Five Minutes

Chapter 63

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Chapter Sixty-Three

Transfiguration at an N.E.W.T level standard was brutal. Professor McGonagall made no attempt to veil the fact. She had told this them several times already as she revised topics that they had covered years ago telling them that, not only must you learn a completely new set of Transfiguration skills, you must also remember all those you have learnt in the past. N.E.W.T's weren't just testing the knowledge you had learnt in your sixth and seventh year, they were testing the knowledge you had learnt throughout your whole Hogwarts life. She told them, with no polite cover up, if you couldn't remember the first lesson you ever had with her, turning a matchstick into a pin, then you would fail. Full stop. No question. She had lectured them for fifteen minutes on the importance on paying attention now and focusing solely on studying for the upcoming exams, but still, some people weren't that fussed. Some people had other things on their minds and, surprisingly, some people included Lily Evans.

She was sat back in her chair staring straight ahead at nothing in particular. She wasn't paying attention to Professor McGonagall as she explained the intricate details of turning an animal into a water goblet, a skill they should have mastered in their second year. She wasn't even making notes which she would usually be doing. Detailed notes too which would have recorded the lesson perfectly. Everyone else in the class was. Everyone. Even those who didn't usually make notes. They all knew the importance of their N.E.W.T's exams. Lily knew this too but still, she didn't pick up her quill. She just sat there. Her eyes were vacant and her head was tipped slightly to the side. She would have stayed like that all lesson if a small sigh hadn't escaped her lips and caught the attention of James who was sat next to her.

James was actually making notes. Well, notes and doodles but mainly notes. He liked transfiguration. He wanted a good grade in it so that he could become an auror, ergo the note taking. But all that went out of the window when he heard Lily sigh. He turned his head to look at her, expecting to see her writing furiously fast in too neat handwriting, her tongue sticking out of her mouth slightly with concentration, but he didn't. He saw her sat back in her chair, staring ahead with no expression. He instantly became worried. It was a very un-Lily thing to do; not pay attention. He had to wonder why she was doing it.

'Lils?' he whispered quietly, glancing at Professor McGonagall briefly to make sure she hadn't heard him. She hadn't. Neither had Lily.

'Lils?' he repeated, his glance still darting back and forth between Lily and McGonagall, hoping one would hear and not the other. Still, neither heard anything.

James put down his quill and turned slightly to face Lily, determined to find out what was wrong with her and why she wasn't making notes on what McGonagall was talking about. 'Lily?' he tried again, this time placing is hand just above her knee under the table and shaking it gently. This caught her attention and she jumped slightly at the attention.

'You're not making notes.' James stated in a soft whisper, looking into her eyes which, although still slightly vacant, had seemed to settle on him, 'What's wrong?' he asked her.

Lily shook her head and sat forwards at the table, realising she must had been worrying him and picked up her quill to start making her own notes. She quickly peeked at his notes to see that he had actually made some along with some rather inartistic drawings; a snitch, a deer and what looked like her initials encased in a small heart. She smiled slightly at that, her heart beating a bit faster, before James' hand covered it up, whether intentionally or not she didn't know, still, she started to pay attention to what Professor McGonagall was lecturing them about.

'…you must have a swift wrist action after the three taps. Lazy wrist flicks will likely result in your water goblet retaining animalistic like features…'

Lily zoned out again, her quill hovering over her parchment, poised to write, but she was snapped out of it again by James who didn't seem to want to give up until he found out what her problem was. It was sweet but Lily kind of wished he'd let her get on with her daydreams.

James squeezed her knee and once again whispered, 'Lils? What's wrong?' his warm hazel eyes searching her face for some sort of clue. 'Come on. Tell me.' he said.

Lily sighed again and tucked her hair behind her ears before telling him, 'It's almost my birthday.'

'I know.' James nodded, talking back to her softly so that only she would hear, 'Five days.'

Lily gave a small smile and a half laugh that he knew that but went on. 'Hestia's throwing me a party.' she said with a small grimace.

'Yeah?' James replied, unable to see her problem or why it would cause her to zone out in Transfiguration. Hestia threw her a party every year. It was nothing new.

