Five Minutes

Chapter 66

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Chapter Sixty-Six

Most of the chatter about the Quidditch match and the gossip gold discovered there began to die down by the end of February. As they made their way into March, the spring weather finally making an appearance, nearly all the chatter about the supposed 'love triangle' between James, Lily and Sirius had disappeared. And if James or Sirius did happen to pass anyone talking about it or overhear any gossip about it, they played on it fully, fake duelling each other in the corridors and earning detentions or creating big dramatically fake arguments about who Lily belonged with. Lily wished they wouldn't do this but she did start to see that, as James and Sirius were making a joke out of it all, a lot of the people in Hogwarts began to discredit the rumour. When she saw that this was happening, she didn't mind as much.

She and James carried on with their relationship as if no gossip about Lily's 'indiscretions' had been spread. James made sure that everyone knew he, Lily and Sirius were fine and that there was nothing going on between them that was newsworthy at all. If anyone asked he simply stated that Lily did not cheat, he was not nursing a broken heart and Sirius was not jealous of his relationship with her. Of course, he joked about it all within the group. If Lily said she had to go study he would clutch his chest and tell her he was heartbroken and if Sirius took the micky out of him over being smitten with Lily he would just state rather simply that he was jealous. He went back to normal. If you didn't know it, you wouldn't have thought anything had happened at all.

When they were in March though, and the gossip dying down, James focused his attention on more exciting things. Something which always got him buzzing even though there was still a bit of time left before the event was actually to take place. Still he was excited.

He was sat in the great hall with Lily at lunch. He was excited and she didn't seem to notice. Whilst eating, she was busy reading her Charms text book, revising the last chapter they had covered for Professor Flitwick had hinted that he would be giving them a test for their next lesson. But that was a couple of days away yet so James saw no harm in interrupting her with a subject he loved. A subject which, unfortunately, he had already gone on about far too much already.

'Hey Lils.' he said with a smirk, poking her shoulder, 'Guess what?'

Lily didn't look at him, knowing what he wanted her to guess and feeling that studying was more important that his repetitive guessing game. 'I don't need to guess.' she said in a bored way, turning the page in her book, 'I know what.'

'No you don't.' James insisted, poking her forearm now, 'Go on guess.'

'No.' Lily said, a crease furrowing itself into her brow as she attempted to concentrate on her Charms book, 'I already know what you're going to say.'

'No you don't just take a guess.' James said, covering the passage she was reading so that she would be forced to join in his game.

Lily sighed, wanting so much to be mad at him for interrupting her studying or just not studying himself but she couldn't. She turned to look at him, a small amused smile on her lips as she looked into his hazel eyes and saw the clear enthusiasm he had sparkling there. She shook her head and gave in, reluctantly beginning with, 'It's almost your birth-'

'IT'S ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY!' James said loudly causing her to laugh at his delight. He leaned forwards and quickly kissed her on the lips excitedly before pulling away and grinning.

Lily laughed at his grin, his face only a couple of inches away from hers. She shook his head at him. 'It is not possible for someone to be this excited about their birthday.' she said.

'Is for James.' Remus said as he, Sirius and Peter sat down opposite them at the long table in the great hall which was claimed by Gryffindor.

'Yeah.' Sirius put in, grabbing a crumpet from the middle of the table and having the decency to say, 'Prongs loves his birthday.' before shoving the whole thing, unbuttered, into his mouth.

'Yeah.' Peter agreed, having nothing else to say whilst fixing himself a bowl of cereal.

James sat back, moving his head away from the close proximity of Lily's lips, for it was far too tempting, and grabbing her charms book, absentmindedly flicking through it. 'You should love my birthday too Lils.' he said offhandedly.

'Why should I?' Lily sighed exasperatedly in question, knowing he would have told her anyway, even if she hadn't asked. He loved his birthday too much.

'Because it celebrates the day I deigned to bless this earth with my presence.' James said arrogantly with a cocky shake of his head earning choked back sniggers from Remus and Sirius.

