Five Minutes

Chapter 48

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Chapter Forty-Eight

Severus Snape was spending a free period in the library, a place specifically built for the purpose of study, revision, extra work and homework. Any teacher at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry would surely commend him for spending his own free time this way. However, if they knew his reasons for being there, they would be less than impressed for his motives were not admirable to say the least. In fact, they were downright despicable.

He was there to carry out the first stage in his plan. His plan to try and make, to force Lily to see reason. To save her from the careless friendship and alliance she had made with James Potter and his gang. To break the toxic bonds she had made with her other friends, Hestia Jones and Alice Prewett, the girls whose words had poisoned her against him, he was sure. If he was able to do this, to isolate Lily from these people who had turned her against him, she would soon see that he, Severus, was the only one who truly cared. He was the only person who knew her; knew what was important to her and knew what she cared about. He was the only person who understood why she was the way she was and he was the only person who knew what made her tick. He was her only true friend. Knowing this information about her meant that he knew what he would have to do to discredit her so-called friends. He believed he knew how to break her trust in them. All he needed to do was be patient whilst he implemented his plan to do so.

First, he was going to break her trust in James Potter. If he broke that bond then all ties Lily had to that group of insolent boys would be broken. He just needed to show Lily that James Potter hadn't changed. He needed to show her that James Potter was still and arrogant, obnoxious git who didn't deserve her friendship. He had a plan to do this. Today would just be the first step in his plan to discredit Potter. It would also show Lily that James Potter didn't and would never understand Lily's past. It would show that James Potter had no respect for Lily's family ties. You see, Severus' plan was to use Lily's troubled relationship with her sister as ammunition. He was going to do that by stealing something that was extremely close to Lily's heart for it reminded her of a happier time. It was a simple bracelet.

The bracelet that Severus was going to steal was given to Lily when she was nine years old, before she knew she was a witch. It was given to her by her older sister Petunia Evans at a time when they were thick as thieves, best friends and sisters through and through. When Petunia had made it for her, it was three bright strands of brightly coloured purple cotton entwined together in a pattern of knots and braids. Severus remembered Lily telling him about when they were shopping for their school supplies in Diagon alley ready for their first year at Hogwarts…

'Oh my God!' Lily gasped, rushing over to another stand in the famed wizarding book store Flourish and Blotts, 'Mummy! Mummy look!'

The book store was heaving with customers. It was only small and Severus suspected that it had reached full capacity. But that didn't stop more people trying to squeeze their way in through the tiny door. It was packed with children and adults; all there for the same purpose he was - to buy Hogwarts school books ready to start the new term afresh. Most of them, in fact the vast majority of them, would be searching for new books with the least amount of damage on them. Damage caused by frequent handling. Severus wasn't though. He had been searching through the second hand books near the back of the shop. Books which had been donated after past Hogwarts student had done with them, discarding them like tissues. Still, their used tissues benefited him and meant that he was able to buy all his books and still have enough left over for an ice-cream.

He didn't mind buying his books second hand. Most his stuff was. He had tattered school robes at home which had belonged to his mother. Robes which she had altered to fit him. Still, this didn't hide the fact that they were girls robes. Some of his daytime clothes were hers too. A few cardigans and shirts. But he was used to it. He had been used to it from the moment he was born. People in both worlds, gawping at him for his unusual look and whispering things behind his back, making fun of him. The muggle kids' insults were worse because he knew he was better than them but they would never know it. That's why he felt so lucky that he had found Lily. A girl so sweet and caring. Not boastful that her parents had earned a decent enough wage to buy her brand new school things and not the least bit interested in Severus' tatty appearance. She saw who he was underneath and that's what made her so special. She never judged a book by its cover and that was why Severus loved her. Right from the beginning.

He could spot her now. Her deep red hair which was cascading down her back, a bright smile lighting up her face and her emerald green eyes sparkling at this new and glorious world that Severus was showing her. A world her family would never fully understand. It was a world which he alone shared with her.

