Five Minutes

Chapter 47

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Chapter Forty-Seven

Lily walked down the steps of the spiral staircase which led from the girl's dormitory. She was moving quietly to make sure that no one could hear her. If anybody woke up they would catch her and that was the last thing she wanted. Plus, if they saw what she was wearing, they would definitely know something was up. She was in a knee length black dress which clung to her slim figure, outlining her curves. She had small black heels on and her hair was loosely curled and pushed back by a thin, black headband. Her small heels made it quite hard to be quiet but she managed it. Even James didn't hear her walk down the stairs.

He was leaning against the back of the sofa with his hands in his pockets. He was looking up at the ceiling with odd concentration.

'What are you doing?' Lily asked walking up next to James and looking up at the ceiling as well.

'Counting the ceiling tiles.' James replied, still looking up to the roof of the common room.

Lily looked confused. 'The ceiling has no tiles.' she pointed out.

'That's probably why I never got past one.' James smiled nodding his head in realisation. He then looked away from the ceiling to smile at Lily but instead his eyebrows raised and his jaw dropped down slightly in surprise. 'Wow.' he said simply.

'Thank you.' Lily replied, a slow pink blush creeping into her cheeks, 'See, this is how I dress for a date. Not in my pyjamas.' she continued, referring to their first date where she had worn her pyjamas all morning.

James was still trying to find words. He had never seen her dressed up like that. Even for her birthday party, for which she looked beautiful, she hadn't quite dressed up as lovely as this. He was finding it difficult to think coherently. 'Wow.' he just said again, repeating his initial statement.

'You said that already.' Lily said, hoping that James would actually be able to say more than one word on their date. It would be pretty boring if that was his reply to everything.

'I did, didn't I?' James blinked, his thoughts returning to usual and thinking ahead to what he had planned. 'Yeah. You're gonna want to change.'

'What?' Lily demanded, not believing that the reaction she had got had changed so quickly. Unless she had gotten the wrong impression when he said 'wow' before. She had thought he had said 'wow' as in 'wow you look amazing'. But perhaps not. Maybe when he said 'wow' he really meant 'wow what on earth are you wearing. You look hideous. Why am I dating you?'.

'Lily?' James asked.

Lily looked up not really realising that she had drifted off into her paranoid mind. 'Yeah?' she replied.

'You might want to change.' he repeated, clarifying his reasons, 'It's cold where we're going and if you stay dressed like that you're gonna be going out with someone who won't be able to say more than the word 'wow' for the entire time.'

Lily swallowed a smile. So she had been right about the wow. She wasn't quite sure why but she was more pleased about being right about that then she had been when she received the original wow. Maybe it was because she had lost the argument with Frank earlier that evening. Either way, she really loved being right.

She looked at what James was wearing for a clue as to what the dress code was for their date. It seemed a bit silly that there was a dress code but that's what there was. She saw that he was wearing a deep blue jumper and some jeans. He didn't look as classy as he had on their last date, for which he wore a black shirt and black trousers, but he still looked very handsome. How did he manage that? It was the hair. She was sure it was the hair. It gave him a rugged handsomeness. It was so annoying but she liked it.

Turning to go back up to her dorm room with a sigh she went to change. She took what he was wearing as initiative and guidelines. She also donned some jeans and pulled on a soft, thick, grey knitted jumper, taking extra special care to be quiet so that she didn't wake anyone in her dorm up. She then slipped on her trainers which would make slipping out quietly a lot easier. She went as quickly as she could and rushed back down the spiral stairs to meet James.

'Ok. Ready.' Lily said excitedly.

'Great.' James said, taking her hand, entwining his fingers through hers and leading her out of the common room. They climbed through the portrait hole and past an extremely groggy Fat Lady who, luckily, wasn't awake enough to realise what was happening.

'So where are we going?' Lily asked as the pair walked up a staircase together to reach the higher part of the school.

'Well,' James said flashing a smile at her, 'I thought I'd impress you with my astronomy skills.'

