Five Minutes

Chapter 74

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Chapter Seventy-Four

James walked into his dormitory to be greeted by his friends. He expected them to be mad. Disappointed in him for making a decision, vouching for Lily without any real proof that she would keep their secret bar how he felt about her. He wasn't completely wrong. Peter was sat crossed legged on his bed. Sirius was stood in the middle of the room with his arms folded as if he were a parent about to scold a naughty child. (Credit to Sirius, he was a big kid himself but when it came down to it, he could really stand up for what he believed in.) Remus was sat on the edge of his own bed looking at the floor. James directed his comments towards him.

'Remus…' he began, not quite sure how to continue.

Remus looked up and saw the guilt, remorse and apology in James' eyes. 'Its ok.' he assured him.

'No it's not.' Sirius objected, unfolding his arms and taking a step towards James. 'Prongs you promised she wouldn't tell.' he reminded him.

'I didn't think she would.' James replied honestly. And it was true. Yes he had no concrete evidence that that would be the case and, looking back on certain situations, (such as the time over the Christmas break where they had almost slept together), he should have put more thought into whether he could trust her with a secret like this. She hadn't been able to keep that one, needing advice in it. But James couldn't shake the feeling that he could trust her, and that, he supposed, stemmed from the fact that he loved her. And what was love without trust?

'Well you thought wrong.' Sirius sighed, beginning to pace the room.

'I know.' James said, also sighing and looking down at the floor. He ran a hand through his messy hair. He felt so bad. 'I know.' he repeated. He turned back to Remus. 'I'm sorry Remus.' he apologised, 'I've ruined everything. I shouldn't have even considered telling her anything. I shouldn't have…I just can't believe she did this.'

'It's ok James.' Remus assured him again. And for Remus, it was. Lily wasn't the one who had judged him after all and, even though Hestia had called him all the names under the sun, he wasn't mad at her either. He had been dealing with this prejudice his whole life. He guessed he was just used to it. And he didn't see why James and Lily's relationship should suffer because of it because, if truth be told, Remus had never seen a couple so perfectly matched as them, even if it had taken everyone bar James a while to realise how suited they were. He didn't want to ruin what James had going for him there so he said, 'I didn't think she'd tell either. And who knows she might not have meant to.'

James closed his eyes and looked at the ground again, unable to stand Remus being so kind to him after the position he had just put him in. He shouldn't have had to go through that. 'I'm so sorry.' James whispered, apologising yet again, something he would continue to do for days on end.

'It was probably an accident.' Remus said.

'It can't have been an accident.' Sirius interjected.

'I'm with Sirius.' James voiced straight away bringing a silent shock over the dormitory.

'You are?' Remus and Sirius asked together, Sirius pleased he was on his side and Remus shocked that he didn't believe the best in Lily.

'You are?' Peter said moments later, desperate not to be left out as he so often was.

'Yeah.' James clarified with a secure nod of his head, 'How can something like this be an accident?'

'James it's fine-' Remus started again, really wanting this to be brushed over now but, when James interrupted, he could tell it wouldn't be.

'If Jones tells it won't be.' James said, 'If Lil-' he paused, could he say her name? 'If Evans…' he tried again, but the word tasted wrong in his mouth now. He was used to Lily, to his girlfriend's real name, not her last name as he had called her in the past and reverting back to it now felt wrong. '…Lily tells anyone else it won't be.' he ended eventually after his internal battle inside his mind which seemed to have made it out into the room. All three of his friends could see his struggle.

'After Sirius' little speech I doubt she'll tell anyone anything.' Remus said after a while with a small chuckle to break the tense silence which had pursued after James' little battle with himself.

'That was a good speech.' Peter piped up.

'Really?' Sirius said proudly, tugging at the collar of his robes as if he were trying on a new suit.

'Yeah.' James agreed with a half-hearted disbelieving laugh, 'I think you finally made up for sending Snape down to the Whomping Willow that night.'

Sirius paused and his eyes widened, a smile appearing on his face. 'Awesome.' he said simply. Because Sirius had felt horrible about that ever since it had happened and, even though he had gone through the punishment Dumbledore had given him and the silent treatment from his friends, he still felt guilty. He still had a horrible feeling about what he had done gnawing through him at the back of his mind. And now he had been resolved of his, what some would call, 'crimes against their friendship', he instantly felt better. It wasn't a lot, James saying he had made up for it, but he finally felt as if he had. He would finally be able to shake the feeling that he had done something wrong.

