Five Minutes

Chapter 7

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Chapter Seven

Severus was in a vile mood. Ever since he had realised that Lily believed his friendship with her was over Severus had taken to watching her from a distance. Usually this wasn't a cause to be angry but during the last week and a half he had seen something disturbing. She had started to become friendlier towards who Severus thought were her sworn enemies; the marauders. Severus had seen, what could only be described as a friendship, developing. He wouldn't say they were friends yet, but he could see the foundations appearing. It had started small. First they had become partners in potions. Then, when there were no seats left, they would all sit together for meals. Lily would have a good time during these meal times. She would talk to them politely and smile. After the meals, all of them, the marauders, Lily and Lily's friends would walk up to the Gryffindor common room together, still laughing and smiling and talking.

To any other person in the school, in the world, Lily Evans and the marauders finally being at least civil to one another was cause to celebrate. In fact, just going two and a half weeks with Lily and James being civil to each other was a great accomplishment. The school had gone a couple of weeks without the gossip centralising around James Potter hexing someone or another and Lily Evans giving him a good old telling off. Severus didn't see it this way. Ever since Lily had dissolved their friendship officially, Severus had started to notice that she and Potter were getting along better than ever.

Severus hated James Potter. He despised him. Some would say this was because Severus was jealous of him. Jealous of many things; his talents as a wizard and as a Quidditch player, his popularity, his friends, his wealth, his blood status. But Severus didn't. The last thing he would do was admit that he was jealous of James Potter. Now, because Potter was getting along with Lily, Severus hated him even more. In Severus warped mind, he was the cause for the undoing of his and Lily's friendship. So Severus decided to punish him.

He pulled small, snide, petty tricks on James which no one particularly noticed. No one that is but Potter and the marauders. Severus would split his bag in corridors, place sticking charms on the floors just before James walked over them, change his pumpkin juice into ink. He kept doing this in hope for retaliation. He was doing this to punish him for trying to become friends with Lily. In Severus' sub-conscious however, he was doing this to show everyone - including Lily, especially Lily - that James Potter had not changed as he had lead people to believe. He was still, as Lily would say, an arrogant, self-loving, big-headed, irresponsible toe-rag. But however hard Severus tried, James Potter would not retaliate. He wanted too, anyone could see that. His wand would always be drawn but before he cast any curses he seemed to think better of it and would simply carry on as usual, or, if Severus cursed him in the hallway, just walk away. This frustrated Severus to no end.

On Friday morning, during one of their potions classes, Severus was watching James enviously as he talked to Lily. They were meant to be recording the last of the changes in their stewing of their lacewing flies for the Polyjuice potion they were brewing because on Monday, after the weekend, the twenty-one day stewing process would be complete and they would be starting the next step. Severus, however, had decided to leave the recording and analysing to his potions partner Avery and watch Lily instead.

'It looks weird!' Severus heard James say. He looked at James' back and sneered. James was peering into his cauldron with a disgusted look on his face.

'Well they are flies.' Lily said dismissively as she continued to take notes.

'This doesn't look like flies!' James said shaking his head and giving the potion an unenthusiastic stir.

'They have been stewing for eighteen days. If they still looked like flies I'd be concerned.' Lily said without looking up. She was still taking notes. 'You should be taking notes' Lily pointed to James quill and parchment which was lying next to James on the table. Severus saw her point this out and smiled. That would surely show her that James Potter wasn't changing. He still didn't care. Plus, it gave Severus an idea.

'Is it meant to look like mud?' James asked, a little worried.

Lily finally looked up and also peered into the cauldron. She began to explain to James why the stewed flies were looking like mud and told him it was nothing to worry about. They were doing everything right.

James, relieved, finally sat down to take notes. He reached over to pick up his quill, without looking, to find that it had gone. He began to search frantically for it. It was his favourite quill.

Noticing his commotion, Lily looked at him and sighed in desperation. 'What are you doing now?' she asked him.

'I can't find my quill!' James said, panicked, it was his favourite quill for sentimental reasons, 'It was an eagle feathered one my uncle bought it for me two years ago from Norway! He died almost two months after. If I've lost it after all this time…'

Lily, knowing what it was like to lose something important to you said, 'I'll help you find it.' They both began searching desperately for the quill.

Little did they know, Severus had the quill. Whilst James and Lily were peering into their potion, Severus had summoned the quill to him and had hidden it in his bag. He was now watching James with a smug smile on his face. Now James couldn't finish his notes. Severus knew this was childish, but he didn't care.

