Five Minutes

Chapter 60

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Chapter Sixty

Lily had been sat wrapped in James' scarf, (which she had kept from the previous year), a thick woollen jumper and a winter coat at Florean Fortescue's ice-cream parlour for about four hours. She had been there so long that Florean had ended up giving her two free ice-creams. They were really good. They were made somehow which meant that when they slid down your throat, they warmed you up. Before coming into the wizarding world, Lily had never eaten ice-cream in the cold winter, especially this close to Christmas but, in the wizarding world, people ate ice-cream all year round. In fact, Florean Fortescue's ice-cream parlour probably had the steadiest business flow in Diagon alley. Lily only got to visit the little shop twice a year if she was lucky so, she really didn't mind sitting there waiting to see if James would show up, (she wasn't sure), but, when the four hour mark passed, she was starting to think perhaps she should just go home and face her dad.

She decided to give it another five minutes and she was glad she did because it was only a couple minutes more before she saw a familiar mess of jet black hair trying to make his way through the throng of Christmas shoppers followed quickly by Sirius Black. Lily stood up as James approached her. He looked worried.

'Hey.' he said breathlessly as he reached her, immediately taking her hand, standing close to her and placing his right hand on her cheek, 'What's wrong? Are you ok?'

'I'm Fine.' Lily said truthfully looking into his warm hazel eyes.

'You're not hurt are you?' James went on, checking her over for any injuries. She didn't have any obviously.

'No.' Lily said with a confused frown, 'Why?'

'Jane said there'd been an attack.' Sirius said with his hands in his pockets. He looked disgruntled to be there but there was a small flash of concern in his eyes. After all, he wouldn't have wanted to Lily to be attacked no matter how much of James' time she was taking up.

'Then I got your letter and-' James began, cluing Lily into what they must have thought had happened.

'No I'm fine.' she guaranteed them with a small smile. Her smile didn't have the effect of reassurance it should have had though. In fact, it seemed to tick Sirius off.

'So we could have carried on working!' he said to James, throwing his arms into the air in a gesture of annoyance.

'Working?' Lily queried. She looked at them both properly now. Sirius was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt covered and caked in grease and oil as if he had specifically designated those clothes to work on something messy. James was still in his creased suit from Petunia's wedding only he had ditched the jacket, his tie was loose around his neck and tucked into his shirt which was undone by a couple of buttons and now, no longer white. It had splashed of oil, grease and assorted paint colours covering it, as had his deep grey trousers. He had ruined a perfectly nice suit.

Lily looked at James, still confused. He took his hand down off of her cheek, taking in deep frustrated breath and his lips disappearing in annoyance at Sirius. His eyes told Lily that Sirius' comment had bugged him though she wasn't sure why.

'Go get yourself an ice cream Padfoot.' he instructed Sirius who, upon the mention of food, needed no more convincing and was immediately side-tracked.

'Oh ice-cream…' Sirius said, his eyes lighting up as he walked into Florean's little ice-cream parlour.

James looked back at Lily and shook his head, rolling his eyes in obvious irritation at Sirius' mood. He then sighed and the annoyance for Sirius disappeared to be replaced with concern for Lily. 'So what's wrong?' he asked her, wiping a bit of oil he had transferred onto her cheek with a clean corner of the sleeve of his shirt.

'I was just…' Lily began, 'I hoped…' she stopped. She had been sat a Florean Fortescue's ice-cream parlour in Diagon Alley for four hours and not once had she stopped to think that by writing to James and asking to stay would inconvenience him. He had a full house already with Sirius staying there and his mother. She hadn't even stopped to think about his mother. Would she let her stay? Was there even room? Did she even know about Lily? Lily hadn't told her parents about him, who was to say he had told his mum about her? Everything fell down around her. 'Oh god.' she said quietly, looking away from him, taking a shuddering breath and bringing her hand up to her mouth. It shook slightly.

'What is it Lily?' James asked her, his voice showing his worry.

Lily looked back to James' eyes and all that ran through her mind were the words, 'tell him, the worst he could say is no.' And besides, if she never asked, she would never know. She bit her lip momentarily before quickly blurting out, 'Could I possibly stay at yours?'

James looked hesitant; however, he didn't say no which left Lily hopeful.

'At mine?' he clarified, subtlety dropping her hand and putting them in his pockets, 'Why?'

