Five Minutes

Chapter 44

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Chapter Forty-Four

On Sunday morning, Hestia Jones woke up and looked outside excitedly. Today was Quidditch try-outs, at least, the morning was. If there was one thing she loved it was Quidditch and the sooner she made the team again, the sooner they could start the real practices and, perhaps more importantly, the games. She couldn't wait to get out there and feel the wind in her hair as she sped past the other hopeful chasers, showing them how it was done. She had practiced a lot over the summer and, thanks to Gwenog Jones last year, she now had a few new tricks up her sleeve. It was actually unreal how excited she was about this.

She clamoured out of bed at eight-thirty, completely unaware that her best friend Lily had only gone to bed three hours before, and jumped on her bed. For the first few jumps, Lily didn't wake up. It was only when Hestia chucked the glass of water that she kept on her bedside table over her that she opened her eyes; drenched.

'Ugh!' Lily said in disgust, sitting up and picking up her pillow to have a look at the giant wet patch that now covered it, 'What was that for?'

'Time to get up!' Hestia announced as if it was the 'in' thing to do.

'No!' Lily moaned. She threw her now soaked pillow on the floor and, struggling as Hestia was sat on her bed, pulled her quilt over her head. She closed her eyes in an attempt to get back to sleep but it was futile as Hestia's voice invaded.

'Come on Lily! It's Sunday!' she said as if this would inspire Lily to wake up and get out of bed.

'Exactly!' came Lily's muffled voice from under her covers, 'It's Sunday! It's God's day! It's the day of rest!'

Hestia looked confused. 'No it's the day of Quidditch!' she responded, 'Come on! Why don't you want to get up?'

'Because I didn't get to sleep till around six!' Lily said, her voice still muted by her covers.

'Why?' Hestia asked her.

Lily had just realised what she had said and slowly pulled down the covers from her face. She looked straight at Hestia who was looking at her with a questioning frown. Her mind raced ten to the dozen trying to think of a good lie. She was not good at making up lies on the spot because she never usually lied but thankfully, said something that tallied with her personality. 'I was reading a book.'

'Oh.' Hestia said, believing it. If Lily got into a book that she liked she wouldn't put it down until she had read it. This happened a lot. 'Well you can still get up!' Hestia continued, bouncing a bit more on the bed in an attempt to annoy Lily enough that she would get out of it, 'We'll miss breakfast otherwise.'

'I'm not hungry.' Lily mumbled and she pulled her duvet back over her head, this time pulling it tightly around her ears so that she could block out Hestia's voice. 'I'm still full.'

'From last night?' Hestia questioned. This wasn't like Lily. She was usually ravenous at breakfast time because it would have been more than ten hours since they had last eaten.

Lily cursed herself internally. She was really bad at this 'keeping things a secret thing' and it had only been around forty-eight hours. She was usually such an honest person. Things would be a lot easier if she just told Hestia the truth; that she had gone out with James Potter on a date in the early hours of the morning. But she didn't want to because she knew what Hestia, still mardy over a bad break up, would say; You have nothing in common. I thought you were over this. Move on Lily, move on. Everyone will stare at you and hate you for going out with him. Just let it go. Lily didn't want to be made to feel badly about this, especially as she had had such a good time with him last night.

She still couldn't respond to Hestia's question and closing her duvet around her ears so that she couldn't hear her hadn't worked. Instead she just said, 'Just let me sleep a bit longer please?'

Hestia sighed. 'Fine.' she said, giving up completely. She wasn't going to win this. It was hard enough to get Lily out of bed in the morning as it was and Hestia still had to eat breakfast and go to the Quidditch trials. She had no more time to waste trying to coax her best friend out of bed like a badger out of its den. 'If you do decide to get up I'll be on the Quidditch pitch for try-outs.' she finished.

