Hufflepuff.' Lily said assuredly, nodding her head.

'Nope.' Hestia disagreed, 'She's a definite Ravenclaw.'

Alice looked at the pair of them from across the table. 'What are you doing?' she asked them.

'Hufflepuff!' the Sorting Hat yelled out across the hall which clapped politely for the small Hufflepuff girl who hopped of the stool and ran across to the table belonging to her new house.

As she went and the next student walked up confidently to the stool, Sorting Hat and Professor McGonagall, Lily and Hestia explained to Alice what they were doing. She hadn't sat with them properly after their second year and, as this tradition started in their third year, she was oblivious to it. Still, she wanted to join in. There was a chance of free butterbeer and no witch or wizard in their right mind would refuse a chance for free butterbeer.

The three of them put in their guesses for the next student who was on the stool. She was a tall girl with sleek black hair. Lily guessed Gryffindor whilst Alice and Hestia went for Slytherin. They waited for the house to be announced. The girl ended up being placed in Slytherin and Lily lost. She wasn't happy about this as she hated losing so imagine her displeasure when she lost the whole game to Hestia and her new found accomplice Alice. Now she had to buy the three of them the first round of butterbeers when they went to Hogsmeade.

Still, she put that out of her mind as soon as her belly rumbled again. Lily looked up to the front of the great hall where Professor McGonagall was moving the three legged stool, along with the Sorting Hat, to the far side of the hall and out of the way of Dumbledore's view. Dumbledore then stood up and opened his arms in welcome. Lily smiled. She had missed Hogwarts but that wasn't the real reason behind her smile. She was smiling because she knew that as soon as Dumbledore was finished speaking, which would only take about a minute or so providing there were no interruptions, food would be served and her hunger would be curbed.

This would have definitely been the case if the doors of the great hall hadn't banged open just before Dumbledore opened his mouth. The entire hall, as one, turned their heads to the now open doors, all expecting to see Filch and his annoying little cat Mrs Norris ready to complain about Peeves but they got an odd surprise.

In the door way was one of the boats which were used to carry the first years across the lake. (By seeing this, the whole hall now understood the reason for the first years being late.) The boat was floating in mid-air and standing inside in the middle, hands on hips and attempting to look noble, wearing an extremely odd hat with the letters HB on, was James Potter. Either side of the boat then, were Remus and Peter waving little flags with the letters HB on them. Then, finally, Sirius was sat in the front of the boat blowing out an annoyingly awful and loud tune on an old fashioned messengers trumpet. He blew out the tune a couple more time before Remus hit him over the back of the head and told him to get on with it. Then, after a short spat which sent snickers of amusement through the hall, Sirius Black announced loudly, 'Make way make way! Head boy coming through.' As soon as Sirius had said this the boat lurched forwards until they stopped in the middle of the hall.

James looked around at the quietly stunned hall. 'Well I was expecting a round of applause!' he said in mock annoyance raising his hands for the hall to clap.

Surprisingly to everyone, Dumbledore was the first one to start clapping. Slowly, the rest of the hall joined in until they were applauding in the same way they did after the sorting hat had finished its song.

'Thank you, thank you!' James said taking a dramatically large bow, shouting over the rapturous applause, 'I'm here all year!'

'Me too!' Sirius yelled.

'Yeah, no one cares.' Remus said to him as the four of them jumped out of the boat and sat at the four available seats at the Gryffindor table.

'What an entrance.' Dumbledore said to the hall as they started to settle down, taking out his wand and making the floating boat in the middle of the hall vanish from sight, 'Now we've had the show, I do believe it's time for the meal. Enjoy!'

The tables filled up with the delicious start of term feast to which Sirius shouted his usual response, 'FOOD!'. Then, in usual response, the people around him laughed including, for the first time in her life, Lily.

'Why are you laughing?' Hestia asked Lily with one raised eyebrow. Lily had never in her life laughed at that. All she had done was roll her eyes in the past.

