Five Minutes


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'Lily?! We're gonna be late! The port-key is set to leave in five minutes! Lily?'

James Potter called his wife again from the bottom of the stairs in their new house. He placed his hand on the banister, the other holding the port-key they were to use and waited impatiently for her. He had gone to fetch her once already and he had no idea, even after all this time, why on earth it took her so long to pack.

'LILY!' he shouted, once more, running a hand through his messy black hair.

'I'm coming!' Lily called down to him.

'You packed?' he asked her.

There was a pause of silence which James took to mean no.

'Lils!' he said with an audible sigh.

'Ok so I'll be down in, like, two minutes.' she replied.

'Just forget packing!' James yelled, 'I'll buy you clothes or whatever you need when we get there! Can you just come down please? We have five minutes.'

James heard footsteps out of their bedroom and across the landing until he saw he appear at the top of the stairs. Not only did she have two suitcases floating along in front of her, she had a bag around her shoulder and she had changed clothes.

'I thought you hadn't finished your packing?' James asked her as he grabbed the floating suitcases from the air when they reached him at the bottom of the stairs. He put them on the floor next to the port-key they had been given. This port-key would take them to their honeymoon location. They had no idea where that was though.

'I haven't finished my last suitcase.' Lily replied with a smile, wrapping an arm around her husband with a sly smile which he knew all too well.

James paused and narrowed his eyes suspiciously. 'These two are full of books aren't they?' he said with a deadpan tone in his voice.

Lily just smiled sweetly at him.

'What have you been doing?' he asked her, 'I came up to get you five minutes ago.'

'I know but…' Lily stopped and thought over his words, 'Hang on. You told me five minutes ago that we had five minutes until the port-key was set to go.'

James had the same pause of silence Lily had had when he had asked her. 'Ok…' he began, 'So maybe I did exaggerate the time we had left to get ready.'

'You doubled it.' Lily laughed in shock, smacking her husband's arm.

'I needed to! You take forever to pack. It was only five minutes extra and OW!' James said, motioning to his arm, 'That hurt.'

'So I could still be packing?' Lily asked, realising that she did in fact, still have the five minutes she had been told she had five minutes ago.

James stopped and saw the plan formulate in his wife's eyes. 'Please don't go back upstairs.' he whispered with an almost pained look on his face. He just wanted to go on his honeymoon with his wife now. He didn't think that was too much to ask for.

'Not even for a few minutes?' Lily asked with a wink.

James chuckled and ran a hand through his hair. 'I will give you everything you need, when we are away.' he said slowly.

Lily thought for a minute. 'Including more books?' she asked innocently with a flutter of her eyelids.

'You have a sickness.' James stated, 'Tell you what, we'll stop at St Mungo's on the way. Get you checked out.'

'Please don't.' Lily said, 'I left that place for a reason.'

'Yeah, me.' James replied cockily with a lopsided grin.

'Don't get too cocky!' Lily said, pushing his head in a joking way, 'It wasn't all for you.'

'Hey believe what you want.' James said with a sigh, 'You know you want me.'

'No, I want to pack.' Lily retorted, making to go for the stairs again.

James chuckled and grabbed her wrist, pulling her roughly back into him and tilting her chin up with his finger to look her in the eyes. 'Tough.' he smiled, 'Our honeymoon awaits.'

'Ooh exciting.' Lily's eyes shone with enthusiasm. For the first time she was actually thinking of what her honeymoon meant. She was going to get to go on a proper holiday with the man she loved. And it was for three whole weeks with no disturbances. They had been promised not to be called upon by the order. Remus, Sirius and Peter had told them they would take care of anything that they had been asked to do.

'Where do you think we're going?' Lily asked James, 'Somewhere cultural?'

'Somewhere fun?' James counter-questioned.

'Somewhere exotic.' Lily hoped.

'Well,' James said, grabbing their remaining suitcases, 'Only one way to find out. Ready Evans?'

Lily smiled at her old name. 'Ready Potter.' she said, saying her new one.

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