Severus spotted her family in the crowd. They were plain and boring next to the exuberant Lily but, as Lily came as kind of a package deal with them, (they were a close family…kind of), he had to put up with them. He watched Heather Evans, followed by her husband Richard Evans and their extremely sullen teenage daughter Petunia Evans, walked over to a very excitable Lily. She was jumping up and down on the spot, a great big grin spreading across her face as if she had never seen anything so amazing in her life. Severus loved her smile and went over to join the family to see what Lily had found.

'Mummy!' Lily said, shoving the book she was holding right under her mother's nose, 'It's called Saucy Tricks for Tricky Sorts' see!' Lily continued, pointing to the title of the book happily.

'I can see that.' Heather said, putting the book back on the stand.

Lily picked it up again. 'Can I have it please mummy?' she asked her mother sweetly, fluttering her eyelids at a very tired woman.

'No sweetheart.' Heather sighed, 'We've already bought you seven books which aren't even on your school list. I'm sure you can manage without a book of spells on sauces and whatnot.' she finished, squeezing her daughters shoulder and walking back over to the other side of the store where Petunia had wondered off sulkily.

As soon as she had gone, Lily's father took the book out of her hands and winked at her. 'I like sauces.' he said before he walked away up to the counter to buy the book for his favourite daughter. He knew he ought not to have favourites but he couldn't help it. Lily was his jewel.

Lily smiled after her father and Severus leant over to Lily to whisper, 'He does know that's not really a book on sauces right?'

Lily laughed, 'No.'

Severus laughed as well. He followed Lily as she veered off to look at the book stand that her mother and sister were stood in front of to look at the books behind. As they were stood there, they overheard Heather telling Petunia off.

'Do stop sulking Petunia!' Heather said, 'Can't you just be happy for your sister?'

'Why should I be?' Petunia sniped, 'She's a freak and so is her friend. I can't believe my sisters a freak!'

'Petunia Evans don't call your sister names!' Heather disciplined, 'You should be extremely proud of your sister!'

'Well I'm not!' Petunia yelled at her mother before running out of the store. Heather followed her, determined to tell her daughter off for making such a scene in public, wizarding or not.

Lily looked away sadly as her sister stormed away from her. She shifted uncomfortably and absentmindedly thumbed through the book in front of her, taking no notice at what she was looking at.

'Don't worry about her Lily.' Severus said to her, staring after her horrible sister with a sneer on his face, 'She's the freak.'

'No she's not!' Lily protested, walking away from Severus to another stand in the crowded book store.

'Yes she is!' Severus said as he followed her, 'She's the one who's-'

'Don't talk about her like that Sev!' Lily whispered forcefully, tears brimming in her eyes, 'She's right! I am the freak and she'll never be proud of me! She's my sister and she'll never be proud of me!'

Severus looked around uncomfortably. Lily's tears had started to spill from her eyes and she was starting to attract a little bit of attention from other people nearby. He saw a girl with frizzy blonde hair and her balding dad staring at them. Severus took Lily's arm and pulled her around a few of the book stands until they were hidden behind a tall stand displaying thick heavy books entitled Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms.

'She's only ever been proud of me once!' Lily sobbed, wiping her nose on her hand, 'Even then she wasn't proud she was just thankful!'

'What do you mean?' Severus whispered quickly, wishing Lily would stop crying. It made him really uncomfortable when people cried even if the person who was crying was the person who he loved most in the world. But she was crying loudly. They were hidden from view now but people could still hear her. He wished she would stop.

