Five Minutes

Chapter 6

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Chapter Six

The week flew by and by Friday, everyone had soon settled into their regular routines. The full moon had been and gone so Remus had also settled in his somewhat irregular routine, and he was feeling a lot better because of it. By ten o'clock, Friday morning, he was busy making the bed in the hospital wing which was reserved for him every month.

Madam Pomfrey, the matron, had seen what he was doing and bustled over to him with a glass of water.

'I tell you every time Remus, dear, you do not have to make your bed when you leave! That is why I am here!'

'I thought you were here to look after the students?' Remus said cheekily, carrying on making the bed.

'Well that too!' Madam Pomfrey replied, waving away Remus hand which were about to fluff the pillow. To make him stop she shoved the glass of water in his open hand. 'You're going to put me out of work if you carry on like this!'

'I doubt that.' Remus muttered and Madam Pomfrey looked at him sternly.

'I'll go.' he said to his feet. He put the glass of water on the small bedside table, thanked Madam Pomfrey before leaving the hospital wing and Madam Pomfrey shaking her head fondly.

As soon as he had closed the door to the hospital wing he was pounced on by Sirius.

'MOONY!' he yelled in Remus ear, 'I missed you! Why do you have to be in there for two whole days afterwards? I keep having Moony withdrawal things!'

'Symptoms.' Remus corrected.

'Whatever.' Sirius replied.

Remus rolled his eyes and managed to squeeze free from Sirius to find he was again clobbered by James.

'He's right! You don't need to be in there for that long!' James was saying whilst hugging the life out of Remus, 'Do you realise what you leave me with?' James said the last bit quietly so that only Remus could hear.

Remus chuckled and managed to squirm out of James grasp. 'You do realise that you see me every day anyway whether I'm in there or not?' he asked them as they began to walk to nowhere in particular.

'It's not the same when you're restricted to a bed though!' Sirius whined.

Remus shook his head and they continued to walk. It took Remus a while before he noticed something missing. 'Where's Pete?' he asked curiously, looking behind them where they usually found Peter trailing.

'He had to go find someone in his astronomy class. He forgot he had a lesson last night and slept right through it.' James said casually. It was a regular occurrence for Peter to forget about night classes. When his head hit the pillow, he zonked out pretty much straight away.

'Didn't you wake him up?' Remus asked with a slight chuckle.

'Well we tried, but he just rolled over and said something about a pink hippogriff sewing.' Sirius said wrinkling his nose in disgust. He hated sewing. And pink. Plus he didn't have much patience for hippogriffs.

'Manly.' Remus said nodding his head in amusement.

'I'm hungry!' Sirius whined jumping about a little bit to show his impatience for there being a lack of food around them.

James sighed, 'To the kitchens then!'

The walked down to the basement and found themselves in front of a painting of a large bowl of fruit which, unbeknown to many of the students at Hogwarts, sealed the entrance to the Hogwarts kitchens. Remus reached out and tickled the pear on the left hand side of the painting which immediately laughed and transformed into a doorknob.

'Do you think pears are actually ticklish?' Sirius asked curiously as Remus reached for the door knob.

'I doubt it considering they are pieces of fruit.' Remus replied opening the hidden door.

'Well that one's ticklish!' Sirius said as the three boys climbed through the hole where the painting had opened. There was a thud behind them and the painting had swung shut.

'That's a painting Padfoot.' James said, as a swarm of house-elves greeted them with platters of food.

'Oh yeah!' Sirius said, forgetting all about ticklish pairs as he was currently being presented with chocolate éclairs and donuts. Muffins and biscuits. All the food he could want.

The kitchen, was Sirius' favourite room in the whole of the castle. It wasn't just the food he loved. No. he loved the enormous, high ceilings and the fact that they were just as large as the ones in the great hall. The only difference being, these ceilings were hidden in the basement. He loved the pots and pans which lined the walls making them glisten. He loved the large fireplace which was opposite to the entrance of the kitchens and he loved the fact that there were four long tables which were corresponding to the ones directly above their heads in the great hall. Sirius thought the kitchen was an amazing creation. The magic that was used in this room was better than Sirius could ever hope to learn in a classroom.