Lily gulped. She didn't want to tell him the whole reason she didn't want to go home. At least not yet. She'd probably tell him eventually because, after all, it did actually concern him. But she'd tell him later. Now she just said, 'I've had a massive fight with my dad and…I think we both just need a bit of space at the minute to calm down.' in a way of explanation.

'So…' James started. He was actually rather reluctant to agree to let Lily stay at his for a few reasons. His mum wasn't home and wouldn't before a couple of days thanks to the recent attack. He didn't know how she would feel about him having his girlfriend stop round for the night especially as she wasn't there and he hadn't actually told her about Lily yet. Then there was Sirius. He was being a pain over Lily at the minute. Having her stay over would definitely aggravate him. After that there was the small detail that he hadn't actually told Lily anything about where he lived, how he lived and what he had. He hadn't seen the point before. 'You want to stop at mine?' he asked her again, a part of him willing her to say no. She didn't.

'If that's ok?' Lily said meekly. 'Please?'

'Err well…' James began. He wanted to say that he wasn't sure him mum would allow it considering she wasn't going to be there. He wanted to say that Sirius would just be too much of a pain to contend with and he couldn't do that to her. But he couldn't say either of those things. Not once he had looked into her eyes. She had an expression on her face, something in her eyes which he couldn't refuse. Something inside of him tugged, snapped, and at that moment, he was sure, he would have done anything for her. He couldn't change it, short of cursing her, and in the end he could only say, 'Yeah sure. Of course. Do you have stuff with you?'

'Yes.' Lily said with a relieved smile. She was sure he was going to say no. All the signs had pointed towards it. She had no idea why he had changed his mind.

A smile tugged at the corner of James' mouth at Lily's answer. 'You were so sure I'd say yes?' he said.

'I hoped.' Lily replied, smiling sweetly back as Sirius came out of Florean Fortescue's ice-cream parlour eating a normal triple chocolate chip ice-cream, with hazelnut sprinkles.

'Ok.' James said to Lily taking her hand once more as he turned to Sirius to direct his next words to him. 'Padfoot.' he said, capturing Sirius' attention, 'Let's go.'

'Where?' Sirius asked, licking his ice-cream hungrily and baring the brain freeze that it gave him. He moved out of the way slightly to let a couple of chattering Christmas shoppers into the ice-cream shop.

'Home.' James stated.

'Awesome!' Sirius enthused, thinking that he and James could carry on working on his bike whether Lily was there or not. He wasn't going to let her stop them from finishing the bodywork today.

'Where do you live?' Lily questioned James, grabbing her bag from the chair which was beside the one she had been sat on.

'Err…' James began frowning as if he had never thought of it before and, truth be told, he never had. 'Not sure.' he shrugged as he took her bag from her before half-heartedly suggesting, 'Somewhere in Wales? What do you think Padfoot?' he asked Sirius who also shrugged.

'Could be.' Sirius said, still eating his ice-cream.

'How can you not know where you live?' Lily said in slight shock. It was an odd think to not know where you lived especially at their age.

'We know where we live.' Sirius said rudely and a bit snappily to her which she looked taken aback by.

'Just not where abouts.' James clarified, giving Sirius a look to tell him to stop being so bad-mannered to Lily. He had no idea what was wrong with his best mate surrounding Lily. He had no idea what Lily would have to do for him to stop being so insolent towards her.

Sirius seemed to get the look from James and tried to reign himself in. He couldn't stop being irritated at the situation though. 'It's not in a city like London.' he said, trying to be politer, 'Like where I used to live.' He didn't sound as if he was trying to be polite at all but that was more down to his distaste of his old house.

'It's in some random piece of Welsh countryside.' James explained to Lily.

Then Sirius got excited, his love for the Potter mansion shining through so that even his annoyance at having Lily with them didn't fog it. 'Prongs' house has columns!' Sirius grinned.

'It does not have columns.' James denied.

'Sorry. Pillars!' Sirius continued, his eyes shining happily.

'It doesn't have pillars.' James disagreed, shaking his head.

'Might as well have pillars.' Sirius pointed out to James under his breath, getting bored of his ice-cream now and shoving it in some random passer-by's hand.

'What?' Lily queried. That conversation had made no sense to her. How could James' house have columns? Were they the columns she was thinking of? The basic Greek architectural design? No. It couldn't be.

Then something occurred to Sirius. He began to smirk as he looked between Lily's confused face and James' uncomfortable one. 'Has Prongs not told you what kind of place he lives in?' he asked her.

