Five Minutes

Chapter 70

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Chapter Seventy

Lily was sat with Hestia in the common room in the Gryffindor tower. Hestia had been trying to convince Lily for the past ten minutes to go into Hogsmeade with her the next weekend instead of James. She tried to ignore her incessant jabbering on and read the book she was holding in her lap, (Changing Places by David Lodge), but Hestia was making that rather hard for her to do. Hestia's voice bit through her reading so Lily was forced to listen to her begging. She was very reluctant to agree to go to Hogsmeade with her because she had already made plans to spend some alone time with James but, after ten minutes, her reluctance was wearing thin and all she could think of was the Hogsmeade trip she had taken with the marauders and James and the conversation she had had with Sirius at the bar. She had to be careful that she wasn't doing the same thing to Hestia. So she gave in and told her that she would rearrange her plans with James so that she could go with her instead. She wished she hadn't though as, straight after Hestia had gotten her own way, she started to test what else she could convince Lily to do; namely painting her nails.

'Sod going to write for the Daily Prophet Hestia! You should go for Witch Weekly.' Lily said with a laugh as Hestia pushed three different shades of nail polish towards her, trying to get her to choose a colour. 'I can see it now; 'Which Shade?' by-line Hestia Jones.'

'What's a by-line?' Hestia asked, pushing another three shades of nail varnish towards Lily.

'You want to go into journalism and you don't know what a by-line is?' Lily frowned, scanning her book for the place she had left off.

'Am I meant to know?' Hestia wondered before going off on her nail varnish tangent, 'Which colour do you want? Dusty rose. Fruity berry. Or sunset sky?'

Lily glanced up, not finding her place in her book, so that she could chose a shade. 'They're all pink.' Lily said, seeing no difference in the colours whatsoever, 'And a by-line is what tells the reader who wrote the article.'

'Isn't that just my name?' Hestia asked.

'No it's a by-line.' Lily replied.

'My name?'


'My name.'


'My name.'

'I'm not wearing pink nail polish.' Lily said, brushing away the subject of a by-line for she could tell that Hestia was just going to be awkward about it. She went back to trying to find her place in her book, unable to remember which sentence she had just read. She would have to read the page again. She got started.

'They're not all pink.' Hestia sighed, picking up one of the small bottles and examining it, 'This one's fuchsia fruit.' Hestia placed it on Lily's book.

'Pink.' Lily stated as she picked up the nail polish and gave it back to Hestia.

'Second opinion? Ah good!' Hestia said suddenly, looking over Lily's shoulder and spotting help, 'Oi! Potter!'

Lily shook her head and went back to reading her book, salvaging the small amount of time she had in her grasp whilst Hestia tried to convince James to come over and chose her a shade of nail polish.

James looked around to see who had called him. When he saw it was Hestia he ummed and ahhed about whether to go over there, thinking she'd just want to talk about the upcoming Quidditch game and the rigorous training schedule he was putting them through. He thought she'd just want to complain. So he stayed where he was, lounging back and relaxing with his friends at the opposite end of the common room to Lily and Hestia.

Hestia didn't give up. 'It's about your girlfriend!' she shouted across to him, a couple of other people who weren't part of the conversation now paying attention at the mention of the relationship between their head students. People still had a fascination with them. It was odd.

James sighed and looked at Sirius with a roll of his eyes and stood up. As he stood up Sirius made a whipping sound and action which made Remus chuckle, Peter titter and James stick his finger up at them all.

'What's up?' he asked Hestia and Lily as he approached them, leaning onto the back of the sofa where Lily was sat. He was stood over her, creating a slight shadow on the pages of the book Lily had been attempting to read. She closed it now that he was there.

Hestia frowned. 'So you'll close your book for him and you'll come over here for her but neither of you will do it for me?'

James looked down at Lily and Lily lifted her head and turned around slightly to look at James. They silently agreed. They turned back to Hestia. 'Yes.' they said in unison.

