Five Minutes

Chapter 5

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Chapter Five

The next morning Professor McGonagall was handing out the first, third and sixth year time tables. She was systematically making her way down the Gryffindor table. Next up was James Potter.

'Now Mr Potter, what subjects do you wish to take? Due to your excellent O.W.L results you may take any of the subjects you were studying last year. What are the ones you wish to take further?'

'Charms, Defence against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions and of course Transfiguration!' he reeled off straight away in a confident manner. Taking these subjects meant that he would be able to carry on towards his ambition of becoming a first class auror like his Dad.

McGonagall smiled, a rare occurrence, 'I would be delighted to have you in my class this year Mr Potter. Between you and me,' she said leaning down to him, her voice barely above a whisper, 'You were the only student to receive and O in your exams. Well done!' She stood back up and returned to her usual voice level. 'You are clear to take all your desired subjects.' She tapped a piece of parchment in her hand and handed it to James before moving onto Sirius.

'Mr Black. I assume you will be taking the same subjects as Mr Potter?' she said exasperatedly.

'You assume right!' Sirius said through a mouthful of sausage. Bits fell out of his mouth as he spoke much to McGonagall's disgust.

'Delightful…' McGonagall said with a disdainful look on her face. She again tapped a piece of parchment in her hand and handed it to Sirius. Before she moved on however, she remembered something and turned around to face James.

'Mr Potter. I have a list of students in my office who would like to try out for the Quidditch team this year. Come and collect it at the end of the day.' she said before moving onto Remus to clarify his timetable.

'When are try-outs then captain?' Sirius asked James who had been selected for Quidditch Captain in the previous year. This would be his second year in the post.

'Saturday I should think.' he said before turning to Remus, 'What you taking?' he asked him.

'Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, DADA, Herbology, Potions and Transfiguration. You?'

'Me and the dog are taking the same as you minus Care of Magical Creatures.' James replied.

'Cool. We'll be in lessons together then apart from…' but he didn't finish as James had shushed him and turned his attention to Peter who was trying to sort his timetable out.

'But Professor…' he was whining.

'I am sorry Mr Pettigrew but you are simply not allowed to take those classes as you did not receive sufficient marks for them in your O.W.L's! You will just have to make do with this time table.' She handed him a piece of parchment which Peter was looking at glumly, before walking over to some third years to sort out their timetables.

'What's up Wormy?' James asked walking round to sit the other side of him. Remus was on the other.

'I'm not allowed to take Potions or Transfiguration. I can't be an auror like we'd all planned.' he said sniffling.

'Don't worry about it Wormy! We don't all have to become aurors! We'll still stay friends no matter what!' James said reassuringly clapping him on the back.

'What are you taking instead?' Remus asked trying to peek at his timetable.

Peter laid it on the table for them to look at. He was taking Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defence against the Dark Arts and Herbology.

'You're still in lessons with us! Only one you're not is Astronomy. It's not that bad Wormy! Cheer up!' James was saying soothingly as someone sat down opposite them.

'You're gonna forget about me.' Peter was whimpering, 'Your all gonna be in Potions today and forget about me!'

'No we won't! We have Charms first today anyway. Then we have a free and lunch, so it's not like we're leaving you now! You're gonna have to spend a few hours with us before we have to go to Potions. Plus, we don't suffer from memory loss! It'll be pretty hard to forget you in the space of an hour!'

There was a small giggle from the opposite side of the table. James looked up to find himself face to face with Lily Evans.

'Sorry.' she said returning to her food. She been listening to James console his friend but had been doing uncomfortably so. She could feel Remus looking at her and even though she couldn't see, she was sure his expression was one that said, 'I told you so'. Maybe he was right, Lily was thinking, maybe the marauders aren't all bad.

Just then McGonagall walked over to clarify Lily's timetable with her. And after restricting Lily to a maximum of only six subjects, she was immediately cleared to take Ancient Runes, Charms, Defence against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions and Transfiguration.

