Five Minutes

Chapter 45

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Chapter Forty-Five

'What exactly are we supposed to be doing?' James asked Remus. They were walking around the dark castle doing nothing of substance.

'We are patrolling.' Remus replied looking at one of the moving portraits on the wall as they walked past it. It was of an old man sat at a desk. His head was lolling back over the edge of his chair, open mouthed and snoring. It made Remus chuckle.

'Why?' James moaned, not liking this aspect of being head boy. In fact, the only part of being head boy that he liked so far was spending time with Lily. And taking points away from the Slytherins. He had already ridded the house of thirty points. 'Is there any point to it?' he continued.

'We're making sure that no one is out of bed when they shouldn't be.' Remus said as they turned a corner and made their way down a small staircase.

'So…no.' James said, answering his own question.

The boys walked a little further through the school, neither one too bothered about the time. They had become accustomed to it over the years thanks to their late night strolls to the kitchens etcetera. They, James, Remus, Sirius and Peter, were exactly the type of people who Remus and James were now patrolling the halls in search for to tell off for being out of bed after curfew. The only difference was that James, Remus, Sirius and Peter had never been told off for being out of bed before as they had never been caught. The invisibility cloak and, later, the marauders map had made sure of that.

As they walked around the corridors, it appeared to James that others weren't that lucky. Across the other side of the corridor to where they were standing was a small boy in Hufflepuff pyjamas trying, with all his might, to open the door to the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers office. He was wriggling the door handle furiously and muttering to himself, 'Come on! Open!'

Remus elbowed James and motioned his head towards the boy. 'Your first as head boy.'

James nodded his head determinedly and walked over to the small Hufflepuff lad. He stood quietly behind him and watched for a couple of seconds as the boy became more and more frustrated with the locked door. James took out his wand. 'Here.' he said, stepping to the side of the boy who looked extremely shocked by the sight of the head boy. 'Alohamora!' James continued to say, waving his wand swiftly and opening the door.

'Thank you?' the boy said in a shaky thanks, not really sure what had just happened.

'No problem.' James smiled to him before turning around and walking back over to Remus who had clapped his right hand to his forehead in a sign of exhausted exasperation. 'What's up?' James asked him unsure as to what he had done wrong. Surely as head boy he was supposed to help those in need?

'You're not meant to help him!' Remus sighed, shaking his head.

'But he needed help.' James argued, clearly thinking he was right, 'As head boy I'm supposed to help those in need and he needed to get into that office.'

Remus chuckled in disbelief. 'No.' he said, 'You're meant to ask him what he's doing out of bed, take points away if you want to, and then tell him to go to bed.'

'Why?' James retaliated, not making any of this easier on Remus who was trying his hardest to show James what they were meant to do on patrols, 'I know what he's doing out of bed; trying to get into that office. I don't want to take any points away from him because I don't think I should punish him for not knowing a simple charm, plus he's not a Slytherin so there wouldn't be any fun in it. And lastly, why should I tell him off for being out of bed when we've done it loads of times and we're doing it now. Now, I don't know about you but to me that seems to have some sort of double standard attached to it.' he finished with a knowledgeable nod of his head.

Remus stared at him, still in disbelief with his mouth slightly open. He shook his thoughts away and sighed in exhaustion, 'Just do it.'

'Fine.' James said, rolling his eyes and walking over to the boy again. This time, he was partly in the office, his wand out trying to open the second door by copying the charm that James had just performed. He wasn't having any luck as he kept saying alomora instead of alohamora.

As he approached him, James was trying to think of the three steps Remus had told him to follow. One; ask him what he's doing out of bed. That seemed simple enough, though it also seemed a bit redundant as James could clearly see what he was attempting to do. Still, if it would please Remus, James would ask him.

'You're missing the 'ha' out.' James said at first, just offhandedly correcting him, 'Like laughter. Ha.'

The boy looked at him gone out, not really sure what he was telling him. There was a small pause where James said nothing and neither did the Hufflepuff lad. Eventually Remus broke it.