'Charming.' Hestia grumbled.

James sighed. 'What did you want Jones?' he asked impatiently.

'I want you to pick a shade of nail polish for Lily.' Hestia replied, picking up all three bottles and holding them all out in the palms of her hands so that James could look at them and pick one.

James didn't even look at them. 'You called me over here for that?' he questioned in disbelief, 'Why?'

'It's important.' Hestia said with a slight whine and a pout.

'I could have been making magical breakthroughs in the way of Transfiguration over there!' James said, 'Which is more important?'

Hestia blinked once, her face unmoving, no clear expression on it. 'Just pick one.' she said.

James raised an eyebrow before sighing and saying, 'Erm…the pink one.'

Hestia paused again. 'They're not all pink.' she said.

'Yeah they are.' James replied with a confident nod of his head. He was looking at three very small bottles of pink liquid in Hestia's rather large hands. For a girl she did have rather large hands. Maybe that was why she was so good at Quidditch. He'd never noticed that before. It was odd.

'Told you.' Lily muttered quietly.

Hestia narrowed her eyes at her before giving in. 'Fine.' she said before turning back to James and asking, 'Which pink?'

'None of them.' James said. He had no idea why girls had to paint their nails. What was the benefit? Boys didn't do it. He felt the same about make-up. Guys didn't wear it so why did girls have to? He was just thankful that Lily hardly wore any, taking the natural approach and the bare minimum. She wasn't like the other girls he saw wandering the school hallways, the ones that used to follow him around, (they had stopped doing that so much now he was with Lily and had been for just under nine months). They had always been smothered in makeup, so much so that he and Sirius used to joke that they wore so much because their bottoms were so heavy and they needed to balance themselves out to prevent falling backwards. It never stopped Sirius snogging every single one of them though.

'Ha!' Lily said happily to Hestia before tipping her head back to look at James above her, 'My knight in shining armour. Thank you!'

James looked down at her with a confused smile. 'You're welcome?' he replied with a questioning lilt in his voice.

Lily grinned up at him and fluttered her eyelids which he chuckled at before stroking her hair once affectionately.

'Lily you have to pick a colour.' Hestia said, demanding Lily's attention back to her.

'What do you think?' Lily asked James, still looking at him, not even glancing down once to Hestia.

James looked back into her eyes and gave a crooked smile. 'Green.' he said simply, 'Green to match your eyes.'

Lily smiled back at him, a faint blush creeping into her cheeks as he stared intensely at her.

'Aww sweet.' Hestia cooed falsely, 'But I don't have green.'

'Then I guess nothing is the answer.' James smirked at her, earning himself a derisive glare.

Hestia glared at him for a couple of seconds before looking at her watch and realising it was time to go to her divination class. 'I've got to go.' she said, turning to Lily, 'Meet me after?'

'Sure.' Lily shrugged noncommittally, not realising that her neither here nor there attitude towards Hestia's simple request had upset her slightly.

'Pick a shade for when I get back.' Hestia went on as she picked up her bag and left the common room.

'I will.' Lily sighed as she watched Hestia walk away. She leant her head back on the sofa onto James' hand and rested there for a couple of seconds before she felt James' warm breath near her ear.

'Do you wanna come up to my room?' James whispered to her.

Lily sat up and turned around so that she was kneeling up on the couch facing James. She placed her hands softly on his chest and looked up into his hazel brown eyes which had the familiar glint of mischief sparkling in them. 'Thought you were making major breakthroughs in the magical ways of Transfiguration?' she asked him coyly.

'That can wait.' James smirked, 'Do you want to come up to my room or not?'

'Any specific reason?' Lily asked curiously, knowing what she hoped the answer would be. She wanted James to have something to tell her. A good something.

But James never let on why he wanted them to go somewhere private. He simply tucked a strand of Lily's deep red hair behind her ear, looked into her eyes and innocently said, 'Just to spend time with you.' as an answer.

