Five Minutes

Chapter 55

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Chapter Fifty-Five

James and Lily were up in Lily's dorm room engaged in a furious make out session. They were laid on Lily's bed with the door locked to ensure that they would know if anyone decided to come in by the rattling door handle. James was laid next to Lily, running his left hand from her right knee, (which was bent up), to her waist over the top of her clothes. He was only spurred on by the small pleasurable moans she was making in the back of her throat, one of her hands tangling itself in his messy black hair and the other running from his left cheek to his chest. Who knows how long they would have stayed in a lip-lock, their tongues dancing in each other's mouths, if the door handle hadn't rattled.

As it happened, the door handle had rattled and James and Lily pulled apart to look at the door. They looked at each other and, without thinking, Lily pushed James off of her bed and onto the floor, hidden from the view of the door.

'Hey!' James said as he landed on the floor, 'That hurt!'

'Shh!' Lily hushed him, fumbling around under her pillow and taking out the book she had hidden there.

'You're rude.' James said.

Lily hit him on the head with her book.

'And violent!' James continued on, rubbing his head where she had just whacked him.

Lily gave him a warning look; a deathly glare.

'And a little scary.' James finished, 'I'll be shutting up now.'

'Good!' Lily said as she opened her book.

'Wouldn't have to hide if we told people we were going out though.' James said, taking off his glasses, examining them and giving them a quick clean. 'Just saying.' he added, receiving that glare off of Lily again.

'Well don't. Stop pushing.' Lily whispered in annoyance, the door opening at the same time and her dorm mate and friend Alice Prewett waltzing in.

'Why was the door locked?' Alice asked her, tucking her wand, which she had obviously used to open the door, back into her robes.

'Was it?' Lily asked, pretending to concentrate in her book, not looking up at Alice in case she looked slightly flustered which, after fifteen minutes of solid snogging was a very real possibility.

'Yeah.' Alice said, walking over to her wardrobe which was just behind the dormitory door, 'Didn't you realise?'

'No.' Lily said, only now daring to look up because Alice's back was turned to her.

'Do you want to come and see the Quidditch team practice with me and Frank?' Alice asked her in a friendly invitation. However she didn't know what affect her words would have.

Lily looked down at James who had slapped his hand to his forehead and closed his eyes in remembrance. She reached out and once again, for the second time in less than a five minute period, hit him on the head with her book. She shook her head at him and rolled her eyes at his forgetfulness mouthing the word 'idiot' at him when he opened his eyes.

'Lily?' Alice asked as she was still waiting for an invitation. She hadn't seen the exchange between Lily and a hidden James because she was still looking through her wardrobe. She was looking for a scarf or a jacket of some kind because if she was going to go into the harsh November wind and watch a Quidditch practice, the last one before the game and before they broke up for Christmas, she wanted to be warm.

'Err…' Lily said, 'I might come a bit later.' she said looking at James and directing the comment to him as he was pouting, asking her silently with his eyes for her to come and watch him play. 'You know I don't do Quidditch.' she continued, once again directing the comment at James even though it was Alice's question she was answering.

'Well you've got a bit of time yet.' Alice said, finally finding her scarf, 'They can't find James Potter to start the practice. You haven't seen him have you?'

Lily had to bite back a smile because one James Potter was hidden by the side of her bed, showing her the marauders map which he had brought with him so that his friends couldn't discover where he was. The whole of the Quidditch team was in the common room waiting for him.

'No.' Lily replied to Alice as she turned around.

'Oh well.' Alice said with a shrug, 'They'll find him soon enough. He's probably on the Quidditch pitch already. See you later!' She was about to exit the room when something caught her eye. She turned back to Lily and said one last thing before she left to room to go and meet Frank in the common room. 'Your lip-gloss is smudged Lily.'

When she had left the room, James knelt up and leant on Lily's bed. 'You're wearing lip-gloss?' he asked her with a frown. He hadn't noticed that but, now that he thought about it, her lips had tasted fruity. Like strawberries.

'So are you.' Lily laughed, leaning forwards and wiping her lip-gloss off of his bottom lip where it had smudged in transfer from him to her. 'You better go.' she said afterwards.

'Ok.' James said leaning forwards and giving her a quick kiss in goodbye, undoing all the work she had just done wiping her lip-gloss off of him.