'Get on with it.' he hissed as he leaned forwards, prompting James to continue.

'Right.' James said, remembering what he was supposed to be asking, 'What are you doing out of bed?' he continued on, his speech a bit stilted as he wasn't used to asking questions like this. He was usually on the receiving end of this type of question.

'Professor Linkedin gave me a detention when I did nothing wrong so I'm going to swap her sugar for this sand so that she puts sand in her tea.' the boy replied honestly, holding up a small bag of sand labelled 'sugar.'

James nodded his head, not particularly sure about how to respond to that. 'Ok.' he began, thinking of the next step Remus had told him; take points away. 'Right.' he said, fully prepared to go forward with the next step. The only problem was his marauder like nature which cropped up most inopportune. 'For trying to swap sugar for sand, I'm going to have to…err…well…I'm gonna give you ten points for that. I quite like it. Simple yet elegant. Continue like this and you'd make a pretty good marauder.'

As James complimented the boy, he looked extremely confused. He had reason to be confused though. In a situation like this one was usually punished not congratulated. 'Thank you?' he said once again, still unsure as to whether words of thanks were the right way to go. Then again, what other way was there?

'Can I make one suggestion though?' James asked the boy who, instead of answering him, looked around him to Remus who was now softly banging his head against the wall. 'Ignore him.' James said, 'My suggestion. Don't swap Professor Linkedin's sugar with sand-'


'Don't interrupt.' James said, for the first time actually exercising his power as head boy. He liked it. 'Now,' James carried on, 'what you want to do is put the 'sugar' in Professor Slughorn's office. Put a label on it saying something like…I don't know…'To Professor Slughorn from Gwenog Jones.' Something like that.'

'Gwenog Jones?' the Hufflepuff boy questioned, 'The reserve for the Holyhead Harpies?'

'Yeah.' James nodded, waving his hand to brush away this fact, 'She won't mind. I know her.'

'You do?' asked the boy, amazed at this piece of trivia. He hadn't been at Hogwarts for the previous year and so hadn't known her. Now, over the course of the summer and one substitute match later, she was a bit of a celebrity. He was very impressed that the head boy knew her.

'Yeah.' James said, shaking this off so he could continue with his suggestion, 'Anyway, put it in Professor Slughorn's office and he will put it in his tea but, because he's, well, a tiny bit odd, he'll think it's just some sort of fancy sugar. And then, because he will want to boast that his ex-students still send him fancy sugars, he'll share it around at breakfast and then all the professors will have sand in their tea. Believe me, you have not lived until you see Professor McGonagall's face after she had tasted something she hates.'

'Ok.' the boy smiled, nodding his head, liking this idea. It sounded funny.

'James.' Remus said, walking up to stand next to his friend. He had stopped banging his head on the wall now. 'You're meant to tell him to go to bed.'

'Oh right yeah!' James said as if the idea had just popped up to him. 'Ok.' he said, turning back to the boy, 'Go to Professor Slughorn's office. The spell is alohamora. Not alomora. Alohamora. Got it? If you get it right I'll give you another ten points. But you got to promise me you'll go to bed afterwards right?'

The small Hufflepuff boy nodded his head, extremely relieved that he wasn't in trouble and rather happy that he was earning points for his house too.

'Great.' James smiled, 'Off you go then.'

James and Remus watched the small boy run off happily in the direction of the dungeons where Slughorn's office was.

'I think that went well.' James said to Remus with a lopsided grin, running his hand through his messy black hair.

'I think you're a useless head boy.' Remus laughed good-naturedly, pushing James to the side a little bit in a brotherly fashion, 'You were meant to take points from him not give them to him.'

'Ah who cares about that?' he replied, brushing this comment off, 'He's going to bed isn't he?'

'After a detour.' Remus pointed out.

'Yeah. You got to admit though,' James began, his grin spreading over his face once more, 'if he pulls that off it's gonna be a very funny breakfast.'

