Five Minutes

Chapter 59

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Chapter Fifty-Nine

The next morning, James woke up in Lily's house. Both Heather and Richard Evans had gone to work so it was just him and Lily alone in the house. They had a pleasant morning together in which Lily showed James around her home, showing him the book collection which he had said he would have to see in one of their first dates. Then James, who had slept on the couch for the whole night staring at the odd box opposite him, asked Lily what it was. Lily explained to him what a television was and showed him how it worked which he was fascinated by. After he had finished marvelling at it Lily had suggested they watch a video which James agreed to straight away, eager to see the television in action. They watched 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.

As they watched it James queried Lily about it. He could have sworn she had said that 'Charlie and the Chocolate' factory was a book. But Lily explained to him that Roald Dahl's book had been adapted into a film. He didn't shut up whilst they were watching the film, too filled with questions about why four old people were sharing a bed, why the owner of a chocolate factory felt the need to burst into song every few minutes and why he had decided to fill his factory with other singing people who were orange nonetheless with green hair. So, to shut him up picking apart her favourite movie, Lily had engaged James in other activities which James had to admit was much better that a film about golden tickets and glass elevators.

When the credits rolled up the screen, the couple pulled apart and sat up from where they had been laid snogging on the couch which James had slept on. Lily had then said she would make lunch for them both as it was now midday. So they went into the kitchen and Lily busied herself making them a quick dinner of fish, chips and mushy peas. James watched her, leant against the door frame with his arms folded and his legs crossed, as she made dinner. He didn't know she could cook and he didn't know how well. He couldn't cook at all so she was bound to be better than him. She had a pan on the stove and was stirring it with a wooden spoon, concentrating on not letting to contents stick to the side.

'What you doing?' James asked her.

'Making smushy peas.' Lily replied with a smile. When James raised an eyebrow at her in question though, she explained. 'Mushy peas.' she clarified.

'Why'd you call them smushy peas?' James wondered.

'I sometimes do that with food.' Lily shrugged, still stirring the peas and giving him some more foods that she used to make up name variations for. 'I used to call strawberries strawbrerries and bananas narners.' she said.

'But you don't like bananas.' James remembered.

Lily paused. 'No I don't.' she said slowly, blinking in an odd disbelief that he had remembered that. 'Well remembered.' she went on. She swore James could probably remember everything she had told him about herself. It was an odd feeling; to have someone listen to you so intently that they knew you so well. Knew all the quirks you had shared with them. She couldn't help but wonder if anyone else would try and remember so much about her.

'Well we spent twenty minutes talking about what fruit you did or didn't like so…' James said with a smile as he pushed himself away from the door frame and walked into the kitchen.

'Yeah we did.' Lily recalled. It was their second date. Twenty minutes on what fruit Lily did or didn't like. 'That was weird.' Lily laughed.

'Yeah but you're weird.' James went on to say, walking round to stand behind Lily as she stirred the peas. He wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder.

'I am not weird.' Lily said, tapping James' nose with the end of the spoon she was using.

'Oh but you are.' James chuckled, turning his head to kiss her cheek and then continuing to trail kisses down her neck to her collarbone which she let him do, closing her eyes and taking it all in. They were then interrupted.

'Ahem.' Richard Evans coughed from the doorway, a paper under his arm and what James could only describe as a murderous expression on his face at the sight of Lily, his baby girl, in James' arms.

'Oh.' Lily said with wide eyes at her dad's sudden appearance. She quickly pulled out of James' grip which he allowed her to do and said meekly, 'Hi Daddy.' blushing slightly at the fact that her father had just caught James kissing her neck; an intimate action.

'Hello Mr Evans.' James said, shoving his hands in the pockets of his crinkled suit which he had been wearing all night and nodding his head politely at Richard Evans. Richard Evans still did not look impressed at James and James, reading the atmosphere Richard was giving out, eventually said, 'You know what, I should probably get going.'

'I think that would be best.' Richard Evans stated a little stiffly.

James looked at Mr Evans for a couple of seconds before turning to Lily who had left the mushy peas on the stove simmering away and saying, 'I'll see you back at school then.'

'Ok.' she said reluctantly to him. They looked into each other's eyes, both wanting to have a proper goodbye but sensing that it wouldn't actually be a wise idea with Lily's father standing right there.