Lily laughed disbelievingly, She thought back to their O.W.L astronomy class a couple of years ago, remembering that he had spent the whole time playing 'I spy' with Sirius Black through the school telescopes. She remembered. Not the information on the subject in question as she had emptied her head of it, forgetting it in order to make room for the Ancient Runes information she needed. But she could remember that and them because it had really annoyed her at the time. 'You have no astronomy skills.' she said shaking her head.

'Which will make it all the more impressive when I tell you which star is which.' James replied happily.

They climbed the stairs up to the astronomy tower, James making sure that Lily was ok on them as they were extremely narrow and kind of slippy. At the top, he opened the door for her and let her walk in first. He saw her smile around at the picnic he had laid out for them. This time, he had actually brought substantial food for them, not just sweets. They had discussed it earlier in the day and both had agreed to skip, or just eat very little at dinner so that they could eat together. James had nicked everything in the basket from the kitchens. Well, the house elves helped.

The two sat down and James unloaded part of the picnic out onto the blanket he had laid onto the floor. The pair began to eat ravenously having not eaten since earlier that evening. They were both quite hungry, hungrier than either one had expected themselves to be. Their conversation was sparse at first and revolved around the food they were eating.

'Gross.' Lily said, pushing a small bowl of fruit towards James, 'Why did you bring raisons?'

'Because,' James said, popping one into his mouth and laughing at Lily's reaction when he did so, 'you said you liked fruit. When we went to that diner in the summer and you pulled that fruit out of your drink I asked if you liked fruit and you said you did. So I brought some fruit.'

'Yeah but raisons aren't fruit.' Lily said, looking at the offending fruit in question. She couldn't stand the tiny wrinkled brown lumps.

'Yes they are.' James chuckled, eating another one of them, enjoying Lily wrinkling her nose in disgust at the raisons.

'They're mouldy grapes!' Lily retorted, believing her case to be iron clad.

'Do you like any fruit?' James asked, suddenly starting to rummage in the picnic basket.

'Yes.' Lily replied.

'Prove it.' James smiled daringly back at her. He pulled out a pear for her to have and held it out for her in the palm of his hand.

Lily stared down at the pear. She didn't like them either. But that didn't mean she didn't like fruit. She did really. She just didn't like it in her drinks or dehydrated. Or pears. Or bananas. She couldn't stand them either. Too mushy. She didn't like peaches either because they were furry and she didn't think it was natural for a fruit to be that furry. Other fruits that made the list were blueberries, oranges, lemons and pineapples because they were too watery, stringy, too sour and sometimes spiky respectively.

James watched her face for a couple of seconds and smiled with a fond shake of his head. 'You don't like pears either do you?'

Lily shook her head slowly, biting her lip. 'But I do like other fruit.'

She went on to tell him that she did like other fruits such as strawberries, apples, raspberries and grapes, all the while thinking this was an extraordinarily weird conversation to have on a date. Still, she guessed that this was the way really close couples got to know each other, how they got to know every single thing about one another so that they knew each other inside out. It was kind of strange but also incredibly sweet that James continued to listen intently to her talk about which fruits she liked or despised. He was drinking it all in as if he wanted to know everything about her strange opinions on fruit. Much to Lily's surprise, they were able to make this in depth conversation on fruit last for twenty minutes. It was only when they topic was exhausted that they moved on.

James leant back on the blanket and announced that it was time for him to dazzle Lily with his extensive knowledge of the stars, constellations and astronomy. They looked up at the sky through the open roof of the astronomy tower. James pointed at random bunches of stars and told Lily the names of the constellations. He told her about the group of stars named Orion and some select stars like Sirius, (the star not his best friend although Sirius would have pointed out that there was no difference), and then the planet Jupiter.

After he had finished his spiel on stars Lily turned to him in surprise and said, 'You really know your stuff. What's that one?' she asked pointing up to a small cluster of stars over to her right. As she couldn't remember anything she had learnt in astronomy a couple of years ago, Lily believed what he was telling her thinking maybe he did.

'That's Mars.' James said confidently.

Lily started to suspect something here. 'Really?' she asked him. She didn't remember a lot from Astronomy but she did remember that Mars shone red in the night.