'Because that's the last time we'll ever have to hear that!' she grinned in return, 'Just like that was the last sorting we'll see and this is the last welcome feast we'll have and-'

'All right, shut up, you're bumming me out!' Alice said with a sad pout. She then continued on to change the subject as she had a feeling that Lily would just continue to list all of the lasts that they were having. 'Why didn't you go in with Potter in his 'grand' entrance?' she asked Lily with insinuation.

'She wouldn't do that.' Hestia said in place of Lily, 'She's not a big fan of boats and she's over that stupid Potter crush. Come to her senses haven't you Lily?' she went on to say, her mood returning, no longer the romantic she was the previous year.

Lily glanced over to James who smiled at her in return with a wave and a wink. She wasn't over it, not at all. But she didn't want her best friend to think she hadn't listened to her advice and go off into another 'my boyfriend cheated on me and now I hate the world' fuelled rant. So she just said, 'Yeah. I'm over it.'

The next morning at breakfast, the students of Hogwarts were given their timetables for the year and James Potter and Lily Evans were given a note informing them that Dumbledore wished to see them. As soon as she had received the note Lily walked over to James and suggested that they make their way up to their headmaster's office together. Without missing a beat, James agreed and the pair of them walked out of the great hall together.

'What do you think he wants?' James asked Lily, shoving his hands in his pockets and turning his head to glance at her as they walked.

'Maybe he wants to tell you he made a mistake by making you head boy?' Lily teased with a little laugh before giving her real answer. 'It's probably something to do with the duties expected of us as head students.'

'Yeah that makes sense.' James agreed, nodding his head.

They walked a little bit further in silence before Lily randomly came out with, 'I had a really good time with you in the summer.'

James stopped in surprise. He hadn't been expecting her to say that at all. In fact, if anything, he didn't think that she would ever speak of it again. He didn't think she'd have told anyone that they went to lunch in case they looked upon it as a date. Still, he was glad to see that he wasn't the only one who enjoyed their few hours together.

Having people speculate it was a date was the reason that he hadn't told his friends. He was getting bad at not telling his friends things, keeping secrets from them. He hadn't told them anything that had transpired between him and Lily over the past few months such as the time he had almost kissed her and then, of course, their summer lunch. His friends still believed that James had just found an extremely good hiding place in the Potter mansion. Then there was the thing with Severus Snape that he had kept hidden from his friends, despite their suspicions. But just by keeping these secrets he felt extremely guilty. The marauders friendship as a whole was built on open honesty. It was why their friendship was so strong. Even though this was the case, something had stopped James from sharing these secrets and he didn't particularly want to reveal them, even now. Something was stopping him.

'Err, James?' Lily said, interrupting his thoughts.

'Yeah?' James replied, blinking the problems that had just been running through his head to the back of his mind. It seemed that he had just randomly stopped and started to think. Knowing this must have seemed extremely weird to Lily, James started to walk forwards again, with her following by his side.

'You know,' James began, finally replying to what Lily had originally said, 'I had a good time with you too.'

'Did you not expect too?' Lily asked him, picking up on the surprised tone in his voice.

'No.' James laughed, running a hand through his hair as he did so, 'No, I knew I'd have a good time with you. Always suspected that would be the case.'

Lily smiled at this, blushing slightly as she did so. 'Always?' she questioned.

They had reached the stone gargoyle which guarded Dumbledore's office by now and stopped just outside it. As soon as they were both stationary James turned to Lily and said, 'Yes. Always.' He then took a deep breath and went for it. 'We should do it again.' he stated.

Lily took a deep breath also and quickly said, 'Maybe.' to James before turning to the stone gargoyle and saying the password Dumbledore had sent in the notes that they were given; strawberry dream.