'You were a hero.' Peter said eagerly to Sirius, leaning forwards on his bed and looking up to him as if he were a god which, to Peter, he kind of was. They all were. And he wasn't. He wished he were valued as they were. He wished he could do something, anything, to be remembered by like they would be. But all he ever would be would be their dumpy little tag along friend.

Remus rolled his eyes. 'Don't tell him that wormy he'll-'

'A hero?' Sirius cut him off, in his own world now. He brought his hand up to his chin and stroked it thoughtfully. 'I like the sound of that.' he said.

'Oh no.' Remus said.

'I'm like Moony's knight in shining armour!' Sirius went on.

'Here he goes.' James joined in with the same roll of the eyes as Remus had.

'I'm like your saviour!' Sirius said to Remus, throwing his arms out to the side as if he were to be greeted with a rapturous round of applause.

'He's gone.' Remus chuckled, looking at James who weakly returned the smile but, straight away, returned to that sombre state of mind.

'Just call me knight Sirius.' Sirius said, placing his hands on his hips and standing so that people would and could adore him.

But James wasn't paying attention to Sirius anymore, (not that Sirius had noticed as he was adrift in his own heroic world). Instead, James turned to Remus, looked him in the eye and said with all the conviction he could muster, 'I'm so sorry Remus.'

Remus paused. He looked James straight back in the eye and, trying to make him believe him, he said truthfully, 'It's ok.'

'MAKE WAY FOR KNIGHT SIRIUS! PROTECTOR OF MOONY'S FUZZY LITTLE PROBLEM!' Sirius shouted, jumping onto Remus' bed, hunching over slightly as he was rather tall and the canopy of the four-poster bed prevented him from standing up completely straight, and pulling out his wand, standing in a protective stance in front of Remus, a cheerful grin on his face as he pointed his wand at James.

Peter laughed a little and began to applaud Sirius' sudden but fluent jump whilst Remus rolled his eyes yet again. Sirius smiled broadly and jumped about a bit on Remus' bed before Remus pulled the covers out from underneath him and sent him toppling onto the floor. This James laughed at.

'It's furry little problem you dolt.' he said, helping Sirius up off of the floor and taking his wand off of him, spinning it around effortlessly in his hand as if it were a baton. 'And you're not a knight.' he added as he spun the wand one last time, shooting a spell under his arm to draw the curtains in the dormitory, and gave it back to Sirius.

'I could be.' Sirius argued, sending out a spell himself to light the candles in the room to give them back the light James had just banished from the room by closing the curtains.

'No you couldn't.' James laughed.

Sirius paused and stared James down. 'More so than you.' he pointed out pettily.

Remus gave Sirius a look and Sirius looked exasperated whilst James just looked guilty. Sirius patted James on the shoulder as he walked past him and threw his wand up in the air, catching it effortlessly again when it fell back into his hand. He went to his bed and flopped on it whilst James disappeared into the bathroom to have a shower and think.

He wanted to wash away this day, this very long Friday, away from him so much. He just wanted it to disappear from his memory but it wouldn't. He wanted the week to disappear. He wanted to go back to Christmas, to meeting Lily's parents, to remember the way she kissed him when she was staying at his. To remember seeing her wake up next to him. To return to when things were moving forwards and he was sure they had a future. He just had no idea that their future would be a black hole which their relationship was sucked into.

James took a long time in the shower, just letting the water wash over him as he wished he could turn back time. He was just thankful that he got a last kiss from her before everything went down. He probably wouldn't be able to continue on if he hadn't, not that he was sure if he could now anyway. But at least he had done that so that he could still take with him the memory of her. Her when there were plenty of possibilities still to be had.

Around forty minutes later, James got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He walked over to the sink and put his glasses on, wiping them on the corner of his towel first as they were a bit foggy with condensation. He grabbed the hand towel next to the porcelain basin and rubbed it over his hair before looking up into the mirror. It too had steamed up thanks to his lengthy time in the bathroom with the hot water running and he couldn't see himself. So, with the hand towel he wiped the mirror clean so that he could see his reflection. He tossed the towel onto the floor when he had finished with it and leant on the sick, gripping the porcelain basin with his hands and locking his elbows tightly. He sighed as he looked at himself, the guilty expression he had been trying to wash away in the shower still there. And he could also see how crushed he was. Because he couldn't stop loving Lily that quickly and he could see he couldn't. He would just have to hope that she didn't pick up on it because if she did, and he looked into her eyes, he wouldn't be able to stop himself. And he had too. He couldn't be with her anymore. He had decided. It was over now.