Lily smiled at him and nodded her head. She got off of the couch and walked around it to meet James where he took her hand and trailed her behind him as they began to climb the spiral staircase up to the boys' dormitories.

As they climbed the steps which would lead to James' room, Lily couldn't help but think what this must look like to all the other Gryffindor students in the common room. Seeing their head students disappear hand in hand up to James' dormitory where they would be completely alone, (for Sirius, Remus and Peter were still in the common room downstairs), undisturbed and where there were four available beds. Safe to say, Lily knew what they'd all be thinking. She knew they'd be judging them and assuming what was going on but, strangely, Lily didn't care. Because if this was all a way for James to get Lily on her own so that he could tell her what she wanted to hear from him, then those judgements being made about her wouldn't matter to her. Because she would know how James felt.

They reached the seventh year's dormitory and James opened the door to lead Lily in. He closed the door tight behind them.

'Your rooms a tip!' Lily laughed as soon as the door was shut.

James shoved his hands in his pockets and stood next to her, giving a shrug of his shoulders as he looked around his dormitory. 'We're guys.' He said in way of explanation.

'Does that mean your room has to be a tip?' Lily asked him with questioning raised eyebrows.

'Kind of yeah.' James smirked, winding his fingers back into hers and leading her over to his bed, navigating his way expertly over the unopened books, the Quaffles, beaters bats and multitudes of empty ink bottles and scraps of parchment. He sat them both on his bed and, almost instinctively, the pair got themselves comfortable. James put his arm around Lily and Lily rested into his chest, her ear to his heart beat so that she could hear the gently thud of it, knowing that just by being close to him this way would speed it up exponentially.

They just sat there for a couple of minutes in each other's company before James gave a sigh, a sigh of contentment for him but Lily heard something else in there.

'Are you alright?' Lily wondered, unthinkingly pulling up his shirt slightly to gently draw circles on his stomach.

James smirked at this and answered truthfully with, 'I'm fine.' He watched her fingers draw for a couple of seconds before following up his reply with a question of, 'Why?'

Lily paused in thought and action, her fingers resting on him, making sure she thought about what she wanted to say before she said it. 'It's just that…' she began her fingers starting to circle again, 'Since that business the other week, you've seemed a bit off. In your own world.' she said pausing, hoping with her next words that she would lead him into saying what she wanted to hear, 'Have I done something to upset you or-'

'No.' James said quickly. He started to sit up properly so that he could talk to Lily more directly, 'Merlin no Lily.' He tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and looked into her eyes as he continued with, 'You could never upset me.'

Lily's breathing got a bit deeper, thinking James was soon going to tell her those three words she wanted to hear from his lips. She tried to lead him into it one last time. 'Then what's wrong?' she asked him.

James frowned unthinkingly as he said, 'I just want to tell you something.' He started twizzling the ends of her deep red hair in his fingers, taking his eyes off of hers to look at what he was doing.

Now Lily was unsure. Now she didn't think James wanted to tell her that he loved her. Now she thought he had something else to tell her, another secret perhaps. She didn't like the idea of that, especially after the last time he had told her a secret. But nothing could be worse than that could it? Still, the simple action of James averting his eyes from hers made her wonder if he was keeping anything else from her. She no lingered focused on whether James wanted to whisper those three words to her. She was much more curious about whether he had any other secrets he was concealing away from her.

'This isn't another massive secret that you've been keeping from me is it?' she questioned, 'One that's going to make me angry or go and slap someone again is it?'

'No.' James replied, looking back up to her eyes with a more pronounced frown than last time. He had no idea where she had gotten that from. He was just trying to work up the courage to tell her how he felt about her. He wasn't going to reveal any horrible secrets. Nothing of the kind.

'Good.' Lily said with an inward sigh of relief, something that made itself to her face, 'Because I don't want there to be any secrets between us anymore. None at all. I've told you everything, you've told me everything, we're good.'