During their quick kiss, Hestia had tried to enter the room but had banged into the door frame because she had her hand covering her eyes. 'Ow!' she said as she was knocked backwards slightly by the wooden oak door frame.

'Hestia what are you doing?' Lily asked her in confusion, her and James both looking in confusion over at Hestia as she felt her way into the room. 'Why are you covering your eyes?' she laughed. Hestia looked a sight trying to blindly navigate her way into the room with one hand and her eyes closed.

'Who knows what you and Potter are doing in here?' she said, banging into one of the posts on her four poster bed. 'Ow!' she repeated.

'Hestia uncover your eyes!' Lily said with a giggle, 'We're not doing anything.'

'Are you sure?' Hestia asked, now shouting slightly as well as if, by covering her eyes, her hearing was somehow also affected.

'Yes.' Lily laughed with a shake of her head.

'Are you both fully clothed?' Hestia questioned with insinuation in her voice.

'Hestia!' Lily reprimanded.

'I'm just saying-'

'Well don't!' Lily said, 'Open your damn eyes!'

'Fine.' Hestia said with a sigh, slowly uncovering her eyes as if she was about to witness something extremely gruesome. When she saw Lily sat on her bed looking at her and James knelt on the floor behind Lily's bed though, she exhaled with relief. 'Thank Merlin!' she said.

'I told you we weren't doing anything.' Lily pointed out.

'Oh really!' Hestia said, her eyes zeroing in on James, 'Nice lipstick Potter! Not really your shade though.'

Lily looked at James who looked between the two girls a little self-consciously. Hesitantly he brought his thumb up to his bottom lip and wiped the corner of it and then looked at his thumb. It had a small smudge of shiny pink strawberry flavoured lip gloss on it. He frowned at it. 'Ah man!' he said, wiping the corner of his mouth again in an attempt to get the rest of the gloss of. He didn't get it all.

'You do realise you organised a practice right?' Hestia asked James as she sat down, perching on the end of her bed, 'The game's in a few days and this is the last time we've got the pitch. This is the only practice you've ordered that could actually benefit us and instead you're up her snogging her! The practice started ten minutes ago and you weren't there.'

'Well she distracted me!' James defended, standing up and using Lily's bed to do so. It was true. James had actually been fully prepared to head down to the pitch for the practice he had organised when Lily had asked if she could talk to him. He followed her up to her dorm room taking the marauders map with him and donning his invisibility cloak per her request so that nobody saw them disappear together and nobody could find them. He had assumed she had wanted to talk about her sister's upcoming wedding but they had ended up not talking at all. He had thoroughly been distracted by her. She had that effect on him. She was able to make his mind go blank. She was good at that.

'Lily!' Hestia said in the same reprimanding tone that Lily had used on her only moments earlier.

'Don't blame this on me!' Lily said standing up and handing James his invisibility cloak, she then turned to Hestia, 'Walk slowly.' she instructed her, 'He has to be on the same step as you at all times.'

'Fine.' Hestia sighed, 'Say goodbye to your girlfriend Potter.'

James and Lily looked a little bit awkward. They had actually agreed on no labels as of yet. For once in their relationship, that strange request had been made by James. He had explained to her in Hogsmeade that day Hestia had caught them that until they were public he had felt that he couldn't properly call her his girlfriend because a girlfriend was a commitment. And until they were ready to share their relationship with James' friends and the school, he didn't think they, (namely her), were ready for the commitment. Until she was ready to admit to the school that she was with him instead of just a hidden romance he wouldn't call her his girlfriend. Not until she did. He refused. So their relationship was still stuck in the 'dating' or 'going out' phase as it was.

Lily had actually told Hestia that but Hestia had thought it was a stupid idea. She had said that James was just making excuses because he was, quote, 'a huge wimp' and 'afraid of commitment' which simply wasn't true. It was Lily's fear of the commitment that kept them away from that stage. But Hestia firmly believed it and had, for a few weeks now, been referring to James and Lily as boyfriend and girlfriend even though they themselves had never used those labels. She had told Lily that even if she and James weren't ready to acknowledge it yet, as they had been dating for over ten weeks, two and a half months, they were automatically at that stage of their relationship. Lily was unsure and had commented that, surely she should have some say in where her relationship was but Hestia was adamant about her unwritten rules of relationships which she refused to rewrite. She had been making the situation rather awkward but today, as James had to get to his Quidditch practice, they decided to ignore it.