So James simply squeezed her hand discreetly and turned to Richard Evans to politely say, 'Thank you for having me Mr Evans.'

'Mmm.' Richard said, still unimpressed.

'Bye.' James murmured to Lily before leaving the kitchen with one last look over his shoulder to her. He walked into the corridor leading off of the kitchen and exited the house through the back door into the crisp winter air, not knowing he was going to be going back to a worried but angry Sirius as he hadn't let him know he wasn't returning home the previous night, not knowing that Sirius had been annoyed that he had been left alone and definitely not knowing what conversation he was leaving Lily to have with her dad. If he had known any of these things, who knows whether he would have gone home? But he did and he left Lily in the most uncomfortable situation she had ever been in in the kitchen of her own home.

Lily stayed stood where she was facing her father who looked as if he was at boiling point. She let the mushy peas on the stove bubble, taking no notice of them. 'So,' she said eventually, 'that's James.'

'I know who that is.' Richard replied. He was still speaking rather stiffly. He didn't sound like Lily's dad at the minute. At least he didn't to her. But then again, she had never seen him in what she would later come to refer to as 'full dad mode'.

'Do you want some fish and chips?' Lily asked her father, filling the silence, 'I was making them for me and James but-'

'Lily I need to talk to you.' Richard Evans stated clearly. He cut across her. He had been doing that a lot recently and not just to her.

'Ok.' Lily slowly and anxiously. This couldn't be good.

'I don't think that boy is a suitable choice for you.' he said straight away, no disguise.

'What?' Lily said after a moment's pause.

'Now,' Richard began, walking proudly into the room and turning the mushy peas on the hob off, 'I know that as a young girl you are probably attracted to what some might call the 'bad boy streak'-'

'The what?' Lily asked with her laugh interjecting in what her dad was saying.

'Lily don't interrupt me.' he said to her harshly, shutting her up, 'I am looking out for your best interests here and I think it would be better for you if you didn't see that boy anymore.'

Again, Lily paused. 'Better for me or better for you?' she asked him. She didn't like what he was saying to her. Didn't he trust her?

'Don't take that tone of voice with me young lady!' Richard instructed his young daughter much to her shock. He continued. 'I only have your best interests at heart. That boy will be nothing but trouble for you.'

'His name is James dad.' Lily said, becoming frustrated at her dad's way of speaking about James. 'Stop referring to him as that boy-'

'I'll refer to him however I please thank you Lily!' Richard butted in, once more not letting someone else finish their sentence. 'I seem to remember you referring to him as arrogant toe-rag on more than one occasion.' he said.

'That was ages ago.' Lily said, her voice becoming higher and a little bit irate now. This was going to turn into an argument. She could tell. 'He's changed.' she told her dad.

'He has not changed!' Richard Evans denied, raising his voice now, 'He was rude to me at your sister's wedding-'

'No he wasn't!'

'-which he obviously convinced you to crash!'

'That was my idea!' Lily replied honestly.

'Don't make excuses for the boy Lily!' Richard said sternly.

'I'm not.' Lily said, her voice raising to the volume of her dads. 'It was my idea!' she said adamantly.

'I sincerely doubt that.' Richard sighed, 'And now he's gone and left just when you were in the middle of cooking dinner for him-'

'You scared him off!' Lily yelled in disbelief. This was now an argument, whether she wanted it to be or not.

'And you really want to be with someone who scares that easily?' Richard yelled back at her, his voice raised for no particular reason at all.

'You just said he was arrogant?' Lily shouted back, 'How can someone who's arrogant be scared easily?'

'Lily, I forbid you to see him again!' Richard demanded of his daughter.

'What?' she said back to him, 'You can't do that!' She was now starting to sound like the teenager she had never been. She had never had an argument with either of her parents. At least not substantial like this. They had argued about what channel to watch on television, (an argument which her mother usually won with the solution of Emmerdale), or what to have for dinner. Never over Lily's life choices.

'Yes I can. I am your father!' Richard bellowed at his daughter, pointing his finger at himself to make his point stronger.

'I don't care!' Lily said, 'I like James Dad and I'm not going to stop seeing him! We go to school together!'