He stood staring at himself for a lengthy five minutes before his attention was drawn away from his emotions and how he was feeling and pulled towards an odd noise. It came once. Stopped. Then came again, this time a bit louder. James frowned. He shook his head and continued on, taking off his towel and pulling on a pair of pyjama bottoms. He had just got them on when he heard the banging again. It stopped. It came again. James wondered if any of his friends had heard the same thing so he went out into the dormitory, half dressed and asked them.

'Do you hear banging?' he asked as he closed the bathroom door behind him.

'Banging?' Peter queried.

'Like a knocking?' Remus asked, who had thought he had heard something too.

'No.' Sirius answered. He hadn't heard anything, too busy puffing out multi-coloured smoke from his wand and drawing in the air with it, not too different than what you would do with a sparkler.

'Someone's shouting.' Remus continued, revealing to James the little bit more of information he had heard than him.

'What?' James replied.

'I don't know.' Remus said, squinting his eyes slightly and listening intently, 'I can't make it out.'

Sirius did the same. He listened and listened and couldn't hear a thing. At least for a few seconds. Then he heard what James and Remus had been talking about. 'Sounds like 'let me in'.' he said.

James frowned again and thought for a moment. Let me in? What would be the need for that? Unless…

'Oh crap!' he swore in realisation and started to make his way out of the room.

'What?' Remus asked.

'I forgot to let everyone back in.' James said as he opened the dormitory door.

'Back in?' Peter wondered.

James sighed and turned to face his friends. 'When Jones came into the common room I chucked the second years out and told them that no one was allowed back in till I told them so…' he explained.

Sirius roared with laughter at this; a load of unsuspecting Gryffindors locked out of the tower in the early hours of the morning. Now that was funny.

James shook his head at Sirius' sense of humour and walked out of the dormitory, closing the door behind him. He made his way quickly down the stairs but was stopped just before he had reached the bottom for Lily was still sat there from when he had left the first time, hours ago. He didn't want to see her or talk to her. He didn't want to pass her but he needed to let the students in, something she had obviously failed to notice, sat the drifting off in her own world as she did sometimes. James sighed at having to pass her. Lily heard.

'James.' she said as she turned around, knowing or rather hoping it was him before she had even laid eyes on him.

James said nothing. Instead he took a deep breath, averted his gaze away from Lily and headed down the stairs, making a beeline for the common room door.

'James can I talk to you please?' Lily said after him.

James didn't answer. He scrunched up his eyes, trying his best to ignore her even though the sheer action of walking away from her was killing him inside. Still, he did it. And he opened the common room door, the portrait hole, to let those students trapped outside in.

'James I-' Lily began to say to him in a quiet whisper as he passed her on his way back to the staircase which would lead him up to his dormitory, only she was cut off by a much louder and harsher voice. A voice that could strike fear into someone's very soul if you ever got on the wrong side of the person who it belonged to.

'Mr Potter.' Professor McGonagall said sternly to James' back as he attempted to walk away. Her voice however did make him stop, turn around and pay quick attention to his head of house, something he had failed to do for Lily, his girlfriend.

'Am I to believe that you are the one who told the house that they could not come into the common room or enter the tower without your permission?' Professor McGonagall continued rhetorically.

'Yes.' James answered her, too tired to lie, too fed up of the lies to even try, 'I forgot to tell them they could all come back in. Sorry professor.' he said sincerely.

'Mr Potter you cannot abuse your authority as head boy like that.' McGonagall reprimanded, her hands on her hips, a stern expression on her face. She looked rather angry, definitely no amused. The tartan pattern on her dressing gown made her look even more formidable James thought.

'I'm sorry professor. I wouldn't have done it if the situation hadn't demanded it.' he said.

There was such truth in his voice that for once, McGonagall made a snap decision not to punish him. She didn't know what the reasons behind his actions were but she assumed that it must have been something that demanded the course of action he had taken. So his sincerity, (along with her tiredness), equalled a warning. But no punishment. No detention. No lines. No extra homework or head boy duties. Nothing but a simple caution. 'Mmhhmm.' she nodded, 'Make sure it doesn't happen again.'