'Are you gonna come and watch?' James asked Lily who just shook her head.

'I'll come and watch the game.' she explained.

'Ok.' James sighed as he pulled on his invisibility cloak, completely disappearing from view so that only his voice could be heard as he said, 'See you later then.'

He exited the room with Hestia who, per Lily's request, walked down the steps slowly so that James could stand on the same step as her at all times to avoid the spiral staircase turning into a slide. It was a trick the marauders had worked out when they had accidentally thrown their Quaffle up the stairs and couldn't get it down. James had never had to use it for any other time before though. This was a first.

He and Hestia arrived in the common room where, true to the marauder's map, the whole of the Quidditch team plus Remus and Peter was waiting, to see if James would make and appearance there. It seemed that they had agreed to wait another five minutes before all heading down to the Quidditch pitch so that self-proclaimed Quidditch co-captain Sirius, could run the practice, something he had always wanted to do but James would never allow. It wasn't hard for the team, the house of Gryffindor and, basically, the whole school to guess why. Sirius could become a bit too enthusiastic about Quidditch whereas James, although just as enthusiastic, could also be level headed and authoritive, key qualities in a Quidditch captain. Plus James was just a more skilled Quidditch player than Sirius was, something Sirius never liked to admit. James was Gryffindor's star and he knew it.

He snuck from one staircase to another and walked up the steps which led to the boys' dormitories until he was out of view from the common room. He then took off of his invisibility cloak, ran a hand through his messy hair to mess it up a bit more and shoved his cloak in his pocket before walking down the staircase to meet the rest of the team.

'There he is!' Sirius stated, clapping his hand in a slow, sarcastic round of applause that only he joined in on. When he stopped he hit Peter around the back of his head. 'Thought you said he wasn't in the dorm room.'

'He wasn't!' Peter said adamantly. He had been up to check not ten minutes ago and James was nowhere to be seen. He was sure of it.

'Did you check the bathroom?' Sirius went on, 'He could have been having a huge-'

'Dude!' James cut in as he was sorting his collar out.

'Well you could have!' Sirius said before he spotted something. 'What's that on your lips? Is that lipstick?' he asked, squinting at James' lips which still had faint traces of pink, strawberry flavoured lip gloss on them.

'Why are you looking at his lips?' Remus asked Sirius, looking at him. Everyone else looked at Sirius too and James took the opportunity to discreetly wipe Lily's lip-gloss off of himself. He would have to tell her not to wear that if she wanted to continue to keep them a secret. It was a big giveaway.

'Well they're right there!' Sirius said, gesturing to James.

Everyone turned to face James and squint at his lips as Sirius had done before. Nothing was there anymore though. The pink shine had gone.

'I think you're seeing things mate!' Remus whispered to Sirius folding his arms.

'But I swear-'

'Ok!' James interrupted, 'If we're all done staring at my handsome face I think it's time we get down to the Quidditch pitch.'

There was a murmur of agreement and the Quidditch team started to make its way out of the common room on its way to the pitch but they all heard and laughed at James' last comment.

'If you want Padfoot, as you're clearly obsessed with it, I'll get you some lipstick of your own.' he said.

'WHAT A BLOOD BATH!' Mary MacDonald shouted through the commentator's announcement microphone which had been charmed with the sonorous charm. Her voice easily filled the Quidditch stadium. 'Ravenclaw are being brutal to the Gryffindor team today!' she continued, 'They are not being nice! Who knew smart people could be so violent!'

'Mary will you please concentrate on the game.' McGonagall asked Mary in exasperation for about the third time that game.

'It's hard to see past all that blood professor! OOH! And the Gryffindor keeper is hit by yet another Bludger! What does that make it? Five?'

'The game Mary. The game!'

'Fine!' Mary sighed, 'Ravenclaw are up one hundred and twenty to ninety. Come on Gryffindor! Take your lead back!'

