Five Minutes

Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight

'Well what do you usually do?' Hestia said to Lily as they sat down at Gryffindor table with Alice and Emmeline.

'Nothing really.' Lily said looking around the table for a muffin.

'Don't you do your homework or anything?' Hestia asked buttering a crumpet and taking a large bite out of it, 'Mmm! This is good!'

'I know right!' Sirius said sitting down next to her, the marauders sitting down next to him. 'Food is awesome! A life without food isn't worth living! Do you know what I mean? I love food! It's just so -'

'Shut it Padfoot!' Remus said with a small chuckle and pushing his head in a brotherly fashion.

'Not everyone has your love for food there mate!' James said scanning the table for something to eat. There was so much there but he couldn't find anything he wanted.

'How about you read a book?' Alice said suddenly, turning to Lily and entering her conversation with Hestia which was interrupted by the arrival of the marauders.

'I don't always feel like reading though. Sometimes I just want to… I don't know. Hang out with my friends.' Lily said shrugging half-heartedly.

'Why don't you hang out with the marauders?' Emmeline said in a dreamy voice stirring her tea.

The marauders all looked suddenly at Emmeline and then to Lily who had wide eyes and a shocked expression.

'What are you talking about?' Remus asked curiously.

'Lily has no one to hang out with whilst the three of us are in Divination.' Emmeline said much to the objections coming from Lily, 'You four, however, do not take divination so you won't have a lesson and will be free to hang out with her.' When Emmeline stopped talking, she smiled at her solution and continued to stir her tea.

Lily, Hestia, Alice, Remus, Peter and Sirius were all looking at Emmeline stirring her tea as if she had gone out of her mind. James however looked thoughtful.

'Sure!' he said nodding his head slowly. Everyone turned to look at him with raised eyebrows. Emmeline was smiling happily.

'Sure?' Lily said a little bit shocked. They had been getting along better. She did sneak out of school with him. But to hang out with him and his friends?

'Sure!' James repeated.




'SURE!' Sirius shouted suddenly. James and Lily looked at him curiously. 'I felt left out!' Sirius said pouting.

James shook his head then turned back to look at Lily. 'I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to. But if you do. The offers there.'

Lily tilted her head to the side and looked at James in the eyes to see if he had any hidden agenda. She didn't see any devious expressions. 'Ok.' She said, much to hers and everyone else's surprise, 'Where do you hang out then?' she added curiously.

It was Peter who answered in a voice that clearly showed that he was either glad he knew something, or that he was glad to finally be a part of the conversation.

'We hang out in the room of -'

'Common…' fortunately for Peter, Sirius cut him off before he could reveal what he knew. Obviously, Peter didn't know that it was a secret. Sirius continued trying to salvage what Peter had almost destroyed.

'The room, of…common!' he said trying to sound confident.

'The room of common?' Hestia said from next to him.

'Yes…?' Sirius said. The other marauders looked at him with mixed expressions, unsure of where Sirius was going with this.

'The room of common?' Alice repeated confused.

'The room of common.' Sirius was nodding his head trying to convince the girls and his friends that he was sure of what he was talking about.

'Do you mean the common room?' Lily asked trying to figure out what the marauders were trying to cover up.

'Yes!' Sirius was nodding his head more enthusiastically than ever now. The other marauders had also started to nod their heads hesitantly.

'Why do you call it the room of common?' Alice asked with a smile on her face that said, 'really? This is what you've come up with?'

'Because…' James said trying to jump in and save Sirius but coming up empty.

'Because…' Remus said trying to save James from trying to save Sirius but still, coming up empty.

'Because…' Peter said because he felt left out from Remus trying to save James from trying to save Sirius.

'BECAUSE?' the girls shouted getting impatient with waiting for an excuse.

'Because…' Sirius said finally coming up with a solution, 'We like to be sophisticated!' It wasn't a good solution. Just a solution.

'Sophisticated?' Lily asked sceptically, 'By calling the common room the room of common you think your being, sophisticated?'