'Fine!' Richard said, lowering the volume of his voice slightly to try a different angle. He tried to let her know what he believed James to be like. What any boy who went out with his baby girl would be like in his eyes, 'If you won't stop seeing him I must warn you about what is running through that boys-'

'James!' Lily interrupted, wishing he would just use his name.

'-what is running through that boys mind.' Richard carried on, unperturbed.

'And how would you know that?' Lily asked, her voice automatically dropping to her father's volume like an impulse

'It's the same for every boy. He likes you for one thing Lily.' he stated wisely.

Lily's eyes widened and she muttered, 'Oh God.' under her breath. This wasn't happening.

'And I don't think you should be doing anything with that boy-'

'Please say you aren't trying to have the sex talk with me?' Lily begged her father, wishing he would stop. This was embarrassing. She was going red.

'Lily will you stop interrupting me!' Richard yelled at her, raising his voice again, losing his patience. 'That boy is like every other boy his age and only one thing runs through a boys mind at that age.'

'I was right.' Lily said softly, staring at the ground mortified, 'This is the sex talk.'

'I don't want you make a mistake.' Richard went on.

Lily looked to the ceiling. 'Kill me now God! Make it quick!' she begged the roof.

'Lily listen to me!' Richard shouted at her before instructing her once again on what to do or what not to do in this case. 'You are not to take your relationship with that boy any further. Do you hear me? You have no business doing anything with him. A girl your age shouldn't be thinking about things like that anyway.'

'It was you brought it up!' Lily said in a high pitched voice waving her hands at her father to call that point to his attention

'I am at the end of my tether with you young lady!' Richard hollered at her, becoming red in the face himself but for a different reason than Lily. 'I have tried to talk to you reasonably about this-'

'No you haven't!' Lily retorted.

'Lily-' her dad started, for the first time actually using a calm voice. It was just a shame that he had riled up Lily's anger; the inherent temper that came along with being a red head.

'You told me I couldn't see him!' Lily yelled at her dad, getting very mad at what he had said now the dinner she was making completely forgotten and the mushy peas starting to crust on the bottom of the pan on the stove. 'You forbid me.' she continued to shout, not believing she was posing the next question to her dad who had always trusted her, 'Are you now saying I can't sleep with him if I want to?'

'Lily Evans stop speaking about this right now.' Richard Evans said sternly, his voice instructional again but not raised. At least not yet.

'You started it!' Lily shouted back loudly at her dad with a single breathless and disbelieving laugh.

'And I am finishing it!' Lily's dad said loudly back to her, now giving her strict directions that he believed she must follow. 'These are the rules. You are not to see that boy. You are not to talk to him. He is nothing to you.'

Lily was having none of that though. 'He is my boyfriend!' she pointed out, not able to stop and enjoy the moment that she had called James that for the first time. It was shrouded in anger.

'You are not to take this pointless relationship to the next level!' Richard reiterated, his voice back up to full volume. The neighbours could probably hear the argument going on in the Evans' residence by this point.

'It's my body!' Lily said.

'Not whilst you are living in this house!' Richard yelled at her, 'Not whilst you are living under my roof young lady!'

'Fine!' Lily said, storming out of the room and yelling back to her father, 'Then maybe I won't live under your roof anymore!'

'Lily Evans where are you going?' Richard asked following his daughter out of the room and over to the stairs which she was marching up angrily, 'Don't you walk away from me!' he said.

'Guess what? I just did!' Lily retorted cheekily to him.

'That boy has been a bad influence on you!' Richard said, standing at the bottom of the stairs and yelling up to her.

'James!' Lily said, stopping half way up the staircase and turning around, her deep red hair whipping around harshly, 'His name is James!' she shouted down at her father angrily.

'I don't give a damn what his name is!' Richard said as Lily turned away from him and carried on up the stairs into her room. He suddenly panicked. 'What are you doing?' he asked her.

'I'm making a dramatic exit what does it look like I'm doing?' Lily replied theatrically, walking into her room and slamming the door behind her loudly. She locked the door with her wand so he wouldn't follow her into her room.

'Don't be cheeky to me young lady!' Richard said, running up the stairs after her and stopping outside her room.

'Tough!' he heard her yell from within. He heard her drawers opening and closing and he became more worried. But he just couldn't stop shouting at his little girl.