'No idea.' James conceded with a sigh, 'I've just been making it all up. I don't really know anything about Astronomy. Learnt it all for the O.W.L's, got an O in it and then forgot everything I'd learnt.'

Lily laughed at him. 'Same here.' she said.

'Oh yeah! I forgot you'd taken Astronomy.' James recalled now rather embarrassed and thinking that his idea to impress her with astronomy was completely idiotic. He was kicking himself mentally.

'It was compulsory.' Lily reminded him still laughing quietly. It was rather funny actually. The fact that they had both taken astronomy for god knows how many years and had forgotten everything there was to know about it was funny. What was even more ironic was the fact that they had both gotten O's in it, the top mark, and now knew nothing on the subject. Then there was the added bonus that James had tried to impress her with all the knowledge he didn't have anymore, making a bit of a fool out of himself. Not that he minded. He liked playing the fool. Still, for Lily, it was like the icing on top of the cake.

'Don't know why.' James said, leaning back onto the blanket and resting on his elbows, 'Completely worthless subject.'

Lily smiled at him as he threw a raison up into the air and caught it in his mouth, showing off. After a couple of seconds he smiled cockily back at her and she remembered something that she wanted to ask him. She hesitated at first thinking it over but in the end, decided to go ahead. She reasoned that they were meant to learn about each other on dates and she wanted to learn about this.

'James?' she started, his name dancing on her tongue, 'What did Severus mean at the Quidditch pitch the other day?'

James paused a little and took a deep breath, looking slightly confused. 'Who's Severus?' he asked her daringly.

Lily tilted her head in exasperation. 'Snape?' she said.

'Oh yeah.' James nodded slowly, 'Forgot his name was Severus.'

'That's because you always called him Snivellus.' Lily replied through a slightly tense jaw. She wasn't his friend anymore but she still hated the fact that he was called that ridiculous name. She also hated that the boy she was dating was the one who made up the name and had constantly bullied Severus with it.

'Oh yeah.' James said with a fond remembrance for the taunting name. Then he caught sight of Lily's face and his happy expression dropped. 'Sorry.' he said.

'Anyway,' Lily pressed on, letting it go. After all, she couldn't hold his past against him too much. He had changed. She wouldn't be going out with him if he hadn't. 'What did he mean when he said 'you know what I'm capable of'?'

James looked away for a second, trying to think of a reply. He knew exactly what Severus Snape had meant when he had said that. He had been referring to that blasted charm that he had invented. The charm that he had used on Avery in potions and on James out on the Quidditch pitch one day earlier that year. He remembered Lily's reaction when she had seen Severus use the spell on Avery. She had hid her face in his chest, unable to bear looking at the damage he had caused. He didn't want her to look like that again. The burying her head in his chest thing he liked, but her scared expression when she pulled away he couldn't stand to see again. It scared him that she had been scared. Plus, he hadn't even told Sirius, Remus or Peter what that meant, his three closest friends in the world. They hadn't heard the comment but they had seen the blood from that day. He wouldn't tell them how he'd got it.

'You know,' James said reaching over the small distance between them and drawing a number two with his index finger on her left arm, 'We've been on two dates and both times you've managed to mention Snape.'

'I have?' Lily replied uncertainly, thinking back to their first date, trying her hardest to ignore the butterflies that were flying around in her stomach as he touched her. She did mention Severus' name on their last date. She remembered. She mentioned it when they were talking about their friends.

'Are you still friends with him?' James asked her curiously.

'No.' Lily said certainly this time. She never wanted to be friends with Severus Snape again. She was so relieved that their friendship was over she couldn't put it into words. But she did want to know something. 'Would it matter?' she asked.

James took a deep breath and smiled at her. 'No.' he shrugged, 'It's your choice. You choose your own friends. I'm just happy you chose me to date.' He leant over and kissed her on the cheek noticing the small pink blush that crept up when he pulled away.

After James had kissed her softly on the cheek, inhaling the smell of him, the subtle smell of beech wood, her question about Severus was forgotten.