'I was nine and it was her birthday present.' Lily began, sniffing again, 'Mummy and Daddy thought it would be nice to redecorate her room for her birthday and they decided they wanted to do it all red. We couldn't afford to do it all at once so mummy and daddy decided to start with the wallpaper. They'd picked it all out and everything. But when they showed her it I saw her face. She didn't like it, she doesn't like red. So I saved up all my pocket money and I went and bought some purple wallpaper for her. Then, the day the decorator came I switched the wallpapers so that he would do her room in purple instead of red. Mummy and Daddy were really mad with me because they'd spent a lot of money on that wallpaper but Tuney was really happy.' Lily sniffed again after her little monologue and then held up her left wrist. 'She made me this afterwards.' she continued, 'Three shades of purple to show that, as sisters, we always know what the other wants and we are as close as the threads and she was proud…well…thankful towards me. I've never taken it off and I never will. If I do…it'll be like losing that bond we had.'

And true to her word, for as long as Severus had known Lily, she had never taken that bracelet off even though it could hardly be called a bracelet anymore. It was threadbare, hanging on by a ragged and thin strand of cotton. The three purple colours had now meshed into one dirty strand of muggy brown thread. It was almost falling off as it was. Lily had been worried about losing it for years but never had. Severus had never understood why she had never magically reinforced it or cleaned it but now he was grateful she hadn't. Thanks to her wanting to keep it exactly how Petunia had made it, it would be all too easy to severe the broken thread. He just had to be extremely careful when doing it.

He crept around a couple of book cases and peered round the one he stopped behind to look at Lily. She was writing furiously, a smile on her face filled with concentration. That smile meant that she was almost finished writing her essay. Whenever she was happy with an ending she would smile like that. This meant that Severus only had a small amount of time to carefully cut the thread. He took out his wand and crept a little closer to where Lily was sat. He managed to sit at the table just behind Lily, less than a few feet away. Biting his tongue in concentration, Severus pointed his wand at Lily's wrist, squinting his eyes in concentration for if he didn't focus, he could end up slicing her wrist instead. He muttered, 'diffindo' and almost immediately, the strand of cotton fell apart. However, it didn't fall off of her wrist. Severus would have to wait for her to move for that to happen.

After five minutes, she gathered her stuff and left the library, presumably to go to the potions class that started soon which Severus also needed to go to. Before he left to follow her there though, he walked over to the table she had just left to check if her bracelet had fallen off as she had taken her things. It hadn't. He followed the route she had taken, making sure he was far enough away from her that she wouldn't feel his presence behind her. He spotted the bracelet caught on the sleeve of her robe. He watched it hanging, wondering how he was going to get it off her properly. Thankfully he didn't need to think of a way to do this as when she reached behind her to sweep her beautiful red hair out of her face, it silently dropped onto the floor. She noticed nothing.

Severus let her walk a few feet away before rushing forwards and picking up the bracelet. He clutched it in his hand tightly, his balled up fist ensuring that it wasn't visible to anyone else. He swept down the corridors quickly, his black robes billowing out slightly behind him as he went, his greasy curtained hair doing the same. He rounded the corridors of the school, younger years moving out of his way as he made it down to the dungeons.

Once inside the class room, he surveyed the scene. Lily had sat down next to Sirius Black, her new potions partner for the year, and was rolling her eyes at him. He was kneeling on his chair and practically hugging the table in front of him, shouting loudly about it being 'home sweet home'. James Potter was on the table next to Lily's and he was laughing at Sirius, throwing screwed up pieces of parchment at his head, calling him an idiot. Remus Lupin was sat next to James Potter reading a book but also absentmindedly handing him pieces of parchment to use. Severus hated those three boys and the fact that Lily was only rolling her eyes in a fond manner and smiling hit him like a knife in his side. The Lily he knew and loved would have shouted many insults at them all by now for being so childish. But no matter. Severus would have his Lily back soon. This was only the first step in achieving this.

He walked past James Potter's and Remus Lupin's table to get to his seat, slyly brushing past James' bag as he did so and slipping Lily's bracelet inside. He smiled to himself as he made his way to his table and sat down, getting out his potions book and setting it down. Taking a deep breath, he looked at the scene in front of him again. It wouldn't be like this soon. Soon things would be back to the way they used to be. Lily would think that James Potter and his gang didn't have any concept of family and what it meant. She would think that James Potter stole her bracelet for a laugh and once again see him as the self-obsessed, obnoxious, arrogant toe-rag that he was. She wouldn't like the marauders anymore which would mean that she would once again turn to Severus; her only true friend.