'It's official!' he declared loudly to his friends who were sitting on one of the long four tables, as five house-elves served them some jelly.

'What's official?' James asked, spooning some more jelly into his bowl.

'If I ever want to become an awesome wizard, as I am destined to be,' Sirius said confidently with arrogance, placing his hand on his heart and trying to look valiant, 'I must have all of my lessons, in this very kitchen!'

'I thought you loved the house-elves!' Remus said, taking the jelly from James.

'I do!' Sirius said, dropping his valiant act and looking at Remus confused instead.

'Then why would you subject them to that torture?' Remus replied seriously, eating his jelly.

'Torture?' Sirius asked aghast.

'Oh boy.' James said miserably.

'Torture!' repeated Sirius.

'Here we go.'


'You had to?' James said looking at Remus and nodding his head.

'I'll have you know that any time spent with me can hardly be viewed as TORTURE!' Sirius said in a tragic fashion. 'I can't believe you think spending time with me is torture? I just don't get it! I'm fun. I'm gorgeous. I'm happy. I'm gorgeous. I'm loveable! I'm gorgeous!'

'You've said gorgeous three times!' Remus said casually.

'It's my best feature!' Sirius said stiffly.

'If you say so!' Remus said patronizingly.

'Prongs? I'm gorgeous right?' Sirius asked James giving him a puppy dog face.

'Leave me out of this!' James said hugging his bowl of jelly towards him, 'I just want to eat my jelly!'

'Thanks Padfoot!' Sirius shouted dramatically, throwing his arms over his eyes, 'how could you do this to me!'

'Very easily actually.' James said returning to his jelly, 'You do realise that your names Padfoot though right? Not mine?' James raised an eyebrow to a confused Sirius. 'I'm P-r-o-n-g-s!' James said slowly, holding out his right hand, 'Pleased - to - meet - you!'

'I know your name!' Sirius said pushing James hand away.

'Just checking!' James replied laughingly as Sirius sat down next to him.

Sirius reached for a bowl and began spooning some jelly into it.

'You know next full moon we should go into the forest.' James said casually out of the blue, whilst eating large spoonful's of jelly.

'Why?' Remus asked uncomfortable with the sudden turn of the conversation to his lycanthropy.

'Because, we're always cramped up in the shrieking shack and if me and Padfoot are up to the challenge, we can guide you safely, deep into the forest. We'll have more space to run around! Actually take advantage of being an Animagus!' James said excitedly, his eyes lighting up.

'I don't know…' Remus said cautiously, 'I don't want to put anyone in danger…'

'You won't Moony!' Sirius piped in, 'We'll be there! We'll keep you safe!'

'I'm not worried about keeping me safe I'm worried about keeping everyone else safe!'

'It'll be fine!' James said confidently, causing a wave of calmness to roll over Remus, 'If I didn't think we could handle it, I wouldn't suggest it. Relax!'

Remus nodded. James had a knack for talking people round to see his way with just a few words. His tone of voice had a calming effect. And he was right. If he couldn't handle it, he wouldn't even attempt it. Remus trusted him.

'Okay then.' Remus said, still nodding his head, 'Just this once! But if it goes wrong, you have to promise you'll keep everyone safe! Promise?'

'Marauders honour!' James said holding up his hand and giving Remus a goofy smile.

After they had finished their jelly, they said goodbye to the house-elves, who had laden their arms with heaps of sweets and treats, and left the kitchens.

'Have I ever said how much I love the kitchens?' Sirius asked, his eyes hungrily roaming over his pile of food.

'Several times!' Remus said, struggling to see over the top of his pile.

'Well, I do!' Sirius said happily. He took a bite out of an éclair which was lying at the top of his heap of food. The cream from inside spurted out of it and made a mess of his robes. 'Oh!' he moaned licking it off, 'These were clean on today!'

Remus and James stopped in their tracks to look at Sirius sceptically. When Sirius noticed them looking at him strangely he asked them what he had done. They just kept staring at him, waiting for him to admit the truth.

'Fine!' Sirius said huffily, 'They were clean on on Monday! It's only a week! It's not that gross!'

'You know,' James said, as they began walking again, 'for someone obsessed with their appearance, you'd have thought you'd care about having clean robes on every day.'