'I don't want a party.' Lily explained.

That was new. 'Oh.' James said with a slight turn of his head in confusion. There was an easy way to rectify this. 'Have you told her that?' he questioned quietly.

'I've tried but…she's worked so hard on it.' Lily started, leaning into James instinctively so that their conversation would be kept between them, 'I've tried to tell her but she doesn't listen and what she's planned just so isn't me. I don't want a party, especially not a tea party but I don't want her to be upset either.'

James looked into her eyes. He saw that she really didn't want a party. He didn't understand why as she always had a party. He had loved that she had always had a party because he had always been invited, even when she didn't want him there. But now it was different. He didn't know why she didn't want a party but she didn't. And if she felt that way then he would do what he could to make sure that she didn't have to have a party she didn't want.

'I can talk to her if you'd like.' he murmured to her, glancing back to the front of the classroom to ensure McGonagall hadn't spotted them, their heads close together and his hand still on her knee, visible under their table. They looked as if they were conspiring against her or something. But he was just trying to help his girlfriend.

'You would do that?' Lily asked with a slight smile.

'Course I would.' James said as if there was no question about it, 'I'll talk to her. I'll try and get her to stop with this party if that's what you want.'

'Thank you.' Lily said to him, placing her own hand over the top of his on her knee.

'And if I can't convince her to drop the party idea then I'm sure I can find a way to make it more interesting.' he went on, a smirk now forming on his lips, 'I'm sure spiking the pumpkin juice with firewhisky and watching you snog everyone in sight would be very entertaining.'

Lily narrowed her eyes at him but her cheeks began to powder slightly with a faint blush, her stomach swooping as he looked into her eyes with a mischievous smile. She shook her head at him. 'You dare-'

'Mr Potter!' McGonagall said strictly, finally noticing the pair talking in her lesson, 'Will you kindly remove your hand from Miss Evans' knee, you are causing her to blush.' she continued, earning a wolf whistle, from who James could only assume was either Sirius or Remus, and Lily to turn redder thanks to McGonagall pointing it out to the whole of the class. Still, James didn't remove his hand.

'Really Mr Potter.' she continued sternly, placing her hands on her hips and looking at him disappointedly, 'You are here to learn.'

James frowned thoughtfully for a second before saying, 'Nah I'm pretty sure that's not it.'

Lily hung her head and closed her eyes, her blush starting to regulate itself. James had to have a comeback.

'Your N.E.W.T's are only a few months away Mr Potter.' McGonagall carried on firmly, 'As Head Boy I expect you to set an example and pay attention in my class.'

'You know,' James replied, shaking his finger contemplatively, 'I do remember you saying something about that…'

'Detention Mr Potter.' McGonagall announced reaching the end of her tether, 'Friday. Eight o'clock. My office.'

'Can I bring a date?' James asked, flashing a grin to Lily and causing her to blush again. She leant forwards and rested her head on the desk, an action which caused the whole class to laugh.

McGonagall took a deep sigh and looked between the two head students who were sat together through her own course of action. She had separated James Potter and Sirius Black in an attempt to get them to stop messing around and pay attention to the N.E.W.T's. It seemed to have worked for Sirius who had been sat at the back of the class with Hestia Jones actually writing things down and she had believed it had worked for James to who she had seen making notes earlier that lesson but obviously she was wrong. Obviously, sitting him next to Lily Evans had been a mistake.

'I'm not sure if I preferred it when you two were always fighting or like this.' she stated with a shake of her head.

'I prefer it like this.' James said immediately, 'What bout you Lils?'

'God I miss the fighting.' she said into the table, wishing she could just hex James right there and then to get him to shut up. He didn't know when to stop half the time.

'I'm sure we could arrange something…' James smirked, earning another wolf whistle from Sirius or Remus, he wasn't sure which.

'Not right now.' McGonagall interjected, 'Pay attention to my lesson please Mr Potter. This subject will be on your final exam.' And with that she turned away from James and continued with the lesson she was teaching.

Lily picked her head up off of her desk and shook it at James with narrowed eyes. 'Why?' she whispered.