That evening as James Potter sat down to dinner with his friends, a short way away from Lily Evans, he shot her a wonky smile and a wink. In return, she gave James a winning smile, blushing quietly as she did so. Both of them were thinking back to the previous night when they had shared their first kiss. None of their friends knew this however. Their friends, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew for James and Hestia Jones and Alice Prewett for Lily, knew nothing. They didn't even know that the two were dating as both of them had spun different stories to their friends about moving on from a crush or focusing solely on N.E.W.T's. That's why it was a relief that nobody noticed them smile at each other. That's why it was a relief that nobody else had shared in this moment. James would soon come to wish that someone else had though; namely Hestia Jones.

'Would you do something for me?' he heard Hestia ask Lily as she quickly sat down next to the red head. James could hear an unmistakable urgency in Hestia's voice and wondered what it was all about. He spooned things out onto his plate quietly, listening into Lily and Hestia's conversation whilst ignoring the one that was going on in his own circle of friends.

'Depends on what it-'

'No time for sarcasm here Lily!' James caught Hestia's voice cut across Lily's. He glanced across to the two girls. Hestia's back was to James, showing off her straightened brown hair, and Lily was facing him, her emerald green eyes focused on the girl in front of her. He could see her shocked face clear as day staring at her best friend's rudeness. James heard Hestia continue.

'Would you do something for me?' she said, that same urgency still present in her voice.

James saw Lily hesitated. He could tell she did not like the fact that she was being asked to decide to do something when she didn't know what it was she was being asked to do. He watched her bite her lip and glance around in thought. Suddenly she was looking straight at him so James, who's eavesdropping had been unnoticed by his friends thus far, simply gave a small shrug. Still none of his friends noticed him. Lily looked at him hesitantly but James couldn't figure out why. She then turned back to Hestia who hadn't seemed to notice anything. Then, from the look Lily then gave Hestia, James couldn't help but get a bad feeling. Now he understood what Lily's hesitant expression. She had obviously seen something in Hestia's face which was cause for concern. He couldn't be sure though as he couldn't see Hestia's face but then again, the look Lily was giving was proof enough.

He watched her pause a tiny bit longer before hearing her say with a resigned and reluctant sigh, 'Fine. What do you want?'

'I need you to go on a double date with me.' Hestia announced, causing James, who was pouring some pumpkin juice into his goblet, to suddenly spill some over the table. He was right. That look was cause for concern.

'Dude!' Sirius yelled loudly, shifting in his seat to make way for the small stream of pumpkin juice that was now dripping off the table and onto the small space on the bench that he had created between himself and James. He picked up his hand, which James had also spilt some pumpkin juice on and looked at it in disgust. His expression quickly changed though and he started to happily suck the juice off of his now sticky fingers.

'Sorry.' James said quickly setting down the pitcher of juice he was still holding and whipping out his wand to wipe up the liquid he had just spilt. He hadn't meant to spill it. He wasn't clumsy; his Quidditch reflexes made sure of that. He just hadn't expected to hear what he just did. As his wand ran over the puddle of liquid, the pumpkin juice disappearing as soon as his wand had passed over it, he continued to slyly listen in to Lily's conversation. He was extremely curious to know how she would respond to this proposition. He knew she didn't want people to know they were dating just yet but would she really go so far as to agree to go on a date with someone else just to avert suspicion? Surely not.

'Well…' he heard her begin. He watched her discreetly out of the corner of his eyes. He saw her bite her lip once more and begin to draw circles with her finger on the dinner table, something he noticed she did when she was in an uncomfortable situation or one that made her nervous.

'Why?' she asked eventually.