When McGonagall had left Lily had found that the marauders had gone too. She looked down to her food and began to re-scramble her scrambled egg which had now begun to stick into one big lump. She decided that maybe giving the marauders another chance to make a first impression would be the right thing to do. As much as she hated to admit it, she had judged them too quickly and had refused to change her opinion. The only problem Lily had with her resolution was the fact that it would take time for her to build a fresh view of the boys she had come to hate for five years. Especially James. It would take her a long time to alter how she perceived him.

She put down her fork and sat staring at the enchanted ceiling for five minutes before leaving her breakfast unfinished and walked out of the great hall. In the entrance hall she ran into Emmeline, Hestia and Alice, who had left for breakfast before she had, and realised they were all taking Charms, Herbology, Defence against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration together meaning Lily would only be on her own for two of her subjects; Ancient Runes and Potions.

They all walked to the Charms classroom they had been in for the last five years to find that students were already making their way in and sitting down. They quickly hurried in and took the seats they usually occupied near the window at the front. She looked down at her timetable to see that it said Ravenclaw's and Gryffindor's would be in Charms together as well as Defence against the Dark Arts. They would be with Hufflepuff in Herbology and with the Slytherin's in Ancient Runes as well as Potions. Transfiguration there was to be just Gryffindor's in their class.

Lily looked around the classroom to see which Ravenclaw's and Gryffindor's were to be taking Charms. She spotted the marauders in a corner at the back, a couple of Ravenclaw girls in the middle of the middle row and two empty seats either side of them. There was only going to be twelve in the lesson this year if the empty ones were filled, Lily had noted.

Professor Flitwick walked into the room quickly instructing them to take out a quill and a piece of parchment. He informed them that they would be learning how to do non-verbal spells that term. He began to dictate to them a long list of the subjects they were going to be covering but was interrupted by a small enchanted broom which had been made out of a piece of parchment.

'Obviously some of us do not need to take notes!' he squeaked making the parchment broom disappear with a wave of his wand.

Lily rolled her eyes and looked to the back of the room to see the marauders laughing. It was typical marauder behaviour. James had done the same thing last year in History of Magic to Professor Bins. She suspected it would be him again but to her surprise noticed that his parchment was still in front of him with his quill poised over the top of it ready to write. It was Sirius who was next to him, that had made the small broom with the help of Remus.

Professor Flitwick returned to lecturing the students on the curriculum. Before Lily turned around she noticed Sirius searching for another piece of parchment. James quickly supplied him with a piece before returning to taking his notes.

Lily returned to her thinking one thing; that was odd.

But it wasn't that odd. James was just doodling.

Severus Snape was in a strangely happy mood. He had noticed on his new timetable that the sixth year Slytherin's and Gryffindor's were to be taking N.E.W.T Potions together. There was no way he could be avoided by Lily if they were forced to be in the same classroom. Plus, they were always in a pair together. He knew that Lily didn't want to fail so if she wanted the best grade possible, she would be his partner again this year. He had convinced himself that this was going to happen.

He was currently walking to Potions with his housemates Avery and Mulciber. He could hardly call them friends. In front of them, were three of the Slytherin girls that were to be taking Potions this year. Mulciber had managed to catch up with one of them and was flirting with her; she was smiling at the attention. The other two walked just a little way in front leaving Avery and Severus at the back. They walked silently and swiftly and it wasn't too long till they reached the dungeons where they were to be having their lesson.

As soon as Severus walked in he was greeted by, in his opinion, an unpleasant sight. In the front corner furthest away from the door, Sirius and James were in a furious battle of rock paper scissors.

'HA! I WIN!' Sirius said triumphantly, placing his flat hand on top of James' fist; Paper covering rock. 'Remus is my partner for Potions!'

'Best two out of three?' James suggested.

Sirius shook his head. 'Nope! Rules are rules my friend and I obey them!'

'No you don't!' Remus said, 'You've never in your life obeyed any rules!'

'Now is that any way to talk to your potions partner?'

Severus sneered at their stupid, childish nonsense and walked to the back of the room where there was a free table. Mulciber had sat down with the girl he had been flirting with and Avery was talking to her friends who were on the table in front to the left.