Lily suddenly sat up. 'Quidditch try-outs?' she asked. That couldn't be right. James had had as little sleep as she had, probably even less. Definitely less in fact. She distinctly remembered him still being in the common room when she had gone to bed the night before. Then he must have had to get up earlier than she had as he would have had to get everything all ready for their date. They had returned at half five which would have only given him two or more hours sleep until he had to be up to go and prepare for the Quidditch team try-outs. As captain of the team, it was his duty. How could he do all this? If it were Lily, she'd be asleep on her broom, (not that she had ever been or would ever go on a broom). It was impossible to have the energy to do all of this with no sleep. Lily was intrigued by this to say the least.

'Yeah.' Hestia had continued to say, not noticing that Lily had gone off into her own little world, 'I thought as it's our last year and you keep saying all that depressing stuff like 'it'll be the last time we see the sorting' or 'this is our last first day at Hogwarts' you might want to come and see, as you would put it, 'the last ever Gryffindor Quidditch team try-outs we'll get to see' or words to that effect.'

Lily, who hadn't actually been listening to this, was still able to get the right sentiments behind her answer, even though she had no idea what she was answering to. 'I'm gonna go. After all, it is the last ever Quidditch try-outs I'll get to see you do.'

'Exactly.' Hestia said, rolling her eyes as Lily had basically just repeated what she had already said.

In a hurry, as the Quidditch trials began at half nine and they had wasted ten minutes talking and still had breakfast to go get, Lily got changed and ready to go. She pulled on light grey clingy t-shirt, some deep indigo jeans, ran a brush through her hair and put on a fabricated deep blue stretchy head band to keep her hair off of her face. (If she was going to be outside in the wind and had no headband on, she was sure to be watching a lot more of her red hair flying around than the prospective Quidditch players.) She then brushed her teeth and washed her face, slipped on some trainers and was ready to go.

The pair of them left their dormitory at five to nine and headed down to the great hall for breakfast. When they got there almost the whole of the Gryffindor house was sat down eating. It seemed that they all wanted to get out to the Quidditch pitch to either watch or participate in the try-outs. The seventh years seemed especially excited about the trials. It seemed that all of them, or at least the majority of them, had decided to try-out for the team for their last year. This meant that the try-outs would go on forever.

Hestia and Lily sat down at the only available seats at the long Gryffindor table next to Remus, Sirius and Peter. Lily looked around but James was nowhere to be seen.

'So Black,' Hestia said as she sat down opposite him but next to Peter Pettigrew, 'you actually gonna make the team this year?'

'What you mean?' Sirius replied through a mouthful of toast, 'I made the team last year.'

'Sorry I phrased that wrong.' Hestia continued on to tease and taunt him, 'I meant are you actually gonna stay on the team this year?'

Sirius put down his toast with a scowl in the direction of Hestia who was just smirking cockily at him. He turned to Peter who was sat next to her buttering his toast and said, 'Just hit her for me Pete.'

Peter dropped his toast, the buttered side falling on the table, and looked up at Sirius in a gormless fashion. He couldn't believe he had just been asked to do something by Sirius. What he couldn't believe more was that he couldn't do what he was asked to do. As much as his mother annoyed him, the values she had brought him up with had stuck with him, including the good old 'never hit a girl' saying. So as much as Peter wanted to do what Sirius asked of him, he couldn't but it turned out he didn't need too.

'Ow!' Hestia said, turning Lily in a calm outrage, 'Why did you do that?'

'Because what you said was mean.' Lily said simply before adding, 'And Pettigrew looks like he's about to wet himself.'

Hestia, Sirius and Remus turned their heads to look at Peter who did indeed look as if he was about to wet himself. Remus and Sirius laughed at this, not mockingly or in any other bullying type of way, just because the face Peter was pulling looked funny. Hestia didn't laugh at all. She merely tutted and picked up the slice of toast that Peter had dropped and took a bite of it.

'So where's James?' Lily asked, trying her hardest to be nonchalant as if this was just a casual question which, in fairness, it was. She just couldn't guarantee that something about her, her tone of voice, a blush, a smile or something wouldn't give her away. Thankfully, nothing did.

'He's on the pitch.' Sirius replied, grabbing yet another slice of toast and standing up, 'Talking of which, we should get going.'

'Ok.' Remus said, following his lead and standing up, ready to go.

'Are you going to try out?' Lily asked Remus who just laughed in reply. Remus didn't play Quidditch. He was more of a spectator.