'Lily Evans don't you leave this house!' he instructed her through the door, trying the handle. It would budge.

Inside her room, Lily was pulling out some clothes and shoving them into a small bag which she retrieved from the bottom of her wardrobe. She was extremely mad at her father for speaking to her like that, for not trusting her. He had always trusted her. She knew she had spoken badly of James in the past but she had never expected her dad to not trust her judgement when it came to him. She knew what she was doing. She knew what James had done in the past. She knew he had bullied people. Did her dad think she didn't know that? She was the one who had told him about that. Now she wished she hadn't because now her father couldn't see who James actually was. He saw the person Lily had described back then not the person she knew now, the man he had become. And she definitely couldn't believe her dad had accused her of being attracted to a 'bad boy streak'. That was ridiculous. Wasn't it? Of course it was.

Her dad was still shouting through her door, trying the door handle and at times knocking. But Lily ignored him. She didn't think she could face him. She was embarrassed now. If it wasn't bad enough that he hadn't given James a chance, he had tried to have 'the talk' with her. Was there anything more embarrassing than your parents trying to talk to you about sex? If it was her mother she could maybe have handled it, but not her dad. She had never had that kind of relationship with her dad where they could speak openly about things like that and not be completely mortified. She was spoilt by her dad. She was his little girl and that's the way she wanted it to stay. She didn't want any of this business with him. That was why her mum was there. That was why Hestia and Alice were there. It was called girl talk for a reason. She never stopped to think that it was just her dad being scared of her growing up. Not at all. And who was to say she was even ready for that step yet?

She was still hurriedly gathering some clothes and screwing them up in her bag. She wanted to get out of there. She wanted to get away from this argument, the argument which her Dad was currently still having with her door, so she zipped up her bag and, without saying another word to her father, not letting him know she was going, disapparated to the only place she could think of; Diagon Alley. Her dad wouldn't know she was gone until hours later when he would break down the door.

With a crack she appeared in the bustling street of Diagon alley. She marched down the main street with purpose until she realised, she had no idea where she was going. She was cold in the winter air, had no idea what to do now and realised that she must suddenly have looked very lost and very small. at least that was how she felt. She stopped in the middle of the street and looked down to the ground biting her lip, trying her hardest to think of something to do, somewhere to go. She didn't think of Hestia, her best friend who would have willingly taken her in for a couple of days whilst she and her father calmed down. She didn't think of Alice who probably would have done the same for her. No. She thought of James and, even though going to stop with him would probably make the situation a hundred times worse if her father found out, he was all she could think of and he was all she wanted to see even though she had literally seen him only half an hour ago.

Unlike with Hestia and Alice, she didn't actually know where James lived. He had never mentioned it. He was quite closed up on the subject of his family home and his family history and his family in general as a matter of fact. He had only ever spoken to Lily about his mum and, at a push, his late dad. But even then he hadn't said much. She knew his mum was a Healer at St Mungo's but she had no idea what she looked like or what department she worked in. Going to find her there would be foolish. She would be busy anyway and who was to say that James had even told his mother about her. After all, Lily hadn't told her parents about him. It wasn't that different.

She was stuck. She wiped her eyes for they had begun to fill with angry, hot and frustrated tears. She hadn't realised until she felt one run down her cheek. She felt extremely lost and alone. She watched the shoppers around her continuing with her everyday life, doing some last minute Christmas shopping. She soon realised she was in everyone's way, standing gormlessly in the middle of the street as people tried to push past her. One woman, a sullen looking witch, yelled at her to move. Lily apologised quickly and allowed herself to be moved along with the crowd down the cobbled street. She looked at every shop she passed, hoping desperately that one of them would give her an idea of what to do. Finally, one did.

Lily spotted the post office and breathed a smile. She quickly went into it, keeping her bag close to her to ensure that no one would take it and closed the door behind her. The small post office was warm unlike outside and was filled with dozens of owls. It wasn't like any of the muggle post offices, not like the one her mother worked in, but she was used to it now and it was normal for her now. She walked up to the counter and asked to send a letter. The person behind the counter told her that it would be three Knuts for the owl alone and five Knuts for parchment and ink to write her letter with. Lily took the second action, having no writing equipment with her, and took the parchment, quill and ink that the wizard behind the counter offered her. She leant on the desk and wrote a quick note to James;


It's Lily. Can you come meet me now in Diagon Alley please? I need to see you. I'll be at Florean Fortescue's. Please be quick.