Sirius scoffed, 'I am not obsessed with my appearance!'

'There's cream in your hair!' Remus said casually as he walked past Sirius.

Sirius immediately dropped his food and pulled out a mirror from the insides of his robes, yelling, 'WHAT!' and checking his reflection. When he saw that his hair was cream free, he shot his chuckling friends a mockingly evil look and began gathering up his food.

'You're seriously going to eat that now?' Remus laughed.

'Five second rule!' Sirius said as if it was obvious.

Just before they had reached the entrance hall, Sirius was the only one who had finished all his food from the kitchens. Remus and James were struggling to eat another bite they were so full. So Sirius decided to be a good friend and help them out, meaning that by the time they had actually reached the entrance hall, all the food was gone. They were all about to climb the stairs and wonder around the second floor for a while when a load of students came piling out of their classes, babbling excitedly.

Sirius grabbed James' arm and looked at his watch which read twelve thirty.

'Oh boy!' he said licking his lips hungrily, 'Lunch!'

And with that, Sirius turned around and joined the throng of students heading towards the great hall for lunch.

For a lucky few, the last period of Friday afternoon had no lessons in it, meaning most the N.E.W.T students were relaxing and looking forward to the weekend. The unlucky few however, had Ancient Runes. Lily Evans was one of these people. She was sat in her Ancient Runes class with two other Gryffindor girls on either side of her, whose names she didn't know. The other side of the girl on her left, sat Frank Longbottom, a Gryffindor boy, who she had never really spoken to but who she knew of. Behind her however, were all of the Slytherin's. Four girls and two boys, one of whom was Severus.

In the previous year, she wouldn't have minded. This year however, everything was different. This year she didn't have Hestia Jones next to her creating weird and wonderful translations of the runes in front of them. And this year, she wasn't friends with Severus, who she was sure had taken Ancient Runes just because she had. He was sat behind her and she could feel his eyes burning into the back of her skull. It was really putting her off and she couldn't concentrate on her translation.

She was trying to translate the second line of a set of ancient goblin runes which had been divided, line by line, between the class. So far she had only managed to understand the first of the symbols which she had taken to meaning 'divine property'. She was pretty confidant with her translation because goblins were obsessed with property.

She began working on the translation of the second symbol when she was hit on the head with a piece of screwed up parchment. She looked around to see who had thrown it and saw Severus smiling at her. She rolled her eyes angrily and turned around. She set back to work on the second symbol again. She flicked through her text book looking for nothing in particular when she was hit on the back of the head with another piece of parchment. She turned around to stare angrily at Severus.

'Hey.' he whispered in what he obviously thought was a friendly tone but what Lily would consider a creepy one, 'Can I talk to you after class?'

'No! I cannot believe you're not getting this! We are not friends-' Lily started her voice rising.

'Miss Evans!' the Ancient Runes Professor, Bathsheba Babbling, said loudly.

Lily turned around to see Professor Babbling towering over her. Lily gulped. 'Yes?' she asked politely.

'What, may I ask, makes you think that you are allowed to talk, whilst the rest of the class are working?'

'Well you see I wasn't-'

'Do not make excuses Miss Evans! I asked for quiet during this lesson and everyone but you seemed to be able to follow my instructions. Now, depending on how far on you are with your work depends on whether I just take some points away from your house or whether I give you a detention. What have you got so far then?'

'Well I've translated the first rune which means 'divine property'.' Lily said, worried that she might, for the first time in six years receive a detention.

'Is that all?'

Lily nodded her head slowly.

'You have nine runes in the line you were assigned Miss Evans. Are you trying to tell me that in forty minutes you have only been able to translate one of your runes?' Professor Babbling asked her, looking at her in a condescending manner.

'Well I kept being distracted and-'

'Detention!' Professor Babbling said curtly, 'See me at the end of the lesson for time and date.' she walked away leaving Lily in shock.

She, Lily Evans, had just received a detention. She didn't understand. Professor Babbling was usually such a forgiving person. It just didn't make sense. She spent the rest of the lesson in silence.

At the end of the lesson, Professor Babbling called Lily to the front and gave her a time and a date for her detention plus a lecture on the appropriate class behaviour.