James averted his gaze away from hers again, only this time for another reason. He couldn't see that look in her eyes, the one that made him spill his guts to her because the secret he was keeping wasn't his to tell. He wasn't allowed to tell her anything about Remus or the fact that he was an illegal Animagus, no matter how much he wanted too.

Lily got a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach and a tear, more painful than the one that had torn through her when she found out about the hexing and cursing that had been going on between James and Severus, ripped through her. And she knew why this time.

'You've told me everything.' she stated again, hoping for a different reaction from James than the one she got. The reaction he gave her confirmed that he was keeping a secret from her. 'Right?' she asked again, grasping at straws that weren't there, 'James is there something you want to tell me?'

James was silent for a moment. Yes. Yes, he wanted to say, I am keeping something from you. I broke the law. I break the law at every full moon because I'm an illegal Animagus and I go down to the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade every month with Sirius and Peter, who are also illegal Animagi, to keep Remus who is a werewolf company. That's what I'm keeping from you. But I love you. I love you and I don't want to ever lose you. That's what he wanted to say. But he couldn't say it, any of it. So he settled with, 'No.' not looking directly at her.

Lily gulped and closed her eyes, knowing he was lying to her and hating the feeling that that fact gave her. 'James-' she began but was cut off by James' lips crashing down on hers.

It was all James could think of to do. He knew she wouldn't drop it so he had decided to distract her. And it worked. Lily's mind had been wiped blank as soon as James' lips had made contact with hers. She lost herself to him.

Their kiss became more and more intense. James forced her mouth open to slip his tongue inside. He cupped her face in his hands and sat them both up before allowing his hands to sweep into her hair. He ran the hand not in her hair down her shoulder and arm and Lily, through an instinct she had never felt before, moved over so that she was straddling him, her hands winding into his messy, tousled hair. James sat up more to try and get closer to her, his left hand sneaking under her school shirt whilst his right hand held onto the nape of her neck, pushing her lips into his. Lily's hands unthinkingly, travelled to his tie and began to undo the loose knot that James had done it up in. She took it off of him and tossed it onto the floor to join the mess of the room. James let a moan from the back of his throat escape him, feeling that he wasn't as close to her as he wanted to be. To correct this, he flipped their position, lying Lily down gently beneath him, still kissing her the entire time. If they weren't at Hogwarts…

'I'm hungry.' Sirius whined twenty minutes after James had left their group to go and see what Hestia had wanted from him. He hadn't returned. Not that Sirius had noticed yet.

'You're always hungry.' Remus replied. He had his feet up on the table and was reading a book. His comment back to Sirius had been offhandedly given out.

'How about we go to the kitchens?' Peter suggested meekly, knowing that Sirius would want to do this. Peter liked the idea of being given praise for it though, not that he would get it.

'Let's go to the kitchens Moony.' Sirius said as if Peter hadn't spoken and it was his idea.

'Alright.' Remus sighed after a couple of seconds, closing his book and tossing it onto the table his legs had just been on.

'Alright!' Sirius said joyously, standing up too and then noticing that they were still one man short. 'Hey where did Prongs go?' Sirius asked Remus.

Remus frowned. Sirius couldn't possibly be so dense that he hadn't noticed that his best friend had disappeared up to their dormitory with his girlfriend. Then again, perhaps he had just been too absorbed in silently flirting with the sixth year girl across the common room through way of suggestive looks to even take an interest in the whereabouts of his best friend. Really both suggestions were completely plausible but still, Remus couldn't quite decipher which one was true. He decided to tell him where James was anyway.

'He went upstairs with Evans about twenty minutes ago.' Remus said.

'Twenty minutes eh?' Sirius wondered suspiciously with the raise of one of his eyebrows. He then stood up, brushed down his robes, winked at the girl he had been throwing insinuate looks at for the past twenty minutes before setting off in the direction of the boys dormitory.

'You're not going to interrupt them are you?' Remus asked.