She then chose her owl, tied the letter she had now rolled up into a scroll and tied it to the small owls leg before sending it on its way. She didn't know how long the small owl would take to make the journey to James' house as she didn't know where it was but she desperately hoped that it wouldn't be long. There was nothing left for her to do now but go and sit in Florean Fortescue's ice-cream parlour and wait patiently for James to come and get her.

When James got home he was met by an extremely irate Sirius. He was mad at him for ditching him for Lily and leaving him in a huge mansion all by himself. Sirius didn't like being left by himself. He thrived on company and being the centre of attention and when James had left him in favour of giving attention to someone else, Sirius wasn't best pleased. He moaned at James for twenty minutes when he arrived home, complaining that James was giving Lily more attention than him but when James pointed out that Lily was now his girlfriend, Sirius had just exploded with, 'But I'm your best friend!' James couldn't help but think privately that Sirius was acting like a teenage girl at this precise moment. He said nothing though. He let him continue on and get it out of his system.

It took twenty more minutes, a couple of verses of 'but I'm your best friend' and a few choruses of 'I thought you'd been kidnapped by giants' before James was able to talk Sirius around with a bribe of pie.

'Ooh pie!' Sirius said, forgetting his anger and turning around to go into the kitchen and grab a pie from the cupboard.

James chuckled and shook his head as he followed Sirius into the kitchen. He sat down at the long table in the large kitchen, putting his feet up on the table and watching Sirius amusedly as he found the biggest spoon in the kitchen, sat opposite James and started to dig in.

'Don't fink vis means I foggive choo!' Sirius said with his mouth full, spitting crumbs of pie out across the mahogany polished table and jabbing his huge spoon in James' direction.

'Dude. Say it don't spray it.' James said, kicking a crumb back to Sirius which had landed near his foot.

'I mean it!' Sirius continued on as he swallowed, 'You could have written a note.'

'You'd still be pissed off though wouldn't you?' James stated with raised eyebrows.

'Yeah.' Sirius said, digging his spoon into his pie again and taking another huge mouthful.

James would never win here anyway. Sirius was always difficult when he wasn't getting his own way or when he wasn't getting attention or, strangely, when he was eating pie. All three of these things were happening now so James decided to let it go. So did Sirius apparently, sensing he'd won and changing the conversation.

'Whas wiv ver fancy ge' up?' Sirius asked, his mouth full yet again and spraying food everywhere. Not many people could understand him when he was like this but after six or more years, James had gotten the hang of it.

'It's a suit.' James replied, looking at his suit. Lily had bought him a deep grey suit, a white shirt and a black tie. Of course the sleeves on his jacket and shirt were rolled up together to just above his elbows, his black trousers were creased to high heaven and his tie was hanging loosely around his neck. Still, he thought he looked rather dapper.

'I know what it is.' Sirius said as he swallowed his mouthful, rolling his eyes,

'Really?' James asked in disbelief.

'Yeah.' Sirius said sincerely before adding with a smirk at his own joke, 'You just told me.'

'You're an idiot Padfoot.' James chuckled taking his wand out and summoning is own spoon and pie from the cupboards in the kitchen. The one that Sirius had did look good. Linda, the Potter's house elf, always made good pies. They were apple.

'Thanks.' Sirius smiled proudly, taking James' insult as a compliment as he so often did. 'So what's with the suit?'

'It was for Lily's sister's wedding.' James said with a sigh, catching and digging into his own pie. Sirius knew he had been to a wedding with Lily. He knew that it was Lily's sister's wedding. But he didn't know the whole situation behind Lily's relationship with her sister or the whole 'crashing' aspect of the wedding. Lily had made James promise not to tell anyone that and James had obliged. James always kept his promises so, true to his word, he had told no one. Sirius knew nothing of the reason James had been invited along to Petunia's wedding. He just knew he went.

'Thought you wore your dress robes?' Sirius said, recalling James leaving the previous day in some smart wizarding dress robes.

'Apparently they're not suitable for a muggle wedding.' James said, eating a mouthful of Linda's melt-in-the-mouth apple pie. It was awesome.