'Yes Professor.' James replied to his transfiguration teacher as she gave another quick nod of her head and excited the room. The students who had piled in had dispersed quickly, all very tired and in need of a good night's rest, so pretty quickly it was just James and Lily alone in the common room again.

There was silence. The pair of them just stood where they were for a good couple of minutes. James only had pyjama bottoms on but luckily, they had pockets in them, so his hands were shoved in them. He looked awkward even so, a rarity for James Potter. Lily was also awkward, though that was less unusual, especially for her around James. But this was extreme. It was too much.

'James I-'

'Please don't Lily.' James cut her off, finally looking at her. He shook his head slightly and turned around. 'Just don't.' he said again before he slowly made his way back to the boys staircase and began to climb up to his room where Sirius, Remus and Peter would be awaiting news of the Gryffindors who had been trapped outside the common room. They would be awaiting jokes and laughter and James would have to join in even though he really didn't feel like it at the minute. Still, fake fun with his friends was a choice he would make again if it meant he didn't have to confront Lily for another day. He was dreading that.

Lily hadn't come upstairs. It had been hours since Hestia had confronted the marauders and since then, her dormitory had become crowded with sleeping people. Mary MacDonald, Emmeline Vance and Alice Prewett were all tucked in their beds fast asleep. But Lily wasn't. And Hestia knew why. Hestia thought she knew a lot of things. She had a lot of misconceptions. She assumed things and she assumed she knew why Lily was downstairs which was why she hadn't gone down to fetch her. She didn't want to interrupt. So she thought she'd try and get to sleep. But she couldn't. Not that she hadn't tried.

Hestia had tried to settle down and sleep, to rid her mind of everything that had gone on that night. She had changed into her pyjamas and had gotten into her bed but she had been unable to sleep. Friday had been an awfully long night and it had worn on her. She couldn't believe that people could be so casual about a werewolf, especially at the minute. Because of Voldemort, werewolf attacks were on the rise. She had been worried about her family being out in that world but now she found out that, if anything, they should be worried about her. After all, she was living in close proximity with a werewolf and they were definitely not to be trusted. They were mean and mangy and had no control.

She hated werewolves. When they had been learning about them in Defence Against the Dark Arts she had worn a constant look of disgust over the topic. All those horror stories…and the marauders had welcomed the beast into their group. And she couldn't tell anyone because they had threatened her. And she knew what they could be capable of if they wanted to be. Hestia had watched them through almost seven years of school and five and a bit years of bullying. Sure they weren't doing that now, (most likely because James Potter had made the decision to stop and the other three would do whatever he wanted, revering him as their leader, as if he could walk on water), but Hestia had no doubt that if she told anyone they would have no hesitation in taking action against her. So she would have to live with this secret. But, at least she had one comfort; the was no way Lily would be party to it.

Lily was her best friend. Sirius Black may have threatened her and the situation may be unwanted and horrible, but Hestia knew she had the upper hand. Because Sirius threatening her would, in the long run, bite him in the arse. Because Sirius cared for his friends more than anything in the world, but most of all James Potter. And through standing up for one of his friends he had deeply wounded the other; his best friend. For Hestia knew that over everything, James cared for Lily more than anything in the world. She had seen it in the way he was with her but Lily had refused to believe it because James hadn't told her anything. He hadn't told her he loved her. But Hestia could tell that he did. He was hopelessly in love with her and Sirius Black, through threatening Hestia, had taken the one thing James loved away from him. He wouldn't be able to forgive him for causing him to lose Lily. And Lily wouldn't stand by and let them do anything to her. She would stand by her. Because she was her best friend and that's what best friends do.

Lily had been downstairs for ages and Hestia knew what was going on down there. She just knew it. And she knew that when Lily did finally come up she would need comforting which, she supposed, was another reason why she couldn't sleep. That and anxiety about the awkwardness that was to come. Because Lily and James will have broken up. They wouldn't be talking. Lily wouldn't be talking to the marauders either, neither would she but she viewed that as no real loss. Then James wouldn't be talking to Sirius because of his threatening of Hestia but he also wouldn't be talking to Hestia because he had broken up with Lily and Hestia had threatened his friend. Not that his loyalty would really matter because the werewolf wouldn't be talking to James because he had told Lily about his awful secret. James would be stuck with Peter Pettigrew for company if Peter thought him the strongest protector to be with. If he didn't, Peter would go with either Sirius or the werewolf because they wouldn't be talking either thanks to Sirius' threats towards Hestia. Just as Lily and James will have done, the marauders will have broken up too. And, she supposed, as she wasn't allowed to tell anyone about the dark creature they were living with, would be victory enough. Even if it was to be extremely awkward.