It was now Wednesday the 7th of September. He had been at school for less than six full days and, already, Severus Snape was wishing the school year was over. Nothing good was happening to him. Everything in his life was a disappointment. He was a fully-fledged death eater now, marked and everything, yet he could do nothing to help with the cause he believed in. And if that wasn't bad enough, he was in love with a muggle-born witch, Lily Evans, who had been his best friend since he had been a young boy, yet she didn't return his affections and had stopped being his friend over a year ago. That was something he had never fully gotten over. He hadn't accepted it and had never gotten over her decision. What made this worse was that his feelings for Lily were forbidden as a death eater and every time he had been in the presence of the Dark Lord he had had to employ his newly practiced skill of Occlumency against him. He didn't know if it worked but as he hadn't been found out yet, he had to assume it did.

He was walking through the school for the last ten minutes of his free period before lunch, full of thought. Today had been a particularly boring day. He had been slightly amused at breakfast when every single teacher had spat out their tea but when he had noticed James Potter and his gang of misfits laughing, he knew they were behind it and subsequently stopped laughing. Whatever they did was never funny to him. It was dramatically less funny when he saw Lily affectionately push James' head to the side, giggling slightly as she did so. This was a knife in Severus' side. He hated that they were friends now.

Then he had gone to his first lesson; Defence Against the Dark Arts. That had to be the dullest lesson he had ever had. He usually enjoyed the subject but that was only when it was a practical lesson. They were only learning the theory behind N.E.W.T level defensive spells. It was incredibly boring reading and copying out of a book. He wanted to be active and be out in the world using the spells he was learning. He also wanted to be using the spells that they were learning to defend themselves against. Either way, he just wanted to be out of that dusty classroom.

His wish came true but only when the lesson had ended. He left the classroom hurriedly with a scowl on his face. A scowl, no strange expression to him in the past, had now become a permanent fixture on his face. He wore it everywhere he went and was scowling when he had left his Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson. He was scowling as he made his way down to the Slytherin common room and found was blocked by a load of first year Ravenclaw's and he was scowling as he sent out leg-locking charms at them all.

When he had reached the Slytherin common room, the dark dank dungeon room with its green glowing lights and its dark mahogany wood, he marched up to his dormitory. Once inside, he locked the door, wanting to be alone, not caring that the other boys who shared the room with him may want to come in also. After he had locked the door he sat down at his desk and, in a fit of rage, swiped everything off of it. Here, at Hogwarts, what had he got to live for? So-called friends which he openly despised and wished nothing but harm to? Subjects that he believed were beneath him as his capabilities far surpassed those of which he was being taught by inadequate teachers. Scraps of news from the daily prophet about the death eater's movements, news which was covered up, never in full detail? And a girl who he loved with all his heart but could do nothing about for two reasons. One, he and she would both be killed by Voldemort and two, they weren't even friends anymore and she would never return his feelings or feel the same way. Whichever way you looked at it, there was nothing for him at Hogwarts. The only thing he had was what was waiting for him when he graduated.

When he had swept everything off of his desk, it had moved slightly, dislodging a draw which he had kept closed for personal reasons. He didn't want any of his despicable roommates to see the contents. Inside was all of his most prized possessions; his letters from Lily. He had no idea why, all of a sudden, after more than six months everything was creeping back into his mind. He couldn't stop it though. He couldn't stop himself and with a shaking hand he reached into the ajar draw and pulled out the slightly crumpled letter from the bottom of the pile. Careful to protect his mind, he opened the piece of paper – not parchment, paper, with pretty pink swirls in the right hand corner. He took a deep breath and read the writing on the page, words he had read a thousand times. It was the first letter Lily had ever written to him. It had arrived at his house a month after they had met and he cherished it ever since.

Dear Sev,

This is so cool! I'm sending this to you by an owl! An owl! It's the first time I've done something like this. I wasn't going to send you a letter as you only live a few streets away but how often do you get to send mail with a bird?