Ten minutes later, when Professor Babbling had finally let her go, she walked out of the Ancient Runes classroom to find Severus waiting for her. She sighed. This was getting old. She turned and walked away from him but unfortunately for her, he had seen her do this and quickly caught up to her. He ran in front of her path, blocking her way to the stairs which would lead to the seventh floor and to the safety of the Gryffindor common room.

'Lily! I waited for you. I'm sorry you got a detention.' Severus said, trying to keep the conversation friendly. When Lily didn't respond, he carried on slowly, unsure of what to say, 'I, err, wanted to, err, talk to you?'

'Well I don't want to talk to you!' Lily said stubbornly.

'Yes you do Lily! If I could just expl-'

He was cut off by a very sudden outburst by Lily. She had finally had enough of his endless attempts to renew their friendship. She just wanted him out of her life.

'Oh for Merlin's sake Severus, no, Snape. Snape! That's who you are to me now. Snape! Why can't you just accept the fact that I don't want to be your friend anymore. Our so called 'friendship' was over a long time before I ended it. You must've known. I did! You just went too far, and pushed the boundaries one time too many. I was so tired of making excuses for you to my friends and to anyone who had talked about you behind your back! To be honest, this was a welcome change for me! I'm happy you called me a you-know-what because it gave me a valid reason to end our friendship! It gave me the strength to do it once and for all. And I'm glad I did. So just get over it Snape and just move on! I have!' she ranted, her voice reaching top levels of outrage, causing a few people to either stop and watch or run from her temper.

She pushed past him and up the staircase.

Severus just stood there unable to move. For the first time, he had finally realised that Lily believed his friendship with her was now well and truly over. There was no changing that. Not anymore.

The next day was the Gryffindor Quidditch try-outs. This meant that James Potter was out on the Quidditch pitch warming up by 8am with a very grumpy Sirius.

'Prongs!' he was whining, 'Why are we out here so early! The try-outs don't start till ten!' He sat on the floor grumpily and folded his arms.

'Because!' James shouted down to Sirius from the air.

'That's not a reason!' Sirius yelled to James who had just landed next to him.

'I wasn't finished!' James laughed, 'I was gonna say, because if I had gotten you up any later, you wouldn't perform at your best and you wouldn't get on the team!' he turned away from Sirius and leant his broom against the wall. 'It takes you about two hours to wake up properly! Padfoot?'

James had turned back around looked down to where Sirius was sitting, to find that he had curled up on the floor and fallen asleep. James rolled his eyes and pushed him with his foot. He just rolled over and started to snore. Loudly.

James rolled his eyes and hopped on his broom. There was nothing he could do now, but wait for Sirius to wake up again. It was usually a sign, that when Sirius started to snore, there was no waking him.

James soared high on his broom, the wind rushing through his messy black hair. He loved the sensation that flying brought him. He flew around on his Cleansweep Five, feeling the rush that came with flying. His mind was clearing. It was a good place to think; the air. Very few people would distract a person who was flying, so James always loved to fly. He could get away from his worries and problems. He could just soar above them in the air. The crisp, clear air. Perfect weather for the try-outs he had to hold that morning.

James flew over to the hoops at one end of the field weaving in and out of them under the pretence of inspecting them. Really it was just fun for James. He flew to the opposite side of the pitch and did the same again. Weaving in and out, in and out. A calming, albeit repetitive notion that relaxed his nerves. James hated try-outs. Hated them! He had always hated having to take part in them, but that was nothing to having to run them as he had done for the first time the previous year. He hated knowing that at the end of the session, he had to let people down and break the news to them that they hadn't made the team. James hated letting people down and he knew how hard it was to hear the news. The news that you just weren't good enough to be on the team. It was painful.

James had heard it in his first year when he had sneaked into the try-outs and had posed as a second year student. Fortunately for James, he had only heard that news once. He knew however, that some of the people he was trying out today would hear that terrible news for perhaps the third or fourth time.

James looked down to the ground and saw Sirius stirring. He flew back down to the ground, landing gracefully next to where Sirius had just stood up.

'Did I fall asleep?' Sirius asked James sheepishly.