'Great!' James said, flopping down on his chair and giving up, (Lily followed suit), 'I've had that quill two years and now I lose it! Now I can't finish these stupid notes!'

'They're not stupid!' Lily said. James looked at her as if to say, 'really?'. Lily sighed, 'Okay so they're a little longwinded and a bit pointless. But you still have to do them. Here, I've done so do you want to borrow my quill?'

'I guess. Thanks.' James said taking the quill of Lily and starting on the notes.

Severus sat in his place in disbelief. James would still finish his notes but what was worse was he would finish them using Lily's quill. Lily had never let him borrow her quill. Granted he had never spontaneously lost his, but still. Severus sat in his seat thinking of what to do, just waiting for inspiration to strike. He looked around the room and his eyes landed on James' bag. Sticking out of the top was James homework. The previous week Slughorn had set them a foot long essay entitled, 'Bezoar; discuss'. Severus had seen James showing his essay to Lily at the start of the lesson. He had been asking her if she thought he had gotten all the main points in his essay, forcing her to converse with him when she clearly didn't want too. Using the summoning spell again, Severus took the essay.

'Accio.' he whispered, the roll of parchment slowly hovered over to him. Severus swiped it from the air and screwed it up, shoving it deep into his bag. He smiled at himself knowing that James would get at least a detention from Slughorn. Finally, James would start to be punished.

'All right class, times up. Pack away and I'll come round and collect your homework.' Slughorn announced. He made his way around the classroom and gathered the essays reaching Lily and James' table last.

Lily handed her essay in whilst James rummaged around in his bag. 'It is here sir I swear!' James said in a muffled voice. His head was halfway in his bag now. 'I know it's here somewhere. I actually did it.'

After a few minutes of emptying and repacking his bag, James had come to one conclusion, 'I can't find it.'

'Then Mr Potter you have detention!' said Slughorn turning away.

'But sir!' James protested.

'I am sorry Mr Potter. But this is your N.E.W.T's we are talking about, and if you do not do your homework, you receive detention.'

'But sir he did do his homework!' Lily said chiming in at last. The whole class, who had been watching this ordeal, turned to look at her in surprise. Severus turned to look at her in horror as she began to defend his sworn enemy.

'He showed me his work at the beginning of the lesson. I know he has done it sir.' she said sincerely.

'I'm sorry Miss Evans. I believe you, truly I do, but as I do not have Mr Potter's homework, he must receive a detention. My dear, rules are rules.' Slughorn said walking away and calling over his shoulder a dismissal of the class.

James sat with his eyes closed and sighed. This delighted Severus whose smirk as he left the classroom, didn't go unnoticed by Sirius.

'I'm sorry.' Lily said quietly to James. She hadn't left her seat yet. She was in shock that Slughorn hadn't taken her word for it. He loved her, why hadn't he believed her enough to let James of the hook?

'Ahh. Don't worry about it!' James smiled at her, 'It's only a detention. It was bound to happen sooner than later. I'll live.' James began to pack his stuff away because he had just seen Sirius and Remus beckon him from the door.

Lily still hadn't moved. She was watching James with fascination. When Lily had received her detention, she had been in shock, but James just shrugged it off as of it was no big deal. Then again, it occurred to Lily that this was James Potter and he was always in detention. It probably was no big deal.

'You coming?' James asked Lily who had been in a sort of trance.

'What? Where?' Lily asked confused.

'Lunch?' James said cautiously, afraid of pointing out such an obvious location for fear of being snapped at. 'You gotta eat.'

'Yeah, sure.' Lily said, quickly gathering her things and she, James, Remus and Sirius all walked to lunch together.

That evening a notice went up in the Gryffindor common room. Everyone gathered around it excitement. The first Hogsmeade visit was tomorrow. Everyone was making plans to visit Honeydukes, The Three Broomsticks, Zonko's, and The Shrieking Shack. The third years were asking the older students all about Hogsmeade. Sirius was taking great pleasure in telling them all he knew about the small village.

'Well a great big troll runs Honeydukes and if you want to buy anything you have to chop of a finger and give it to him for dinner.' Sirius said evilly to a few scared third year girls.

'Have you ever bought anything from there?' one of them asked batting her eyes at Sirius.

'Of course he hasn't!' another one said to the first girl, 'Look he's still got all of his fingers!'