James rubbed her knee and grazed his hand slowly up her thigh under her robes to the hem of her skirt, looking into her eyes and seeing the flush of pink that started to refill her cheeks at his actions. 'Because,' he whispered back with a mischievous glint in his eyes again, 'I like to see you squirm.'

After Transfiguration, James Potter went to talk to Hestia Jones about Lily's birthday. He had left Lily with a kiss on the forehead and a promise to try and sort everything out before chasing after Hestia who was on her way to Divination with Alice. He tried to follow her up the staircase but there was a mass of first years coming down it the opposite direction all chattering away excitedly after a Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson with Professor Linkedin. James caught snippets of what they were saying and, from what he heard, it seemed that Peeves had interrupted their lesson by tipping a pint of milk over the Hogwarts Professors head. After chuckling at what he was sure would have been a funny sight, he gave up trying to force his way through the crowd of students flowing in the opposite direction and decided to take a less direct but quicker route through a door pretending to be a wall.

He slipped through the door forwards slash wall and climbed up the twisting staircase that was hidden behind it. He squeezed down a narrow corridor, ducking his head as the passage was quite small, vaguely reminding his of the whomping willow tunnel before coming out onto one of the moving staircases that Hogwarts was famous for and which he knew Lily hated. He was glad she wasn't with him. It would slow the journey up. Plus he was sure she would be uncomfortable whilst he was trying to convince her best friend to drop the idea for a huge birthday party.

When the staircase stopped, James jogged off of it and turned down around three corners before finding himself in front of Hestia and Alice which shocked them.

'Potter!' Hestia gasped, placing her hand over her heart at being shocked by his sudden appearance, 'Where did you come from?'

'That's a completely different conversation all together.' James smirked, 'You see, when a mummy and daddy love each other very much-'

'Eww! Potter!' Hestia cut him off, 'Talk about that stuff with your girlfriend, not me. I meant where did you come from just now?'

'Transfiguration.' James said simply, running a hand through his hair before shoving both hands in his pockets as he usually did, 'Same as you.'

'Great.' Hestia rolled her eyes, knowing she wasn't going to get anywhere with the pedantic head boy.

'What are you doing up here?' Alice asked him looking at her watch. They had five minutes to get to divination. 'Don't you have a free?' she wondered.

'Yeah but I needed to talk to Jones.' James shrugged, looking at Alice briefly before turning back to Hestia who sighed miserably.

'Look I'm sorry I missed Quidditch practice but I forgot.' Hestia said, 'And you've given us a crazy schedule to stick to anyway. If you add anymore I swear-'

'I'm not here to talk about Quidditch, I'm here to talk about Lily's birthday.' James interrupted.

Hestia frowned at him for a moment, pausing and looking at him with narrowed eyes. 'All right.' she said cautiously, 'Do you need help finding a present or something? It's five days away you're running out of time.'

'No I've got a present sorted.' James said, 'Quite a few actually.' he went on absentmindedly. He knew how much Lily loved presents. It excited her and if she didn't get a present, well, she demanded one. James had had that experience the previous year when they had become friends. He enjoyed the present he had given her then though after she had complained that he owed her one. It was when they were in the stage of knowing they liked one another but weren't willing to do too much about it. That was an odd and confusing stage in their relationship, at least for James. He wasn't sure about Lily. He'd never clarified it with her.

'Then what about Lily's birthday?' Hestia asked him impatiently.

'Well, I know you're throwing her a party and-'

'No!' Hestia stated simply, holding her finger out to stop James talking, 'Don't you start! I've had enough of her lecturing me on this.' she said, turning her finger to Alice who looked exasperated at this.

'I'm going to Divination.' she announced to them, wanting to leave this conversation as she was sure Hestia was about to whine, 'I'll tell her you're on your way Hestia.'

When Alice had left Hestia turned back to James who had a similar sort of exasperated expression on his face like Alice had had.

'I'm throwing her the party.' she said stubbornly, 'I'm her best friend.'

'I'm her boyfriend.' James said.

'And?' Hestia demanded.

James shrugged. 'I thought we were just pointing out the obvious.' he said.

'Whatever!' Hestia went on, 'I'm throwing her a party. Everything's already arranged. I've thrown her a party every year since second year. You are not breaking my tradition!'