'No.' Lily said, wondering what he meant. She looked at James to see if she could read his face but he was avoiding her eyes for some reason, only staring down at their joined hands instead. Lily was nervous now.

'Oh.' Sirius said, his smirk now fully pronounced on his face. 'Well then this is going to be good. Prongs, I say we use the front entrance. Give Evans the full effect.'

'Full effect?' Lily said, now extremely anxious about what was going on. Where exactly did James live? She had no idea.

'Fine.' James said simply, and without another word, he squeezed Lily's hand to warn her he was about to take her on side-long apparation and disapparated out of Diagon Alley, immediately followed by Sirius.

With two separate cracks, Lily and James and Sirius reappeared in the middle of a random spot of Welsh countryside, stood on a dirt track. They were facing a small shed, the only structure seen for miles and miles and acres and acres of vast and empty land. Lily assumed that the Potter's house was cloaked and that that shed was the entrance. The three were quiet and, with Sirius grinning at what Lily was about to see, James looking rather uncomfortable and Lily biting her lip nervously, James led Lily into the run down shed which had splinters sticking out of the rotting wood, followed by Sirius. The shed was empty and larger on the inside than it looked on the outside Lily noticed as they went through it, but that didn't really shock her. Most structures or buildings in the wizarding world worked like that through an assortment of expansion charms so no, she wasn't shocked by that. She was shocked by what she saw when she exited the shed. Never in a million years had she expected to see the sight that befell her.

It was huge. Massive. Even from about an acre away. She didn't think there was a synonym she could use to fully describe the grandeur of it; the Potter mansion. She stared at it, the immense Georgian mansion with its tall windows on each of the three levels. She had seen Buckingham Palace. This place exceeded it in size. And she had to assume that it would be considerably larger on the inside too as it was a wizards property. There were no pillars or columns; it didn't need them. It did however have two sets of steps leading from a singular path in front of it, circling around in an oval to meet at a platform where the front door was situated. There was a beautiful fountain a distance in front of the entrance steps encircled by the path which stretched from the front doors to where they were stood. Lily took a shocked breath and held it, bringing her hand up, taking out of James' and holding it over her mouth.

They stood there for five minutes whilst Lily marvelled at the place where James had grown up. They only began to move when he started to lead her up the path guiding her by the small of her back. The three stayed in silence; Sirius was still grinning, James was looking anxious at Lily's reaction and Lily was speechless. All she could think was that James had never told her about any of this. The most arrogant boy she knew had never once mentioned this.

It took them twenty minutes to walk up the path to the front door of the Potter mansion, all the time in silence, the cold winter air and the frost on the grass transpiring to the coolness of the situation. Certain things clicked for Lily as they made their way up to the mansion. James being able to pay for the fake date she had had with Joshua Hunt as well as all the marauders lunches on the same day. Having that much money on him the day before when she went to buy him a suit. Seeing his home made her realise how he was able to do these things no question. Yet somehow, she was unable to relate the James she knew, her James, who was obsessed with jelly, wanted to picnic every day and spun her into random badly danced waltzes, with the mansion in front of her. In her mind they were almost two entirely separate entities. When they stopped at the front door, after saying nothing since they arrived at James' home, all Lily could think of to say was, 'You never told me.'

James turned to face her, not opening the door to let them in. He searched her face to find her reaction but couldn't. He had no idea what reaction he had expected when he showed her this, something which he knew she had never experienced before or even considered in her everyday life with her normal family home. All he knew was what he didn't want to see. His only concern was that she would be angry with him for not telling her. So, after a couple of minutes quiet James finally asked her, rather timidly for him, 'Are you mad?'

'Why would I be mad?' Lily asked straight away with a confused smile. It then dropped as something occurred to her. 'Unless…' she began, choosing her words carefully, 'you didn't tell me because you think…this matters to me…that I'm shallow and materialistic…do you?'

'No.' James said immediately. He was completely involved in how Lily was receiving all of this new information. He had forgotten Sirius was there and didn't see any of the faces he was pulling and it was a good job he didn't

'Then why didn't you tell me?' Lily asked, wondering only if he didn't trust her, 'What stopped you?'

James shrugged. 'I didn't want things to change between us.' he said.