'Boring people.' Sirius scoffed. Through all their joking and pranks, people assumed them to be rebels and casually dressed all the time and, even though they were most of the time, they did like wizarding dress robes. They believed the looked, in their own words, 'the bloody be all and end all of life' in them. Very dapper. Obviously muggles didn't agree. Still, James could pull of a suit just as well and, he was sure that if he was to try one on, Sirius could too. They suited smart clothes.

'Yep.' James agreed, taking another bite of apple pie. He wanted cream.

'Didn't like anything you saw then?' Sirius asked with insinuating eyebrows. He had finished his pie now. It didn't take long.

James paused and looked at him with a frown. 'I have a girlfriend.' he said, summoning some cream from the cold storage cupboard in the kitchen. It was like a muggle fridge except that it was charmed magically to keep a certain temperature at all times.

'Don't mean you can't look.' Sirius shrugged, catching the cream in mid-air as it sped towards James. He took a swig as if it was nothing more than milk.

'Does when she's right there next to me and I'm meeting her parents.' James pointed out. He didn't expect Sirius to understand. The term 'girlfriend' meant a completely different thing to both boys. Sirius believed in the short-term version of the word but James liked to think of the long-term. He held out his hand for the cream.

'How'd that go?' Sirius asked him, sliding the cream into James' waiting hand across the polished table leaving a trail of condensation after it.

'Why are you talking to me about this?' James queried, wondering why Sirius' attitude had changed towards this topic, 'You were moaning about me ditching you for her not ten minutes ago.'

'Want to see if you'd have had a better time with me.' Sirius stated simply with a shrug of his shoulders.

James rolled his eyes. 'Why?' he sighed. What on earth had Sirius done now?

'I'll tell you when you've told me how meeting the parents went.' Sirius said, motioning for James to tell him how things went.

James sighed again. 'Her mum was nice and liked me, her dad was…tall. And didn't.' he said succinctly, pouring cream over his pie now before sending it back across the table to Sirius.

'Why?' Sirius asked. Sure it wasn't him but James was likeable enough.

'Lily told him all that stuff we used to do to Snivellus.' James said offhandedly. They had no shame in what they used to do to him, the constant hexing and cursing and cruel tricks. In their opinion, he deserved it. Most of the time anyway…

'Like what?' Sirius asked, taking another swig of the cream. It was sickly sweet but Sirius didn't mind. He could eat or drink anything. Except firewhisky. He didn't like that.

'Hanging him on the chandelier and poking him with sticks.' James said with a laugh into his apple pie.

'Ha! Classic!' Sirius laughed. That was a fun day.

'Yeah.' James agreed

'Well you'd have had more fun with me.' Sirius said, putting his feet up on the table in the same way James was and folding his arms behind his head, a cocky expression on his handsome face.

'Why?' James asked, a grin forming on his face, 'Did you hang him on a chandelier again?'

'No.' Sirius scoffed at the suggestion, 'Why'd we let him here?' he motioned around him before continuing with a smirk, 'Bad enough we've gotta let him into Hogwarts.'

'Too right.' James said in agreement, taking another mouthful of apple pie. He was almost done now.

'I worked on my bike.' Sirius grinned, knowing that James wouldn't be impressed because he hadn't wanted him to work on his motorbike without him there. James had left Remus with him to make sure he didn't work on the bike but Sirius still hadn't taken notice. He thought it was a good job he hadn't taken notice. 'Got the engine going.' he said arrogantly.

'Great.' James said sarcastically with a shake of his head. Sirius was right. 'Didn't blow anything up did you?' he asked raising his eyebrows once and smirking a little.

'No.' Sirius replied, with an almost stroppy tone before getting excited again and saying, 'Let's go work on it!

'Sure.' James said, throwing his spoon lazily into his now empty pie dish. He was about to get up, taking his legs off of the table at the same time as Sirius, when his mum entered the room looking rather harried as she sorted out her healers robes.

'James.' she began with a serious tone in her voice. She was pulling down the sleeve on her robe and then buttoning the St Mungo's logo broach that she had to wear for work near the fold of material near her throat.

'Hey Mum.' James said with a frown, wondering what was going on. He didn't have to wait long for Jane Potter to explain though.