She stalked past James, pushing him roughly with her shoulder and walked away with her nose in the air. James shook his head and turned around her. He wasn't going to get her to agree to drop the party, he knew that, but maybe he could mould it to be more about Lily rather than what Hestia wanted.

'Jones.' he called after her.

She stopped and took a deep breath before turning and facing him, folding her eyes.

'Lily doesn't want a party but it's clear you're not going to give in.' he said, 'So maybe we can come to a compromise. If you'll listen to me.'

Lily was walking with James to the Gryffindor common room. He had his arm around her waist and she had hers around his. Her head was resting on his arm as they walked. She felt extremely deflated. It was her birthday and she felt extremely deflated. She had had a wonderful day so far though. James had given her a mass of presents which varied from sweets in an attempt to fill her sweet tooth, to books which he had seen her looking at in Hogsmeade. The best present he had given her though, was a necklace. It was a thin white-gold chain which had a tiny glass tear droplet as a pendant. James had told her that the pendant contained a single phoenix tear. She loved it. He had made her birthday extremely special, spacing out the times when he gave her presents, the last, the necklace, he had given her only moments ago. Lily decided she quite liked having James as her boyfriend for her birthday. The day had been exciting and he had spent every possible minute with her. Even Sirius had been mildly less rude to her courtesy of her birthday but now, she was deflated.

She was deflated for two reasons. The first was stupid, at least in her mind. It also sounded silly when she had pointed it out earlier that day at breakfast. She had pouted slightly because she was turning eighteen and James was still seventeen. She didn't like being older than him even though it was only by a couple of months. Sirius had mocked her about it for a short amount of time before James had told him to stop, (from then on Sirius had given her a break). Hestia had taken the micky out of her for it for most of the morning though but James hadn't. Instead, he had given her a present to take her mind off of it. It had worked at the time but, as it was nearing the end of the day, she was reminded that she was eighteen now and he wasn't. The end of the day was the other reason why she was deflated, but it wasn't because her birthday was almost over. It was because it wasn't.

They were heading to the common room where Lily knew Hestia's tea party, her birthday party, would be taking place. She could imagine it. The common room decorated in bunting, a table filled with cake stands of scones and plates of finger sandwiches and an assortment of drinks. Then there would be the table dedicated to the cake. It would all look very nice and everyone would be enjoying themselves. Hestia would have put some music on and people would be chattering lightly together, perhaps a few couples cuddled up in corners. Yes it would all be very nice but it would also be very un-Lily. She didn't want a tea party. She had tried to talk Hestia out of it. Alice had tried to talk her out of it and so had James. It seemed that all three of them were unsuccessful.

She and James stopped outside of the portrait of the Fat Lady. James brought her round to face him, his arms encircled tightly around her waist. As an instinct, Lily threaded her arms around his shoulders. She pouted slightly to which James chuckled at.

'It won't be that bad.' he said, hugging her closer.

'I hate parties at the best of times.' Lily said looking up at him through her eyelashes.

'I know.' James smirked, 'But I think you should give this one a chance. You might be surprised.'

'What do you mean?' she asked him curiously with a frown.

He didn't answer her. Instead he raised his eyebrows once and grinned. Then he leaned down to kiss her, capturing her lips gently and bringing one hand up to her face to brush her deep red hair behind her ear. Lily kissed him back but was still confused as to what he meant. There was nothing surprising about a tea party. It was all in the name.

James pulled away from her and smirked again. He unwrapped her from his arms and took her hand instead before muttering the password to the Fat Lady who was grumbling at being forced to watch them kiss. Still, the portrait swung open and James led Lily into the common knowing that she would be surprised by the sight in front of her.