Immediately, the ornate stone gargoyle sprang to life and leapt to the side to reveal the moving spiral staircase which would take James and Lily to the door of Dumbledore's office. They stepped on stairs and stood still as it lifted them up through the tower until the top step connected to the piece of wall just below the oak door entrance. James knocked on it and, upon hearing that they could enter, opened the door for Lily who thanked him and walked in.

Lily had never been in Dumbledore's office before. She had read about the headmasters office extensively in Hogwarts; A History. She had read about the past headmasters portraits being pinned to the walls and she had read about the changing password which the headmaster himself chose and how it changed every time someone who wasn't official Hogwarts staff entered the office. This meant that as soon as she and James left his office he would have to change his password. Her expansive knowledge of how the headmaster's office worked was how she knew about the emergency password bypass that helped the marauders get in when Peters mum was attacked. Still, now she was actually in Dumbledore's office, everything she had read seemed insignificant. It hadn't even started to describe the magnificence of it.

It was a circular office filled with moving pictures of past headmasters in ornately decorated golden frames who were talking to James wondering aloud what he had done that had caused him to be sent up to Dumbledore's office again. There were lots of odd contraptions and devices that Lily had no idea what they were for. Atop one of the many bookcases that surrounded the office was the sorting hat that was used just the previous day. At the back in the centre, Dumbledore's desk was large and inviting with a throne like chair behind it, which Dumbledore was sat on, and in front of it were two large cushy armchairs meant, presumably, for James and Lily. As they went to sit down, Lily noticed something that definitely wasn't in Hogwarts: A History. A magnificent, fiery feathered phoenix was perched on a golden stand with its head tucked into itself, sleeping soundly.

'Ah Miss Evans, Mr Potter.' Dumbledore greeted as they sat in front of him, 'How are you both?'

'Fine sir.' James answered for them both as Lily was still entranced by the space they were in.

'Good to see that becoming head boy hasn't stopped you breaking the rules!' Dumbledore commented with a hearty chuckle, looking over his half-moon spectacles at James with sparkling blue eyes.

'With all due respect sir, we broke no rules.' James said with a cheeky smile, 'First of all, Hagrid always says no more than four to a boat. There were only four of us in there sir so, no rules broken there. Secondly, I have read…no rule books actually but I'm pretty sure there are no rules about borrowing the boats.'

Dumbledore gave another throaty chuckle, his eyes twinkling at James with whom he was all too comfortable with having in his office. He shook his head fondly and turned to Lily asking her, 'And Miss Evans, how are you?'

'I'm very well thank you professor.' Lily replied a little nervously. In her whole Hogwarts life she had never had a one to one with Dumbledore, at least not since the day when he came to explain to her parents and her about Hogwarts. She had only ever seen him at the special occasion feasts. This was a novelty for her. Out of respect and politeness, Lily asked him in return, 'How are you sir?'

'I am well too Miss Evans. Thank you for asking.' Dumbledore replied nicely, nodding his head once in a small type of bow before continuing, 'Now you've nothing to worry about here. This is strictly a routine meeting that I do with all my head students.'

'You mean…we aren't the first?' James sniffed dramatically putting his hand to his chest, 'I can't say I'm not hurt, but, I'll cope!' he sniffed again.

'Thank you Mr Potter.' Dumbledore smiled, 'Now, as head students you will be responsible for organising the prefects, especially the patrol rota which you will need to schedule in advance. My advice on this subject is to compose a rough timetable for this week and inform your prefects of the schedule in the meeting tonight. Now, as you know Miss Evans, the prefects meeting is a weekly occurrence, every Friday, which both the head boy and head girl reside over. This means, Mr Potter that you will need to attend. Usually, before the meeting, the head students create the schedule for week which organises everybody's patrols. During the meeting, you must go over the patrol rota with your prefects to ensure that no one has a problem with it and listen to any concerns the prefects have. These concerns can vary from a problem with the patrol rota to a school issue. After the meeting the head students take the time to consolidate the minutes of the meeting and make any necessary changes to the rota that has been discussed. Then you will post the rota on the notice board of each common room that night. Any questions so far?' he asked them, looking between them both.