Lily had never seen him like this before. The boy who was always sure of himself, arrogant and cocky looked genuinely troubled that, someway, somehow, by showing her and telling her all this would change their relationship. On this subject, he seemed small and lost and all Lily wanted to do was hug him. But Sirius was there so she settled for taking his hand instead. 'Why would they?' she asked him before gesturing around, 'All this makes no difference to me.'

James didn't look her directly in the eyes. Instead he lifted up her hand and traced her fingers. 'Because of Joshua Hunt.' he said eventually, all the while thinking how strange it was that the tables had turned. He had rushed to Lily when she was worried and in need of someone. Now he was the one who was in need of reassurance.

'What about him?' Lily asked curiously. James had never referred to Joshua Hunt by his real name before. He had called him git-face, Joseph, Joel, Hunt dude and, strangely, Adonis, but never his real name. Lily had to wonder what the reason was.

'You didn't like him and he had money.' James said. He was then completely truthful; no disguises. 'I've got more than he has.' he went on, now looking into her eyes, 'Shouldn't you dislike me more?'

Lily looked shocked. James had thought that she hadn't like Joshua Hunt because he had money. That was what she assumed was worrying him. She assured him that wasn't the case. 'No. God no James!' she said, now not caring that Sirius was there and stepping into James and placing her hand gently to his warm cheek, looking into his hazel eyes so that he would look back and see the truth behind her words. 'I didn't dislike him because he had money.' she said, 'I disliked him because that was all he went on about. His dads job at the bank and his salary; it was all he seemed to care about.'

James broke into a small smile, internally thinking himself stupid. 'Oh. Right.' he said.

'Believe me. This makes no difference to us.' she said relaxing back into their bantering relationship and saying, 'If you piss me off I will dump your sorry arse.'

James laughed and pulled her into him, his arms encircling her waist. 'That's all I'm asking for.' he said with a grin leaning down as if to kiss her.

'Barf.' Sirius said, making his presence known again and sharing his view on what he thought about James' final action and words. At that moment, all Sirius could think of to describe James with was gooey. He was very gooey when he was with Lily. It made Sirius want to literally be sick.

James didn't share Sirius' thoughts. 'Go fix your bike Sirius.' he said, turning his head to face him but not taking his arms away from Lily. His attention was divided.

Sirius stared at James for a couple of seconds with a frown. It was only when James raised his eyebrows that Sirius gave in and left to go work on his bike. He didn't want James to help him when he was being like this anyway. He'd probably leak goo onto the body work.

When Sirius had gone, Lily turned to James and said, 'I have a question though.'

James looked cautious as he said, 'Ok.'

'You bragged about everything from your Quidditch skills to your duelling skills to your looks. Why did you never brag about this?' Lily asked him. She thought it was a fair question. She had never, never in the five years she had hated him or over the last fifteen or so months that she hadn't, heard him mention anything to do with money or an estate. She had to wonder why. It was her curious nature.

'Easy.' James said, 'I didn't earn this. This isn't a talent I've worked on. The others are.' And it was true. James had only ever bragged about things he had a true talent for. Like being a nuisance to Professors.

'Your looks?' Lily queried.

'Ok, so maybe not them.' James conceded before adding arrogantly, 'But, you gotta admit, I'm fit.'

Lily raised her eyebrows and laughed at him. 'I cannot believe you just called yourself fit.' she said.

James laughed with her and, when he was finished, said, 'Want me to show you around?' now eager to share the place he had grown up in with Lily as she had shared the place she had grown up in with him.

'Yes!' Lily smiled.

James showed her the house first. He showed her the Parisian Opera inspired staircase in the main entrance which led to his bedroom and the eighth step that sank after one of his accidental magic bouts. He showed her the library and the drawing rooms with all the antique furniture and the kitchen and the dining room. Then he stopped with the house because invariably he got lost in the rest of it. Lily questioned this, especially as he had Hogwarts rigged and that was a much larger place than his mansion. But James had simply explained that his family had only lived in certain rooms and, unless Sirius or Remus or Peter was round, it was no fun exploring on his own so he had just left it. But Lily was a curious soul and wanted to explore so they had gone up some winding, spiral staircases, back corridors, twisting slopes, attic rooms and through some cupboards which came out in random hallways but, when you went back through them, you came out at a totally different place. One thing that Lily found odd was all the chairs that were dotted every so often along the hallways but James simply explained that when walking through a place like the Potter mansion, you often needed to sit down. Lily felt as if she was in a stately home instead of her boyfriend's house.