Lily paused and raised her eyebrows. 'Poor earth.' she stated simply.

James narrowed his eyes playfully at her and shut the charms text book he had stolen off of her. She held her hand out for it but he didn't give it to her. Instead he smirked and passed it between his own two hands saying, 'You should thank Merlin for my birthday Lily. Just think, if I was never born you'd have had to go out with someone like Peter.'

Peter dropped his spoon.

Lily looked at him, not particularly please at the prospect. Peter was no James. And he had milk dribbling down his chin. But Lily didn't want to inflate James' head any further so she took a breath and, in her most convincing voice, or at least the most convincing voice she could muster, and said, 'I don't see any problem in that. Peter's a perfectly nice person.'

Peter smiled shyly, believing her. Sirius snorted, not. Remus just shook his head and grabbed himself a slice of toast, taking out his own book to study from, something which Lily was now being deprived of by James. But not for long.

'Yeah but he's not the eye candy I am, is he?' James boasted, now placing Lily's charm book atop his head, flattening his messy hair and balancing it there.

'Did you just call yourself eye candy?' Lily asked in amused disbelief whilst Sirius and Remus sniggered with muffled laughter again; Remus into his book to try and hide it and Sirius into his crumpet.

'Well it's true.' James shrugged.

'Ok 'eye candy',' Lily said sarcastically, swinging her legs over the bench and standing up, 'I've got to go.'

She grabbed her bag from the floor and, taking it off of James' head, shoved her Charms book into it roughly. She then laughed once at his book flattened hair before running a hand quickly through James' soft black mop to ruffle it up again, something which he did himself again after she took her hand away. She turned to leave but James' voice stopped her.

'Where are you going?' he asked her, almost demandingly as if it was his right.

Lily turned back around to face James with raised eyebrows. She folded her arms, surprised that she actually found she liked the demanding tone in his voice but determined not to let it show. 'The library.' she stated, 'Do you really need to know?'

'Yes.' James said simply, that same challenging tone still present in his voice as he went on. 'As your boyfriend it's my job to know where you are every second of every day.'

Lily bit back a smile and took a deep breath, unable to keep it from reaching her glittering emerald green eyes. 'No.' she said, 'As my boyfriend it's your job to stand next to me, smile and look pretty whilst I study and work my arse off to be a success.'

'Well I am good at that.' James conceded with a nod.

'What else would you expect from 'eye candy'?' Lily teased with a mischievous glint in her eye before she said, 'Bye.' and turned around to walk out of the hall.

'Bye.' James said after her as he tipped his head to the side and watched her stroll away. He took in a deep breath and turned back to the table, letting his breath out with a dopey grin on his face.

'Well, well, well!' Sirius said, noticing his best friend's sappy expression, he nudged Remus who looked up from his book and also saw James' face. Remus smirked. Peter noticed and looked between his three friends with anticipation, wondering what they were going to say. 'Look who's whipped!' Sirius announced in continuation.

'Yep.' Remus agreed, joining in and closing his book. 'She's tamed that wild stallion-'

'Corralled him into the stable-'

'And groomed him to be the perfect steed.' Sirius finished.

James laughed and shook his head, standing up and pointing his finger to Remus, Sirius and Peter in turn as he said, 'Jealous. Jealous. Just figured out what a stallion is and thinks we're actually talking about horses.'

Peter looked confused as James walked away. He turned to Remus and Sirius who were laughing at his expression. 'Was he not talking about horses?' he asked.

Lily settled herself in the library, determined to study the whole way through her free period. She was fully prepared to cocoon herself into her own little world, where everything was set out the way she liked it across the table, and was able to for at least half an hour of the non-lesson. She managed to read through three chapters of her Charms book and make one and a half feet of notes on a piece of parchment which was already half filled with Defence Against the Dark Arts notes, before she was interrupted. She felt a presence sit down closely next to her. Only one person was allowed to sit that close to her.