'No.' Sirius called back innocently, 'Just gonna ask if they want to come to the kitchens with us.'

'Padfoot!' Remus reprimanded even though it made no difference to Sirius' actions. He still climbed the staircase.

Smirking to himself and unable to wonder what he would walk into fine his best friend doing, Sirius made the short journey up to the seventh years dormitory and opened the door, immediately making a scene as soon as he saw James and Lily on James' bed.

'Ah! My eyes! My eyes!' he said loudly, throwing his hand over his eyes but peering through his fingers at James and Lily as they stopped kissing and turned to see what an earth was going on.

As soon as Lily saw Sirius pretending to not stare at them, in fact, as soon as she realised he was in the room and the dishevelled state of slight undress that she was in, she sat up and pulled the sides of her shirt across herself to cover up. James had been successful in undoing her school shirt just as she had been successful in undoing his. James however, wasn't particularly fussed about what Sirius had walked in on and stayed lying on his bed with his shirt open, looking at Sirius with exasperated raised eyebrows.

'Get a room!' Sirius continued, lowering his hand from his eyes.

'We have one.' James stated coolly, 'You're in it.'

Sirius paused and looked at James with an unreadable expression. 'This is my room.' he stated.

James sighed at his pedantic best friend, running his hand through his hair as he did so before placing it down onto Lily's thigh. 'What do you want Sirius?' he asked him, raising his eyebrows and wanting nothing more than for him to disappear so that he could continue with what he viewed as extremely good progress with Lily, even if it had started out as a way to distract her from asking him about his secrets.

'We're going to the kitchens.' Sirius said, lowering his hand from his eyes and grinning at the prospect of food, 'Wanna come?'

'No.' James said straight away with an, 'are you kidding me' expression. He was being given the choice of going to pig out on food or continuing to snog his girlfriend. Really, which one did Sirius expect him to pick?

'But…food.' Sirius pouted.

Then again, this was Sirius. Nothing was more important to him than food. It was his first and only love. James however, had felt a different kind of love and he wouldn't give it up for anything.

'I'm good thanks.' he said with a nod of his head, a clear cut signal for Sirius to leave him and Lily be.

Sirius didn't leave however, intent on being a nuisance to James because he knew what his best friend wanted to be doing right now instead of talking to him. And really, Sirius just liked to bug and frustrate people.

'Cause you've just been eating Evans?' Sirius asked, referring to the reason he knew wasn't the reason why James didn't fancy joining him on a trip to the kitchens at this moment in time.

'What happened to Lily?' Lily asked, picking up on Sirius' use of her last name but nothing else. Definitely not the not-so-subtle insinuating looks he was shooting towards James.

'Swaps and changes.' Sirius shrugged.

'I wasn't eating her I was kissing her.' James defended, starting to move his hand over her thigh, unable to keep it still where it was.

'Looked like eating from here.' Sirius replied, pretending not to notice anything.

'Then move.' James said through gritted teeth, wanting nothing more than Sirius to leave the room.

Sirius stood in thought for a second before stepping to the side. He tilted his head to the side. 'Looks like eating from here too.'

'Padfoot.' James warned.

'Kissing, eating. What's the difference really?' Sirius joked.

'Padfoot.' James said again.

'I'm going.' Sirius sighed, sensing his fun was coming to an end. He didn't always like to admit it or even pay attention to it, but Sirius always knew when he had gone a step too far. Still, he put in one last comment as he walked through the door, calling over his shoulder, 'Remember Prongs! Your Mum said never to play with your food!'

As he walked out of the dormitory door and began to take the decent down the spiral staircase, he heard a thud behind him. He turned around and saw James' shoe land just outside the room having just hit the wall opposite the door. Sirius smirked and chuckled to himself. James must have been really annoyed at him for interrupting his snogging session with Lily. James had never had any real violent tendencies. Sirius must have really pissed him off to make him throw something.