'Yes?' Sirius said, unsure again. He looked to his friends for help but they just shrugged their shoulders, having no idea what to do or how to get him out of his mess.

'That doesn't make you sophisticated that just makes you dum!' Hestia said reaching for another crumpet.

'PRONGS!' Sirius said looking at James with large puppy dog eyes.

James raised one eyebrow at Sirius and said, 'Don't look at me! I agree with her!'

So Sirius turned to Remus who only said, 'You're on your own on this one!'

Peter expected Sirius to turn to him next and he had picked his response all picked out. Unfortunately for Peter, all Sirius did was slouch down in his seat, hang his head and pout. Peter then did the same as his fears of not being completely accepted as a marauder by his friends and others came back to him.

'Ok.' Lily said to James who visibly lit up, but which Lily decided to ignore, 'I think I will hang out with you during the free period. I have nothing else to do. So, why not!' Lily looked at James defeated before taking upon a questioning look and asking, 'What do you do during your free periods anyway?'

James smiled deviously and said, 'A little of this, a little of that. We like to answer the big questions…'

'You have got to be kidding me!'

'No. I'm deadly serious!'

'But your wrong!'

'How am I wrong?'

'Because you are!'

'That's not a reason!'

'Well what do you want me to say?!'

'Nothing! I want you to explain why you think I'm wrong!'

'Because a flobberworm can't beat a hippogriff! It's impossible!' Sirius said scandalised to James who was shaking his head.

'How do you know?' James asked him, looking at Sirius with a serious expression, 'We have never found out what a flobberworm can do besides eat lettuce and cabbage. How do you know that if we put one in an intense situation, it won't reveal a greater power?'

Sirius looked bewildered. Unsure of what to say he turned to Remus, 'You took Care of Magical Creatures. Help me out here. A flobberworm can't beat a hippogriff. A hippogriff has talons for goodness sake!'

Remus looked at James who smiled back. It was a smile which displayed how much James enjoyed taunting his best friend. It was a smile which enlisted Remus help. It was a smile which made a certain girls heart unexpectedly skip a beat.

'Well, strictly speaking, in appearance, the hippogriff does beat the flobberworm and looks as though it would easily beat it in a battle. A hippogriff has talons, a beak and very strong wings as well as the ability to fly, whereas a flobberworm is a brown worm with no teeth and is only rated as X at the ministry. A hippogriff is rated XXX. So really if -'

'Whoa, whoa, WOAH!' Sirius said blinking his wide eyes with information overload, 'I just wanna know which one will win in a battle. A flobberworm.' he said with a disgusted face, or a hippogriff!' he said nodding enthusiastically.

Remus paused for a moment and thought. 'Well -'

'This isn't going to be another lecture is it?' Sirius groaned.

Remus scowled before saying, 'I'd put my money on the flobberworm!'

'WHAT!' Sirius yelled at the same time as James yelled, 'YES!'

'Oh what do you know!' Sirius said disgruntled, 'What do you think Evans?'

Lily had been sat watching Sirius and James conversation with amusement. It was the first time she had spent a free period with the marauders, and to her surprise, she was rather enjoying herself. She actually found the silliness of their conversation refreshing. Just the way they were able to have fun by such a stupid conversation was…new. Usually, with her friends and with a certain ex-friend, the conversation was usually exhaustingly serious and sometimes, with a certain person, dark. But with the marauders, they just enjoyed being with each other and having a laugh. They enjoyed the light meaningless conversations. And so did she. The laughter. Just a chance to escape from the world as it was changing. It was nice.

'Evans!' Sirius said breaking through Lily's reverie rather abruptly, 'You're smart. What do you think? Flobberworm or hippogriff?'

'To be honest I'm still trying to get over the fact that this is what you think the big questions that need asking are.' Lily laughed looking around the marauders smiling and landing on James who looked completely serious.

'Do you know anyone else who is willing to ask these questions?' he said looking straight into Lily's emerald eyes, trying to keep his calm posterior and not letting his true feelings show. His stomach was doing flips at the eyes contact.