Hestia knew all of this would happen. Hestia thought she knew a lot of things and, even though she wasn't your typical divination student, not actually believing in the subject and all, she believed that if any predictions were to be made about the near future, what she thought would prove to be true. She had no doubts, just like she had no doubts that Lily would need comforting and, when Lily did finally come upstairs and come through the dormitory door, her predictions proved to be true.

Lily walked into the room with wide, shocked eyes, pale as a ghost, her hair a mess and red eyes as if she had been crying which, she had.

'Are you alright?' Hestia asked softly, sitting up in her bed and looking at Lily compassionately.

Lily looked at Hestia slowly, not realising she was still up. It was five o'clock in the morning. She hadn't expected her to be. Still, she answered her softly with a whisper. 'No.' she said swallowing hard, 'I'm not.'

And she wasn't. She had ruined everything. She had forced James to tell her his secret and he had told her but with one condition. One condition and she had broken it. 'Don't tell anyone.' he had said. But she did tell someone. She hadn't meant to. She would have never told Hestia if her mind had been in the right setting because she knew of her prejudice against werewolves. All her best friends had seemed to have this prejudice. Emmeline in the first couple of years of Hogwarts, Hestia for the rest and Severus. Severus had had a strong dislike for werewolves ever since she had known him. And she had known about his suspicions but she had never really believed that they could be true. She hadn't wanted to because of the prejudice towards werewolves and she didn't like the idea of someone having to live through that everyday just because everybody judged you.

James hadn't judged. James wouldn't judge. Over the past two years she had realised that, although she had hated him before hand and he had bullied Severus terribly, James was truly the kindest person she knew and would give anyone a chance. And she had now ruined what she had going with him. The best thing to happen to her at Hogwarts, she was sure, and it was gone. She hoped there were ways to salvage it and she wouldn't give up, just like he had never given up on her. She knew what she could have now and she didn't want it taken away from her. Not before things had really gotten started. She knew what she would be missing and she couldn't live without it now, she knew. And although James had refused to speak to her in the common room just before, she did believe that he would talk to her. He couldn't not. He had spoken to her every day since they started Hogwarts, even if, at the start, it had been jokes at her expense, then asking her out every day and annoying her to her wits end. He had spoken to her every day of the school year and, although she knew James was strong, she didn't believe he could handle not speaking to her. At least, she hoped. But then again, maybe she was just being big-headed about this.

'You know it's probably for the best right?' Hestia whispered, getting out of her bed and walking over to Lily. She hugged her comfortingly from the side but Lily didn't hug her back, instead, standing there limp looking straight ahead. Hestia stroked her hair. 'You don't really want to be associating with someone like him.'

'What?' Lily said softly, confused. Her thoughts hadn't tallied to that conclusion. They had been going in the opposite direction. When she had first found out what James was hiding, she didn't thinks she'd be able to handle it and she still wasn't sure. But she was glad he had stopped her from breaking up with him. Not that she knew if it mattered now or not.

'Well he's friends with a monster Lily.' Hestia said in slight disbelief that Lily had questioned this. She pulled out of the hug but kept her hand on her shoulder, 'Where does the line stop?'

'What do you mean?' Lily asked.

'He's just as bad as…him.' Hestia said, unable to bring herself to say the marauders name. 'He knew he was a werewolf. He's just as much as fault for putting us all in danger as the person who has the disease.'

'It's not a disease Hestia.' Lily said, stepping away from Hestia and letting her hand fall to her side. She saw the prejudice. The ugly monster of prejudice. She saw why James hated it. She couldn't say she was too fond of it either. 'He can't help it.' she went on.

'He can help putting us all in danger.' Hestia argued, pulling out of the whisper but immediately lowered her voice back to it when she saw Mary stir in her bed. She turned back to Lily and continued, 'He did it willingly for almost seven years. It's a wonder we aren't all dead-'

'Which we aren't.' Lily pointed out.

'But who's to say that if you kept hanging out with them he wouldn't have hurt you.' Hestia said as if she had won the point. To back up her theory she said, 'Werewolves have tempers.' a proven fact.