James nodded his head and clapped his friend on the back in a brotherly manner. 'Come on!' he said, jerking his head towards the pitch, 'How's about we do a few laps round the pitch to wake you up? The air will do you good.' And with that, James mounted his broom and took off, soaring high above Sirius.

Sirius swung his leg over his Cleansweep four and pushed up from the ground as well. He took longer than James to soar to just over a hundred feet. James flew down to hover next to him. They both leant down on their brooms inching forwards slightly.

'Ready?' James said confidently.

'To whoop your arse?' Sirius smirked, 'Since the day I was born!'

James chuckled. 'Three.' he said, beginning the countdown.

'Two.' Sirius continued, trying to flatten himself against his broom.

'ONE!' they both shouted before speeding off around the pitch.

For about eight laps they were neck and neck, neither one pulling in front of the other. They were just streaking around the pitch in a blur of red and gold Quidditch robes. Soon James leant forwards and over took Sirius, turning their fun laps into a furious competition. James quickly lapped Sirius whose face was contorted with concentration. He had never beaten James. He'd like to blame it on the broom but the fact of the matter was, James was faster at flying than he was. He had to be to be a Chaser. As a Beater however, Sirius just needed to be able to wield a bat. They were both well suited for their chosen positions.

Half an hour later, James had lapped Sirius several times and had decided that it was time to land. Sirius followed suit.

'What you doing?' Sirius asked, a little bit out of breath.

'Breakfast.' James said simply. He pulled out a bag from underneath one of the benches which were dotted around the edge of the Quidditch pitch. He pulled out a couple of muffins and some pieces of fruit. It was their special tradition to have fruit and muffins before Quidditch try-outs. They had done it since second year, which was the first year they had made it onto the team. They weren't particularly superstitious boys but had, for some reason, kept on doing this as a sort of good luck charm. They sat down and began to eat. There was only half an hour till try-outs were due to start.

Fifteen minutes later, people had started to arrive and James and Sirius were just finishing their breakfast. The first to arrive was Remus and Peter, who always came to watch the try-outs even though they weren't keen Quidditch players themselves. Next was a bunch of girls who weren't there to try-out so much as to ogle at James whilst he held the try-outs. Soon, many Gryffindor's had turned up with their broomsticks over their shoulders. Some people had come to watch their friends and to show moral support which James liked to see. Later, some more girls joined the crowd and began ogling Sirius who decided to stand up and flex for their entertainment. He was only stopped by James threatening to not give him a try-out. One of the last people to arrive was Hestia Jones who was dragging Lily along behind her.

When James saw Lily, his heart skipped a beat. He was unsure of what to do however. He had only spoken to her in class after he had 'saved' her from Severus and they had walked back to the Gryffindor common room from McGonagall's office that evening. Ever since then they had seemed to be getting along alright. She had only yelled at him three times, calling him arrogant and irresponsible. James took a deep breath, smiled at her and gave her a small wave. To his surprise, she smiled and waved back as if they were friends. James was elated and found himself overcome with an odd feeling inside as he watched her skip over to the stands happily and take a seat. James turned around quickly before she noticed.

When Hestia, with her Comet 260 over her shoulder, had joined the crowd of people who had gathered in front of James, the time had reached ten o'clock and James began the try-outs.

'Hey everyone!' he began hiding his nerves extremely well. Confidence leaked out of him. 'I'm your Quidditch captain this year-'

'And I'm your Quidditch captain's best friend! So any problems and just ask one of us. We'll be sure to help you out.' Sirius piped in. He was stood next to James with a look of superiority on his face.

'What are you doing?' James asked him confused.

'I'm showing my support for you mate!' Sirius said clapping James on the back encouragingly.

'Great,' James said nodding his head in an understanding way, 'Could you do me a favour though?'

'Anything for you Prongs!' Sirius said, clasping his hand to his heart sincerely.

'Could you perhaps show me support from over there? Where everyone else who is trying out is?' James said pointing to the crowd in front of him causing everyone in the stands and on the pitch to chuckle appreciatively, 'Thanks!'

'Fine!' Sirius said huffily before trudging over to the potential Quidditch players, dragging his broom in tow.