Sirius headed down to the common room where he met back up with Remus and Peter and then the three of them together made their way down to the kitchens. When they got there, as usual, they were greeted by the masses of house elves who worked there, their arms laden with food for them. Also as usual, Remus took what he wanted, thanking the house elves, Peter timidly did the same, also thanking the house elves just as Remus had, and Sirius took the rest, already too busy stuffing his face to give his thanks to the magical creatures, not that they minded. The three boys then sat down, ate, laughed and joked for around ten minutes before the portrait door swung open and James walked in, Lily in tow behind him, the pair holding hands as if it was the most natural thing in the world to them and, truth be told, it was.

'Hey!' Sirius spat in a surprised voice through a mouthful of food, crumbs of cake flying out and scattering themselves across the table. He swallowed his food, thankfully, before continuing. 'Thought you weren't coming down to the kitchen? Thought you were too cool for us.'

'I am.' James stated arrogantly with a smirk, sitting down opposite Sirius and next to Remus. Lily sat next to him, flicking a few of the crumbs which had flown from Sirius' mouth across the table and away from where she was sitting. Remus offered James a chocolate éclair and James passed it on to Lily who took it with a grateful smile at Remus. James didn't eat anything.

'Maybe too cool for Wormy.' Sirius said, jerking his thumb towards Peter who was sat next to him, digging happily into a bowl of trifle, before gesturing between himself and Remus. 'You're not too cool for us though.' he stated to accompany his hand gesture.

'Nah I'm too cool for you.' James said with a nod, wrapping his right arm around Lily's waist. He paused before looking thoughtfully at Remus. 'Maybe not Moony but definitely you.' he said turning back to Sirius with a teasing smirk.

Sirius narrowed his eyes. 'I hate you.' he said.

'At least the feelings mutual.' James grinned.

Sirius chucked a piece of muffin into his mouth before turning to Remus. 'What does mutual mean Moony?' he asked him, inadvertently spraying him with food.

Remus looked at Sirius disgustedly, brushing some of the crumbs which had landed on his robes away. 'That you're an idiot.' he said simply.

Sirius stuck his tongue out petulantly at Remus before turning to James who was being fed a mouthful of chocolate éclair by Lily. He was going to ask him a question but the sight in front of him disgusted him just as much as him spraying mouthfuls of food across the table disgusted Remus. James had taken a bite of Lily's éclair, a bit of the cream staying in the corner of his mouth so Lily had wiped it away with her thumb and ate it herself whilst James smiled and winked at her. Sirius didn't do relationships. And James and Lily were so clearly in one. He turned away and pulled a face at Peter who tittered appreciatively.

Remus decided to move the conversation along. 'So why did you decided to come down to the kitchens and eat with us less than cool folk?' he asked James.

'That dufus made Lily laugh.' James said, taking his arm off of Lily's waist to throw a lazy gesture out to Sirius.

'Awesome!' Sirius said, paying attention again now that he had been mentioned. 'How?' he questioned.

'The eating comment.' Lily said with a slight breathless chuckle.

'Oh.' Sirius said, 'Cool. You gotta admit though, it did look a lot like eating.'

'I wouldn't know.' James responded, pulling a bowl of jelly towards him which had just been placed onto the table by one of the passing house elves who knew of James' fondness for the wobbling dessert. 'I wasn't watching.' he continued, digging a spoon into the bowl.

'I'll get you a mirror next time so you can see.' Sirius offered.

'Thanks but I think I'll pass.' James said, taking a mouthful of strawberry jelly.

'Alright.' Sirius began in a sing-song voice, 'But you'll regret it.'

'I doubt it.' James scoffed.

'You will.' Sirius said.

'I won't.' James said.

'You will.' Sirius said.

'I won't.' James said.

'You will.' Sirius said.

'I won't.' James said.

'This could go on for a while.' Remus said with a sigh to Lily as James and Sirius carried on with their childlike back and forth. Remus stood up and moved to sit the other side of Lily to engage her in a conversation, letting James and Sirius get on with their nonsense. 'How's N.E.W.T's going for you then?' Remus asked Lily.