Lily looked back into James warm brown eyes and suddenly felt uncomfortably relaxed at his gaze. 'Ok.' she said tearing her eyes away from James' and turning to look at Sirius to answer the question, 'I think the flobberworm could win because no one has ever really discovered what it can do. Putting it in a high stress situation could reveal a hidden power.'

'You can't hang out with us anymore Evans!' Sirius said with a pout.

'Why not?' Lily asked, deep down hoping that it was a joke.

'Because you won't agree with me!' Sirius continued to pout whilst the other marauders and Lily laughed.

'Ok.' Sirius said regaining his composure, 'Who would win between a flobberworm and a mandrake then?'

'Oh definitely the mandrake!' James said nodding his head wisely.

'WHAT!' Sirius screamed, causing the few people in the common room to look over to where he sat for a few seconds before returning to their own business. Sirius continued, 'How can a flobberworm beat a hippogriff but not a mandrake?'

'That's easy!' Lily said, really getting into the spirit of the boys conversation. They all looked at her intrigued, waiting for her to carry on and explain. 'A mandrake has a killer scream so the flobberworm wouldn't have a chance to defend itself.'

Sirius sighed and slouched down onto his chair in defeat whilst Lily smiled in triumph, Remus and Peter were looking at Sirius bemused. James was looking at Lily.


'Oops!' Sirius said as he looked through the hole he had blown through her desk. 'I was frustrated!' he said shrugging his shoulders at McGonagall's questioning look.

'So you felt the need to take your frustration out on my desk!' McGonagall said shrilly.

'Well…' Sirius pause, 'I think I did you a favour really. That desk is pretty ugly!'

The class burst into laughter and McGonagall's lips pursed. Many thought she was trying to hold in a giggle.

'You will join Mr Potter in detention next Wednesday.' McGonagall said before turning to her desk and trying to fix the hole.

Earlier that lesson, after James had successfully been the first to transform his parrot into a crow, he had decided to turn McGonagall's hat into a chicken. Chaos ensued for about ten minutes afterwards as people tried to catch the chicken. McGonagall had then given him a detention but not before making sure that it wouldn't clash with Quidditch practice.

The class soon settled back into their work. Only James, Lily and Remus had succeeded in turning their parrots into crows so they had been set a new task to turn their crows into robins. This mastered the skill of shrinking transfiguration. When James had completed his task. He turned his attention to shrinking everything in range into robins. By the end of the lesson, James had turned everyone's parrots or crows into robins, as well as many ink bottles and quills. The room was swarming with the birds. McGonagall only noticed the birds when she had finally fixed her desk and turned around.

'WHO?' She shouted to the class who were taking cover from the birds who had flown into a frenzy over her loud remark. She waved her wand once and froze all the birds in mid-air. 'Who?' she repeated.

'And I thought you'd be pleased!' James said leaning back in his chair smiling at McGonagall, 'I completed the task!'

'A little too enthusiastically!' McGonagall said causing the class to titter lightly. 'As you already have a detention, I will let you off. You were, after all, doing your work. You may go!' she said to the rest of the class.

They all exited the class room and headed down to lunch. James, Remus and Sirius lagged behind a little. Suddenly Sirius stopped.

'What's up?' Remus asked Sirius noticing that he had stopped.

'Someone is following us.' he said turning around.

'Stop being paranoid!' James laughed, ruffling Sirius hair.

'I'm serious! Someone is following us!' Sirius said looking around sharply.

'No one is following us!' James sighed.

Sirius looked at his friends seeing that they wouldn't believe him. 'Ok.' he said. They all carried on towards the great hall with Sirius still feeling a pair of eyes burning into his back.

The marauders were sneaking down to the kitchens. It was a venture they took every few nights when Sirius decided that he hadn't eaten enough during the day. This journey however was not as fun as the previous ones because Sirius had been convinced, since transfiguration earlier that day, that someone was following them.

'Why would someone follow us?' James whispered as they turned a corner and began to descend down the steps.

'Because we are awesome!' Sirius said in return jumping a trick step on the staircase.

'Then it wouldn't really be a bad thing that they're following us then would it?' Remus said.