Severus sat drumming his fingers on the table, waiting. Waiting. He didn't have to wait long. Lily walked into the room, her arms folded over her Potions book, her long red hair cascading gracefully down her back and a dazzling smile that lit up her emerald eyes.

She looked around the room to see who had taken the class and who she had for a potential class partner. On the table closest to her were two Slytherin girls to whom Avery was talking. He obviously hadn't chosen a partner yet and Lily didn't fancy being partnered with someone who despised her. Behind them, sat Mulciber and another Slytherin girl. In the centre sat Remus and Sirius with James casually leaning on the table. He obviously had no partner yet. Finally, her eyes rested on Severus in the corner. He had obviously been trying to catch her attention and now that he had it, he was beckoning her to go and sit with him.

She took a step forward and Severus began to look hopeful. His hope was short-lived however as she went to sit at the table next to Sirius and Remus'. The table she had was in front of him so she had her back facing him. There was no hope of him trying to catch her attention silently now. He was about to get up and demand an explanation why she hadn't sat with him, (He knew what she would say; they weren't friends anymore.), but before he could, Avery came and sat next to him.

'Looks like we're partners.' He said leaning back in his chair with his arms folded behind his head. Severus ignored him and watched Lily.

Slughorn entered the room suddenly carrying heaps of scrolls and muttering something about order forms and forgetting to order ingredients.

James turned around and went to sit in his seat to find Lily there instead.

'Err…' he began causing Lily to look at him questioningly, 'Are you lost?' he asked confused.

'No.' Lily said plainly, 'We are now Potion partners.' She opened her book and began to read the introduction.

James, still confused turned to look at Remus for help. All Remus did was shrug his shoulders. James did the same and sat down next to Lily who took a deep breath and shut her book before turning to him.

'First of all, let's set some ground rules. You are not to ask me out, melt the cauldron, change the ingredients to something that will cause the potion to explode deliberately or ruin our projects in anyway. If we just get on with the work then I think we could learn to get along. Also, after recent events,' she said thinking of her conversation with Remus, 'I have decided to give you a…' she searched for the right word, '…chance. If you will.' She turned back to her book and James looked completely shocked.

Severus was also in shock. He had overheard what Lily had said. She was going to give James Potter a chance? In anger, he pushed Avery of his chair.

'OI!' Avery shouted getting up and sitting back down, 'What the HELL was that for?'

'Hand slipped…' Severus mumbled.

Soon Professor Slughorn started to introduce the curriculum to them and what topics they would be covering this year. Some people weren't listening whilst some were scribbling down notes. James, to Lily's surprise, was in the latter group but when she looked over to see what he was writing down, she saw that he was only doodling and rolled her eyes. This second chance didn't seemed to be working.

'First, we will start off brewing a polyjuice potion. Today we will only be preparing the Lacewing flies which have to be stewed for 21 days. After that has stewed you will add the leeches, powdered bicorn horn, cherries, knotgrass, shredded boomslang skin and the fluxweed which you will all have picked at the next full moon.' Slughorn said looking at the students individually. 'You will then leave the potion to brew for a month, the designated brewing time. When your potions are finished, you will take a strand of your partner's hair and you will test your potions out by turning into each other. Okay. Let's start!' Slughorn clapped his hands and left the students to get on with their preparations.

Lily turned to James to tell him what to do, but before she could utter a word, James had already started to speak.

'I think it'll be better if we split the lacewing flies, use our own equipment, and each prepare half. That way we both do the same amount of work, we both get in practice and it'll be done quicker.'

Lily stared at him.

'If you have a different method though we can do that…' James said cautiously at her surprised face.

'No.' she said quickly, 'Your way's fine. Let's start.' She split the ingredients in half and gave James his share. They set to work crushing the flies with a mortar and pestle but were the only pair that did so.

'I want to use the porter and mescal!' Sirius cried

'It's mortar and pestle! You're not using it if you can't even say it!' Remus said trying to keep the mortar and pestle away from Sirius grasp.