Lily, Remus and Peter got into a conversation about their upcoming N.E.W.T's a conversation which mainly consisted of Remus and Lily reassuring Peter that he knew more than he though he did and that there was no need to worry about failing all his tests. They convinced him that, even if he didn't get O's in all his subjects he was sure to at least pass them all. Their conversation lasted for twenty minutes whilst Sirius and James underlined it with their continuous stubborn rhythm of 'you will' 'I won't'. It went on for a while before James was pulled out of his infancy behaviour by Lily.

'Oh crap.' she said suddenly.

'What?' James said, turning to face her, an automatic look of concern covering his face over her swearing.

'I win.' Sirius said happily.

'Doesn't count.' James muttered to him in an offhand comment before turning back to Lily.

'What's the time?' she asked him for conformation.

'Err…' James said, shaking back the sleeve of his school robe to check his watch, 'Twenty to four.' he stated, 'Why?'

Lily started to get up. 'I told Hestia I'd meet her after her Divination lesson.'

'Oh.' James said disappointedly. 'Do you have to?' he asked taking her hand and drawing on the palm of it.

'Yes.' she said, stood to the side of him now, 'She's already miffed that I spend more time with you than her. She's banned me from talking about you before twelve.'

James chuckled once with a small shake of his head, still drawing patterns on the palm of her hand. 'It's Sirius all over again.' he joked.

'What?' Sirius asked, caught off guard by the mention of his name, his mouth open and showing the generous helping of food he had just given himself.

'See you later.' Lily said, ignoring him and kissing James on the lips in a goodbye. She pulled away from him and left the kitchens. James watched her go.

When the portrait door to the kitchens had swung shut, James turned back to the table and dug into his jelly once again.

'So how's things going with you two then?' Remus asked James, getting up and walking around the table to grab a plate of sandwiches from the side. From there he sat next to Sirius.

James was about to nod and swallow his mouthful of jelly to give a reply but Sirius beat him to the punch.

'Oh it's definitely going well for our Jimmy-boy here.' he said with an insinuating grin and bob of his eyebrows, 'They looked really cosy upstairs.'

James swallowed his jelly deeply and, even though he knew what Sirius was getting at, he still felt the need to ask, 'What's that supposed to mean?'

'You know.' Sirius replied, humming after his response, leaving little to the imagination about what he was suggesting. If it wasn't obvious beforehand, as it wasn't to Peter, it definitely was now.

'I'm not talking to you about this.' James stated out of respect to Lily.

Really he wanted advice on the subject but not in this context, not in the kitchen with a crowd of house elves mulling around them. Not with Peter present, for he would be no use on the subject, and definitely not whilst Sirius wasn't taking it seriously. He'd probably talk to them a bit further along the line about it. Possibly. Possibly not. Really what help would they be? Sirius had never been in a relationship, didn't do emotions and had never experienced feelings like James had for Lily so he didn't know about the strings that were attached for James on this subject. He just looked upon it as sex. Remus had also never been in a relationship but, unlike Sirius, would probably understand the emotional baggage that James and Lily carried with them. He was wise to people's feelings, especially the ones James harboured for Lily. So he would be helpful in that part but as he had never ventured into the physical aspect of it he probably wouldn't be much help there. Peter had done nothing, felt nothing and had never been given the chance too, always being seen as the tag along dumpy boy of James Potter and Sirius Black so, he really would be of no use to James. But who was to say James would use any of them.

'Why not?' Sirius questioned, 'It's guy talk.'

'Is it?' Peter asked innocently, unsure.

'Yeah it is.' Sirius assured him, being a lot kinder towards him than he usually was. 'Guys always talk about what chick they've scored with.' he explained.

'Not once have we done that.' Remus said from next to him.