Remus and Sirius, along with Peter when he realised they were leaving, left the great hall on their way to meet James out on the Quidditch pitch. Sirius had left with a great big pile of toast claiming that half of it was for James and Lily had watched him go with a roll of her eyes.

They stayed in the great hall to eat their breakfast but it wasn't long until Lily and Hestia followed them out and headed over to the Quidditch pitch themselves. As they got up to leave, they noticed that the vast majority of the Gryffindor table had already gone and as they walked down to the pitch, they joined the crowd of excitable students all eager to watch or participate in the trials. The Quidditch pitch was full, as were most of the stands, when the two girls got there. They went their separate ways as soon as they stepped foot into the grounds with Lily wishing Hestia luck with a hug and disappearing into the stands whilst Hestia went out onto the pitch to join the throng of other hopeful Gryffindor's.

Lily climbed up through the spectators stands until she reached the section usually reserved for Hufflepuff's. She had been everywhere else trying to find a good place to sit and watch and this was the only place available. So, all on her own, she went to sit in the middle of one of the long benches that ran the length of the stand and looked down at the pitch. Straight away, she spotted Hestia though she wasn't hard to miss. She was the one waving madly and enthusiastically in Lily's direction.

After she had located Hestia and returned her wave, she searched through the crowd for James. She couldn't find him anywhere. There were just too many Gryffindor's to sift through and she concluded that she would soon find out where he was anyway when he started the trials. The one thing she hadn't counted on though, the one thing that never occurred to her even though she was at a Quidditch pitch, was to look in the air.

She was suddenly startled by a loud whistle coming from the opposite end of the pitch. When she looked over there she saw James balancing on his broom with no hands. He looked absolutely shattered from where she was sitting and she felt relieved that she wasn't the only one. After all, James was only human as was she, something would have seemed wrong if they weren't tired.

'If there are any first years here can you go please?' Lily heard James call out from the other side of the pitch. He sounded as if he was in no mood to be patient today.

Looking down at the crowd of people still gathered on the pitch below, Lily saw some of the smaller students hang their heads and leave reluctantly. They walked off of the pitch dragging their heels and their brooms behind them, absolutely gutted that James was sticking to the rule of no first years on the team. It was a good rule in theory. The first year students had enough on their hands to be worrying about Quidditch. They had to get acclimated to the school and get used to their subjects and make friends. Who wanted to be worrying about an upcoming Quidditch game when they already had all of that on their plate?

When they had dispersed, Lily looked back over to James who was now telling the mass of people still below to get on their brooms and fly. Lily was a little confused by this at first but soon got to grasps with what he was doing, understanding his motives behind this request. He had asked everyone to get on their brooms to see how they could fly because, let's be honest, if they couldn't even manage to fly well them how were they to manage handling Quaffles and Bludgers and Beaters bats and Snitches? Lily watched him as he flew around after people and told them, politely at first and then later on with no tolerance, to 'get off my pitch'.

All this was going well but, the real test for James came when Lily saw a group of all too familiar Slytherin's walk on to the green. She was suddenly alert and sat bolt upright, gripping the bench as she leaned forwards to see what was going to happen. Many other people around her were doing the same thing but they were probably all hoping to see an altercation of some sort between James and the Slytherin's. Lily was not. She was all too prepared to go down there if James or the Slytherin's didn't play nice.

Down on the pitch, James flew over to the group of Slytherin's and landed effortlessly in front of them. 'Can I help you?' he asked.

'Well, well, well.' Severus replied with a swagger. He was clearly showing off as the leader of the little group that consisted of Wilkes, Avery and Mulciber. 'Potter. What are you doing here?'

James sighed and raised his eyebrows. 'I'm holding a Quidditch try-out and you're kind of interrupting it.' he said, gesturing around to all the potential Quidditch players that were now hovering in the air and watching James' interaction with the Slytherin boys. For the sakes of this, James worked hard to keep his cool. It wasn't easy as he was sleep deprived and his hand was itching to reach for his wand but he did his best.