Noticing that her mind had been wiped clean from the uncomfortable topic of Severus Snape, James thought quickly to change the subject. 'So,' he said, 'I'm curious. What did you do before you came to Hogwarts?'

'I went to school.' she said in an answer, and that started up a long conversation.

James asked her more about the school she had gone to in the muggle world and she told him all about it. She told him about the subjects they had been taught and the teachers she had had. When James asked further on these she explained what every subject was. How maths was similar to the basics of the wizarding subject of Arithmancy. And how English was the study of books, reading and writing. Then there was art, history, science and P.E, the last of which James took particular interest in. She wasn't completely surprised as he was a Quidditch fanatic which was a wizarding sport and, to be stereotypical, a boy. So she told him about all the muggle sports she had been forced to play at school. Football, netball, tennis, badminton and then there was athletics as well. She hated every single sport they had to play but James found them all fascinating to learn about, unable to keep the arrogant opinion that he would 'rule at all of them' to himself.

After he had shown his old self-love and she had rolled her eyes, she went on to tell him about the friends she had made at primary school and that she still kept in touch with a few of them only they didn't know she was at Hogwarts. They thought she was at a private boarding school which wasn't altogether false. James asked more about her old friends and she shared some anecdotes about them with him like the time they had snuck into the reception classroom when they were in year three and her friend got stuck in the doorway of the little playhouse that was in there. How they used to make up strange stories by going around in a circle and saying one line each. And she also told him how when they all went on a school trip to see the seals and she had almost broken her friends hand by squeezing it so hard because she was scared of the boat.

After Lily had shared this, James asked her how she had coped when they first came to Hogwarts and had had to travel across the lake. She replied a little quietly that she had squeezed Severus' hand and then moved on quickly to ask him what he had done before Hogwarts.

James told her that he didn't go to school like she did and how it was his mum and dad who were supposed to teach him how to read and write. Then when Lily had questioned the 'supposed' in his statement, James laughed and told her that they were unable to get him to sit still and stop messing around long enough to do so. He told her many stories about the ways they had tried to teach him and the methods that they had tried but never succeeded in. He told her that in the end, they had resorted to sticking him to the chair, practically tying him up and getting his late uncle to teach him. When Lily asked if it had worked James nodded seriously and said it was the only thing that would because, at that point in his childhood, he was quite scared of his uncle. James' reason for this was that he had huge crazy eyebrows to which Lily laughed endlessly at.

When she stopped laughing James told her about one of his first pieces of accidental magic when he made his uncles eyebrows disappear off of his face and reappear on his knuckles so he could see how scary they were for himself. When Lily asked him what other accidental magic he had done as a child he told her a few examples. He told her about the time his parents had been called into work when they had promised to take him to a Quidditch game and he had made all the door handles in the house disappear. His parents hadn't been able to reverse it for a couple of hours and were late to work. Then he told her about the time he had changed his vegetables into sweets because he didn't want to eat them and the time he had changed the yolks in all of the eggs into Snitches.

Lily then told James about the accidental magic she had performed in school and how she had no idea what had happened at the time. She told him about the time that one of the boys in her class had teased her mercilessly about her red hair, a focal bullying point, and how she had lost her temper. How they had gone outside for break and when they all came in again for lessons, everybody in the class had Lily's red hair. Nobody teased her again after that. She also told him about the way she used to manipulate flowers and nature and James was extremely impressed that she had been able to control her powers from such an early age.

They went on to tell each other various anecdotes about their childhoods. James' stories were full of magic, explaining about the toys wizarding children had like toy-broomsticks and exploding snap cards. When he was telling his stories, he detailed the people in them and the objects as much as possible but never went into explicit detail about his family home and the sheer grand scale of it.

Lily's stories, though not inherently magical to Lily, fascinated James. The stories she told him took place in the summer holidays as she was at school for the rest of the year. She told him about the muggle toys that she had had as a child. The dolls she had owned and the teddy bear collection she had along with her countless books which could probably make up a library of their own. When she had said this James said he would like to see that one day. This made Lily smile and blush, drawing the conversation they were having to a close. Just as well really. It was now four o'clock in the morning and James had a Quidditch practice to run later that morning.