'Have you ever seen Remus in a temper?' Lily said in rebuttal.

'Admittedly not often but that doesn't mean he's not been in one.' Hestia said, taking a step back from Lily, 'They managed to hide the fact that he's a werewolf from us for seven years. They could easily hide his temper.'

Lily said nothing. She looked down at her feet. That could be true. James had said, in the shrieking shack, that he couldn't pretend that there weren't times when one of them was hurt. He had as good as admitted that Remus had a temper. But if he hadn't said that then she never would have known. She should have really, come to think of it. She should have seen his temper for he had given her a good telling off a couple of times. But that was always over James and had only happened the previous year, sixth year. It could just be put down to Remus' concern for James' happiness. He was trying to help a friend. A temper need not come into the equation really.

There had been a pause for a couple of seconds whilst Lily thought. Hestia soon broke it though. However, she broke it the wrong way and it would be hard to fix, if possible at all. 'Look,' she started, 'I know breakups are hard but it's probably for the best and-'

'Breakups?' Lily asked, her fear being realised in that moment. She had been thinking along similar lines, stubborn to accept it to be a possibility. She didn't want to have broken up with James, she didn't want their relationship to be over now. She knew that made her sound like a hypocrite considering what she had been thinking in the shrieking shack but she didn't particularly care. All she cared about was trying to pull the strings of her relationship with James back together. She didn't want to leave them in the loose state they were and she now wasn't prepared to accept a break up. Not when it wasn't her choice anymore. She couldn't handle it. And the word, spoken out loud, felt foreign to her. Even though it wasn't her who had said it.

'Well yeah.' Hestia said as if it were obvious, 'You're not really gonna stay with Potter after this are you?'

'Well I-'

'Lily you can't. He lied to you!' Hestia said, loudly, so loudly it woke Mary up.

Mary sat up and wondered what was going on. Lily and Hestia assured her it was nothing and that they were just talking because they couldn't sleep. It didn't look as if Mary had believed them but still, it didn't look as if she could be bothered to care either. All she did was tell them to shut up, go to sleep, flop her head back onto her bed and hold the pillow over her ears.

Hestia waited five minutes before turning back to Lily and continuing on with what she was saying, reasons why she shouldn't be with James anymore. 'He put you in terrible danger.' she was saying, 'Knowingly! How can you even consider still being with someone like him? Believe me, breaking up with him is the best thing for you.'

Lily sighed. 'It's not that simple-'

'Yes it is.' Hestia said in disbelief before demandingly saying, 'Break up with him.'

Lily looked shocked. 'You can't tell me to break up with him Hestia.' she replied disbelief in her voice too, 'That's not fair.'

'Yes it is.' Hestia retorted, believing herself to be true, 'He put you at risk and anyway, when you asked me to break up with Sean because he was spreading rumours about you being a cheater I-'

'I never asked you to break up with him!' Lily hissed back. How could Hestia bring this up and throw it back in her face, especially when she had done no such thing. 'That was all you! It was your decision.' she pointed out.

'Still, I did it for you.' Hestia said, 'Because your friendship means more to me than he did. Are you saying that I don't mean as much to you as Potter does?' she tested.

Lily breathed deeply and gulped. She didn't want this conversation to continue. She had a bad feeling. Still, she argued her point in an effortless whisper. 'It's a totally different situation-'

'No it's not.' Hestia said assuredly, 'I had to choose. Boyfriend or best friend? And I chose you. And I presumed you'd do the same for me. I never thought you'd do what Alice did and choose your boyfriend over your best friend. Was I wrong?'

The two girls stared at each other for a good couple of minutes whilst Lily tried to make up her mind on how to reply. She couldn't very well tell Hestia that she was wrong because she wasn't. Her friendship with her meant the world to her but James also meant a lot to her too. She couldn't drop either one for the other. It wasn't fair to be asked too, even if she had no idea if it was a problem anyway because, for all she knew, it might not even be an issue. James could not want to be with her. It was a possibility, however hard it was for Lily to admit it.

'No of course not Hestia,' Lily said finally, dropping her eye line to the floor, avoiding Hestia's fierce look as she continued on with, 'but you can't force me to choose. It's not fair. Especially when I don't even know-'

'Tough.' Hestia interrupted, 'I am asking you to choose Lily because if you're still friends with that beast then I can't be your friend. So choose. Who's it gonna be? Me or Potter?'

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