My Hogwarts letter came this morning! Now I know it's true. I mean, it's not that I didn't believe you but now it's in writing so I definitely know I'm a witch. And, what's even more cool was that Professor Dumbledore came to give me my letter himself. He explained it all to my mummy and daddy and they're so proud of me! Petunia is less impressed. She spent the whole time Dumbledore was here in the corner sulking. I'm not sure why though. We'll have to investigate that when you next come round.

Dumbledore's an odd man isn't he? I can't remember if you've met him or not. He was wearing a really odd purple dressing gown type thing and used his belt to tuck his beard into. I found that really funny! Why doesn't he just cut it? Anyway, when he came round he showed me, mummy and daddy, (Petunia had left the room in a strop), some magic. I know we've been doing some magic with the flowers and stuff but he showed us stuff with a wand. An actual wand Sev! Isn't that cool? He turned the candlestick on the fireplace into a bird and back and then made mummy's favourite ballerina ornament actually dance! Then, the best part of his visit, (apart from letting me use his owl to send you this letter), was that he let me hold his wand and wave it about. I made the ceiling fan turn on and it swung around really fast.

I can't wait to get a wand. He's given us instructions on how to get to Diagon Alley tomorrow so that I can buy all of my school things. He gave me a list and it's quite long. We've got to use wizard money though so he's told us to go to Gringotts bank first and change some money over to their currency. I'm so excited. I'm actually going to see some other witches and wizards in a proper wizard place. It might take us a while to get there though. Mummy and Daddy say they've never heard of a pub called the Leaky Cauldron.

I asked Petunia to come with us but she isn't too happy. She said no but Mummy and Daddy are telling her she has to. She's only agreed now because they've promised to get her something too. It'll probably be a new dress or something like that. She loves getting new dresses.

Anyway, what I really wanted to ask you was do you want to come to Diagon Alley with us tomorrow? It'd really help us because you've been there before and you can show us around and you can show us where the Leaky Cauldron is too because we'd probably get lost. Plus Petunia is bound to still be sulking and the day will be a lot more fun with you there showing me more wizarding stuff. Please don't say no. What are best friends for anyway?

Answer quickly!

Lots of love,

Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At this point, Severus had taken a deep breath and had run a soft hand over the last paragraph she had written. The part stating they were best friends and, most importantly, at least to Severus, the words 'lots of love'. To Lily, they probably were and were definitely now, empty words. They were meaningless to her. Just as meaningless as the twenty-two kisses that ended her letter. She had always ended her letters to him like that; twenty-two kisses and the words 'answer quickly'. It was almost a standard format that she used for him. Again, empty. But as empty as those words were, Severus still treasured them.

He put the letter down and opened his draw further. He took out all of the letters she had ever written him, scores of them, and fanned them out across his desk. All of them were signed off with twenty-two kisses, lots of love and the words 'answer quickly'. Every letter was written on different papers and parchments but they were all neatly done. Some were written on muggle paper which often had some decorative swirls in the corners or some character of some sort. Others were written on parchment; plain and boring apart from her neat handwriting which took up the entire page. Mixed in between his fan of letters were pictures that had been taken of the pair of them. All but one was moving. The picture that wasn't was a muggle photograph taken by Lily's parents of Severus and Lily in their school robes with Petunia next to them.

The photo was of them in Lily's living room. They were stood in front of the fire place which had pictures of Lily and her sister in frames lined across it. The pictures were of the two girls as small children growing up. If Severus' squinted slightly, he could make them out. In front of the fire place and its several photographs was Lily and Severus in their newly bought school robes which they had just gotten that day. Severus had his arm around Lily's shoulders as she was hugging him with her arms clasped around his waist. They were both grinning broadly. Lily was clearly excited about being in new school robes and Severus was thoroughly pleased that Lily was hugging him. Petunia was to the side of Lily, arms folded and a face that looked as though it had been slapped. Severus had never liked her believing that Lily deserved better as a sister. Still, even though the picture was stained with a miserable Petunia and it was a muggle picture, it was Severus' favourite photo.