They packed the remains of their picnic away and strolled hand in hand back down to the Gryffindor common room, stopping once again, as they had done on their first date, where the spiral steps to their dormitories began.

James looked into Lily's emerald green eyes, tucked a strand of Lily's deep red hair behind her ear and slowly leant forwards kissing her cheek softly. He whispered good night as he pulled away, his warm breath tickling her cheek and went up to his dormitory to get some sleep ready for his Quidditch practice.

Lily watched him go, her cheeks blushing hotly and a smile on her lips. She had, as before, had a great time, (aside from the awkwardness surrounding the Severus Snape topic). Her smile was kind of half-hearted though, and even though she had gotten to know more about James in the wonderful four hours they had spent together talking, there was one thing she hadn't learnt. Why hadn't he kissed her yet?

'I don't want to touch it though.' Hestia whined, stepping away from the dragon dung fertiliser that was sat in a pot on the table in front of her. She looked at it with disgust, wrinkling her nose at the smell of it. She would never understand why wizards needed to use such a revolting type of soil to make their plants grow better. She would never understand why people needed to grow plants at all. Yes there were some benefits to certain plants that they had learnt about in Herbology such as mandrakes. She also knew that the plants they grew had magical properties that were used in potions and pastes. But it didn't stop her thinking this subject was pointless and wondering why she had elected to take it in the first place. She hated gardening and everything that went along with it. And that definitely included a certain fire-breathing animal's faeces.

'You have to touch it Hestia.' Lily sighed, digging a small hole in the pot of fertiliser that she had been given. She had no problem with the task they were assigned. They had gloves and she didn't mind gardening. It was sort of calming to her.

'But I don't want too!' Hestia continued to moan, 'I've just painted my nails! They'll get dirty!'

'You've got gloves on!' Lily pointed out incredulously, 'Just do it!'

'Fine.' Hestia replied reluctantly and very moodily. She stepped forwards to the pot and wrinkled her nose at the smell of it again. There was no denying it. It smelt exactly how it sounded. The words on the bag weren't lying. It was definitely dragon dung.

'Eww.' she complained, tenderly putting a gloved finger on top of the fertiliser and making a small hole before leaping back in shock. 'It moved!' she told Lily insistently, 'I swear it moved! Eww!'

'It's not moving!' Lily said, 'We go through this every time! Just dig the hole.'

'I can't! You do it for me?' Hestia insisted pulling out her best puppy dog face.

Lily sighed and, as she had finished digging her hole in her own pot of soil, she consented to do the same for Hestia.

'Thank you!' Hestia smiled happily, extremely elated that she had gotten her own way and didn't have to touch the dragon dung anymore.

As Lily dug Hestia's hole for her, Hestia continued to talk, changing the topic to the Hogsmeade visit that was set to go out that Saturday in three days' time.

'So, remember in third year when we had transfiguration with the Ravenclaw's and there was that one boy who could only turn his goblet into a budgie when we were meant to turn them into crows?' Hestia asked Lily, continuing on when Lily nodded her head. 'Well, I'm going to Hogsmeade with him on Saturday so I can't go with you and Alice. Is that ok?'

'Well look who's suddenly become very popular with the boys!' Lily mocked with a teasing smile to Hestia who was now leaning on the table to the side of her.

'I've always been popular with the boys!' Hestia defended.

'No you haven't you've had one boyfriend and that was only at the end of last year!' Lily said in reply, making the hole she was digging in Hestia's flower pot a bit bigger and very conscious about mentioning what had become a taboo subject between them. It had led to unpleasant things.

'That doesn't mean I was never popular with the boys.' Hestia argued, 'Just means that they weren't very popular with me until then. I was too busy studying.'

Lily gave Hestia a look of derision with a smile on her lips and eyebrows raised.

'Fine.' Hestia resigned, 'I was too busy painting my nails. Better?'

'Much.' Lily said, passing Hestia's pot back to her and moving back to her own so that she could pour the fertiliser potion over the dragon dung to give the plant maximum assistance to grow nice and big.