On the other side of them, the two Slytherin girls were complaining about having to touch dead flies with their bare hands and they eventually forced Professor Slughorn to crush them for them just to shut the two girls up. Mulciber was flirting with the other Slytherin girl who was batting her eyelashes at him and Severus was telling Avery to get lost because he was crushing the flies in the wrong way. Their disagreement ended when an angry Avery threw the flies in Severus' face. Severus then proceeded to throw the pestle, which looked like a small bat, at Avery's head. Avery ducked and the pestle ended up hitting Mulciber on the back. He then turned around and punched Severus in the face breaking his nose. After repairing Severus' nose, Slughorn took fifty points away from Slytherin house and gave both Mulciber and Severus a detention. He then proceeded to give Avery one as well as he was looking smugly at the other two.

After this chaos however, half an hour later, at the end of the lesson, everyone's lacewing flies were stewing nicely in their cauldrons. Then one person from each pair wants to put them in one of the store cupboards which Slughorn had charmed to keep a steady temperature. It was like a large oven.

'Thank you class. Homework; I would like you to write a foot and a half about the first step in the process to making polyjuice potion and what the ingredients purpose in the potion is. Hand it to me next lesson. You may go!' Slughorn said waving his wand to the door and opening it for the students to leave through.

James said a very quiet goodbye to Lily as he didn't know whether he should or not and walked over to meet Sirius and Remus who were halfway through the door.

'So what's it like getting hot and sweaty with Evans?' Sirius asked James who looked back at him with an aghast expression. 'You, know. The cauldrons hot…' Sirius explained rolling his eyes.

'Oh!' James said in realisation, embarrassed at his mistake, 'She's really good to work with actually. I thought maybe she would want to take over so it would all be done her way but she listened to me and we split the work load like I wanted. We get everything done so, I guess that's good.'

Suddenly James bag split and all his books and the contents of his bag fell on the floor. He wouldn't have thought anything of it, apart from the fact that his bag was old, if he hadn't seen Severus with his wand pointed in front of him.

James collected his books, cleaned the ink of the floor, rolled up the parchment that had fallen and gathered his quills. He then proceeded to collect all of the forbidden Zonko products which he had in his bag, helped by Remus and Sirius, and quickly stuffed them back into his newly repaired bag, courtesy of Remus.

Whilst he was doing this, Lily walked out into the corridor and saw what had happened. She looked at Severus angrily who didn't notice her, but was instead watching James ready for his retaliation. Lily turned to James too, getting ready to yell at him when he shot his first curse.

After five minutes he eventually stood up. He looked at Severus intently for a full minute whilst he held his arm in front of Sirius who was being restrained by Remus. During that minute, James' conscience was battling itself on whether to fight back. The irrational side egging him on, making him withdraw his wand, ready for a fight and the mature side telling him that Severus wasn't worth it and he should remember his promise to grow up. He made his decision when he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, Lily's face in the crowd. James then shook his head at Severus, lowered his wand and he walked away.

Remus followed him and began dragging Sirius by the collar because even if James wasn't, he was fully prepared to curse Severus.

Severus watched them leave and put his wand away. It was only then that he noticed Lily stood in the entrance to the Potions room. He took one look at the disgusted expression on her face and his stomach fell. He had realised that the look that Lily had reserved for James for so long, had been reassigned to him. He hung his head and walked away leaving Lily stood in the same spot. Stunned.

The day passed quickly before they knew it the whole school was seated for dinner. The great hall was alive with chatter, the students discussing their first day back. Among these people, were Lily Evans, Hestia Jones, Emmeline Vance and Alice Prewett. Lily was relaying the events that had unfolded after her first potions lesson to her friends.

'And he just…walked away?' Hestia said in surprise dropping her fork so it landed in her mashed potato which splattered over Alice who was sat next to her. She didn't notice.

'Are you sure you didn't imagine it? You know the potion fumes?'

'No I didn't imagine it! I wasn't delirious or anything!' Lily said cutting up the beef steak she had just pulled on to her plate.