'One.' James said, stroking his chin in what he thought was an intellectual way, 'How do I go about getting jelly added permanently to the menu?'

Dumbledore pressed his fingertips together and simply said, 'You would have to talk to the house elves in the kitchen. I trust you know where that is?' he raised his eyebrows before continuing with the serious information.

'Also, from time to time, you may be needed to help with a school issue or the mentoring of younger students if they are struggling in a particular subject. Don't worry though, we won't ask you to tutor in a subject you don't take or have never taken. In those situations, all we ask is that you recommend somebody who you believe will be suitable to take the post. Is that clear?'

'Yes Sir.' Lily said before James could answer him with some odd sarcastic comment that would just slow this meeting up and cause them to be late for their first lesson.

'Next, the Hogsmeade visits.' Dumbledore began.

'Brilliant idea!' James responded with a grin, resting one of his elbows on the arm of the cushy purple chair he was sat in.

'They will be going ahead with the same provisions as the last academic year.' he continued, delighting both of his head students with his announcement, 'Last year, the head students were tasked with the job of safely ferrying the students back to Hogwarts if anything were to go wrong. This was to enable the staff and residents of Hogsmeade to take care of the situation. This is just a precaution and probably won't happen but, if it does, then it is your duty to look after your peers.'

James and Lily nodded. Both understood that, if anything bad were to happen during a Hogsmeade trip, (which it wouldn't as Dumbledore's enchantments, protections and precautions were airtight.), they would have to be serious. They would be responsible for the health and wellbeing of all students who visited Hogsmeade. They had dealt with a similar situation in January and knew what could happen as, when it had happened back then, they had both ended up in the hospital wing.

'Finally,' Dumbledore announced with a twinkle in his eyes, 'you're privileges.'

'Now we're talking!' James grinned, leaning forwards eager to know what the title head boy gave him.

'As you know, curfew for all students is nine thirty. The curfew for the prefects is ten o'clock and your curfew is ten thirty.' Dumbledore said.

There was no reaction from James or Lily. Lily had always stuck to curfew anyway unlike James who never took any notice. Either way, the extended curfew didn't affect them.

'You're other privileges include full use of the restricted section in the library, use of the prefects bathroom, use of any and all available classrooms and the ability to give and take away points from other students.' Dumbledore said, coming to a close.

'Excellent!' James said a little bit evilly. Only one thing was running through his head; punishment. He could deduct points from the Slytherin's for just looking at him. That was going to be extremely fun. Also, as soon as he took away points from Slytherin, he could give them to Gryffindor. Effectively, they had already won the house cup. Score, James thought.

'That's all.' Dumbledore chirped, smiling at his head students, 'You may go.'

James and Lily rose from their squashy armchairs and thanked Dumbledore for his time, information and advice. They headed towards the door with Lily looking all around her as she went, drinking in Dumbledore's office one last time before she had to leave. James followed her across the room gazing at her deep red hair as it moved gracefully along with her. They reached the door and James leaned round to open it for Lily who thanked him and walked through it. James was about to follow her when he thought about something. Something everybody was curious about.

He turned back to Dumbledore with a curious look on his face. 'Professor?' he queried.

Dumbledore, who had already started to write something with his extravagant quill in a small black book, looked up. 'Yes Mr Potter?' he answered with a questioning head tilt.

'I was just wondering,' James began with a sigh, 'as my track record is against me here, why you made me head boy?' he finished in question, looking intently at his headmaster.

'Ah, Mr Potter.' Dumbledore smiled, placing his quill down and his fingertips together, 'I'd have thought that would be obvious. Good day.'

James nodded, still confused, and left, closing the heavy oak door behind him. It wasn't obvious. It wasn't obvious at all. That only left one conclusion. Dumbledore had, indeed, gone mad.

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