'Anyway,' Hestia continued, returning to her original point, 'I can't go to Hogsmeade with you this Saturday.'

'That's ok.' Lily said sincerely, 'Go have fun on your date.'

'Don't get me wrong though,' Hestia said with a sly smile, 'You still owe me a butterbeer!'

It was Thursday night and all the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were in bed. The only two students out of bed were the head girl and the head boy. For the first time since they had gotten back to school though, the two students actually had a legitimate reason for being out of bed so late. They were on patrol this time, not sneaking off for a secret date. At least not yet.

'So you put us in for a patrol together.' James smiled, taking Lily's hand and holding it as they both strolled leisurely down the corridors of the empty castle.

'Obviously.' Lily said, pulling her hand away from his reluctantly. It wasn't that she didn't want to hold his hand it was just that she was worried of running into people on their patrols. She didn't want anyone to see them as anything more than the head students of the school doing their duties.

'Is this because you were jealous?' James teased with a smirk at Lily, referring to his comment when they had been making the rotas for the weeks patrol.

'I wasn't jealous.' Lily said succinctly as they turned a corner, ignoring the smirk that James was still flashing her way.

'Yeah ok.' James said in a placating manner.

'So how were your patrols with Megan?' Lily asked James trying to be nonchalant about the question even though she was anything but.

James could tell and smiled at her words. 'You mean patrol.' James corrected, causing Lily to stop in her tracks and look at him in question. James continued. 'Actually it was more like ten minutes of one patrol. She was boring so I ditched her and went to the kitchens with Sirius.'

Lily sighed in half exasperation. Half because there was a part of her which liked the fact that he ditched the other girl. She knew it was only a patrol but it still made her smile inwardly. This still didn't stop her berating James for shirking his responsibilities.

'You're not meant to ditch patrols.' Lily said, 'Especially to go sneaking around the school,which is exactly the kind of behaviour that you're meant to be patrolling to stop.'

'Well then,' James said, taking a step towards her with a mischievous grin, 'Me and you are going to get in a lot of trouble.'

Without a response from Lily, James grabbed her hand and dragged her through the corridors. He ignored her whispered protests that someone might hear them or see them only listening to her quiet badly muffled laughs which urged him on. He led her down flights of stairs and through corridors, their footsteps echoing around the empty halls of the grand castle. It was only when they reached the grand doors of the great hall that he pulled them to a stop.

'What are we doing here?' Lily asked him curiously.

'Our third date.' James smiled, bobbing up and down on his heels excitedly,

Lily raised her eyebrows. 'Nice to know about it!'

'I have to run all my date plans for us by you?' James asked her. It was a rhetorical question so he wasn't really expecting an answer. The only thing was Lily had an answer for him.

'If you want me to go on these dates then yes you do.' she replied.

'But you are on a date with me.' James said mischievously.

'I could leave.' she said in return. She wasn't mad at him for doing this just a little caught off guard and a tiny bit worried that they might get caught. That would be really bad. Lily wasn't ready to tell anyone that they were dating yet. It was too soon. Plus, even though they had had great times on their last two dates, who was to say that things would continue this well? She didn't think she could deal with the added pressure and plus, she liked the secret aspect of how things were. It definitely took the pressure off and adding pressure to her life was the last thing she wanted in her N.E.W.T's year.

'You won't leave.' James said with a knowing smile, 'I know you Lily Evans and once your curiosity is peaked you have to know what's going on.'

Lily thought about this for a second. It was true. Curiosity was one of Lily's downfalls. Her mother always said to her that 'curiosity killed the cat' to which Lily would reply 'well I've used up all my nine lives then and then some'. When Lily's interest was caught, she had to know what was going on. If someone started a race, she'd have to know who won. If someone gave her a present she'd have to find out what it was and if someone started a story she'd have to hear the end of it. It was just who she was. It was probably also the reason why she read so many books. Just reading the blurb off of the back cover wasn't enough information to see if she would like it. She would have to read it cover to cover and then, and only then, would she decide whether it was worth reading.