The Quidditch game between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw had indeed been brutal. The new Ravenclaw beater had been ruthlessly sending Bludgers at everybody on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Needless to say he was very good at his post. He was only a second year. So far, he had taken out the second Gryffindor Beater, knocking him flat off of his broom and to the floor, (he had broken both his arms as he attempted to stop his fall and had passed out from the pain. James wouldn't let him back on the pitch after that). He had hit the Gryffindor keeper five times with the Bludger which had made him extremely dizzy and feeling slightly sick but, credit to him, he stayed strong. Then there were the injuries to the Gryffindor Chasers. Hestia had had her shoulder dislocated but had refused to stop playing as James had wanted her too. He couldn't talk though. He was flying with a broken ankle. The third Gryffindor chaser had had a Bludger aimed at her wrist and that had broken instantly. Still, they all kept playing. The only people on the Quidditch team to not be hit were Sirius and the Seeker. Sirius because he was wielding a Beaters bat himself and the Seeker because, as soon as James had seen the strength of the Ravenclaw Beater, he had charged Sirius with making sure their Seeker didn't get hurt. After all, if she was out of the game, there would be no way for them to win.

'And Gryffindor's Hestia Jones takes control of the Quaffle. She ducks a Bludger sent her way by that git on the Ravenclaw team-'


'Sorry Professor!' Mary apologised not sorry at all. She had just said what the whole of the stadium, bar the Ravenclaw and Slytherin students, was thinking; what a git! 'She takes it up to the goal post, drops it to James Potter below who zooms up. He shoots…HE SCORES! Not bad for someone with one foot heading for the chop!'

'Mary!' professor McGonagall reprimanded again.

'It could be though Professor!' Mary said honestly.

James flew to the opposite side of the pitch and saw a Bludger heading towards Sirius.

'SIRIUS!' he yelled at him. He had been sat in mid-air, checking out one of the Ravenclaw Chasers.

Sirius noticed the Bludger just in time and hit it with a mighty thwack in the direction of the Ravenclaw chaser that had been causing the Gryffindor team grief for over an hour. The Bludger was either extremely well aimed or was an almighty lucky fluke for it raced over to the Ravenclaw beater and hit him square in the stomach, winding him and breaking his lower ribs. He fell off of his broom and, with the assistance of Madam Hooch, was lowered gently to the ground. Now, if the Ravenclaw captain had any decency about her, after a fall like that, she wouldn't let her beater back up to play. As it was, she did and wouldn't let her beater back on his broom.

Gryffindor soon took their lead back, proving once again that Quidditch was where they excelled. The game lasted for another hour during which time James had scored eight more goals, Hestia had scored six and the third chaser had managed three. Sirius had taken out Ravenclaw's Seeker as a way of payback for turning his team into the walking wounded. The Gryffindor Keeper had saved half of the goals that the Ravenclaw Chasers had sent his way bringing the score to two hundred and sixty to two hundred and twenty in favour of Gryffindor before the Gryffindor seeker caught the snitch and added an extra one hundred and fifty points onto their total. After a two and a half hour game, everyone was relieved that it was over.

After the game, those on the Gryffindor team whose injuries hadn't already been injured went to see Madam Pomfrey at the side of the Quidditch pitch to be healed. They then all traipsed into the changing room where James congratulated them and gave them all some Honeydukes chocolate which they appreciated and gladly took. One by one, the team dispersed and exited the changing room until, at last, only Sirius, Hestia and James were left.

'That was AWESOME!' Sirius roared the excited rush of Quidditch still with him along with the buzz of the chocolate.

'You don't have to shout Padfoot.' James laughed as he leant against the wall, his Quidditch robe scrunched up in his hand and his shirt wrongly done up half way as he had gotten bored halfway through and couldn't be bothered to change it. Bored and tired. It was exhausting work winning at Quidditch and even more exhausting when doing it with a broken foot, if only for the pain. His foot had been healed but it still ached.

'I do have to shout!' Sirius yelled, 'I have to shout so the world can hear about our AWESOMENESS!'

'Well we are awesome.' James conceded.

'AWESOME!' Sirius shouted.

'AWESOME!' James shouted back.

'You know what we should do?' Sirius asked, a mischievous glint in his eye.

'Jelly and butterbeer in the common room?' James responded. It was the way they always celebrated victories. It was the marauder way and practically all they ate. Well it was all James ate and, as James was practically the leader of their littler group, it was what they ate most of the time too. Because, to James, nothing was a great as jelly. To Sirius, nothing was as great as jam. As he said, 'jam cures everything'. So when the marauders weren't eating jelly they were eating jam. And when they weren't eating jelly or jam they were eating chocolate. That was Remus' thing. Chocolate always made him feel better. 'Chocolate helps' were his words. They never seemed to eat what Peter wanted. They didn't even know what his poison was.