'That's because I paid with my toes!' Sirius said. All the girls gasped and instantly looked at his feet.

'All right girls shows over!' Remus said as he, James and Peter reached where Sirius was sat in the crowded common room. The girls sighed and left, but not before looking wistfully at Sirius.

When the girls had left and the boys had sat down, James told Sirius that the detention Slughorn had given him that morning was the next day. The day they were all supposed to be going into Hogsmeade.

'You're still coming though right?' Sirius asked James with a sly smile.

'Has a detention ever stopped me before?' James said in return, with the same sly smile creeping across his face, 'You'll just have to wait in Honeydukes for a while whilst I sneak out!'

'I can do that!' Sirius said gleefully, his eyes lighting up with the prospect of spending time in a sweet shop. Whilst he was day-dreaming about sweets and chocolates, the other three began to discuss their impending Hogsmeade visit excitedly.

Some people however were not looking forward to the upcoming Hogsmeade weekend. One person in particular.

'I can't believe it! The first Hogsmeade weekend of the year and I have a detention!' Lily said in disbelief. She was sat in her dormitory with Hestia, Emmeline and Alice.

'Ah don't worry about it Lily! There's always the next one!' Hestia said comfortingly.

'Yeah!' Alice joined in, 'Hogsmeade will still be there when you can go!'

'When the acorn falls there is no telling where it will land or where it will lead!' Emmeline said hypnotically.

The other three girls looked at her and burst into laughter. Lily now felt moderately better about missing Hogsmeade and decided to just accept it.

Severus was sat in his dormitory hunched over his battered copy of advanced potion making, scribbling notes in the corner. He was just writing in a side comment about reversing the effects of poisons when a black eagle-owl dropped a letter next to him. Severus looked at it and recognised the hand-writing immediately. For reasons unknown, even to himself, Severus looked around nervously before picking up the letter. He turned it over and saw the skull and snake on the green wax seal. He took in a deep breath, almost as if he was scared, and cautiously opened the envelope. He took out the piece of parchment and read;

Severus Snape

I require your presence at the next gathering. Tomorrow, I am informed, is the first Hogwarts visit to Hogsmeade. You will be picked up at eleven o'clock sharp from the third cave on the outskirts of the village. If you do not attend, be prepared for the worst.

Lord Voldemort

Severus re-read the letter again before nodding silently. This was just what he needed to take his mind off of his life which he hated so much.

The next day, everyone had gone to Hogsmeade. Lily, however, was heading towards her first detention. She was being escorted by her Ancient Runes teacher who had given her the detention. When they had reached the classroom, Professor Babbling explained to Lily that she would be left in the room for two hours and the door was be charmed so it could only be opened by the outside unless there was an emergency. Then Professor Babbling took Lily's wand off of her, told her that she would get it back after her detention was over, and walked away.

Lily watched her go and sighed. She then took a deep breath before opening the door and stepping inside. Then she gasped.

James turned around and saw Lily stood in the doorway. He quickly hid the marauders map behind his back and smiled at her. 'Hey Evans.' he said as if he was hiding something.

'Oh.' Lily said in remembrance, '…Potter…I forgot…'

'My name?' James asked confused as to what she was talking about.

'No,' Lily said rolling her eyes, 'that you had a detention. I forgot.'

'Oh.' James replied nodding his head before asking her curiously, 'Why are you here?'

'I have a…' Lily paused. She didn't know what to say. Even though she and James had been getting along recently, she still didn't want to tell him that she had detention. It was embarrassing for her. But she was there now. There was no other reason for her to be there and she couldn't get out because the door was charmed. She sighed and decided on the truth. 'I have a detention.' she said defeated before going into a rant. 'I shouldn't have a detention because at least I was able to translate at least one of the runes whereas the rest of the class couldn't even do that. Also I wasn't talking because I wanted to. I was only talking to tell him to leave me alone. But still, I get punished for it when I did nothing wrong!' she stopped and took a deep breath before flopping into a chair. 'I can't believe I got a detention. And now I have to miss Hogsmeade!'

James had stood and watched Lily explode. He was a little terrified of her temper but also loved the way her eyes lit up furiously. During her rant he had forgotten that he was hiding the map and his hand had fallen to his side.

Lily looked at James expecting a reply. She saw his raised eyebrows and figured that he had no idea what to say. She tutted and dropped her gaze, spotting the piece of parchment in his hand. The ink was moving.