Severus smirked around at his fellow Slytherin's and took a threatening step towards James. 'What you gonna do about it?'

Taking a step backwards James widened his eyes in annoyance. 'Ok. There is such thing as personal space and you just totally invaded mine.' he said.

'And what you gonna do about that?' Wilkes taunted as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wand. Avery and Mulciber followed his lead. Only Severus didn't feel the need to do this.

James rolled his eyes and said robotically, 'Oh gee. I'm really scared now.'

As soon as he said this, the four Slytherin boys hissed at him which, in his sleep deprived state, seemed absolutely hilarious to James. He burst into laughter and laughed straight in their faces. 'I know your house animal is a snake but that doesn't mean you have to hiss. What does that mean? I have to roar. Ok. Rooooaaarrrrr! Rooooaaarrrrr! Rooo-'

'What are you doing?'

James looked to the side of him to find Lily stood there. In the time he had been talking to, and growling at, the Slytherin's, she had made her way down from the stands. James smiled at her and simply said, 'I'm being a lion.'

'As you do.' Lily laughed with raised eyebrows.

Severus watched the exchange between them with venom in his eyes. He said nothing about it but a tight ball of rage built up inside of him. He may not have said anything, but Avery did.

'When you and the mudblood have finished, we want the pitch.' Avery spat. The Slytherin's didn't really want the pitch, they just hated the Gryffindor's and didn't want them to have it even though James had booked it.

'Hey!' James snapped, 'Don't call her that.' He gave the four boys a deathly stare.

'Don't worry about it James.' Lily said, shaking her head. She had gotten use to the insult that was often thrown her way over the years. Usually she couldn't do anything about it but now, she was head girl. She could punish them. 'They can call me that as much as they want. They should just know that every time they do twenty points will be taken away from each of them. As they have no self-control, it seems like Slytherin won't be winning the house cup this year.'

Now this may have seemed like a bit of a feeble punishment but it worked on the Slytherin's. If there was something the Slytherin's didn't like, it was to lose. They needed to win the house cup. The seventh years wanted to win it for their last year but more importantly Avery, Mulciber and Wilkes wanted to win it so that they could beat Gryffindor. It was their aim to beat Gryffindor at everything this year. That was another reason why they were crashing the Gryffindor Quidditch try-outs. Quidditch was where Gryffindor earned most of its house points. They didn't want this to happen.

'This is a closed try-out so please leave.' Lily instructed the boys.

Avery, Mulciber and Wilkes sneered at her but, under the threat of losing the house cup, they begrudgingly left the pitch and made their way up to the castle. Severus was a bit more reluctant and stared between James and Lily, still hating the fact that they were friends and, thanks to Avery calling Lily a mudblood, reminded of the fact that he wasn't anymore.

He stepped towards James and whispered deathly quietly, 'Remember what I'm capable of.' He stared threateningly at James for a couple of seconds before turning and walking away, slouching as he went.

Lily watched him go, a little confused at the threat she had just heard. She turned to James and asked him, 'Are you ok?'

'I'm tired.' James replied with a small half a laugh, 'But it's worth it. Now I've got to go and make a lot of enemies and six friends.' He climbed on his broom and gave Lily a small discreet wink before zooming away into the sky where a lot of disappointed people were waiting. They had all wanted to see a fight. Luckily, no one had noticed the small exchange between Lily and James. They had all believed it was just their head boy and girl in action. There was nothing more to it.

Lily watched him fly off with a small smile and, so that no one else would see this, she made her way up to the stands again. She was relieved. James wasn't some kind of super human. He was tired too, just like her and he had said that she, Lily, their date, was worth the tiredness. It was worth it.

By Monday afternoon, James and Remus had grown tired of Sirius' enthusiasm that he had made the Quidditch team for his final year. They had no idea why he had been as excitable over the fact as he had been as he had made the team every year since his third year. Plus, since James was the Quidditch captain, it was almost inevitable that he made the team. At first they had been patient with him as they knew how much he had hated being taken off the team last year by Dumbledore but now they had reached the end of their tether.