'I'll go get the butterbeer!' Sirius said immediately, heading out of the room. He was almost at the door when he turned around and walked back to James to grab the Honeydukes chocolate that he was holding out for him. He knew he'd do that.

'I'll tell Moony to wait for you outside so he can help you with the jelly!' Sirius called over his shoulder.

'Ok.' James responded, making no effort to move. His foot still hurt slightly.

'Watch it Evans.' he heard Sirius say as he exited the dressing room.

'Sorry.' she said to him, watching him out the door and close it behind him. She then turned to Hestia. 'Are you alright?' she asked her, 'How's your shoulder.'

Hestia smiled and laughed slightly. 'Fine.' she replied as she stood up, 'But don't act like you're in here to see me. You've never come in here to see me before.' she said as she walked over to the door which Sirius had just left through. 'I'll wait for you outside.' she sighed. She then left the changing room leaving Lily and James alone.

Lily looked over to him where he was sat, leant against the wall. Even from where she was stood she could tell that he had done his shirt up wrong. She walked over to him then, trying desperately to ignore the musty stench of stale sweat that came with the changing room. No matter what changing room it was, muggle school or Quidditch stadium, that smell still lingered and it always smelt the same.

'Hey.' she said, stopping in front of him and looking down at him. He had sweat glistening across his forehead.

'Hey.' he said to her in return with a grin. 'We won.' he stated as he chucked his Quidditch robe to the side.

'I know.' Lily smiled, 'I was watching.'

'Yeah but we won!' he continued, 'We were awesome! We ruled. We kicked their arses! Losers!'

Lily raised her eyebrows at him.

'What?' James said, 'I'm a sore winner. Get over it.'

Lily shook her head and moved onto why she was actually there. 'How's your foot?' she asked glancing down to it.

'Still there.' he said as he pushed himself up to stand in front of her. He was a good few inches, perhaps even a foot taller than her so she had to look up to him. He smirked. 'Were you worried?' he asked.

'Of course I was.' Lily replied as if there was no question. He was hurt and she was worried. It was a natural reaction when someone was hurt.

'Worried enough to admit to the school that you're my girlfriend?' James queried, a testing expression on his face.

Lily hesitated and bit her lip, her stomach swooping. 'No.' she said.

'Oh.' James sighed, visibly deflating before shrugging it off and making a joke out of it. 'Well I guess you'll just be my casual fling for now then.' he continued, moving closer to her, 'Now come here and give your casual fling a congratulatory kiss.'

'But you're all sweaty.' Lily said, taking a step back away from him, 'And you smell.'

'I've just been playing Quidditch.' James retorted, declaring obvious facts.

'Still no excuse.' Lily laughed.

'Come on.' he went on, taking another step towards her. She didn't step back this time. 'One kiss.'

'No.' Lily shook her head.

'You know you want too.' James smirked with a single raise of his eyebrows, trying to tempt her.

'Not when you smell.' Lily said, denying him.

'I could do this all day you know.' James said, walking arrogantly towards her so that he was backing her towards the wall playfully, 'I could keep you here until you kiss me. Then everyone will be suspicious and our casual fling will be forced out into the open and-'

'Shut up.' Lily laughed, trying to push him back.

'Kiss me.' he demanded, folding his arms around her waist and pulling her close to him a little roughly.

Lily shook her head at him and softly planted a kiss on his lips. When she pulled away he was smiling.

'Not so hard was it.' he grinned.

Lily again, shook her head at him, rolling her eyes at the same time and pulling out of his sweaty grip. 'Your shirts on wrong.' she said, glancing down at his chest. She paused for a second, hesitating, before reaching up both hands and slowly undoing his shirt, revealing his toned chest, so that she could correct the buttons for him. She didn't look at his face. She knew he'd be smirking. He always was. She could feel herself going red as she concentrated on doing his shirt up. She would have gone redder if she had realised that Remus Lupin had opened the door to see them extremely close together with her practically stripping him. As it was, she didn't notice Remus come in and out of the changing room. Neither had James. But Remus had seen them and had confirmed to himself what he already knew.