'What's that?' Lily asked curiously, motioning to the parchment.

James snapped back into reality and quickly hid the map behind his back. 'Nothing.' he said in a voice higher than usual.

Lily stood up and walked towards him, curiosity getting the better of her. She wanted to know why the ink was moving.

'Can I have a look?' she asked him, holding out her hand.

'At…hu….what?' James said through nervous laughter. He had begun moving away from her slowly trying to make sure that she couldn't see the map.

Suddenly, Lily made a dash for it and grabbed the piece of parchment from behind James' back. Before he knew it Lily was unfolding the map and looking at it in wonder.

James bit his lip, worried. She was going to confiscate it. She was a prefect after all.

'Wow!' Lily breathed, taking in the maps true glory, 'This is Hogwarts isn't it!?' Her eyes were wide with excitement.

James nodded reluctantly. Lily's smile grew a little causing James to relax. She didn't look mad at least.

'Where did you get this?' she asked, amazed at the maps attention to detail. She could see Dumbledore pacing in his office, Mrs Norris prowling the corridor on the sixth floor and Filch directly below her on the fifth.

'Well…' James began, unsure of what to tell her. If it was only up to him he would spill the maps secrets with no hesitation. But all of the marauders, Remus, Sirius, Peter and himself, had made that map. It was a collective secret which they shared with no-one. James decided not to tell her.

'We made it. Me, Remus, Sirius and Pete. We created it!' James blurted out uncontrollably. He had no idea why he had just gone against his own decision, but something had just told him to go for it. So he did. There had to be a reason.

'Really?' Lily asked in genuine surprise. She knew the marauders were talented wizards, especially Remus and James, but she had no idea that they were capable of this level of magic. James' promise of being full of surprises certainly was coming true. 'This is amazing! You can see where everyone is!' Lily said before James took the map off of her.

'That's the idea!' James said, folding the map up.

'Why do you have it with you in here?' Lily asked curiously.

'Because I was…I was…You know what never mind. Let's just sit here and complete our detention. Who needs to go to Hogsmeade anyway?' James mumbled a little bit grumpily.

'I would love to be in Hogsmeade right now!' Lily sighed, sinking back into a seat and resting her head in her hands.

'Really?' James asked leaning against a wall with his arms folded and his legs crossed. A mischievous glint crept into his eyes.

Severus was climbing over some rocks to get to the cave from where he was being picked up by some fellow death eaters. He was with Avery and Mulciber, the only other two in his year to be recruited by Voldemort. They didn't know why they had been the ones to be chosen in their year, they were just honoured they had been picked. So the three of them, along with five Slytherin seventh years, were heading to the arranged meeting point.

They arrived at the cave at five to eleven to find four masked death eaters waiting for them. The seventh year students who could apparate did so, whereas the sixth year students, who had not yet learnt, had to be escorted by side-long apparation. Severus hated side-long apparation. The sixth year students hadn't learnt how to apparate yet, but in later in the sixth year, if they wished to and paid twelve galleons, they would be able to take a twelve week course on the subject. Of course, they would have to wait until they were seventeen to take the test.

So, reluctantly, Severus grabbed the arm of one of the nearer masked death eaters and with a pop, was gone. A horrible feeling overtook him. He felt an odd sensation, as if he was being squeezed through a very tight tube. It was very uncomfortable. After what felt like a lifetime but in reality was only a matter of seconds, Severus landed with a hard thud on unfamiliar ground. He looked around and drank in his surroundings. They were in the middle of a wood and in front of them was a small mouldy looking wooden shack which looked as though it would fall down any second. Severus looked at it in horror. Was this where they were having the meeting? He felt sick at the site of it. Mulciber was actually being sick, but that was probably from the apparation.

Severus started to walk forwards to the shack. When he was within a foot of it he felt a cool breeze wash over him. He looked around in surprise. One of the masked death eaters saw his face and explained that there was a protection charm placed around the shack which meant only people with the dark mark, or people who were with a person branded with the mark could enter. Severus nodded and glanced enviously to the death eaters left arm which was covered with a long black sleeve. He wished he had a dark mark. He was extremely impatient and couldn't wait until the day he had proven his worth. The only way to get to that day though was to go through this meeting and any others that followed. With this in mind, Severus continued forward and walked into the shack.