James snatched a quick terse breath, knowing that this meant that she hadn't been able to find an excuse in that clever little mind of hers not to go one a double date with Hestia. He was now starting to have a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. This feeling had distracted him from his surroundings meaning that he hadn't noticed that Sirius, Remus and Peter were now also eavesdropping on Lily and Hestia along with watching James with curiosity. The same curiosity he was watching her with. He was gripped his fork tightly as Hestia gave her reasons for needing Lily to go on a double date with her.

'Because,' Hestia said, starting to talk fast, obviously desperate for a quick reply, 'Sean's friend really likes you and-'

'Whoa wait!' Lily interrupted, 'Who's Sean?'

'My date for Saturday.' James heard Hestia explain. She continued to talk quickly. James had never thought it possible for someone to talk that fast and it was hard for him to catch every word but he tried his hardest and got the gist.

'Anyway,' Hestia went on, 'his friend really likes you and Sean asked me if I could ask you if you wanted to go out with him but I got kind of excited about the whole idea of us going on a double date together and as you said you were over the whole Potter thing I kind of already said yes.'

'Potter thing?' Sirius whispered to James, leaning a bit closer to his best friend to ask the question quietly. That way no one but him and Remus and Peter could hear.

James turned to his friends, now extremely aware that they had been listening to the conversation and watching him. He tried to act nonchalant. 'No idea.' he said quietly, shaking his head and relinquishing the tight grip he had on his fork, realising that that would be a key give away to how he was actually feeling in this topic. He then began eating his dinner slowly. He focused on his plate full of dinner but his eyes kept darting back to Lily and Hestia. If he didn't know that Remus, Sirius and Peter were definitely watching him, he wouldn't have bothered to try and be so subtle. But he did. It was partly to avert suspicion from his already suspicious friends and partly so that he could continue to watch and listen to what Lily had to say. Remus, Sirius and Peter also continued to listen, knowing that James was only actually pretending not to eavesdrop. They weren't stupid.

'You already said yes?' James heard Lily hiss madly at Hestia, 'What were you thinking? I don't even know who this person is!'

'It's Joshua Hunt.' Hestia replied, 'He's that really handsome one with the blonde hair.'

'Not as handsome as me!' Sirius whispered to his friends only to be shushed by Remus who was quite intrigued on this subject. He knew that James had no plans to ask Lily out again, he had told him that the first weekend they had been back at Hogwarts but Lily's behaviour from the Hogwarts express had suggested that she still rather liked him. Personally he thought James was being foolish not asking her out again but it was his decision. However, from James reaction to this conversation, he suspected that he was starting to regret that decision. Maybe this would change his mind.

'Well…' the four boys heard Lily begin. It was almost like a drama. The four boys were waiting with baited breath for Lily's response. But only James knew of the real drama in this situation. 'I'm sorry Hestia but no. I don't want to.'

Across the table, James smirked down at his dinner an expression which didn't go unnoticed by Remus who just rolled his eyes at James behaviour. James however, didn't notice that he had been noticed. He thought he had hidden it quite well and was appearing as if he had no interest in this matter. But what he thought he had shown and what he had actually shown were two different things. This didn't affect what thoughts were whirring around in his head though. In his head he was happily thinking that Lily was obviously having a good time dating him and only wanted to date him. She had said no to a date with someone else. That had just made his day. But it was about to be broken down again.

'Tough.' Hestia said, 'You have to. You said you would do me a favour and I already said yes so you have to go and if you say no I'll hide all your books! And you know I'll do it!'

James' expression dropped. As much as he hated to admit it, that was a very good move on Hestia's part. If there was one thing he had learnt about Lily over the past couple of weeks through their intimate dates, was that she didn't like to be without her books. He had learnt of the huge collection she had at home, which had spread from her room to the attic and living room, and those she had brought with her. She wouldn't want them taken away from her. If she was to stop this from happening she had only one choice. And even though he knew what was coming, her words were still a knife stabbing harshly into his side.

'Fine!' Lily resigned, the tone in her voice portraying the obvious fact that she didn't want to go. It was layered with her feelings of reluctance and annoyance at being practically blackmailed into something she didn't want to do. 'One date.' she continued, making it abundantly clear that that was all she was going to do, 'But it's under protest and I'm definitely not happy about this.'