Remus Lupin was sat in the common room studying alone. Peter was in an astronomy class and Sirius and James had taken the opportunity to go up to the Ravenclaw tower and decorate the entrance to their common room with Gryffindor banners, once again, flaunting their victory in their faces. A few days ago, Gryffindor had won the first Quidditch match of the season against Ravenclaw and the common room still displayed evidence of their victory. There were homemade banners strung across the round room and empty bottles of butterbeer littering the floor. Then, on all the tables, cluttering every available surfaces, were tones of bowls of jelly. Some were empty but the majority were half-full. It made it hard for Remus to study. What made it even harder was the sudden interruption by the head girl. She looked as if she was in an excited rush.

'Have you seen James?' she asked him making up the excuse, 'We have a patrol.'

Remus shook his head at her lame cover up. He knew they were dating. But she didn't and neither did James. 'No.' he answered looking up at her and then changing his answer. 'Actually yeah.' he pointed to the portrait hole where Sirius and James had just entered carrying a single long Ravenclaw banner, the one that was usually fixed above the houses house point hourglass. They had obviously stolen it. 'He's just come in.' Remus continued.

Lily turned around and quickly walked over to James and Sirius.

'Hey Evans.' Sirius said at the same time James greeted her.

'Hey Lily-hey!' he said, adding on an extra 'hey' in surprise as she had just grabbed his wrist and was dragging him out of the common room.

'Patrol.' she said in simple explanation, ignoring James' shocked look, Remus' exasperated one and Sirius' confused but suspicious one. She was paying no attention to them. Instead, she was dragging James out of the common room, down a few of flights of stairs and into one of the smaller dimly lit corridors on the third floor. Half way down the corridor, she turned him around, his back to the wall, to face her. He looked dazed at her sudden force with him but she didn't let in faze her and she went on to say to him, 'I want you to help me with something.'

'Sure.' James shrugged straight away before asking, 'What?'

'I want you to crash my sister's wedding with me.' Lily stated.

James blinked in confusion. He hadn't expected that at all. That was a totally un-Lily thing to say. She didn't care much for public scenes. 'What?' he asked her again.

'I want you to crash my sister's wedding with me.' Lily repeated slowly.

'Like crash into it?' James queried, running a hand through his hair and not understanding what she meant. Not understanding exactly what she wanted. 'Like with a broom?' he carried on, 'Or…a bus?' he then went into a ramble, 'That might be a bit suspicious. And where would we get a bus. I suppose we could steal the knight bus…Ow!'

Lily had hit him on the arm in frustration. 'Not crash into it.' she clarified, 'Just go to it.'

'But you're not invited.' James pointed out.

'Hence the crash.' Lily said slowly and sarcastically, as if she was speaking to a toddler.

James smirked and folded his arms, taking a deep breath. 'I think I've been a bad influence on you.' he said.

'Yes or no?' Lily questioned, wanting an answer. This was taking a lot of courage and daring on her part. She didn't usually do this sort of thing. That's why she wanted James with her. He was an expert in breaking the rules and just generally getting into mischief. He didn't hold the record for most detentions in a day for nothing. He was skilled in the art of making trouble. Not that she wanted to make trouble for her sister. She just wanted that confident persona with her when she went against her families wishes.

'Are you sure?' James asked, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

'Yes!' Lily said in exhausted exasperation.

'Then yes.' James said, unfolding his arms and putting them in his pockets, his usual smirk returning to his face, 'Can't let you have all the fun now can I?'

'Yay!' Lily said happily. She then threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, catching him off guard. He soon responded to her kiss though and took his hands out of his pockets to hold her closer to him.

At that moment, carrying a Fanged Frisbee he had stolen off of one of the first years in his common room, something he was hoping to use as an implement in the next stage of his plan, Severus Snape walked around the corner. The evil grin he had been emitting as he had thought how he could use the marauders past indescrepencies against them as a way to break Lily's friendship in them, (as his plan in potions hadn't worked), had disappeared. He was halted and his stomach dropped. A bubble of white hot fury rose inside him and, at that moment all he had wanted to do was curse something or someone in particular. But he couldn't because at the same time, his heart had broken. He wanted to cry. It wasn't something he could control at that moment because that was just how he felt as he watched the love of his life in James Potter's arms.