He spent the whole of his second period and half of the third staring at that picture, wishing for time to reverse so that he could go back to the day when it was taken. But he knew that wasn't going to happen. It never would. And he would never have the courage again to try and make things up to her. He was in Slytherin. They weren't known for their courage. However, they were known for their cunning.

A plan had begun to formulate in his head already, so, needing to see what he was up against, Severus left his dormitory and that was how he came to be wondering around the school ten minutes before lunch. He wasn't wandering aimlessly though. He knew what lesson she was in and what lesson she would be coming out of in less than ten minutes. So, determined to see and not to be seen, he stood in the shadows waiting. He waited for nine minutes and forty-six seconds, (he counted), before she came out, his plan becoming clearer and clearer in his mind and yet still fuzzy around the details.

When she did come out of the classroom, she was walking with Hestia Jones and Alice Prewett. Behind Alice was Frank Longbottom and behind him was the insufferably cocky and arrogant James Potter. He was with his annoying friends. Sirius Black with his irritating sullen good looks. Remus Lupin, the werewolf, looking extremely harried and ragged, tired and yet still laughing. Then there was Peter Pettigrew appearing behind them, small but with a shining face. Shining with sweat or admiration Severus couldn't tell. All he knew was that these boys deserved no praise.

He watched Lily laughing with her close friends and the marauders as well. (Severus wouldn't class them as her close friends. She had better taste then that.) Her shiny deep red hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back her warm smile radiating happiness. She looked beautiful, even in large school robes too big for her slim figure. She looked happy surrounded by and talking to her friends and Severus started to have second thoughts about what he wanted to do. The plan for earning Lily's friendship back that had been formulating in his head was starting to diminish. He couldn't do that to her. It would make her miserable. Then he saw her smile at James Potter who smiled back to her. Something was in their eyes and with the burn of a Fiendfyre spell, Severus' plan came raging back. He could do it. It was, after all, for her own good. It was for the sake of their friendship. He could save her. He just knew it.

Hestia, Lily and Alice were up in their dormitory, all sat on Lily's bed as hers was closest to the window and was bathed in the light of the full moon. By sitting there they didn't have to light a candle to see as they had the natural light of the moon to use. This also meant that they didn't wake up their sleeping dorm mates; Emmeline Vance and Mary MacDonald. In aid of this, they also lowered their voices to soft whispers which were barely audible, even to themselves.

Lily was sat at the top of her bed, hugging her pillow over her stomach and sat with her legs folded to the side in a white cotton night dress. Opposite her, sat at the foot of her bed with her legs outstretched and ankles crossed, in deep blood red pyjamas, was Hestia, Lily's all-time best friend who she didn't know what she would do without. Then, sat slightly to the side of Hestia, more in the middle of the bed in a light pink nightie was Alice Prewett, a very good friend whom she had been growing closer with since Alice had fallen out with Emmeline.

They had been sat talking in soft whispers for almost an hour now. It was twelve minutes past one and they really needed to go to bed as they had school the next morning. Their brains wouldn't be fully alert or functioning enough to take in what they were being taught and the consequence of sleep deprived magic wasn't pretty. It usually ended with someone blowing something up or, in Hestia's case, burning her eyebrows off. (That had happened in their fourth year in a charms class). But every time they, (Lily), said that it was time they got off to sleep, someone, (Hestia), started a new conversation. This time, it was about Alice and Emmeline.

'Do you think you're ever gonna make up?' Hestia asked her in a hushed tone, glancing over to Emmeline's slumbering form which was wrapped in a heavy red and gold embellished duvet along with a hand knitted navy blue blanket with a white rabbit on it.

'I don't know.' Alice replied, genuinely unsure, 'I mean, I thought our fight would only last a week at best but it just kept going and going and now it's just too awkward for either one of us to apologise.'