'Well maybe he was delirious?' Alice said whilst she was spooning peas onto her plate.

'Or maybe he has decided it is time for him to grow up…' Emmeline said serenely stirring her soup and staring into space.

'Oh please!' Lily scoffed, 'Potter grow up? Pigs will fly before that ever happens!'

Emmeline put down her spoon and turned around to face Lily.

'What?' Lily asked a little bit scared by her friend's expression.

'I thought you were going to give James Potter and his friends another chance?'

'I am doing!' Lily said scandalised regretting telling her friends about hers and Remus'conversation in the prefect's compartment on the Hogwarts express.

'Your previous statement suggests otherwise.' Emmeline stated picking up her spoon again and stirring her soup.

Lily sighed. She had decided to give the marauders a second chance. She was just thinking she should try harder when the people in question walked past. She watched them as they did.

James was giving Sirius a piggy back to some spare seats. Remus was walking next to James and the two were laughing merrily. Peter was trailing behind holding Sirius bag. James saw Lily looking at them and gave her a meek but friendly smile before sitting down. Lily had a delayed reaction but returned the smile uncomfortably but James saw it.

He then smiled to himself and his stomach swooped. James dropped Sirius who landed with a thud on the floor causing everyone to laugh. Sirius got up and playfully shoved a chuckling James before they both sat down. Remus and Peter sat opposite them and they all reached out to grab the various food items which were on the table in front of them.

When their plates were suitably overloaded with more food than they could handle, Peter tried to start a conversation.

'So what are we doing this full moon?' he asked his friends happily. His happy face however, quickly turned to one of dismay as all his friends shushed him angrily.

'Not here you idiot!' Sirius whispered furiously, kicking Peter under the table. Hard.

Peter yelped in pain.

'Well what do you expect?' Sirius said shaking his head, 'You knowwe never discuss Remus' furry little problem in public!' His voice had dropped to a whisper.

'There was really no need to kick him though, was their?' Remus said waving his fork.

'But he-'

'Was probably just trying to start a conversation and picked the wrong topic.' James said digging into a plate of spaghetti.

'But still-'

'Drop it Sirius!' James said shoving a huge forkful of his dinner into his mouth.

'Fine!' Sirius huffed starting his dinner.

They all finished in silence.

Severus was pacing. He always paced when he was thinking. It didn't help him; it was just something to do. He was outside one of the many girls bathrooms where he had seen Lily go in to about a minute ago. He had followed out of the great hall after dinner. She had left alone otherwise he wouldn't have even tried. He had to try and explain what happened after potions earlier that day.

His chance came when Lily walked out of the bathroom. She closed the door and turned around her face dropping when she saw Severus.

'What do you want now?' she sighed, placing her hands on her hips and fixing her with an ice-cold stare.

'I wanted to explain-

'Explain what?'

'About after potions.' he said walking closer to her.

She stepped back, 'I don't want to hear it.'

'But I have a reason!' he said through gritted teeth, taking another step towards her.

She took another step back. 'And what reason was that?' she said folding her arms and tilting her head to the side.

'He provoked me!' Severus yelled throwing his arms up in the air.

'Excuse me?' Lily said in shock, 'He provoked you? How on earth did he do that? From where I was standing you were completely unprovoked!'

'He forced you to be his partner in potions!'

'No he didn't!' Lily yelled, 'If anything I forced him to be mine!'

Snape took another step towards Lily forcing her against the wall behind her. She tried to get out but when she did, he just slammed his hands either side of her shoulders trapping her there.

'Why would you force him to be your partner when I was sitting there like usual, just waiting for us to be partners like we are every year-'

'Things change!' Lily said through gritted teeth.

'Nothing's changed!' Severus said angrily.

'Everything's changed!' Lily said quietly looking him dead in the eyes, 'We aren't friends anymore. And we won't be again! Now let me go!'

Severus closed the small gap that was between him and Lily forcing her to flatten herself against the wall. He began to talk quietly and rapidly to her. Pleading his case to her about why they should be friends again.