When he was inside, he looked around with a small smile tugging at his lips. He was greeted by a large hall with high raised ceilings which had oak beams running across them. The stone walls were lined with candles which were being held in place by what looked like carved, wooden, human arms and in the centre of the room taking up most of the space was a long but wide wooden table. Severus couldn't help but notice that the room was very reminiscent of Hogwarts. He sat down with Avery on one side and Mulciber on the other. When everyone was seated, there was a sudden, quiet hush. Then Voldemort entered with a large snake draped around his shoulders. Severus noticed he had no shoes on. He sat down and stroked the snake.

'Welcome, my friends!' he said in a deathly quiet voice which commanded attention. 'And what news do you bring me today?'

'My Lord,' said a masked woman who was sat on Voldemort's right hand side. She bowed her head graciously before addressing Voldemort, 'It has been a successful week. We have three people in the auror's office under the imperious curse and two in the department of mysteries, just as promised. Also, we have placed the curse on six employees who work at the Daily Profit.'

'Excellent!' Voldemort said with a malicious smile, still stroking his snake, 'And what about the muggles. How many?'

'My Lord,' said the death eater on his left, 'We have been able to succeed in as many as fourteen this week.'

'Very good.' Voldemort said, his smile growing wider, 'And the filth?'

'My Lord,' said the death eater on the left of the death eater who had just spoken, 'We have been able to eliminate one family which produced the scum and have captured the dirt themselves.'

'Good work.' Voldemort praised his followers. He stroked his snake a few more times before unwrapping the beast from his shoulders and placing it on the table. He sat in silence for a few more minutes before speaking again, 'Where are the captured Mudbloods now?' he asked the table as a whole. A man answered him telling him the whereabouts of the people they had captured.

'All sufficiently punished for stealing our heritage?' he asked his eyes narrowing.

'Yes my Lord.' the congregation murmured collectively.

'Good!' he said before laying a hand on his snake, 'Dinner time Nagini!'

The snake slithered of the table and through a door which had been kept open slightly. When the snake entered the room, Severus heard a muffled scream. The door suddenly banged shut causing him to look around in surprise. He saw Voldemort with his wand pointing towards the now shut door.

'We don't need to hear that!' he whispered, 'Now, our new recruits from Hogwarts.'

Severus sat up quickly. As did Avery, Mulciber and the seventh year boys. They suddenly felt important.

'I have a little task for you to do for me…' Voldemort smiled, looking at each of the boys in turn. Their faces lit up expectantly.

'Yes my Lord!' they all piped up enthusiastically, copying what the older death eaters at the head of the table had done.

Voldemort chuckled evilly, 'Ah, manners. Good to see they are not lost on the young. Now, you are to all do me a task…'

'I can't believe you talked me into this!' Lily hissed as James checked the map for anyone coming around the corner. After much persuasion, James had gotten Lily to agree to sneak out of detention and into Hogsmeade. He wasn't even quite sure how he had done it, but nevertheless, she was there with him now, heading towards the statue of the hunchbacked one-eyed witch.

'I can't believe it either!' James said happily taking out his wand.

'I still can't believe that you fooled the teachers with a fake wand!' Lily said, half horrified that a teacher could be tricked and half impressed that James was able to do it.

'Oh it wasn't fake!' James said tapping he hunch of the statue and muttering a spell which caused it to open.

'What do you mean?' Lily asked following James through the secret passage way.

'It wasn't a fake wand!' James repeated, but upon seeing Lily's face, explained, 'It was Pete's!'

'And he let you just borrow his wand. Just like that?' Lily said as they ran down the sloping passage way which James said would lead to Honeydukes cellar.

'Yeah!' James said happily, 'He's a great mate!'

'Sounds it.' Lily smiled as they rounded a corner.

Suddenly, Lily grabbed James arm. James' heart jumped at the contact but tried to cover up his joy.

'What's wrong?' he asked her curiously with a warm but wonky smile on his face.

'Do you have that cloak with you?' Lily whispered, biting her lip.

'Yes. Why?' James replied. His heart was thudding in his chest due to the fact that she had not removed her hand from his arm.

'Can we put it on?' Lily pleaded.

'Okay…Why?' James asked her a little bit confused. Even so, he had started to pull his invisibility cloak out of the inside pocket of his robes.

'Because, if people see us and they accidentally let it slip that we were in Hogsmeade then we'll be in a lot of trouble.' Lily rambled with a note of worry in her voice.