'As I was saying,' James said when Sirius had finally joined the crowd, 'I am your Quidditch captain this year. It is my job, to pick the house team. But not just any house team. A winning house team. I am under a lot of pressure to keep that trophy in McGonagall's office. She's become rather attached to the thing. I think she's even named it. Steve I think…' There was a titter of laughter. 'So, without further ado, the try-outs. First up. Keepers!'

The potential Keepers stepped forwards nervously.

'Now what's going to happen, is, one at a time, you are going to try and defend the hoops whilst I try and score. Each of you will carry on till either, you miss one, or until we reach ten consecutive saves. The person who lasts the longest is the new keeper. Everyone clear?' There was a murmur of agreement. 'Let's get started then!'

The first candidate and James took to the air and began the try-out session. After the potential keepers had saved six Quaffles, he finally let one go past and so his turn ended. The Keeper try-outs went on for half an hour. Finally, a fourth year boy had been made Keeper much to the disappointment of the rest of the people who had tried out.

Next, James tried out the Chasers, seeing how many goals they could score in five minutes with James playing the opposing team. James kept his new Keeper on the pitch to help him out. The Chaser try-outs lasted for almost an hour. Half way through them however, the people in the stands had begun to become restless. Lily included.

'How long do these things usually go on for?' she asked Peter who was sat next to her.

'I-err-I-you-arm-me-err-' Peter stuttered before Remus was kind enough to save him.

'It really depends on how many people try-out.' Remus said, his eyes glued to the pitch, 'There seems to be a lot of people this year, but James has tried to keep the try-out as short as possible whilst still getting the best out of people. Took him ages to work out the perfect timings and techniques to try every position out with.'

'Oh!' Lily said, surprised at how much information Remus had just reeled out. 'So a rough time would be…?'

'About forty minutes.' Remus said, wincing as the Quaffle rebounded from one of the hoops and hit James on the shoulder almost bruising it.

James shouted to the air in front of him from the sudden shock of pain. Thankfully, the Chaser try-outs were now finished so he could land and rest his shoulder.

For his Chasers he had chosen Hestia Jones, as he knew he would have, and surprisingly, a second year that was very good at seizing the Quaffle from her opponent.

Next, James tried out the beaters and the seekers together. Not many Captains decided to do this, but James found it really effective and an accurate test of talents. He released twenty Golden Snitches, (which he had charmed to stop flying twenty minutes after release), for the three potential Seekers and five Bludgers for the five potential Beaters. The aim of the exercise for the seekers was to catch as many Stitches as possible in twenty minutes. Whoever caught the most would become Gryffindor Seeker. The aim for the Beaters was to keep the Bludgers away from the Seekers and hit them towards the competing Beaters. When there were only two Beaters left, their try-out would end, regardless of how far along the Seekers were, and the two remaining Beaters, would be on the team.

This method was, as far as James knew, only used by him. Some Captains didn't have the time or energy to charm twenty Snitches, and some just didn't have twenty Snitches. Other captains also liked to stretch out the try-outs by trying out each position separately. James however, just wanted it over with as quickly as possible.

In thirty minutes time, the Gryffindor team had been chosen. In the position of Keeper was a fourth year boy. Filling the three Chaser positions was, James, Hestia and a second year girl. The two Beaters were Sirius and a Seventh year boy. And in the position of Seeker, was a third year girl who had caught sixteen out of twenty of the snitches.

'Great guys!' James said when the try-outs ended, 'I'm sorry if you didn't get on the team this year, but remember there's always next year, and if there isn't I'm sorry. Thank you! The first practice session will be posted on the notice board. If you don't turn up, consider yourself kicked of the team. It's harsh but, hey.'

James turned around and walked towards the changing rooms rubbing his shoulder. Sirius caught up to him and clapped him on the shoulder he had just rubbed causing him to yell in pain.

'Ow!' James shouted, 'What was that for!?'

'Ohh!' Sirius said in realisation, 'Sorry mate I forgot! Is it dislocated?'

'Nah. I think it's just bruised. Well done by the way!'

'Thanks. Thanks for letting me back on the team!' Sirius laughed. He knew full well that if he had played badly or if he hadn't put his all into the try-out, James wouldn't have let him back on the team.

'No problem mate!' James smiled as they entered the changing rooms, 'You deserved it!'