She sighed. It had been fun in the great hall, James referring to himself as eye candy but he really needed to stop distracting her now. He had meant to at breakfast but he was able to distract her just by being there. She didn't know whether he knew it most of the time but when he was around her, her concentration flew out of the window. Instead of studying she focused on talking to him, taking in his beech wood scent, (which seemed to be missing now), revelling in the comfort he gave her when he was around, kissing him and studying him. He had many ways to thoroughly distract her. She prayed he didn't know it otherwise he would be doing it on purpose and, not only would that annoy her, but the fact that he was aware he was distracting to her would inflate his ego further. It was big enough as it was. Still, today she was determined to continue with her studies. He had distracted her from them for three days straight now, she needed to break the streak. N.E.W.T's were soon.

'James I know it's almost your birthday but our N.E.W.T's are soon and I've got to study.' she said, not looking at the person next to her whom she assumed was James. 'Go away.' she said, able to be surprisingly determined for when she was talking to James.

'It's not Potter.' the person next to her said.

Lily stopped writing and began to feel uncomfortable. She recognised the voice. She hadn't spoken to him in almost a year. She hadn't been his friend in almost two. And he had the nerve to sit that close to her. She shifted slightly in her chair, moving away from him and realising why she hadn't smelt beech wood. Knowing why she didn't feel comforted but rather ill at ease. She took a deep breath. 'Same goes for you.' she said boldly, getting ready to write again, 'Go away.'

'Lily-' Severus started reaching out to stop her from writing.

'I said go away.' Lily cut him off, speaking through gritted teeth and pulling her hand away from where his hand was reaching for it. She turned her head to look at him defiantly, his eyes deep pools of black which unnerved her. He was still too close for her liking and she edged further to the side of her chair, feeling she was now the farthest she could be on the chair. 'We're not friends anymore.' she stated.

Severus paused but didn't move away from her as he knew she wanted him too. 'Because of Potter.' he blamed.

'Because of you.' Lily said with disbelief, 'Now leave me alone.'

She turned back to her Charms notes and carried on writing, knowing straight away he hadn't taken her instruction. She attempted to ignore him but he was staring at her with a severe glare which she couldn't shake. It was odd. A few years ago, she didn't mind him looking at her or sitting close to her. They were best friends and she had loved him for that. Now it made her skin crawl. Again, it was odd. A few years ago she would have hated James Potter to have barged in in an interruption yet now she felt herself wishing, praying, longing for him to do so. She even let her eyes flicker to the door in hope of seeing him, knowing that if he came in she would feel immediately at ease. With a boyfriend like James, his presence was able to do that. But he didn't come. And it allowed a gap for Severus to ask her questions. Well, question.

'Did you really kiss Black?' he asked in a low voice which grated against her.

'What?' she asked him, taken aback and turning her head to look at him again. She couldn't believe he had asked her that. She couldn't believe he had stayed sat where he was when it was very clear she didn't want him there but most of all, she really couldn't believe he had asked her that.

'Did you really kiss Black?' he repeated, a demanding growl coming through in his voice this time.

'Why do you care?' she hissed in a whisper, cursing the damn topic for rearing its ugly head again. And besides, if there was one person whom she would have thought really wouldn't care if she had cheated on James, it was Severus Snape. He hated James. Absolutely detested, loathed and despised him. He would tie an anvil to his foot and push him off a cliff if he could. She hadn't spoken to him since she had started dating James but she felt sure he wasn't skipping around ready to offer his congratulations to them both. If a situation presented itself that could tear them apart she was sure he would support it for the worst possible outcome. She was sure he would have wanted her cheating to be true, no matter what light it shone her in. As long as it broke her and James up and hurt James in the process.

Severus was persistent. 'Did you really kiss Black?' he asked for the final time.

Lily desperately wanted to get rid of him. The simplest thing for her to do would be to move but Lily was stubborn. She had had herself set up nicely for the best part of forty minutes and she was damned if she was going to be the one to move just because Severus had insisted on becoming a nuisance. In hopes of making him leave, she answered his question honestly. 'Yes. I was drunk.' she said matter-of-factly before taking on her best stern 'head girl' face and saying, rather forcefully with an irritated tone, 'Now leave me alone. In case it's escaped your attention I'm trying to study.'