It was a party. But it wasn't the tea party that Lily had heard about. Not at all. It was amazing. Lily looked around the common room which had been transformed magnificently. All the chairs, sofas and the tables had gone and it looked like the Chocolate Room out of Lily's favourite book and movie, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. The floor was covered in a bright green edible grass and there were trees of jelly apples and bushes of lollipops and a path of hard toffee which lead from the portrait hole to the dormitory staircases. Against the wall in-between the two staircases was a huge chocolate fountain that had the strangest design Lily had ever seen but that fit in perfectly in with the theme of the party. There were three long pipes which came from the ceiling of the common room, spilling out milk chocolate in a type of waterfall which fell into a large bowl that people were dipping marshmallows in to. There were strings and strings of golden tickets strung around the length of the common room which was filled, over filled, with whipped cream mushrooms, sugar cube filled pumpkins, jelly bean stalks, spotted candy cubes and as many sweets as you could imagine. There were chocolate bars everywhere with 'Wonka' written across them, something which she was sure no one would understand but her and James. It seemed as if they had raided Honeydukes for supplies for this party. As every decoration in the room was edible, there was no table filled with food but there was a large candy-coloured mushroom with drinks on it.

Everything looked incredible and Lily couldn't help but beam. She brought her hands up to her face to unsuccessfully hide her huge smile as she looked around the room. She shook her head slightly at the sight she had been greeted with before looking at James. He was smirking at her reaction, knowing she had loved it. This party was more her than a tea party was. She brought her hands down from her face and bit her lip, allowing a small girlish giggle to escape her to which James laughed. He put his arms around her waist and turned her to face him, just as he had done outside of the common room.

'Now, I know the common rooms no chocolate factory,' he began, a delicious grin forming on his lips, replacing the smirk he had had and ignoring the other people in the common room, 'But it's as near as dammit.'

Lily shook her head again, still beaming, thinking that, at that moment, she had the best boyfriend ever. He had showered her in gifts all day, spoiling her with attention and now this. He had somehow convinced Hestia on the unmovable subject of a tea party and had gotten her to change the theme to something she would actually like. How he remembered what the Chocolate Room in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' looked like she had no idea because, when he was round her house and they were watching the film, they really weren't watching the film. Still, he had and he had transpired it into the Gryffindor common room. 'You're unbelievable.' she whispered to him.

'I like to think so.' James said conceitedly.

'You're also arrogant.' Lily said with happily narrowed eyes.

'I like to think so.' James repeated against her lips before pulling her into another kiss, but a more passionate one than the kiss they had shared outside the common room.

He moved his lips against hers for a moment, before he ran his tongue over her bottom lip, searching for permission to enter her mouth which she immediately granted. She rose up on her tip toes to give him better access, throwing her arms around his neck and winding her hands into his messy black hair breathing in his beech wood scent. He pulled her upwards and closer, almost lifting her off of the ground. For once Lily didn't care who was watching them. She was just so overcome by what James had done for her. He really was brilliant and not just for what he had done but for what he was doing now. His kiss was intoxicating and she felt as if she couldn't get enough, her stomach swooping the whole time. She had no idea what was different but she loved it. She couldn't get her fill though as they were soon interrupted.

'All right stop snogging!' Hestia said, marching up to them and breaking them apart, 'There's more people in the room than you two you know!'

Lily looked around and felt a blush creeping up into her cheeks as she noticed people staring at her and James. She still found she didn't care though. She was proud in fact. James was hers. He had done all this for her and everyone in the room knew it. If she wanted to thank him with a passionate kiss in public then that's just what she would do. But not now as James was leading her further into the room over to the chocolate fountain where the other marauders were stood eating and laughing.

As they went over to them, James whispered to Lily, his warm breath tickling her ear, 'Don't eat the chocolate.'

Lily frowned at him confused and curious. She was sincerely hoping he hadn't done anything that would make her wish she hadn't been thinking about how brilliant and amazing he was or regretting their public snog. She guessed only time would tell really so, curiously, with bated breath, remaining on teeter hooks, Lily patiently waited for the reason why she wasn't allowed to eat the chocolate to come to light. It wasn't long before it did.

She was talking to Remus, Sirius and Peter, James hugging her from behind when she began to notice what was happening. She thought it was a trick of the light at first but when it became more, well, vibrant, she knew she wasn't imagining things. Especially when she felt James' body chuckling against hers. It wasn't long until others started to notice. Most were laughing, some in shock, some at their friends and some at themselves. Sirius, Remus and Peter were among the good natured ones, laughing at Peter who seemed to suit it best. James and Lily laughed at him. Hestia Jones wasn't laughing though. She immediately marched over to James and hissed angrily at him.