James rounded the corner. He had just said goodbye to his friends on the entrance hall and was on his was to fetch the list of students who wished to try out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team from McGonagall. He saw Severus leaning into Lily and how he had trapped her. He saw Lily's face. She looked uncomfortable, scared and desperate. He had never seen her look like this before. His stomach dropped.

James walked quickly over to them. Neither realised he was there until he said, 'Is everything ok over here?' He looked at Lily worriedly and saw that she looked relieved that someone had found her but irritated that it was him.

Severus sprung back in surprise releasing Lily from her confinements. 'What's it to you Potter? Can't help interfering? Get lost! Or I'll make you!' he spat, pulling out his wand.

James, hand twitched towards his own wand, but before pulling it out, he looked towards Lily. She was watching him annoyed, obviously wondering what he was going to do. James dropped his hand. 'Are you all right?' he asked her concerned.

She nodded. James returned the nod and gently pulled her away from the wall leading her away from where Severus stood, still poised ready to fight.

'What's the matter Potter? Don't want to fight me? Scared?' Severus jeered looking for a fight. He wanted to make James pay for interrupting his 'talk' with Lily. Severus was sure that he was getting through to her. In his own mind, she would have forgiven him if James hadn't turned up.

James stopped and turned around. Snape smiled maliciously. Lily looked up at James, worried about what he was going to do.

'Believe it or not Snivellus, but I have more important things to do than kick your arse in a duel!' he sneered calmly before turning back around and led Lily out of the corridor and round the corner leaving Severus behind them in a state of shock and anger.

It was a while before either of them spoke. They just walked in silence, neither of them knowing what to say. With the exception of when James helped Lily out of the common room with the use of his invisibility cloak, they had never really had a civil conversation. They only talked to each other when James was asking Lily out or when Lily was shouting at him. This was a new situation and it was Lily who finally found the courage to speak.

'Thank you.' she said quietly, not looking at James who had turned to look at her questioningly.

'For what?' he asked her.

'Helping me out back there, with Sev. Snape.'

'No problem' James said stiltedly, 'One thing I don't understand is why you just didn't send him flying and get out of there. It's what you would usually do.'

It was Lily's turn to look questioningly at James. How did he know that's what she would have usually done? He wasn't wrong. If anyone had gotten that close to her and trapped her without her permission she would have just cursed them out of the way, but only if it was absolutely necessary. She didn't like cursing people if there was no need for it. Not like James who had practically made a hobby out of it. She decided to let it go and just tell him why she didn't.

'I don't have my wand on me.' she said a little embarrassed. A sensible witch or wizard always has their wand with them.

'Why not?' he asked curiously.

'Because it's in my bag and I gave it to Hestia to take back up to the common room.' she replied quietly.

'Is there any reason why you did that?' James asked her. He was a little confused.

'Because I needed to go to the loo and see Professor McGonagall and I just didn't see any sense on going up to Gryffindor tower using, the loos there and dropping my bag off before having to come all the way back down stairs to McGonagall's office.' she rambled, blowing James away with too much information.

'Oh.' he said because he couldn't think of anything else to answer her with.

They walked a little further.

'Where are your friends then?' Lily asked, in an attempt to strike up a conversation as the silence, (she usually liked silence), was getting to her, 'I thought you never went anywhere without them. You're always with someone. Can't hex random people without back up right?' she said, a note of disdain in her voice.

James ignored her last comment and just answered her first question. 'Well I need to see McGonagall too and they didn't want to walk to the other side of the school to walk back again.'

'Why do you need to see McGonagall?' Lily asked him curiously. James Potter willingly going to see a teacher was, in her opinion, a strange occurrence. One that didn't happen very regularly.

'I'm picking up the list of students who want to try-out for the Quidditch team this year. You?'

'I want to retake my transfiguration O.W.L. I only got an E.' she said glumly, noting to herself that he had ignored the hexing random people comment. It had really been bothering her that it was the only subject she didn't get an O in. She was sure her written test was fine, but when she was turning her rabbit into a parrot, it had still had a small cotton tail.