She carried on staring at him, trying to back him down into leaving but he still wouldn't do it.

From across the library, having just entered the room in search for Lily with a note from Dumbledore which he had received five minutes ago, James was halted by the sight of his girlfriend having what seemed to be a staring contest with her ex-best friend; someone who she had told him on their second date that she was no longer friends with. His stomach dropped to his shoes. He had no right to want her to stop this, to stop talking to him. They had been friends after all, long before he had started going out with her or before she even started liking him, and he couldn't tell Lily who to talk to. She made her own decisions. He didn't own her and he knew that. And he liked that. She was independent and stubborn and feisty and he liked her for that. But it didn't stop him hating what he saw. He started to make his way across to her silently and slowly.

'You don't drink.' Severus pointed out quickly. The Lily he knew had sworn not to touch a drop of alcohol for she knew what alcohol could do to a person. She knew how Severus' late father had abused the substance and then abused him. She knew the effect it could have and the damage it could do. She had sworn not to touch a drop when she was friends with him.

'Not anymore I don't.' Lily muttered in reply straight away.

'It's Potter's fault.' Severus declared, fully believing it. She wouldn't have drank alcohol if James Potter hadn't convinced her too, he was sure.

'No it's not.' Lily defied in defence of James, 'He didn't force alcohol down my throat; in fact he tried to stop me.'

'Have you slept with him?' Severus asked, unable to help himself, thinking back to when James Potter had hinted at that over the Christmas holidays when he dropped Lily off in the park. If Lily denied it he would believe her. Plus he would be able to rid his brain of those images that flashed before his eyes when he thought of her. Images of her with Potter, with Potter caressing her and embracing her and adoring her the way Severus longed to adore her. The way Severus longed to love her.

'What?' Lily said with a disbelieving gasp at his sick question. 'I'm not telling you that.' she said madly, angry that he would even dare to ask such a thing about her personal life with James, 'It's none of your business. Now leave me alone Snape.'

'Sev.' Severus corrected her, longing to hear her whisper the pet name she had had for him one more time.

'Snape.' Lily said defiantly, looking dead into his black eyes to try and convey the message, 'We're not friends.'

Severus didn't get that message though or, if he did, he paid it no heed. Instead, his black eyes darted between her enticing emerald green eyes and her soft pink lips which had a trace of shine on them, his dark heart speeding up. He went for it. He leant forwards to kiss her, aching to do so as he had wanted to do for so many years. Only he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder pulling him roughly back into his seat and away from Lily's desirable lips.

'What do you think you're doing?' James asked him with forced calm and raised eyebrows. He had to stop his hand twitching and reaching for his wand for he wanted nothing more than to curse Severus right now for trying to pull what he had just tried to do.

'Potter.' Severus said, shrugging James' hand off of his shoulder harshly and standing up to face him, to make sure that James had no higher ground. He stood in front of Lily in a way which would suggest he was guarding her from James even though, by rights, it should have been the other way around. After all, James was the one dating Lily, not Severus.

Severus and James stood staring at each other, loathing in their eyes as they glared. The people in the library near them, almost as if they were magnitised, stopped what they were doing and turned to see what they hoped would be a face off between their beloved head boy and Severus Snape. Lily didn't hope this though. She didn't even spring into action as she would have done to try and extract James from the situation. Instead, she looked despairingly around at the audience Severus and James had attained, to Severus and James, and then to her Charms revision, one thought occurring to her.

'Oh good lord I'm gonna fail my N.E.W.T's.' she said with a sigh.

'Were you trying to kiss my girlfriend?' James asked Severus in a deathly low whisper so that no one else in the library could hear, try as the might to strain their ears to. 'That's not cool bro.' he tacked on the end.