'Will you please shut it or I'll have to hit you with this!' Remus said through gritted teeth, raising his potions book threateningly to Sirius who was walking backwards in front of him as they made their way to their double potions lesson through the castle.

'You wouldn't hit me with that!' Sirius laughed, still walking backwards facing a very irritated Remus and, now, a slightly bemused James.

'Try me.' Remus threatened in a deadly low voice. He was being extremely aggressive today, most of the time passive but with flickers and hints of physical violence in it. The full moon was approaching fast and his temper always swung wildly out of control during this time of the month. Sirius' added non-stop exuberance really wasn't helping matters any further though and Remus believed that, if Sirius kept on going the way he was, that he might just snap. Strangely, he was rather enjoying the idea.

James sensed this in Remus. After dealing with a temperamental werewolf for six years, you kind of pick up on a few things and James was definitely picking up on the darker side of Remus' lycanthropy rearing its ugly head. It had only happened twice before, once in third year when he literally threw Peter against a wall and once in their fifth year when he had pushed Peter down one of the moving staircases, (poor Peter always seemed to get the brunt of Remus' anger and frustration but no one could ever work out why when it was usually Sirius who irritated him to his wits end). Twice, however, was more than enough times to recognise what was about to happen so James decided to put a stop to it before Remus had the chance to decapitate Sirius with his potions book.

'Alright Padfoot shut it about the Quidditch now.' James said, pulling his bag up further onto his shoulder as it was slipping and then shoving his hands back into his pockets.

'Why?' Sirius taunted happily in a playful manner. He smiled broadly as they turned around a corner and down the corridor which had their potions room along it, extremely cocky that he was able to navigate himself walking backwards through the entire school.

'Because if you don't I'll take you off of the Quidditch team.' James replied threateningly. His threat was much different to Remus. Where Remus' had been dark and menacing to the point where it just became scary, James' was light with widened eyes. However, both threats were just as real as the next one.

Sirius stopped just outside the potions classroom, no longer smiling the devilishly handsome smile he had been blessed with. No, now he pouting just as a puppy would do, knowing that James actually would take him off of the team, if push came to shove, and replace him with someone else.

'Fine.' Sirius muttered, still pouting as he turned into the potions classroom leaving Remus and James outside.

'You couldn't have thought of doing that before could you?' Remus snapped at James quickly before he stalked into the potions room.

James sighed and rolled his eyes. When Remus was in a mood like this, there was no winning with him.

Following the lead of Sirius and Remus, James walked into the classroom, casually strolling but turning into a more hesitant walk when he saw the whole class, not sitting down in their usual seats, but stood to the side, each looking extremely confused about what was going on. Nobody seemed to understand the purpose of what they were doing. It was if the first person in the classroom had spontaneously decided, 'hey lets stand here', and the rest of the class, like sheep, had followed. This wasn't the case though.

In the small crowd of students, James spotted Lily. A small part of him, the fifth year and below part, started to dance inside his head in jubilance, all the while chanting, 'you're dating her, you're dating her'. He knew that this was a tad childish but he couldn't stop the fifteen year old him from dancing. He was just too over the moon.

He walked towards her and, obviously sensing someone was behind her, she turned around to face him, smiling happily as she did so. James loved her smile and wished he had a camera to capture it so that it would never fade.

'Hey.' he said to her.

'Hey.' she replied.

To the outside world, this greeting of hello just seemed like any other greeting. A greeting you would give to your friends or your cousins or even your mum. But to them, this greeting was unlike any they had ever shared before. This greeting was almost like an acknowledgement of their relationship changing status from friends, to more than friends. No one would ever know this though and that was the way they wanted it to be.

After a few seconds of considering this greeting James moved on to ask a question. 'Why are we all stood over here?'

'Professor Slughorn put a notice on the blackboard instructing us to.' Lily replied, still smiling only now also pointing to the board at the front of the classroom.

'Oh yeah.' James said, looking over to where Lily was pointing. Indeed, just as she had described, there was a chalk written notice on the blackboard which read, 'Seventh year Potions 3, periods four and five – Do not take your seats. Please wait to the side of the classroom for further instruction.'

'Wonder what he wants.' James pondered whilst Lily shrugged in a way of answer.