'Yay!' Hestia said happily, leaning forwards and hugging her friend thankfully. She rocked back and forth in her hug with Lily, not letting her go for a long second even though it was clear that Lily wanted her to release her grip.

James put down his fork and averted his gaze from Lily's who was trying to look at him apologetically. He reached forwards and picked up his goblet of pumpkin juice breathing deeply and trying to calm himself. The knife in his side was now melting and he couldn't help but start to become a little bit mad at the situation. He knew inevitably she had no choice but it still didn't stop him being ticked off.

'Are you alright?' Remus asked him with raised eyebrows, knowing that he wasn't.

'I'm fine. Why?' James said in a counter question.

'Because,' Sirius started to explain, 'Evans has just said she'll go out with someone who's not you even though you've asked her loads of times but she's always said no-'

'I get it!' James interrupted him, 'But I'm fine. Really.' James shrugged, taking a sip of his juice. As he drank he looked over the top of his goblet to Remus who still had that same expression on his face. The expression that read, 'come on. Really?'

'I'm fine.' James repeated, putting down his goblet and going back to his dinner, 'I told you I was focusing on my N.E.W.T's this year. She can date whoever she wants. I simply don't care.'

'All right. I care!' James said, throwing his bag onto the desk in the transfiguration classroom where they held their weekly prefects meetings, half its contents spilling out onto the floor as it slid across the desk. Books, quills and ink pots clattered nosily onto the hard stone floor.

Lily followed him into the room and closed the door behind her. She took out her wand and cast a quick charm to lock the door just to make sure no one would walk in on them talking about something that she didn't want anyone to know about just yet, especially as people were already gossiping about her and Joshua Hunt, something which she blamed Hestia for fully. And if anyone heard her talking to James then they would start gossiping about them instead. And people would have a lot more ammunition on that topic thanks to her years of rejecting him. It was something which she just couldn't handle at this precise moment. She hated people talking about her anyway. Didn't they have anything better to do with their lives?

'James it's not a real date!' Lily said trying to placate him. She wasn't denying the fact that he had every right to be upset but she just had to try and make him see it her way. She went over to the other side of the classroom where he had thrown his bag and started to gather up his things and shove them back into it for him.

'Sounds like a date to me.' James mumbled, kicking the desk miserably before turning around, his back to Lily, and leaning back on it with his arms folded and ankles crossed.

Lily finished pushing things deep into his cramped bag and put it on the desk. She then walked around to stand next to him, putting her left hand on his right shoulder and running it once down his arm soothingly until it was placed just above his elbow. 'Look,' she began, looking at her hand on his arm, 'it's not a real date. You and I both know that I am dating you.'

'Yeah but Jones thinks it's a real date.' James continued to say, refusing to see her side of things, his words becoming faster as he went on, 'Jones' date thinks it's a real date and your fake date who's a real date thinks it's a date so it's obviously a real date!'

'James can you please stop using the word date so many times?' Lily laughed, trying to lighten the mood, 'I got none of that.'

'It's a real date!' James said slowly, turning his head to look at her. His arms were still folded. He looked a little bit like a naughty child who couldn't get his own way. He had a slight miserable pout on his face and his eyes kept flickering to the floor. It was as if someone had just taken his favourite teddy bear off him or something.

'No it's not!' Lily sighed exasperatedly leaning on the desk next to him, her hands behind her in support.

'Yes it-'

'Will you shut up a minute and just let me talk please?' Lily interrupted, hitting James on the arm in frustration. If he just shut up it would be a lot easier to explain her side of things. Why she thought that going on this fake date would help her and James in the long run.

James heaved a sigh and carried on looking down at the floor for a couple of seconds his foot jiggling a little bit, slightly agitated and impatient. In the end he looked at Lily at gave her a look which said, 'fine I'm listening.'