'You ruined my party!' she said through gritted teeth to a laughing James. Lily was laughing too. She took one look at her best friend, who seemed to have eaten the chocolate, and just couldn't help it.

'On the contrary, I think I made it better.' James smirked, unfolding Lily from his arms so he could face Hestia better. 'Orange people with green hair completes the illusion.' he continued, waving his hand around the room as if he was a magicians assistant. 'They're gumpa lumpas.'

'Oompa lumpas.' Lily corrected

James paused and looked at her with a confused frown. 'What did I say?' he asked.

'Gumpa lumpas.' Lily said.

James paused again. 'How's that different?' he said to her as she just rolled her eyes and smiled at him. He was truly an idiot but, oddly, she didn't mind.

'You've turned everyone orange!' Hestia raged, motioning around her to the rest of the party who were chattering away, not particularly fussed about their sudden transformation. They were all, including Hestia, Sirius, Remus and Peter, everyone but James and Lily basically, were now a putrid orange with white eyes and forest green hair.

'Yes I have.' James agreed before raising his hand to stroke his chin thoughtfully, 'Now if only I could get them to sing…'

'You've made this party really weird.' Hestia pointed out. She had been reluctant to let James help her create a new theme for the party in the first place but he had insisted. He had threatened that he wouldn't let Lily come to the party if Hestia didn't change her idea for it. Hestia had then insisted that James didn't have that much control over Lily; Lily did what she wanted. But James had told her that he could think of plenty of ways that would distract Lily enough to make her forget about the party all together. Plus he had also threatened to take her off of the Quidditch team and take a load of house points off of her if she didn't comply. So she had been forced in to really. And it hadn't been that bad until now. She had told him when she had reluctantly agreed to change her elegant tea party into a sweet fest that he had better not pull anything but obviously he hadn't paid attention. He had gone ahead, pulled something that she didn't understand and was happy about it. What was worse was that Lily was happy about it too. She must have missed something.

'Yeah but Lily's weird.' James shrugged.

That wasn't it.

'I'm not weird.' Lily defended, slapping James' arm playfully, 'Why do you keep saying I'm weird?'

'Because it's true.' James said with a smirk causing Remus and Sirius to laugh and Peter to titter nervously in their orange states. Hestia huffed a sigh and walked away, not knowing what she had missed but too peeved to stay around to find out.

Lily watched her go, slightly amused by her behaviour, an amusement which she swore came from hanging around James too much. He was now starting to rub off on her. She wasn't sure if she liked it. Still, when Hestia had left, she turned to James and said, 'Prove it.' referring to how he kept referring to her as weird. She had no idea where he had gotten that from.

James thought for a moment, knowing he was antagonising her making her wait for his answer. She stared at him, waiting with raised eyebrows and James looked right back, unwavering in his gaze. Eventually she hit him on the arm, too impatient for her answer.

'Alright,' he said with a laugh at her tetchiness. 'You call bananas narners even though you don't like them because they're, and I quote, 'too stringy'.' he said earning another round of laughter from Remus, Sirius and Peter who were still eating the chocolate from the fountain. They were already orange with green hair so it wasn't affecting them anymore.

Lily blinked. 'That's a perfectly plausible reason for not liking a banana.' she said seriously.

'If you say so.' Remus interjected with a placating smile which caused Lily to look at him with narrowed eyes. She shook her head at him slightly.

'I do and it's not weird.' Lily responded. She gave a little laugh. She couldn't help it, looking at Remus who looked absolutely ridiculous painted orange with green hair. He, along with the other two marauders who she was stood with, looked hilariously funny.

Her party, so far, wasn't bad. In fact, she was loving it. She hadn't thought she would but, thanks to James' involvement, she was. She didn't really care that she wasn't being particularly social, only talking to the marauders and staying with James. She knew it wasn't particularly polite cocooning herself up with her boyfriend but she hadn't wanted a party in the first place, (even if the party had turned out to be rather awesome), so the other guests would just have to deal with it for the time being.