When they had finally managed to find a way out of the house, James showed Lily some of the gardens. Not the whole grounds for he explained that it was a one hundred and fifty acre lot, fifty acres of which was covered by an expanse of forest, but the best bits. They wrapped up warm as they ventured out into the gardens, the night drawing in and the bitter winter creating frost. Lily was wearing James' scarf still and they kept each other close as they strolled through part of the Potter grounds. James showed Lily some of the animals that lived on the Potters land; the sheep, the chickens and the deer. He also showed her the horses they had in a stable turned outhouse. He then showed her the outhouse he and Sirius had blown up during the summer and the outhouse where Sirius was working on building his motorcycle in. (Sirius ignored them). After that he showed her his Quidditch pitch which she wasn't particularly interested in that much. Then he took her around the neatly manicured garden area which had hedges and statues and fountains and flowers until finally he showed her the pond which Lily thought looked more like a lake. Then they went inside as it had gotten darker and colder. Winter was like that.

Lily couldn't help but think that there were a lot of useless things in the Potter mansion. Stuff they didn't use. There were four grand pianos yet James had no idea how to even open the lid let alone play. They had horses but James didn't ride. They had an expansive library but James never picked up a book unless he needed too and not even then. Then there was the room devoted entirely to his family tree. What a waste of a room! There was nothing else in it! The only thing James seemed to take advantage of in his own home was the Quidditch pitch that was built specifically for him. The things James was privileged with and he did nothing about astonished Lily. If it was her, she'd want to learn how to play the piano and ride the horses and read the books. Instead, they were just there gathering dust or eating hay. But it wasn't her place to say any of this she didn't think, so she kept her mouth shut.

Eventually, she and James ended up sat on the sofa in James' drawing room talking.

'So,' James began, 'you've not actually told me why you needed to come and stay with me. I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to but, I am curious.'

Lily bit her lip and began to draw circles on James' jeans around his knee, (he had changed out of his suit finally!). She took a deep breath, knowing that James deserved to know why she was here and what happened between her and her dad. After all, it was about him. 'I had a fight with my dad.' she said at first.

'I know that.' James pointed out. He looked completely relaxed, his arm across the back of the couch gently brushing his fingertips along the bottom of Lily's deep red hair. That would soon change

'And…' Lily went on, taking a deep breath; this was a serious conversation for them. It was about the future of the relationship and where they were heading. Some would call it 'the talk'. 'He told me I couldn't see you anymore.' Lily said to which James raised his eyebrows, 'And that I had no business taking my relationship with you any further.' Lily added.

'Further?' James frowned, 'What does that mean?'

'You know…' Lily said, feeling herself going a little bit red at talking about this, 'To the next level.'

'Level?' James asked, confused by Lily's blush, 'What level? There are levels?'

'Sex James. Sex.' Lily blurted out getting redder, subtlety obviously not working. However, being blunt seemed to have stunned James.

'Oh…' he said in surprise with a slow nod of his head. He stopped playing with her hair. 'Well what did- what did you say?'

'I don't remember exactly.' Lily shrugged honestly, 'I kind of got into a temper and stormed out…then I wrote to you.'

'Ok.' James said, still nodding. This was odd for him; he was uncomfortable. He had been uncomfortable and in need of reassurance all in the same day. Not his usual arrogance. It was odd. He took his arm off of the back of the couch. 'Well…err...what do you think?' he asked curious to know what her take on this was. If she wanted to then great, he was up for that. But if she didn't he'd have to be extremely careful and considerate. He didn't know if he had that in him but he hoped he did.

'About what?' Lily said, losing track of the conversation momentarily.

'The next level?' James said then, thinking he may have said something wrong, started to babble. 'Still can't believe there are levels. Do you have to pass a test to get to the next one or-'

'James.' Lily cut him off, placing her hand firmly on his knee.

'Sorry.' James apologised, 'This is new for me.'

'Me too.' Lily assured him.

'So what do you think?' he said, not sure whether he wanted to hear the answer or not. This was the most nervous he'd ever been, he was sure.

'I think that-'

'Prongs, Linda's making dinner. What do you want?' Sirius interrupted them, walking into the room wiping his hands on a towel. He, like James had done earlier, had changed out of his grease covered clothes and washed up.

'Err…' James said, not fancying any of Linda's cooking today, 'How about we all go out tonight instead?' he suggested.