'You do realise you can't retake O.W.L's though right?' James questioned her revelling in a civil conversation with her, even though he was sure that he was the one forcing that to happen.

'I know. But I was hoping that they could make an exception.'

'Hate to burst your bubble their Evans but they won't. Peter wanted to retake his so he could take it for N.E.W.T's but they wouldn't let him. Plus, as your already taking the class, you don't really need to. An E is still an excellent mark though!'

They had reached the door of Professor McGonagall's office and James knocked three times.

'Come in!' shouted a voice from within the office.

James opened the door and walked into the office. Lily walked in after him, now a little bit unsure if she should even bother asking about the chance to retake her O.W.L.

'Ah, Mr Potter. Good. You came.' McGonagall said opening a draw in her desk and pulling out a scroll of parchment. 'Here is the list. I hope you pick a good team like last year Potter!' she said enthusiastically, without smiling, 'I want you to win again this year! Last year we won the cup for the first time in twelve years and I am not ready to give it up at the moment.'

'Sure Professor. I won't let you down!' James smiled taking the scroll and putting it in his pocket. It was only then that McGonagall noticed Lily.

'Oh! Miss Evans! And to what do I owe the pleasure?' she asked fixing Lily with a friendly looking stern face.

Lily sighed, 'No reason Professor.' She had decided not to ask for the chance to retake her O.W.L. After all, and E was a very respectable grade, as James had said.

McGonagall nodded her head and looked back and forth at the two students in her office curiously. It was common knowledge that Lily Evans despised James Potter. This left her wondering why the two students were wondering around the school in each other's company, apparently willingly.

'Well in that case, I shall see you both in class tomorrow. Goodbye.' she said.

Lily and James both said their goodbyes and left her office, beginning to walk back to the Gryffindor tower.

'So who's signed up for Quidditch then?' Lily asked striking up the conversation once again.

'Loads of people!' James said taking the piece of parchment out of his pocket and unrolling it, 'Looks like Hestia's signed up again this year. That's good. We need a strong chaser. That means we only need to find one more.'

'Don't you have to try everyone out equally?' Lily said looking at James face light up when he talked about Quidditch. It was nice.

'Well technically, yeah. But Hestia's an excellent chaser so I doubt anyone will top her in the try-outs. Don't you want her to be on the team? She is your best friend.'

'Of course I want her on the team!' Lily said, wondering how James knew that it was Hestia who was her best friend. She was always with all of her friends and never thought she showed anymore favour towards Hestia than she did Emmeline or Alice. How did he know who she was closest too?

'Well good! Don't tell her though. I mean, she'll definitely be on the team but she can't know till after the try-outs!'

'Sure. I won't tell her.' Lily said smiling up at James.

'I know you won't.' James said smiling back at her with a look of trust filling his eyes.

They walked back to Gryffindor tower having awkward but flowing conversations about all sorts of topics. School work, Quidditch, their friends, who would win in a fight; a lion or a snake. (They had both decided on the lion). The conversation flowed freely and relaxingly. It seemed natural but at the beginning of their conversation, Lily thought that it was just a façade on James' part. As if it was just too good to be true. By the end though, she was having doubts.

When they finally reached the portrait hole, Lily turned to James and said, 'You know, I think I may have misjudged you.'

James looked surprised and his stomach had flipped, 'What do you mean?' he asked her trying to be nonchalant but not really succeeding, causing Lily to laugh a little bit.

'I mean, you seem a little different this year. I mean we've been back at school for almost a day and you've walked away from two potential fights and you've not asked me out yet.'

'Well you did ask me not to ask you out.' James said chuckling.

'I know but I didn't think you'd actually do it.' Lily said her eyebrows rising slightly, 'I'm surprised.'

'Well,' James said, looking into her eyes deeply, 'as I said last year. I am full of surprises. Maybe you'll have to find out what they are.' He flashed her a smile, said the password to the Fat Lady and walked into the Gryffindor common room leaving Lily smiling to herself in the corridor.

'Yes.' She said out loud to herself, 'Maybe I will!'

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