'James I thought we discussed the whole bro thing.' Lily said from behind Severus, leaning back in her chair and still staring at her failed Charms work as she talked absentmindedly to James. 'You can't pull it off.' she added.

It was true. It was the other week in that rare free period when Lily sat with James, Sirius Remus and Peter, the free periods James loved so much for he was in the company of those he cared for mist all at once, James had been having a conversation with Sirius about Sirius' constant switching of girlfriends. Sirius had said that he didn't want to be tied down and gooey like James was with Lily, (which caused Lily and Remus to laugh and Peter to titter nervously). Sirius said that he wanted to always be free like a bird so that he could fly high and achieve fame and success to which James replied with, 'you can fly as high as you like bro, you still gonna be lonely'. After that, Sirius, Remus, Peter and Lily had mocked him mercilessly for, try as he might, using the word 'bro' really didn't suit him.

James stopped glaring at Severus to look around at Lily with a small Sirius-like pout. 'But I thought-'

'No.' Lily cut him off, finally looking at him with a small pitying shake of her head.

'Aw.' James moaned.

'What do you want?' Lily asked exasperatedly, wondering if it was another announcement that his birthday was soon. Counting the one he had given her that morning, she would be up to a grand total of twelve reminders in a space of two days.

'Me?' James asked, pointing to himself and flickering his glance back to Severus, knowing it would be killing him just to see Lily talking to him. He wanted nothing more at that moment than to piss Severus off for attempting to kiss Lily but if he did do anything, like take her right there on the library table, it would just be too obvious. So he settled for subtlety. 'Nothing.' James went on giving Lily a winning smile, one which he knew would make her cheeks powder pink slightly, 'But Dumbledore wants to see us in his office ASAP Lilykins.'

'Don't call me that or I swear I will hex you.' Lily said, attempting to hide her blush by packing her things away.

'Ok.' James smirked, looking back to a murderous Severus with a gloating expression clear on his face. 'Sorry Lils.' he said.

'Evans.' Severus said quickly.

Both James and Lily stopped what they were doing, whether it be silently gloating or packing Charms revision away, to share a confused look.

'What?' Lily asked.

'It's Evans to you.' Severus said forcefully, glaring and sneering at James.

James blinked and looked around himself in an obvious dramatic fashion before sarcastically saying, 'I'm sorry have I gone through a portal to the past or something? Have I used a time turner without knowing it? That's quite hard to do…I'm sure I'd have remembered-'

'James lets go.' Lily said, cutting him off as she walked to his side swinging her bag over her shoulder, took his hand and started to lead him off.

'It's Evans to you.' Severus repeated harshly after James, wondering if he could provoke him to curse him right there and then, in front of Lily. It was a long shot. And it didn't work.

'Actually no.' James said, turning around, hand still in Lily's only refusing to be led any further whilst he enjoyed taunting Severus one last time. 'She's my girlfriend.' he stated, the one sentence crushing Severus visibly as he knew it would. He needn't have continued but he did. 'So I can call her anything I like.' he said with an infallible smirk, 'Except bro. I apparently can't pull off bro. Or Lilykins. She doesn't like that either.'

'James?' Lily said with raised eyebrows, tugging his hand gently to get them to leave.

James looked down into her eyes. That dangerous expression again. 'Yeah alright.' he said. Still, he couldn't help himself. He took his hand out of hers and placed it around her shoulders in a clear statement to Severus, kissing her temple before walking off with her, looking back over his shoulder to Severus to give him a jeering grin.

Later that evening James and Lily were sat in the common room on the cushy red sofa in front of the fireplace. They had been to see Dumbledore in his office earlier that day and he had asked them to compile a list of students who they believed would make suitable prefects for the following school year even though it was ages away yet. He had asked them now though because he knew their N.E.W.T's were approaching fast and they soon wouldn't have any spare time for they would be studying too much. Or at least, he assumed they would be. Lily definitely would but it was highly unlikely that James would even crack open a text book to revise for his exams. Still, irritatingly, he would probably sail through them with flying colours, no study necessary. They were compiling this list now.