'Sure.' Sirius said, 'Where?'

'Leaky cauldron?' James said.

'Awesome! I'll write to Moony.' Sirius replied, ignoring Lily and disappearing out of the room to go and tell Linda that they were going out and to write to Remus so that he could meet them in the Leaky Cauldron a bit later.

'You were saying?' James prompted, turning back to Lily once Sirius had left the room deciding that he did want an answer. He wanted to know whether she was ready or not.

'Right.' Lily said, looking down at James' knee and once again drawing circles on it, 'I just think that…well we haven't been going out for that long. Only three and a half months, three of which was secret. I just think that, although I'd like to believe that…that would be where we were heading-'

'Me too.' James inputted.

'-I'm just not ready for it yet.' Lily finished, biting her lip and nervously looking up into his eyes. As much as she wanted to rebel against her dad at the moment and just do it, she really couldn't because she simply wasn't at that stage yet.

'Oh.' James said with a deep breath and a nod, 'Ok.'

But Lily still felt the need to explain. The only problem was she couldn't finish any of her reasons. 'Because it's a big deal. I'd be giving myself to you and, until I feel…when we've been together a bit longer perhaps…for me to even consider…I just think that…probably-'

'Lily.' James said with a single laugh, cutting her off and taking her hand understandingly. 'It's ok.' And it was for him. He had waited for her for a long time. He could wait a bit longer. He had no problem with that. He could be careful and considerate. He wasn't sure if he would be able to but, for her, it was no problem. 'Whenever you feel ready.' he went on in reassurance, making sure she knew that it was completely up to her how their relationship progressed in this area, 'I don't want to push you into doing anything you don't feel comfortable doing. So until you decide you want to, we won't. This is your decision.'

Lily smiled at his kindness. Her dad was completely wrong about him. 'My dad told me that sex would be all that was on your mind.'

'Well it is at the minute because that's what we've just been talking about.' James laughed, 'But I don't think about it all the time. That whole 'sex runs through a guy's mind every three seconds' thing is a lie.'

'Really?' Lily asked.

'Yeah.' James said, standing up and holding his hand out to her with a smirk, 'Mostly I think about jelly.'

He pulled her up and they went into the kitchen to find Sirius so that they could all go to the Leaky Cauldron together. They found him searching in one of the bottom cupboards for something to eat. Before they disapparated out Lily looked around the kitchen for Linda whom she assumed was James' mum, not knowing that he had a house elf. She had forgotten Sirius' mention of Jane from earlier in Diagon Alley. She just wondered why she hadn't been introduced to her yet but assumed that it was because she had to keep going back and forth to the hospital. She didn't know that she wouldn't be meeting her at all whilst she was there.

They arrived at the Leaky Cauldron seconds later and found themselves a booth big enough for six so they had room to move around. Lily sat in the middle of Sirius and James. They ordered a round of butterbeers unthinkingly and sat talking and joking. Well James and Lily did. They were unaware that they were sort of leaving Sirius out of their bubble, something he wasn't used to at all and didn't take well. He sat in a strop until Remus arrived. When Remus arrived, Sirius livened up and made a snap suggestion which he thought would be fun to witness. He wasn't wrong. He had fun. He just didn't know who would be witnessing it.

When Remus greeted them all and sat down he ordered a firewhisky. Lily, who had never had firewhisky before, wondered about it so Sirius, in his snap decision, convinced her to have one of her own to try. James tried to warn her against it, warning her of the burning sensation it left in your mouth but Lily, who was still ticked off at her father thought, in childish thoughts, that this would be a good way to act out. He hadn't wanted her to drink alcohol until she was legally allowed in the muggle world at eighteen. However, he had said nothing about the wizarding world so Lily had herself a firewhisky. And another. And another. And another. James wasn't wrong, it had burnt, but after her third one, she couldn't feel it anymore.

The boys watched her drink. James rather worried because he was sure that Lily had never been drunk before and she was steadily pushing herself in that direction. Remus rather impressed and amused because, as he had pointed out in a whisper to James, Lily had been able to drink the firewhisky but Sirius hadn't. Lily didn't notice. She was on her fifth firewhisky now and her inhibitions had been lowered. Sirius was watching her become increasingly drunk feeling nothing but satisfaction for he viewed this as a little bit of payback for taking up so much of his best mate's time. However, his satisfaction turned into aversion as he soon saw that Lily became rather 'touchy feely' when she was drunk.