'But I thought that Emmeline was more at fault then you?' Lily whispered, recalling the conversation she had shared with Alice a few months ago on the topic. From what she remembered, Emmeline had seen something in either tea leaves or a crystal ball, (some silly divination object), that Frank would be unfaithful to Alice. Alice, knowing Frank extremely well by then as they had been dating for a while, had then told Emmeline that Frank would never do such a thing. Then Emmeline had taken offence that Alice put no belief in divination which was, in Lily's opinion, a groundless subject, and Alice had taken offence that Emmeline would rather believe a changeable prediction rather than her which turned out to be more related to Hestia's situation than Alice's. The argument had progressed from there.

'Well,' Alice sighed, 'at the time yeah. I mean, who believes a bunch of wet tea leaves over their best friend? But still, I can't blame it all on her. I was part of the argument too and I know how stubborn Emmeline is, especially when it comes to Divination. And I just feel guilty for choosing Frank over her you know?'

'You didn't choose Frank over her.' Lily said compassionately.

'I kind of did though.' Alice exhaled, once more glancing over to Emmeline who looked so peaceful in sleep. This wasn't unusual. Emmeline, due to her obsession with Divination always gave out a serene atmosphere and always seemed calm. Alice continued, 'She was my best friend for four years and, although she should have believed me over tea, I should have listened to her concerns. But I didn't and I chose my boyfriend who I had only been seeing for a few months. I just think that, if she doesn't want to take the first step and apologise, maybe I should.'

'I agree.' Hestia said with a fully supportive nod of her head.

'You do?' Alice and Lily said in unison. Alice was in hope. She liked the fact that someone thought that she was making the right choice. Lily was in question. She didn't think that Alice needed to be the one to make the first step. She was a firm believer in only apologising when you've done something wrong.

'Yeah.' Hestia said as if it was obvious, 'I mean, no offence Alice but it does kind of sound like you chose Frank over Emmeline.'

'I don't like this side of you.' Lily said offhandedly with a shake of her head, 'You're becoming more cynical in your old age.'

'You're older than me!' Hestia whispered in disbelief with a laugh. She didn't think Lily was being serious.

But Lily was dead serious. She had noticed that her bubbly friend with an annoying exuberance for life was fading away. Instead, she was being replaced by a cynical depressive pessimist who had suddenly stepped out of her dream world where everything was happy-go-lucky. She had become very down to earth and matter of fact with only a small amount of hope. Maybe it had something to do with the war the wizarding world was in, though hardly reported on, or maybe her attitude was still coming from the fact that she had broken up with her boyfriend a couple of months ago because he had cheated on her and destroyed the romantic that she once was. Either way, it was annoying Lily no end and she really wanted her old friend back.

'Anyway,' Hestia continued turning back to Alice and continuing, 'I do think you should apologise to her. Not because it's necessarily your fault but because it's been so long now and it's been proven that Frank hasn't cheated on you and that the tea leaves were about my boyfriend not yours. I say you say sorry and you both move on.'

'I suppose you're right.' Alice sighed.

'I am right.' Hestia said, 'Believe me, if this ever happened between Lily and me and she chose a boyfriend over me then I don't think I'd have the courage to apologise to her, even if it was my fault. And I know that if it was reversed she would never apologise to me because she's stubborn. Not that that would happen between us because neither of us are dating anyone at the minute and we love each other too much.' Hestia looked at Alice's saddened face and she corrected herself, 'Not that you and Emmeline didn't love each other just that…'

'Wrap it up. Wrap it up.' Lily muttered, lamely attempting to hide her words with a cough.

'It's just…' Hestia continued, trying to take Lily's advice and finish what she was saying. The only thing was that she couldn't think of what else to say. Then it came to her like a stroke of genius. 'Boyfriends come and go but your friendships are for life. That's my motto.' she finished proudly nodding her head.

'Since when do you have a motto?' Lily laughed, raising her eyebrows and smiling through her laughter.