James sighed and threw the cloak over his and Lily's head. She was now standing very close to him and his palms had begun to sweat. His heart was racing ten to the dozen and his breathing had become somewhat erratic. Fortunately, Lily didn't seem to notice. Or if she did, she didn't let on. People had often said that he only went after Lily Evans for the thrill of the chase because she was the only girl in the school who would reject him. But that wasn't the reason. He genuinely liked her. If people could see his body's instinctive reactions to her, they would understand that.

They soon arrived in Honeydukes cellar. James pulled Lily over to hide behind a barrel of Fizzing Whizzbies waiting for the door at the top of the stairs to open so they could sneak through unsuspectingly. They had waited for five minutes, (James eating the Fizzing Whizzbies, Lily telling him off and then doing the same herself), before the door opened. James, noticing first, dragged Lily away from the barrel of sweets and up the stairs.

When they walked through the door, Lily smiled widely. Even though she had been against it at first, Lily was glad James had talked her into sneaking out to Hogsmeade. She loved the little village and all its little shops, especially Honeydukes. Seeing the sweet shop had made breaking the rules worthwhile. She didn't realise James was dragging her through the crowd of people to where Sirius, Remus and Peter were standing near a shelf lined with chocolate frogs.

She was suddenly snapped back into reality when she heard Sirius say, 'Where's Prongs? He was meant to be here ten minutes ago!'

'He'll be hear soon Sirius. Stop panicking!' Remus was saying as Lily and James approached them under the cloak.

'But what if his brains have been sucked out by a troll and he's wondering down the passage with a gormless expression?' Sirius asked Remus with a worried look on his face.

'He'd probably still be able to make it. Your pretty gormless and you can make it down that passage way.' Remus said, bored.

Sirius looked at Remus with a shocked expression on his face, 'I am not gormless!' Sirius said, aghast.

'You kind of are there mate!' James whispered with a chuckle causing Sirius to look round in glee and Peter and Remus to chuckle lightly.

'PRONGS!' Sirius yelled looking around for his best mate, 'Prongs?' Sirius said confused. Everyone in the shop was now looking at him as if he was mad. This was because James was still hidden under the cloak.

Sirius was yelling James' nick-name like there was no tomorrow. Soon, everyone in Honeydukes was looking at him as if he were mad because he had just gotten down on his knees and was banging his fist on the floor. Lily and James were laughing at his antics whilst Remus and Peter, who looked embarrassed, were trying to get him out of the shop.

'Don't worry!' Remus yelled to the onlookers, whilst Sirius went limp in Peter's arm so he couldn't move him, 'He's going back to St Mungo's soon!' he laughed before taking out his wand and levitating Sirius outside. Peter, Lily and James followed.

'So Prongs,' Remus asked the air amused, 'Why exactly are you under the cloak anyway?'

'Cause Evans here didn't want to get caught sneaking out of detention.' James voice said.

Sirius looked up from where he had been dropped on the ground in confusion. 'Evans?' he asked disgruntled, 'Why is Evans here?'

Lily sighed. 'Long story short. I was in detention,' she said ignoring Remus', Sirius', and Peter's sarcastic gasps, 'and I didn't want to miss the first Hogsmeade trip of the year.'

'Ok' Sirius said cheerfully before getting up, 'Can we go eat now?' he whined to Remus who rolled his eyes.

'Sure.' he replied before they all set of towards The Three Broomsticks for a butter beer and a bite to eat.

Lily found herself enjoying being in the marauders company. They didn't fight with one another. They just relaxed, enjoyed themselves and took whatever came their way. When they were served the wrong food in The Three Broomsticks, instead of moaning at the bad service, they just made a joke out of it. When someone spilt a drink over one of their cloaks, instead of yelling at the clumsy person who had done it, they just made a joke out of it. And when someone picked up one of their bags by mistake in Zonko's, instead of yelling at their incompetence, they just made a joke out of it. Even though she wasn't aware of it, Lily was subconsciously comparing this Hogsmeade trip to the ones that she used to make with Severus who had moaned and yelled every time they came to Hogsmeade.

Previously, if Lily had seen the marauders making jokes out of everything, she would have called them childish and stupid. Now, she just saw that they were good natured boys who did their best to make the best out of bad situations. She was having fun with them, even though she spent all her time under an invisibility cloak with James.

For Lily, the day went too fast and it seemed as if not two minutes had gone by before she had looked at her watch and seen that it was time to leave. 'Come on Potter. We have to get back before we're checked on.' she said to James.