She kept running her hands over James' shoulders and down his arms which he had coped with at first but then soon became rather annoyed at, shrugging her off and placing her hands by her side like you would do to a misbehaving child. After James had told her off about that, she had resorted to snogging him. James didn't mind that so much and kissed her back the first few time she did it, tasting the alcohol on her lips. But by the fifth or sixth time, whilst Remus and Sirius laughed at his frustration and took the micky out of a drunken Lily, mocking what she did and said, he just sat there. Finally he had to gently prise her away, pushing her back by shoulders. It didn't go down well with Lily.

'Do you not want to kiss me?' she demanded, angry at being rejected.

'Not at this precise moment.' James stated simply and rather harshly, rolling his eyes at Lily's behaviour to Remus who chuckled.

'Fine!' Lily snapped, 'I'll find someone else!' she continued with a slur. Then, before anyone knew what was happening, Lily grabbed the back of Sirius' head and pulled him in for a kiss, snogging him instead. It shocked him but he soon found her rhythm and relaxed into it.

James frowned for a couple of seconds. Then he took a deep breath, sighed, shrugged and took a sip of his butterbeer. (Only Lily and Remus had actually been drinking firewhisky)

Remus raised his eyebrows in astonishment at James' nonchalant behaviour at the scene in front of him. Anybody else would be severely ticked off and furious at their girlfriend and their best friend snogging deeply, tongues in each other's mouths and no sign that they were going to be coming up for air anytime soon. James didn't seem to care though. He just finished drinking his butterbeer calmly and then balanced his empty bottle on top of another one on their table.

'Does that not bother you?' Remus asked him, motioning to Sirius and Lily entwined together.

James looked over to them too before shrugging again. 'Nah.' he said.

'Really?' Remus questioned a little sceptically.

'Yeah.' James replied going into an explanation why. 'Three reasons.' he began, showing the numbers with his fingers, 'One, Sirius knows that if he carries on I'll chop off his arm and beat him to death with it.'

Remus watched Sirius as he opened his eyes and glanced over at James with a scared look. He knew he'd do it. He stopped kissing Lily back so fully but not completely.

'Two.' James went on, showing two digits, 'She's drunk so it really doesn't count. And three,' he continued, showing three digits and a smirk creeping into his face, 'she's just spent the last ten minutes snogging me on and off so, if you think about it, Padfoot's now snogging-'

'Ugh!' Sirius said, pulling away from Lily as quick as possible, drawing himself out of her kiss. He wiped his lips on the sleeve of his jumper hurriedly before quickly gulping down the rest of his butterbeer to wash his mouth out.

James and Remus were laughing.

'Thanks Prongs!' he said with a disgusted look at James who was just grinning in amusement.

They stayed at the Leaky Cauldron for another hour. Five minutes after she had finished snogging Sirius, Lily fell asleep on James' shoulder something which James and Remus mocked Sirius about. They teased him with jibes like 'such a bad snog he puts them to sleep' and 'obviously prefers the taste of James because five minutes later she returned to him'. They took the piss out of Sirius for about twenty minutes before they moved on from that subject, promising to return to it later when Lily was awake so that they could mock her too, and just relaxed and laughed as they usually did. When Lily's head fell off of James' shoulder though, they decided it was time to move their small party back to James'. So James picked Lily up, carrying her securely bridal style as she snuggled herself into his chest, and apparated back to his house, Remus and Sirius followed him moments after.

When back at the Potter mansion, James put Lily to bed in the room next to his, stroking her hair and kissing her lips gently which still tasted like alcohol. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. He felt as if he could just watch her sleep forever but he heard a crash in the kitchen and was reminded that Sirius and Remus were there also. So he blew out the candle next to her bed and crept out of the room to go and discover what the noise was.

It turned out that Remus, who had had a couple of bottles of firewhisky, had had a sudden hankering for an ice-cream even though it was winter and James had none of Florean Fortescue's warming ice-cream, just the normal kind. So Sirius had tried to find him a bowl but when pulling it out, pulled all of the other plates out of the cupboard as well and had sent the crashing to the floor, shattering upon the contact. James shook his head and laughed at the sight, waving his wand to clear it up quickly before tucking it into the back pocket of his jeans. Then he, Sirius and Remus got to work making the ice-cream, putting everything they could possibly find into the bowl. And when they put everything into that bowl, it was literally everything. They put in ice-cream, (obviously), chocolate sauce, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, a pumpkin pasty, some peas, five stale biscuits they found at the back of the cupboard and an overgenerous helping of Cheeri Owls. Then they dared Remus to eat it which he did willingly.