However, she didn't always view her curiosity as a downfall. It was how she had gotten to know James over the past year. He had peaked her curiosity when he had told her he was full of surprises, a statement which he had never gone back on. Her curiosity hand been further intrigued when Remus had had a go at her for never giving him and his friends a chance. She was grateful for this and was grateful for her curiosity. It wasn't always a bad thing. But then again, there were moments when she cursed her mind for the 'need to know' complex she was born with. This was one of those moments.

Lily sighed and gave in, knowing James was right and that if she walked away now she would forever wonder what could have happened on this impromptu date. 'Ok.' she conceded, 'What have you got planned?'

James visibly relaxed. He had become rather tense while she hesitated and had been hoping that he hadn't screwed things up with her because of his arrogance in thinking she would willingly agree to ditch patrol duties for a date. He winked at her and then opened the doors to the great hall. He took her hand once more and led her up to the high table where the teachers usually sat.

At the top of the great hall, where Dumbledore usually sat and resided over the large school meals, James had lit a few candles and laid out some snacks for two. He had put out some bowls of jelly, his favourite, and exploding strawberry bon-bons because he knew they were Lily's favourites. Along with these he had got an assortment of sweets that they could share like Bertie Bott's every flavour beans and some ice mice. He had thought that as they had both eaten dinner already, all they would really want was some extra dessert. He knew this would be a hit because he knew that Lily had a sweet tooth.

The two sat down behind the table, Lily needing a bit of convincing by James at first as she didn't think that they were allowed to do so. It was only when James assured her that he had done it numerous times and hadn't gotten into trouble that she did so, albeit a little reluctantly. Still, she couldn't deny that this was worth ditching patrols for.

As they both had a lesson the next morning, (Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall. Not really a good idea to be sleepy in her lesson), this date was a lot shorter than their last one. After only a couple of hours, in which they talked about Hogwarts and N.E.W.T's and some of their favourite things like books and music, Lily told James that they should probably call it a night. However, James did manage to persuade her to stay for an extra half an hour, asking her more about her family and what she did at her muggle primary school. After a few more amusing anecdotes from Lily's childhood, she managed to convince James that if they didn't go to bed now, McGonagall would most likely curse them both when they fell asleep in her lesson the next day.

Chuckling at this image, James agreed that it was probably a wise idea to get some sleep, especially as it was almost two in the morning. He sighed, smiled mischievously, got up and offered his hand to Lily in a strange bow. Curious as to what he was doing, Lily took his hand and was immediately whisked into a ridiculous waltz around the teachers table, down the centre of the great hall and around the house tables. James twirled them around endlessly in circles, having no idea how to dance properly, and hummed the Hogwarts School song for music. Lily was laughing breathlessly, carried away in the motion of it, loving the tight but comforting grip that James had adopted around her waist. She was still laughing when he suddenly pulled them to a dramatic halt at the doors of the great hall, and dipped her down like the dancers always did in the cheesy movies Lily used to watch back in the muggle world.

'Aren't I a good dancer?' James asked arrogantly, smiling as he brought Lily out of the dip and twirled her under his arm until they were standing side by side, hand in hand and ready to walk the halls of the school back up to their common room.

'No.' Lily said simply, still laughing at the very fun end to their date.

'I'm wounded!' James said dramatically, holding the hand that was clasped to hers up to his chest dramatically.

Lily smiled fondly at him, feeling his strong heart beat beneath his school shirt for a couple of seconds before her brought their hands down and swung them absentmindedly between them. 'I'm glad you made me do this.' she said sincerely.

'I didn't make you do anything.' James replied honestly, smiling down at her and taking in her emerald green eyes. He loved her eyes. They always shined.

'Yes but you knew that once you told me that you'd arranged something I'd do it.' Lily pointed out, 'I'm too curious!'

'Yes you are!' James replied grinning. Still holding her hand, moved his arm so that it was wrapped around her waist, hugging her to his side. 'But think of all you've managed to get out of me tonight!' James reminded her, referring to the moment in their date where Lily had tried to get him to tell her his favourite childhood story.