'Being scared of beaters bats is though.' James said, grabbing her waist with his left arm and pulling her to his side.

'You're scared of beaters bats Evans?' Sirius said looking up with a mischievous frown. He dipped a marshmallow in the chocolate 'river' and popped it into his mouth, chewing with his mouth open so that Lily could see everything inside it, 'That is weird.' he said, pushing past her and going up the boys staircase to his dormitory.

Neither James, Lily, Remus nor Peter knew where he was going. James frowned up after him and tightened his grip on Lily, pulling her closer to his side almost possessively as she looked after Sirius with a saddened expression. Remus shook his head exasperatedly and Peter just looked lost. None of them noticed a flurry of whispers whipping through a few in the common room.

Lily paused for a second in the awkward lull that followed Sirius' mystery shrouded departure before placing a hand on James' chest and saying, 'I'm not scared of beaters bats it's the animal I don't like and it's not like you're no weird too.' to continue their conversation from before.

'I'm not weird.' James said, looking down at her and denying the fact, 'I'm completely normal thank you very much.'

'Oh ok Elvendork.' Lily scoffed making Remus laugh.

James narrowed his eyes at Remus who started to muffle his chuckles unsuccessfully. 'You can't use that I was undercover.' James said, turning his head back to face Lily.

'And that's not weird?' Lily replied with raised eyebrows.

'No it's sensible.' Remus joined in sarcastically.

Lily paused and looked at Remus who nodded his head in ironic assurance. She pursed her lips in thought, trying to think of something that would make James seem weird. After all, from the party he had thrown her did make her seem weird, at least to the wizarding world, especially because of the orange people. She racked her brain to find something and when she did, she smirked in a very Jamesesque way.

'Fine.' she said, turning to face him and folding her arms. He was smirking right back at her, obviously amused. 'Toads.' she went on simply.

James continued his smirk but glanced at Remus and Pete who were looking interestedly muddled. He licked his lips and took a breath stepping closer to Lily and whispering, 'Don't.'

Lily smiled, knowing she had him. 'Ribbit.' she said,

'Lily.' James said warningly. She was going to use his odd dislike of toads against him, something which he had told her when they were in Hogsmeade before everyone knew about them. She had been asking him what he was scared of and he had unthinkingly said that he didn't like toads. He had never said that he was scared of them though, something which Lily knew but was obviously discarding in an attempt to prove him weird too. He looked into her eyes, trying to convey to her the message to keep it quiet.

'What's with toads?' Peter asked scratching his forest green hair.

'Tell anyone and I'll attack you.' James muttered to her as a friendly threat.

Lily stared into his eyes, a small glint appearing in her emerald green irises. James shook his head slightly at her but she paid no attention and began to tell Remus and Peter James' deal with toads which they obviously didn't know.

'James is-' she began but never got to finish as James grabbed her from behind and started to tickle her furiously. She squealed with laughter as he continued to tickle her not caring that Remus and Peter were laughing at her or that other people at her birthday party were looking at her as she giggled madly. 'James!' she gasped between hysteric breaths, 'Stop it! Ahh!'

'I said I'd attack you.' James pointed out, his hands still darting out against Lily's stomach and sides, tickling her and keeping her fit of giggles peeling out, 'And knowing you're ticklish is a great weapon!'

'Stop it!' Lily breathed.

'Keep your mouth shut then.' James whispered into her ear, finally stopping tickling her, letting her stand up straight and breathe normally again. He kept his arms wrapped around her waist.

'Ribbit.' Lily said with a badly hidden smile. Before she knew what was happening, James had tightened his grip around her middle and had picked her up. She squealed again. All she seemed to be doing was squealing. 'James put me down!' she instructed him, trying to wriggle out of his hold with a laugh.

'No.' James replied.

'Hey Evans!' Sirius said, coming down the stairs from his dormitory, his sudden disappearance being explained as he held up his beaters bat in front of Lily's face and waved it about saying, 'Wooooo!' as if he was a ghost.

James put Lily down. Neither he, Lily, Remus or Peter were amused.

'Yeah...' James said, 'Moments passed Padfoot.'

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Update on 7th July. Sorry it's a long one :/


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