After they had left Dumbledore's office, they had had a lesson and so, were unable to do it straight away. In fact, after they had left Dumbledore's office, they had been too preoccupied doing other thing such as lessons, studying, Quidditch or, for James, pigging out in the kitchens, to get the chance to even talk to each other, let alone take up an extra head duty. That evening was the first time they had gotten to talk, to be alone. And James had been stewing all day.

'I can't believe we have to do this.' Lily said, leaning back on the sofa and into the crook of James' arm where it was laid across the edge. She was holding four pieces of parchment in her hands which had the names of all the fourth year students in each house on them. She flipped through them and glanced over them, her brow furrowing. 'It's so hard.' she complained.

James, who had been stewing all day about what he had seen in the library, stared straight ahead. He didn't look at the list of names they were being asked to choose from. He didn't even bend his arm around Lily where she was leaning as he usually would have done to pull her in closer. He just let his arm rest against the back of the sofa, unmoving. 'It'll be fine.' he said robotically.

'Sure.' Lily said with a roll of her eyes, sighing as she looked over the list of Ravenclaw names again. There were some possible candidates.

Still, James wasn't looking. He was thinking. He had been over thinking. All day. Questions had been running through his mind making the situation worse and worse in his head than it actually was. He hadn't thought of the logical reasons or solutions to the questions he was asking himself. Why was Lily sat with Severus Snape in the library?' No answer of, 'maybe Severus Snape had sat with her' coming to him. Why was Lily staring at him? No answer of, 'maybe Lily was trying to tell him to leave her alone using her most powerful weapon; her eyes'. Why had Lily not pulled away when Severus had leaned in to kiss her? No answer of, 'maybe she was caught off guard and didn't know what was happening'. No. None of these answers occurred to him and he asked them over and over again in his mind. So, to find his answers, he asked Lily his questions.

'Why were you talking to Snape earlier?' he asked Lily.

'I wasn't.' Lily replied absentmindedly, not really paying attention to his question but reading the names of the Hufflepuff fourth years instead.

'Yeah you were.' James said, taking his arm off of the back of the couch and turning to look at her, an action which caused her to do the same thing.

Lily saw he was serious.

'In the library.' James prompted Lily to remember. 'He tried to kiss you.' he went on stiltedly though a slightly tense jaw.

Lily raised her eyebrows at him and tried to diffuse his obvious irritation. 'Jealous?' she asked him, not expecting any sort of admittance in reply. After all, he had never truly admitted that he was jealous when she had had to go on a fake date with Joshua Hunt.

'Yes.' James said simply.

Lily paused. No, she had never expected admittance. 'Oh.' she said, not realising that he would be jealous. There was nothing to be jealous of anyway. No more than with Joshua Hunt.

'Didn't think I'd admit it did you.' James said, knowing she didn't. But he was jealous and, now that they were over six months into their relationship, (wow, six months!), he saw no reason to try and hide any sort of envious emotions he had away from her. She deserved to know if something had bothered him to that extent. He expected her to do the same thing.

'No.' Lily said.

'Why were you talking to him?' James asked her again.

He didn't really know why he was jealous of this. He couldn't explain it. Severus Snape was no threat to him. He beat him in every department. He was better looking, taller, excellent Quidditch player, smarter, funnier, wittier, had a better personality than him by far, wasn't interested in practicing the Dark Arts, had no desire to become a death eater, (or wasn't one already), more charming, popular and, perhaps most importantly, he actually had Lily. But he still had a jealous feeling creeping into his stomach when he thought of how Severus had looked at Lily and leaned into her. Maybe it was because he knew Lily had been friends with him before. Maybe it was because he was slightly worried that, as they had been friends and he knew, (or at least suspected), how Severus felt about Lily, there could be something there. Or maybe, and this was the far more likely option for James, it was just a natural feeling you got when someone who you despised tried to snog your girlfriend.