Making their way down from the stands, was Peter, Remus, Lily and all the other spectators. (Most of them where girls who had only come to swoon over either James or Sirius.) When they had reached the ground, Lily was jumped on by Hestia who was ecstatic about making the team. She was babbling excitedly to Lily about every perfect shot she had made, and how she had snatched the ball off James. Lily, who knew little to nothing about Quidditch, apart from the fact that it was a sport, just nodded along.

After she had calmed down, Hestia asked Lily if they could go and wait for James outside the changing rooms so she could thank him. Lily agreed reluctantly and, along with Remus and Peter, they went to wait for James.

After waiting for five minutes James and Sirius finally emerged from the changing rooms. They spotted Remus and Peter and began to walk towards them. James' heart skipped a beat when he saw that Lily was also stood with them, waiting. Before he could wonder why she was there, he found his answer in the form of a very happy Hestia jumping on him and hugging the life out of him. When she had leapt on him however, James winced. Seeing this Remus and Lily rushed over to him with Peter towing along behind them.

'Hey? Are you alright mate?' Sirius said from next to him. He had also seen him wince.

'Yeah. Just when that Quaffle hit my shoulder. I dunno. It just hurts.' James said rubbing it as Remus, Lily and Peter arrived next to him. Hestia had stopped hugging him and was now apologising profusely.

'Don't worry about it!' James said sincerely to Hestia who was now concerned that she had broken the Quidditch captain.

'Is it bruised?' Remus asked concerned, 'I mean, I saw that Quaffle hit you. It made quite a thud. I'd be surprised if it hadn't done anything.'

'Yeah it's probably just bruised.' James said determined to shake it off.

'You should go see Madam Pomfrey.' Lily said from next to James.

James looked down at her and smiled. 'I think I will. Thanks' he said quite unsure how to act.

Lily smiled up at him in a friendly way before James nodded his head, as if he was ending their smiling session, before being pulled away by Hestia and Sirius to discuss Quidditch tactics. Peter scurried hurriedly after them leaving Lily and Remus alone for the first time since he had yelled at her on the train.

'So?' he said smugly, knowing that Lily had actually taken notice of what he had said.

'Yes?' Lily said turning to walk towards the castle.

'You actually took my advice?' Remus said surprised but pretty proud.

'Well…' Lily began, unable to finish.

'Well?' Remus asked, 'You're giving Ja-us a second chance then?'

'Yes alright!' Lily said, walking faster in an attempt to walk away from Remus and catch up with Emmeline. She hated it when people said 'I told you so'. Even if they never said those exact words, the whole demeanour they put on when they knew they were right, she hated. Lily wanted to avoid that. She, however, had no such luck as Remus caught up to her quickly and slowed her down so he could talk.

'I'm glad you're going to give us a second chance!' he said, looking in front of him, 'We deserve it. We're not bad people. Just perhaps misunderstood.'

'Misunderstood?' Lily asked sceptically, 'How are you misunderstood?'

'Well, contrary to popular belief, mainly yours, we don't just hex people for the fun of it. They have probably done something to deserve it.'

'You're not helping your case!' Lily said with raised eyebrows.

'What I mean is that we don't like to curse people because it fun like you-know-who and his followers do. We're not like that!'

'I know.' Lily said nodding her head and sighing.

'You do?' Remus asked.

'Yeah.' Lily said, a smile breaking through, 'I've noticed a few changes this year already and we're only a week into term!'

'Good changes I hope?' Remus said waggling his eyebrows strangely.

'Yes.' Lily laughed shoving him gently. They had reached the entrance hall and were now following James and the others to the hospital wing.

'You know, the things you're seeing this year were probably already there. You just never had a reason to look before. But now you're taking my advice…'

'Don't push it!'

'Now that you're taking my advice,' Remus continued ignoring Lily's interruption, 'and have decided to give us another chance, you can see all our good qualities.'

'I said don't push it!' Lily said giving up. They had just reached the hospital wing and James was knocking on Madam Pomfrey's office door.

'So,' Remus began, pausing slightly, 'what made you change your mind? Why are you giving us a second chance?

Lily looked over at James who was now talking to Madam Pomfrey about his bruised back. Lily smiled at James' back. 'I'm a sucker for surprises!' she said simply.

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