'First of all,' Lily said, looking into James' eyes and once more placing her hand on his arm just above the elbow, 'as long as we both know that this date is not in the slightest real, we are ok. Ok? Just because Hestia thinks it's real doesn't meant it actually is.'

James nodded slowly. He was breathing deeply and his moved his tongue to press against his cheek to stop himself saying something he would regret. Instead, he stayed quiet and let Lily continue, hoping that he could bite his tongue long enough to let her finish.

'Second of all,' Lily continued, 'you have nothing to be worried about or jealous of-'

'I'm not jealous.'

'-because Hestia's 'that really handsome one with the blonde hair' statement is not true.' she went on to say, ignoring James' interruption from before. 'He's not even that good looking.'

'Oh please!' James said, 'He's a god!'

'Do you wanna go out him?' Lily replied, finding this comment by James to be a little weird. She heard him sigh again in frustration. When she saw his motion to continue though, Lily carried on. 'All that's going to happen is I go out to dinner with Hestia and a couple of other people. Afterwards I will tell Hestia I don't see it working out and then it will all be over and I can start thinking of ways to…to tell her we're dating.'

There was a slight silence where a smile grew across James' face. She was ready to tell. Well, not tell but think of telling and that was as good as. 'Really?' he asked her. Pulling her round to stand in front of him and face him. He had his arms loosely around her hips and she placed her hands just below his shoulders.

'Yes.' Lily smiled at him, 'I promise that after I pretend to go out with Joshua, I will start to think of ways to tell her.'

James' smile dropped. 'Joshua.' he said as if the name was disgusting, 'That bugs me. His name had to start with a J. He had to take that from me too.'

'Yes because he can control the letter his name begins with.' Lily mocked with a playful frown, 'He did that just to bug you specifically.'

'You're making fun of me.' James said, pulling her a bit closer to him, an annoyed smile growing on his handsome face.

'Yes I am.' Lily smiled staring into his grinning hazel eyes. She tipped his head up a little bit with her forefinger, paused for a slight moment and then softly leant forwards and pressed her lips to his. When she pulled away, she saw him smirking.

'How long you been waiting to do that today then, eh?' he asked her, his cheeky smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Lily sighed and rolled her eyes. 'You're such a child!' she said, hitting his shoulder gently again as he pulled her closer towards him, a little bit annoyed with him for ruining the moment.

'But you have haven't you?' he continued, still smiling broadly, a teasing twinkle in his hazel eyes, 'Its cause I'm such a good kisser isn't it?'

'Will you shut up?' Lily asked him with exasperation, raising her eyebrows at him as he stood up, his arms still wrapped around her hips.

James moved his hand to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. This time he was the one to initiate a kiss, obviously as a way to prove his own theory about his own skills at kissing. He lifted her head slightly and bent down to meet and cover her lips with his, kissing her softly. His hand moved into her hair as he deepened their kiss, his tongue moving into her mouth. Lily responded and moving her right hand to tangle itself in his messy hair, her other arm, hanging over his shoulder. He pulled away gently after a few seconds and smiled at her as a slow blush crept to her cheeks and a small smile started to show on her lips.

'See?' he said, nodding his head proudly as she shook her head at his way of proving a point.

'No.' Lily replied impertinently unfolding herself from James' arms and shaking her head once more. She would never tell him because his head was already big enough as it was and she didn't wish to inflate it any further, but he was a very good kisser. Now she'd never actually kissed anyone else the way she kissed him and didn't have a frame of reference but even she knew what a good kiss was. It was a natural instinct she supposed. And James was a good kisser. But she couldn't be thinking about that at the moment. She couldn't really allow herself to be distracted by him at the minute because the prefects would be arriving soon and they hadn't started the patrol rota yet.

She was all business now. Lily could go from naught to studying, work or, in this case, business, in less than sixty seconds. She dragged James over to the table so that they could start work on the rota.

'So,' she said, getting out the timetable and setting everything up ready to write, 'which patrol do you want?'

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