He stood there, unable to move, watching Lily with the boy she had vowed to hate forever. The boy who had bullied him and made his life a living hell. The boy who Lily had said she would never like in that way ever; James Potter. He watched her with him. Her arms draped gracefully around his neck, one of her hands tangling itself in James Potter's hair, the hair which she and Severus had mocked when they were alone together. He watched her with him as he gripped her close to him, one of his arms held tightly around her waist the other running up her back and then down to hold her to him in a very personal manner, in a way that was not particularly decent for public. He was touching her. He was running his hands over her body, over places that he shouldn't be touching, namely her backside. It made Severus' skin crawl at the same time his eyes had filled with furious tears which he just blinked away. He didn't want to feel them fall down his face.

He started to breathe deeply and, not knowing the reason why, he stepped back around the corner, hiding himself from view. He pressed himself against the wall, his hand gripping the fanged Frisbee so hard the fangs were digging into the palm of his hand, starting to draw blood. He stayed there, able to move that far but no further. He was glued to the spot, forced to listen to their conversation.

'Woah!' James whispered against her lips as he pulled out of the kiss, 'I should say yes to crashing your sister's wedding more often it that's the kind of reaction it gets me!' he went on at full volume, Severus hearing every word.

Petunia was getting married. He hadn't known that. He didn't even know that she, the unworthy sister of Lily Evans, was engaged.

'We're only crashing one wedding.' Lily replied.

The word 'we're' dug into Severus like a knife. They were together. If there was any doubt in his mind it was now gone. Any hopes of they kiss he had stumbled upon being a one-time thing were let go. They were together. But how had he not heard of that before now?

'Awesome.' he heard James say, 'One question. How?'

There was a pause where he assumed Lily had hesitated. At least he hoped that was the case. He couldn't bear to think of his lips on hers, on his Lily's, again.

'I've got to figure that bit out first.' Lily said.

'Another question.' James said, 'What we gonna say to Sirius. We gonna tell him about us?'

Then it clicked to Severus. They had kept it a secret. Lily hadn't told anyone. He assumed that she was the one who hadn't wanted to tell anyone. Perhaps it was just a harmless fling that she had kept hidden so that she could move past it quicker. It was a feeble hope, Severus knew. After all, she had asked James Potter to not only attend, but crash Petunia's wedding. It had to be serious for him to know about Petunia. She told no one about her unless she was serious. Unless there was a deep level of trust there. It was becoming apparent to Severus why his attempts to separate their friendship had failed. It was no longer a friendship. It was more.

'James stop pushing me on that.' Lily said, something else in her voice.

'I'm not.' James sighed reluctantly, 'I know what you'll do if I carry on.'

And then it occurred to Severus how he could break Lily's trust in James Potter. How he could prove to her that he hadn't changed and all he thought about was himself. He knew what their words and tones of voice had expressed. He knew what he could do. He knew how he could bring Lily back to him. He knew what to try, what he had to try.

Severus stayed hidden where he was, not wanting to move or breathe in case they heard him. If they heard him his plan would be ruined. He would just have to listen to the end of their conversation and hope they walked the opposite way when they left.

'But what we gonna explain to Sirius?' he heard James ask Lily, 'He lives with me. He'll notice I'm gone.'

'Well how did you get away in the summer holidays?' Lily questioned, reminding Severus of that day in the summer holidays when he had seen James Potter standing outside the house like he had belonged there. It was a horrible day in Severus' memory.

'We played hide and seek.' James answered.

Severus scoffed silently. What did Lily see in him? He was a child.

'You child.' Lily laughed.

'Yep.' James chuckled in reply.

'Will that work again?' Lily said, her voice full of hope.

'Probably. He's not too bright.' James went on.

'Perfect.' Lily said.

And that was the last he heard of their conversation. He peered around the corner to see them locked together again, a disgusted shiver running down his spine as he saw James Potter raking his hands over Lily Evans' body again, laying claim to it as his own, something which she wasn't refusing. Severus loathed it. He hated it. He wanted to kill him. But their relationship would soon be taken care of. Severus would make sure of that. Then, soon, it would be him with Lily. He would be the one kissing her passionately in the halls, no secret about it. He would be the one with his tongue in her mouth, running his hands over her body, claiming it as his own. He would be the one to claim her as his own. For she would be his, and only his. Always.

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