The three boys stayed up together for two more hours laughing and joking. It was three o'clock in the morning before James decided it might be best to go and check on Lily and make sure that she wasn't suffering any other side effects from drinking too much.

'I'm gonna go check on Lily.' he announced to Remus, who was sat on the couch next to him with his watch in his hand, and Sirius, doing a headstand against the wall. Remus was timing how long Sirius could hold the position for.

'She's never been drunk before has she?' Remus asked James with a laugh as he glanced at his watch.

'I highly doubt it.' James chuckled in return. He wasn't even sure if she had even tasted alcohol before. Lily was what people would call a 'good girl' and, just as people would accuse Lily of being attracted to the 'bad boy' image that James had portrayed, he was equally as guilty in being attracted to the 'good girl' image of Lily. The prospect of influencing the other one either way was enticing to both.

He made his way through the darkened and empty mansion, climbing the Parisian Opera inspired staircase with his hands in his pockets up to the room where he had put Lily. He came up to the landing and was about to turn into her room when he noticed the flickering of a light in his own room. He frowned and, resolving to check on Lily after putting out the candle which had apparently been left burning, walked down the hallway and turned into his room. But he got a surprise.

'Lily?' he asked. She was stood at the foot of his bed, absentmindedly playing with the material that draped down one of the posts on his king size four poster bed.

'Hey.' she said to him, something in her eyes which James had never seen before but which instantly drew him into her. He strolled over to her with his hands in his pockets to talk to her instead of staying where he was which he would later wish he had done.

'Hey. What are you-?' he began but was cut off by Lily.

She immediately pressed her lips to his and slipped her tongue into his mouth with no hesitation, pulling him into a kiss and running her hands softly up his chest to his collar and the first button on his shirt. James was distracted by her kiss, a different feel to it than the kisses they usually shared. Instinctively, he took his hands out of his pockets, snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her upwards, closer towards him so that she was on tiptoes and arching her back slightly. Lily started to undo the buttons on James' shirt to reveal his chest, slowly walking them around to the side of his bed. It was then James was alerted to what was running through her mind.

He pulled away from her, taking his arms from where they were wrapped around her waist and moving them up to where her hands were trying to undo his shirt. He tried to stop them but Lily didn't let him.

'My dad can't tell me what to do.' she whispered to him, carrying on undoing his buttons in her still drunken state, James still trying to stop her. But he failed in his attempts to stop her undoing his shirt and it now hung open revealing his bare chest. He tried to subtlety sway her out of her obvious intentions.

'Got to tell you Lils that's not the greatest turn on.' he said with a slightly panicked laugh. But she ran her hands up his toned chest and around his neck standing on tiptoes again to kiss and nip near his ear, trailing kisses down his jawline. He felt powerless against that. '…that is.' he said breathlessly turning his head to kiss her lips ravenously. He brushed her deep red hair brusquely out of her face and held her lips to his, deepening their kiss considerably, indulging himself in her taste a moan emitting from the back of his throat. He was momentarily taken over by his primal instincts but was snapped back into trying to do the right thing again when Lily started to take his shirt down off of his shoulders.

'Lily you don't want to-' he began pulling away from her.

'Yes I do.' Lily replied adamantly, a burning in her eyes as she succeeded in fully taking his shirt off. She kissed him again and he automatically responded, moving his arms to wrap around her and pull her tightly towards him. But James' mind kept dragging him back to reality and he tried once more to stop her.

'Lily.' he began desperately as she started to kiss his jawline again, an action which he hadn't had the power against before, but he continued determined to prevent her from doing this because she had already told him that she wasn't ready. He didn't want things to happen this way.

'This is hard for me to resist.' he went on, his heart pounding and his breathing heavy, 'So can you please st-?' but again he couldn't finish his sentence as Lily had pressed her lips to his once more in a deeply passionate kiss. James' instincts took over again and this time, he couldn't fight them. He pulled her tightly towards him running his hands up her back, under her top, and walked backwards with her, all the while kissing her hungrily before collapsing with her onto his bed. The way she was kissing him back…he couldn't resist.

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