'Obviously wants to congratulate me on making the Quidditch team.' Sirius boasted, putting a hand over his heart with a fake 'you shouldn't have' expression over his face. The kind you give to a close friend when they give you a present you really want after you've falsely told them that you didn't expect gifts.

'Padfoot.' James said warningly with the hints of a smile coming through. He wasn't particularly happy that Sirius was still on this subject but in his mind he was still dancing, high fiving his fifteen year old self for finally being in a position where he was going out with Lily Evans. What hadn't occurred to him was the fact that he had actually only been on one date with her. That had gone well, extremely well, but who was to say if things would continue that way and if their next date would go as smoothly. Still, it didn't stop him feel completely elated, so much so that Sirius' behaviour, which had been annoying him all day, failed to do so now.

Sirius turned away, pouting once more, an expression which was starting to become a permanent fixture on his face. He would have said something more, not really understanding why Remus and James had a problem with him being so excited about being on the Quidditch team again, (they knew how miserable he had been when he was taken off of it), but Professor Slughorn had just walked into the room in his usual bustling manner. Everyone was keen to know why he had asked them all to stand to the side instead of taking their usual seats. Unfortunately, it wasn't as exciting as they had originally thought.

'Ah, good! You all got the message.' Professor Slughorn boomed across to the class as he reached his desk and placed down the stack of books he was carrying, 'Nothing to worry about I assure you. Only the other day, in our Friday's lesson, I noticed that some of you were dragging your feet or so to speak. Now, I know that could probably just be put down to the suggestion that it was only our first lesson of a new year but this isn't just any year. This is your N.E.W.T's year and we can't afford you becoming complacent. So, in the spirit of keeping you all alert and motivated, I want you to all swap partners.'

James and Lily looked at each other extremely disappointed. They had both been thinking the same thing. As they were keeping everything a secret, their potions lessons would have been a perfect place to arrange dates and talk and just basically be together without arousing suspicion. They would have been at a table on their own and, when they lowered their voices, no one would have been able to hear them. But now, all of their hopes for this lesson had been torn to shreds all because Professor Slughorn didn't want them all to become complacent.

Others in the room weren't as disappointed. Severus, who had been stood in the shadows of the classroom towards the back, glaring at James Potter, was actually pleased that they were to swap partners. It meant, for one, he wouldn't have to be Avery's partner anymore. Avery, in his opinion, was completely inadequate at potions and he hated his stupidity. He didn't understand how someone could be so dense about mixing ingredients and he had no time or patience for his idiocy. He guessed that came from working with Lily as a partner for so long. She had always been a natural at potions and she and Severus had been able to exchange tips and tricks. Severus had been unable to do this during the previous year with Avery and it had irritated him more than he realised.

The other reason why he was glad they were all swapping powers was because it meant that his dear Lily Evans would no longer be partnered with the vile James Potter. Really he knew that there was nothing he could do about their friendship but at least he knew that they wouldn't be growing closer right in front of him. Swapping partners would mean that the friendship Lily now had with James Potter wouldn't be given an extra three hours a week to develop into anything else. Severus was extremely happy about this fact. He knew that there was a chance that Lily still had more than friendly feelings towards whom he considered to be his enemy, but at least he knew that nothing had come of it and there would be three less hours a week for anything to happen. Plus, swapping partners meant that Lily was free to partner him. He knew the chances of this actually happen were next to none but he was allowed to dream.

Sirius and Remus looked at each other both thinking the same thing. Who would be partnered with James? They both had their reasons as to why they wanted to be. Sirius because James was his brother practically and Remus because he knew that no one else would understand or be patient enough to handle his mood swings. Both boys knew there was only one fair way to settle who would be James' potions partner for the year. It was the same way Sirius and James had settled who would be Remus' partner the previous year; rock, paper, scissors.

'Aww!' Sirius moaned, pulling a rock against Remus' winning paper, 'Unfair!'

'Totally fair. Bye, bye.' Remus smirked as he went over to sit at his usual table.