'He was talking to me.' Lily assured him, moving closed into him and placing a small but soft reassuring hand onto his chest, 'I told him to go away.' She looked into his eyes, the hand on his chest feeling his heart rate speed up as she did so. She had to hold back a grin at that. She didn't know she could do that to him with just a look.

'Really?' James questioned, looking between her eyes with want that tug and snap feeling presenting itself again. He hadn't noticed his heart rate speed up.

'Yes.' Lily said.

James took a deep breath. 'Ok.' he sighed, sitting back and placing his arm across the back of the couch again. He took the name filled papers out of Lily's hand and, for the first time, scanned over them.

Lily took her hand off of James' chest and turned around to sit next to him, her legs tucked up to the side, her body curving into his as his arm fell around her shoulders. She leant her head on his chest and looked over the list with him, content at their position. This was the way it should be. A Tuesday evening, encircled by the beech wood scent of James, doing their Hogwarts head duties, not caring who was looking at them, not caring about anything else but feeling safe and comforted by James' strong arms. Right there, the war raging outside of the walls of Hogwarts, (there had been more and more reports of death eater attacks), couldn't touch her. She could focus on the more trivial things of life.

'James?' she said in a sing-song way which she knew would make James smirk.

'Yeah?' he responded, moving the list of Hufflepuff fourth year students to the back of the pile and starting to look over the list of Slytherin students.

'What do you want for your birthday?' she asked him.

'Nothing.' he said in return.

'You've got to want something.' Lily said with a roll of her eyes, not believing him.

'Nope I'm good.' James said, moving onto the Gryffindor list of fourth year students.

'Come on James!' Lily said sitting up and pouting at him, 'I have no ideas.'

'Then maybe you should try to get to know me a little better.' James smirked, holding out his hand for a hand shake, 'Hi. I'm James.'

'Don't be pedantic.' Lily said, lightly slapping his hand away.

James looked offended. 'I'm not.' he defended.

Lily paused and raised her eyebrows at him. 'You don't know what that word means do you?' she questioned.

James paused. 'No.' he conceded.

'What's up?' Sirius asked as he bounced onto the couch next to Lily and put his feet up on the small table in front of him, folding his arms behind his head, the complete picture of utter relaxation.

Remus ousted a fifth year girl who had been reading quietly out of the cushy armchair next to where Sirius was sat on the sofa and settled himself into it with his own book, whilst Peter sat on the floor the other side of the small table where Sirius feet were placed up.

'James won't tell me what he wants for his birthday.' Lily told them, expecting them to give her ideas.

'Oh right.' Remus said with a nod before opening his book and beginning to read.

Lily looked at him in shock. 'Are you not gonna help me?' she demanded.

'No.' Sirius said through an almighty yawn.

'Why not?' Lily asked, doing her best not to look repulsed by Sirius showing his tonsils to the whole common room. Lily's mum had always told her to cover her mouth when she yawned and now she knew why. It was rather unsightly.

'James doesn't want anything for his birthday.' Remus said as her turned a page in his book, 'He never does.'

'See.' James smirked, still looking over the list of Gryffindor fourth years. There were a lot of them. He didn't recognise anyone's name. Maybe he'd just close his eyes and point. Put whoever the almighty 'fate' chose up for the chance to be a prefect.

'But you said you loved your birthday.' Lily said, confused as to why he wouldn't tell her what he wanted.

'I do.' James said, holding out the piece of parchment, closing his eyes and pointing to the parchment. He opened his eyes but didn't get a chance to read who fate had chosen for Lily took the parchment off of him before he could.

'Then why don't you want anything?' Lily asked him with a small whine present I her voice. She put the papers the other side of her, out of James' reach so that he would focus on her as she was focusing on him, amusing no end as she was now the person shirking their head duties instead of him. A very odd role reversal. James made no attempt to hide his amusement, showing it clear one his face as he smirked at her. Lily didn't let it bother her and just continued with, 'Presents are the best part.'