'All right!' James said happily. He had enjoyed spending his day with Lily, 'See ya guys!' he said to his friends. When Lily had said goodbye they made their way through the streets of Hogsmeade and back through the secret passage way from Honeydukes to Hogwarts.

When they had reached the statue of the one-eyed witch, Lily grabbed the map from James' hand and unfolded it. She stared at the piece of parchment, which was now empty, in shock. She flipped it over to see where the moving dots had disappeared too because she was sure they would still be there. Meanwhile, James had been rummaging through his pockets for his wand only to have it snatched of him by Lily when he had found it.

'What are you doing?' James asked in shock.

Lily ignored him, cleared her throat, placed the wand on the map and said in a strong, confident voice, 'Show yourself!'

Suddenly writing appeared saying, Mr Padfoot would like to know why perfect little Miss Evans is trying to access our map.

Lily gasped in disbelief when more writing appeared. Mr Moony seconds Mr Padfoot's question and would like to know how the map came to be in the rule-abiding Prefects possession.

Lily was amazed. The map was talking to her. James smirked at the words on the parchment. He was looking over her shoulder and was reading what the map was saying now

Mr Prongs apologises to Miss Evans for Mr Padfoot's and Mr Moony's rude questions and would also like to compliment Miss Evans on how pretty she looks today. Mr Prongs would also like to ask her-

But Lily didn't get to read the rest of what the map was saying as James had snatched it off her with wide eyes. He looked relieved, as if he had narrowly escaped trouble. He took his wand back off of Lily, placed the tip in the middle of the parchment and muttered something inaudible under his breath. Black ink began to spread from where his wand was resting on the parchment, the map quickly redrawing itself.

'What was that?' Lily asked curiously.

'What was what?' James replied trying to act nonchalant.

'The writing that appeared on the map when I tried to read it.' Lily said.

'Writing?' James repeated.

'Yeah. It spoke to me. The names. Padfoot. Moony. That's Black and Lupin. That's what you call them. And Prongs. That's what they called you.' Lily said figuring out what the marauders must have done. 'You imprinted your personalities on that map!'

'Err…' James said unable to answer. He had no idea what to say.

'How did you do it?' She asked him amazed.

James did a double take. He was shocked she wasn't telling him off for using such a dangerous spell. Of course he wasn't he only one who had used it. Remus, Sirius and Peter had used it too to imprint their personalities on the map too, but they weren't here so he would be the one in trouble. However, this was not the case.

'Potter?' Lily said waving her hand in front of his vacant eyes.

'Yeah?' James said snapping back into reality and looking at Lily with wide eyes.

'How did you manage to imprint your personalities into that map? I mean I know there's a spell, but that's meant to be extremely difficult not to mention dangerous! But how did you pull it off. I mean I -'

But James cut her off by putting his hand over her mouth. He loved how she was babbling excitedly over something he had done, but they only had five minutes to get back to the detention room.

'POTTER!' Lily yelled, tearing James hand away from her face only to have her shush him. 'Excuse me?' Lily said with raised eyebrows.

'We have five minutes until someone checks on us. We are two hallways away and Mrs Norris is in the next one.' James whispered pointing to a moving dot on the map in his hand.

'Oh…' Lily said abashed.

They waited until Mrs Norris had left the corridor before sneaking quickly back to the detention room. James opened the door and let Lily in before closing after himself.

'So how did you do it?' Lily asked immediately looking at him with bright excited eyes.

James looked at his watch and shook his head. 'I'll tell you another time.' James promised.

Before Lily could try to plead with him to tell her how he managed to accomplish the spell because her curiosity had once again got the better of her, the door opened and in walked Professor Babbling.

She looked at the two students before saying, 'Ah good, you haven't left…'

Lily and James smirked at each other.

Severus had just entered Hogwarts. He had broken away from Avery, Mulciber and the rest of the seventh years and was thinking about the task that Voldemort had assigned to him. He had assigned all of the new followers a task to test their worth. Avery was to find out who all the muggleborns in Hufflepuff, Mulciber, Ravenclaw. The seventh years had similar tasks too. Severus had a sneaking suspicion that Voldemort already knew these things he was just making sure they were worthy enough to join his ranks. Severus had no idea what Voldemort would do if any of them failed. All he could think about was succeeding in his task. He had been told certain pieces of information but not every detail. His mission was to find out where a few certain Gryffindor's disappeared every month.

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