The four Gryffindor's, the only ones in the potions class, dispersed to their tables. As James and Remus were now potions partners that left Sirius and Lily and, as neither of them particularly wanted to pair with any of the Slytherin's, they had no choice but to partner each other.

Lily sat down uncertainly next to Sirius who had put his feet up on their desk. She looked over to James who just shrugged and looked apologetic. Sirius could be a lot to handle if you didn't know how to deal with him.

'Can you take your feet of the desk please?' Lily asked Sirius politely as she sat down, 'Only it's gonna be hard to brew a potion in your shoes.'

'That sounds like fun!' Sirius said, sitting up a great big grin spreading across his face, 'Let's do that!'

'Do what?' Lily replied a little bit confused as to what idea she had just planted into his infantile mind. She looked over to James at the next table in question. He shrugged at her again. He had no idea either.

'Brew a potion in my shoe!' Sirius enthused nodding his head, his broad grin growing wider as he took off his size fourteen shoe and placed it on the table.

'Err…no.' Lily laughed, pushing his shoe towards him with the tip of her wand, not really wanting to touch it.

Sirius pouted and pulled his shoe off of the table. He glared at Lily as he pulled his shoe back onto his foot. 'James would have let me.' he mumbled.

Lily shook her head. 'No.' she said.

'Actually I would have!' James shouted across with a wonky smile at Lily who looked a bit disappointed but also rather fond of this part of him. The childish part was funny. Sometimes.

'But you need potions.' Lily pressed on.

James shrugged and relaxed back into his chair, letting Remus get out the potions book they'd need for the lesson.

'Why do we need potions?' Sirius asked. It was more of a rhetorical question. He didn't expect an answer but Lily gave him one nonetheless. However, it was one he wasn't expecting.

'James needs potions so he can become an auror like his dad was.' Lily said matter of factly, releasing the bit of information she'd learnt about him on their date. She was quite proud that she now knew that. It was nice to know more about him. Others didn't think so.

'How did you know that?' Sirius questioned. For the first time in about a day, his face, his expression, his voice, was deadly serious. There was no hint of a joking pout or a broad grin. Just suspicion.

Lily looked up from her bag in which she rummaging in for her potions book. She wondered what she'd done wrong. What had she revealed that she shouldn't? What shouldn't she know? There was no way to hide it. She was just going to have to say the truth; that James had told her. After all, they were friends. It wasn't so farfetched that James would share that information with a friend. No one needed to know or would suspect that he had told her on a date.

'James told me.' she eventually replied, a little uncertain about what she was saying.

'About him wanting to be an auror sure.' Sirius said, brushing that part away, 'But not about his dad. James doesn't talk about his dad.'

In her mind, Lily was thinking two things. One, it was a great sign of trust that James would talk to her about his dad on their first date when it was apparent that he never spoke to anyone about this subject. And two, how on earth was she going to talk her way out of this without revealing that she and James were now dating?

Thinking fast, and drawing an obvious conclusion seen as James dad had been a celebrated auror, Lily simply said, 'I read it in the paper.'

'You often do background research on all your potions partners?' Sirius asked moodily, not liking the idea that she did. He hated his family and never spoke about them. He definitely wouldn't like another person to know about them and then apply the same treatment they got to him. He continued on getting moodier and moodier, 'Only I'd like to know before you go snooping around into my-'

'So she knew Sirius just let it go!' James cut across.

Sirius looked at James with confused annoyance mixed with a smidge of anger. He looked between Lily and James. James giving him a warning look and Lily looking extremely nervous, as if she was hiding something. He had no idea what it was all about. Something was off but he couldn't tell what. He sighed and turned to face the front of the class, completely missing the look of relief between James and Lily.

Slughorn moved to the front of the class and commanded the attention of his students. Sirius looked towards him, his mind still wondering if Lily would check up on his family. He doubted that his suspicion of that was true. Still, he couldn't help but think that there was something fishy going on. It was entirely possible that she had read about James' dad in the paper but to remember it was weird. And he couldn't help but think there was some other reason as to why Lily knew about James' dad. However, he couldn't think of anything. Plus, if anything else was going on, James would have told him. Wouldn't he?

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