'That's cause I was the only one scoring.' Sirius pointed out before turning to James, obviously expecting support as he said, 'Now there's two of us. Right Prongs?'

James sighed and pushed his bowl of jelly to the side, unable to continue eating saying, 'Look it's lovely to know that you're so interested in my sex life but I'm still not talking to you about this.' as he did so.

'Why not?' Sirius baffled, 'I'm your best friend!'

'You may be my best friend but sometime I seriously just want to kick you in the face.' James replied in all seriousness.

Sirius frowned. 'You couldn't get your leg that high.' he said.

'Wanna try me?' James smirked.

Sirius paused, studying his best friends smirking face and taking in the fact that he was avoiding this topic of conversation. He sat back on the bench from where he had been leaning forwards, drawing only one very obvious conclusion. 'You haven't done it yet.' he said.

James didn't bat an eyelid. 'I'm still not talking to you about this.' he shot back without missing a beat.

'Why not?' Sirius scoffed, 'How long you been together now?'

James took a deep breath, not liking the implications that Sirius was putting forwards very subtly, the implications that he was being stupid and for not, as Sirius would put it, 'scoring' with Lily yet. 'That's not the point-' he began.

'How long?' Sirius questioned.

'It's still not the-' James tried to continued, once again being interrupted by Sirius.

'How long?' Sirius pushed again.

James sighed and pulled his bowl of jelly back towards him. 'Eight months and twenty one days.' he reeled off as it was the time of day.

Sirius scoffed again. 'You got timings as well?' he asked sarcastically.

'What?' Peter asked, confused and oblivious to the fact that Sirius was taking the micky out of James for knowing exactly how long it had been, to the day, since he had started going out with Lily.

'You know,' Sirius said to him, starting to clarify, 'hours, minutes, seconds-'

'Shut up Padfoot.' Remus instructed in interruption.

'Anyway,' Sirius went on, ignoring Remus completely and getting back to his point, 'if you've been together that long then why-'

'There are rules about it at Hogwarts you know.' Remus put in, trying to save James from this conversation lasting any longer. He clearly didn't want to talk about it and why Sirius couldn't grasp onto that point Remus did not know.

'Moony, Moony, Moony.' Sirius said with a slight chuckle, shaking his head and clapping him on the shoulder, 'Since when have we ever paid attention to the rules.'

'Maybe you should pay attention to this one.' Remus said with a nod of his head, 'If you're caught you can get suspended or expelled.'

'But for a good reason!' Sirius said seriously, his eyes widening. He bobbed his eyebrows once at Remus before turning back to James and saying, 'So do it!'

'I said I wasn't talking to you about this.' James stated clearly, deciding there and then that he would not be talking to Sirius about this ever. Not if all he was going to do was say, 'do it, do it, do it'. He didn't need that. If he was going to do it he would. He didn't need his best friend telling him too. 'It's personal between me and Lily,' he went on, 'and what did I say?'

'Lily's off limits.' all three of his friends said in a choral monotone with Sirius adding, 'We know!' onto the end as if it was the bane of his existence. This wretched rule that James had forced them into agreeing too. It was absurd. What were they supposed to talk about?

'Then move on.' James said.

Still, Sirius continued, just trying to annoy James into the conversation. 'Is it cause she doesn't want to or you?' he asked.

'Sirius.' James warned.

'Natural curiosity.' Sirius shrugged.

'Sirius.' James warned again.

'You know what else is natural?' Sirius insinuated raising his eyebrows again as he always did when he was in a suggestive mood.

'Just whack him one.' James told Remus.

With no hesitation, Remus whacked Sirius around the back of his head, messing up his perfectly neat hair.

'Hey!' Sirius said, more concerned with fixing his hair then rubbing the sore spot from Remus' harsh hand.

'He told me too.' Remus said simply with a shrug.

'If he told you to jump off of the astronomy tower would you do it?' Sirius queried.

'Maybe.' Remus smirked, 'To get away from you.'

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