'I know!' Lily smiled, thinking over how she had finally got him to spill the beans by looking up at him through her eyelashes and sadly pouting slightly. It worked and he went on to tell her. She had to remember that. 'Who knew that your favourite childhood story was about a hopping cauldron?'

'It's a cauldron with a foot sticking out of it. What's not to love?' James laughed as they turned the corner into the corridor which had the entrance to the Gryffindor common room along it.

'It's not real though is it?' Lily asked as they fast approached the portrait of the Fat Lady who was snoring loudly.

'Actually, most Beedle the Bard stories are.' James said before muttering the password to the Fat Lady who non-committedly waved them in. She'd have let anyone in at this point, James was sure of it. When they were over the threshold of the portrait hole, James continued. 'Not sure which ones are and which one aren't though. All I can say is that I hope The Warlocks Hairy Heart isn't.'

'Why?' Lily asked, turning to face him now as they were at the bottom of the spiral staircases which led to their respective dormitories.

'Because that is the most gruesome story Beedle made up.' James replied, 'My mum didn't tell me about it till I was nine. Even then I wished she'd have waited a bit longer.'

'You're going to have to tell me about that one next time then.' Lily smiled.

James smiled at her in return. 'Perhaps I will.' he said before continuing with a whispered, 'Good night Lily.'

He leant forwards and tilted her chin upwards slightly. Lily's heart began to race as he came closer to her. She closed her eyes and he kissed her…on the forehead.

She stood there in disbelief as James smiled down at her once more and turned to go to his dorm room. On the forehead? Seriously? This was their third date. Surely he should have kissed her by now? She was sure that he should have unless he didn't want to. Did he not want to kiss her?

'Do you just not want to kiss me?' she said after him.

He turned around to look at her with a small surprised smile on his face. 'Excuse me?' he questioned.

'Well,' Lily began, trying her hardest not to sound bossy or clingy or anything she thought he might find unattractive in her, 'it's just that we've been on three dates now and you've kissed me numerous times on the cheek and now even on the forehead which makes me wonder do you just not want to kiss me?'

'I thought we were going to take this slow.' James replied and Lily couldn't read his expression.

'Slow yes not snail's pace though!' Lily said, 'Seriously James, most people kiss on the first date and this is our third and you still haven't-'

But Lily couldn't finish her sentence for James had pressed his lips to hers. After a second of realisation of what was happening, Lily began to kiss him back. Their kiss was passionate and hungry as if they had waited a lifetime to feel one another's lips upon their own. Their lips moved together as if perfectly matched, softly and yet with a burning desire. James' right hand was in her fiery red hair, gently pushing her lips closer to his, searching for permission, which was soon granted, to deepen the kiss. His left hand started on her hip before softly tracing up her curves to her waist and then round to the small of her back, pulling her towards him in a bid to get closer to each other. Also in aid of this, Lily stood on the tips of her toes, giving him better access into her mouth, reciprocating enthusiastically, and winding her arms around his neck, one of her hands making its way into his tousled hair that he was forever messing up.

How long their first kiss lasted they didn't know. It could have been seconds, minutes or hours before they broke apart gently, both their hearts racing and both a tad out of breath.

'You were saying?' James prompted with a delicious smile after a couple of seconds, now holding Lily in his arms which were resting around her waist, his hands clasped together relaxing on the small of her back.

Lily's arms were still wrapped around his neck. Biting her lip she was unable to hold back her smile and a small happy laugh. Not really knowing what to do now, she simply said, 'Good night', stood on her toes once more, and softly pressed her lips to his for just a couple of seconds before withdrawing. She then turned around and, still smiling, unable to wipe the happiness from her face, climbed the spiral staircase to the girl's dormitory.

James sighed happily and watched her go. At this moment he wanted nothing more than to punch his fist up into the air in triumph for he had just kissed the girl he had had his eye on from day one. And what a kiss! But he didn't do this. Mentally yes, he was punching and kicking the air ecstatically, but not in real life. Instead he put his hands in his pockets feeling extremely elated, turned to his right and casually sauntered up the staircase to his dormitory unable to stop grinning. He was going to have sweet dreams tonight.

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