'I've always had a motto.' Hestia replied indignantly, 'It just changes a lot. Today its boyfriends come and go but your friendships are for life. Yesterday at breakfast it was eat quickly and don't let Sirius Black steal your toast.'

'But he did steal your toast.' Lily pointed out with one eyebrow raised.

'Hence the motto.' Hestia replied, 'That's not going to happen again.'

Lily smiled and shook her head. 'Yes it will.' she said happily, glad that Hestia had moved on from the serious subject and was now returning to her usual self. Even though Hestia's enthusiasm sometimes annoyed her, Lily was always much happier when she was her bouncy self and not the serious pessimist.

'Not if we don't sit with them at breakfast.' Hestia said, 'Why are we sitting with them at breakfast?'

'Because they were the last seats available.' Lily said honestly. It was a true answer.

The previous morning when they had walked into the great hall, the whole of Gryffindor table was crowded with students eating quickly ready to go to their first lesson. They had been late down to breakfast because Hestia hadn't been able to decide how she wanted to wear her hair and when they got there, there were only two places left at the table. One was next to James Potter and the other was on the opposite side of the table in the middle of Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew. (No one knew why they were sitting a seat apart). So Hestia and Lily had headed over to the available seats; Lily sat next to James and Hestia between Sirius and Peter something she wasn't best pleased about. Her reasons for this became abundantly clear when Sirius stole her toast, something she wanted to avoid and was still rambling on about.

'Well we're going to have to get there earlier tomorrow then.' Hestia said in thought, 'I don't want to be toastless again.'

'Ok.' Lily gave in reluctantly after putting up no fight at all. It would have looked odd if she had. 'We're going to have to go to bed now then.' she stated to a now pouting Hestia.

'Do we have to?' she whined, reluctantly getting off of Lily's bed without waiting for an answer. She knew that Lily was right. It was now half one and it was time to get some sleep. If she didn't she wouldn't get any toast the following morning and there was a chance she would also lose her eyebrows.

The three girls disappeared to their own beds, Lily staying put as she was already there. Alice snuggled straight down into her bed near the bathroom door, pulling her quilt up close around her ears and shutting her eyes, drifting away peacefully. Hestia dragged her feet sluggishly over to her own bed which was just next to Lily's in the round room and flopped down into it. She pulled her covers over her and turned her pillow to the side of the bed so that she was lying down in a right angle. She however, did not close her eyes. She just stared at Lily in her bed.

'Good night.' Lily said as she settled herself under her duvet and put her hands under her pillow. She closed her eyes and began to drift off into sleep, not realising how tired her eyes actually were. Her eyelids closed heavily and felt like they'd have to be peeled open with tweezers or some similar object.

'Lily?' Hestia said from her own bed, her eyes still wide awake.

'What?' Lily replied tiredly, unable to open her eyes. They felt weighted and it was a strain to keep her mind active enough to listen to Hestia. Still, she tried.

'I can't sleep!' Hestia hissed back, sitting up and hugging her pillow to her chest in a similar way to how Lily had done earlier.

'Try.' Lily answered through gritted teeth, feeling herself drifting away.

'But I can't sleep.' Hestia said as she swung her legs over her bed and began to creep quietly over to Lily. Usually when she couldn't sleep she woke Lily up to talk or just slept in her bed with her. No one else knew this, especially the boys of Hogwarts. Who knew what they'd do with this information but whatever it would be, it wouldn't be good news for the girls.

'You better still be in your own bed.' Lily said, her eyes still tightly closed and a small knowing smile spreading across her face.

Hestia huffed and turned around, marching back to her own bed. How did Lily do that? She had been creeping so quietly and Lily's eyes were closed. This was so unfair. She couldn't sleep. Surely she should have some company until she could.

Lily heard the springs of Hestia's mattress as she got back into bed. 'Now go to sleep.' she said to her, her small smile still on her face.

'You're mean.' Hestia muttered as she settled herself back into her right angle.

But Lily didn't hear her. She was now drifting off into a dream filled sleep that would leave her waking up with a smile on her face.

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