'Not for me.' James shrugged, 'I just like to celebrate my birthday.' he said before motioning around to his friends and continuing with, 'This lot always pull something awesome together.'

Lily looked around at them as well. Remus was reading his book, Peter was staring at Sirius' feet which were right in front of him as if he was having a staring contest with them and Sirius was winking over at a pair of sixth year girls who giggled at his attention being focused on them. They weren't paying any attention to hers and James' conversation anymore.

'Well they can do that but what can I do?' she continued on, turning her head back to face him, 'What do you want for your birthday?' she asked him again.

James looked around the common room as if looking for ideas, as if maybe he would find something around him that he wanted. His gaze landed on her and he smiled. He beckoned her into him as if he was going to tell her a big secret.

She leaned into him, thinking he was finally going to tell her what he wanted for his birthday. She waited with anticipation, butterflies starting to fly about in her stomach as she felt his warm breath tickling her ear. She heard him take a small breath before he finally whispered the single word. 'You.'

He pulled away, staring at her with a smile tugging up the corners of his mouth. Lily couldn't look him in the eye. She was going extremely red; she could feel it; the burning warmth spreading through her cheeks, the butterflies in her stomach now rampaging through her. She now leaned into him and through her embarrassment managed to breathe out, 'James I-'

But James cut her off before she could finish to ease her obvious discomfort. 'Not like that.' he said quietly with a quick entertained laugh as he pulled Lily into him so he could whisper in her ear again. 'My, my, my you do have a dirty mind don't you Miss Evans?' he murmured.

Lily was sure she was turning redder, hearing the grin in his voice. She tried to control her blush, aware that Sirius had now focused his attentions over to her and James, listening to what they were saying. Thankfully, he was unaware of what had caused Lily to flush so much.

'Then what did you mean?' she asked James, unable to look at him for he was holding her against him, his head still so close to hers that she could still feel him breathing near her ear.

'What I said.' James replied simply, kissing her cheek and shifting them both so that he could see her eyes and look into them as he said sincerely, 'As long as you're with me it's sure to be the best birthday I've ever had.'

'What about that time we threw you a party in Dumbledore's office?' Sirius inputted.

'Oh yeah.' James nodded with fond remembrance, 'That was good. Strong second.'

'You threw him a party in Dumbledore's office?' Lily asked in astonishment, raising her eyebrows. She'd never heard this story before.

'Yeah.' Remus added in, closing his book and tossing it lazily onto the table in front of him over Sirius' feet. It slid across the table and onto the floor next to Peter. Peter picked it up and put it back on the table dutifully. Remus didn't seem to notice and just continued with, 'Very select guest list.' in a way of explaining why Lily hadn't known about this party beforehand.

'Did Dumbledore mind?' Lily queried, wondering how on earth they had managed to get into Dumbledore's office in the first place. They had had no idea of the emergency bypass the previous year when they had needed it so they must have had the password. How they had gotten a hold of that she had no idea. But then again, they were the marauders. They could get a hold of anything they wanted if they wanted it badly enough.

'Of course he did.' James scoffed, 'We were in his office. Broke this antique model of the solar system he had you see.'

'Yeah.' Sirius said, 'Venus rolled away.'

'And Peter swallowed Pluto.' Remus added.

'We threw Mercury and Jupiter out of the window.' Peter put in.

'And Prongs kept Uranus for a laugh.' Sirius laughed.

James gave a chuckle at Sirius last statement before he said, 'Dumbledore docked us fifty points and gave us all detention three times a week for four months.' knowing she would be wondering whether or not they had been caught.

'Then why did you do it?' she asked them all curiously.

'It was James' birthday.' Remus shrugged.

'We had to do something.' Sirius said.

'And you thought breaking and entering was a good way to celebrate?' she questioned them slowly.

'Well…' Sirius started, looking around at the other three marauders. Remus shrugged. Peter looked lost. James nodded his head which led Sirius to his answer. 'Yeah.' he said.

Lily rolled her eyes. 'Idiots.' she said.

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