'I'm not going to be back for a couple of days.' she said regretfully to her son. This was the first time she had actually set sight on him since he had returned from Hogwarts. She didn't even know that he had spent the night elsewhere. She hated to leave him again especially due to the fact that, in a few days' time, it would be the anniversary of his father's death. He seemed ok but she didn't know if that was an act and she'd prefer to be spending time with him seeing how he was coping rather than going to work. But the staff at St Mungo's needed her help. 'There's been a large attack in a muggle neighbourhood and we've got a lot to do at the hospital. Seems Fenrir Greyback's been around along with others.'

'Ok Mum.' James said in nodding understanding. He knew of Fenrir Greyback, courtesy of Remus. He understood that his mum needed to help others, especially if he was involved.

Jane sighed and before she disapparated out, left her boys with one instruction. 'Don't work on that bike please boys.' she said, 'I want the house to be in one piece when I come back.'

'Ok Mum.' James repeated.

'See ya Janie!' Sirius said with a winning smile and a wave at James' mum to which James just raised one eyebrow at.

Jane rolled her eyes at Sirius. 'Bye Sirius.' she made a point of saying before walking over to kiss her son on the cheek, (which he wiped off), and saying, 'Bye James.' sadly, then disapparating with a loud crack.

There was a pause in the kitchen. James took a deep breath and the turned to Sirius. 'So…' he began before asking with a shrug, 'Work on the bike?'

'Absolutely.' Sirius said with a nod of his head.

The two boys made the trek from the kitchen across the mansions grounds and to the outhouse where Sirius' motorbike was being stored whilst he was building it. They could have apparated but didn't. The Potter grounds were always nice to walk across, even when the grass was beginning to frost over due to the winter chill. Well, most of the Potter grounds were nice to walk across. Some parts of the estate that the Potter family had had sheep or deer on them. There were chickens too. And horses. And a few ducks in the lake-like pond. But no cows. James didn't like cows.

They worked on the motorbike for a solid three hours, ignoring the cold and becoming quite messy in the process. The suit James was still wearing became stained in grease and oil and Sirius, well Sirius was already stained in oil and grease. When they had begun work, James had laughed at Sirius because when he tried the engine which he had said he had gotten working, it simply spluttered and died. They spent an hour and a half trying to work out what had gone wrong once James had stopped laughing, being squirted with engine oil at least twice. They found that the problem was actually the battery had blown but, as they didn't have another one, they had to leave that for now and instead spent another hour and a half on the body work. Sirius wanted flames on his wheel guards so James had spent an hour painting them on. Then he changed his mind and James had to spend another half an hour painting them black again. Sirius was a pain when it came to his bike.

After three straight hours of working, ending up being covered in grease, oil and, for James, orange, yellow, red and black paint, they were finally interrupted by the sudden appearance of a small brown owl. It had a letter for James.

'What's that?' Sirius asked, taking the paint brush James handed to him so that he could read his letter.

'A letter' James said simply, unrolling it and quickly reading it through.

'Duh.' Sirius said sarcastically, rolling his eyes whilst James read his letter, 'What's it say?' he nosed.

'We've got to go.' James said defiantly only giving, 'It's from Lily.' as an explanation.

Now Sirius, who had been told off by James when the school found out about him and Lily, left at lunchtimes so that James could walk aimlessly around with her, abandoned in the evenings, again in favour of Lily, ditched for the last Hogsmeade trip, left on his own for the whole day yesterday and the whole of the morning today, had had just about enough of Lily Evans by now. He knew that he had tried to convince her to give James a chance earlier that school year, not already knowing they were dating, but he hadn't expected this; James dropping everything and ditching him all the time for her. It was safe to say he was feeling passed over for the girl who had rejected his best friend for so long. 'So?' he said moodily with yet another roll of his eyes.

'So a muggle neighbourhood is attacked and Lily sends me a letter to go get her.' James said, 'Coincidence?'

'Could be.' Sirius retorted.

'Sirius.' James said, with annoyed raised eyebrows and an expression that read, 'why are you being like this?'

Sirius jutted his chin out for a moment in an irritated fashion. 'Fine.' he sighed chucking down the paint brush, 'Let's go.' Though his voice said he wanted to do anything but.

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