'Well they aren't following us cause we're awesome, they are following us for other reasons!' Sirius said turning around hoping to catch someone behind them.

'I'm confused!' Peter said looking up at James hoping he would explain it to him.

'Ah don't worry about it Pete!' James said to Peter patting him on the shoulder, 'When has Sirius ever made sense!' he laughed. Peter imitated James laugh but in a creepy fashion.

'Prongs. I'm telling you someone is following us!' Sirius said looking James dead in the eyes.

James saw the seriousness in Sirius' eyes and understood that he wasn't joking. He well and truly believed that someone was following them and he wouldn't drop this until he was proved right. James sighed and said 'Ok.'

To some people this one word answer may not have been a lot, but Sirius knew that this one word answer meant that James believed him. This answer meant that James would now keep an eye out and watch their backs a bit more carefully. During these dark times, not even the marauders would risk being out at night. In fact, as they knew how many secret entrances and exits there were to the castle, they would probably be the last ones to be wandering around the school at night if someone was following them.

They carried on walking. James stopped and looked around. He saw a robe quickly hide behind a wall. He looked at Sirius and nodded, affirming that someone was indeed following them. He elbowed Remus who immediately understood and grabbed the collar of Peters robe turning him around. They all hurried back to Gryffindor tower all thoughts of the kitchen abandoned. Before they got back into the common room however, James took one last look around the hallway. He spotted a figure in the shadows by the suit of armour. He recognised the hunched demeanour of the figure and realisation hit him. Not only had Severus Snape been the one cursing him till kingdom come, he was also the one following them about.

During the next fortnight, much to Hestia's amusement and Lily's shame, Lily had begun to look forward to spending her free periods with the marauders. She loved the carefree attitude they took towards everything. She looked forwards to Sirius' annoying questions, Remus' know-it-all answers, Peters grovelling and James' laughing smile. It bothered her that she did look forward to these things because it meant that she was slowly becoming friends with the marauders and that all the years she had scolded and reprimanded them, all the years she had loathed them, were a waste. She was learning she was wrong. She hated being wrong.

At the moment, she was sat in the stands of the Quidditch arena with Hestia, (who was feeling ill and unable to fly today), Remus and Peter watching the Gryffindor Quidditch team practice for the upcoming game against Ravenclaw. They had been out there for just over an hour and were slowly coming to a close.

'ALL RIGHT THAT'S IT!' she heard James shout from up in the air. She saw all seven blurs of red and gold soar down from the sky and land on the ground encircling James who began to talk to them. Up in the stands, they couldn't hear what was happening but they could see James gestures and lips moving. This led to Remus making up what James was saying.

'…then we shall conquer our quest and find Sirius' sandwich once and for all! He will be grateful. And then he will finally shower once again!'

'Does Sirius not shower?!' Hestia said with a disgusted expression.

'You know, it's a shame you and he don't spend more time together.' Remus said much to Lily and Peter's amusement and Hestia's disdain.

'That's not funny.' Hestia said before turning and walking down the steps which led from the stands to the pitch. Full with laughter, Lily, Remus and Peter followed her and met James and Sirius at the bottom.

'Hey. Hestia thinks you don't shower!' Lily said as a conversation opener.

'Who?' James and Sirius said simultaneously.

'You Padfoot!' Peter said with a snigger which he soon regretted due to the dirty look he then received from Sirius.

'Didn't realise you were so interested in my showering habits!' Sirius said to Hestia with raised eyebrows as they all started to walk back towards the castle.

'Did you get everything then?' James asked Hestia.

'Well I couldn't actually hear you but I did see what techniques you were using.' Hestia replied.

'Can you imitate them?' James questioned.

'I hope so!' Hestia laughed.

'Me too!' James said, 'You feeling better at all?'

'Not too bad actually.' she nodded.

'You know what cures a bad stomach?' Sirius said, 'Jam.'

Hestia raised an eyebrow at him. 'Jam?' she said sceptically.

'Yep!' Sirius replied, 'Jam!'

Soon, Sirius, Hestia and Remus had pulled ahead leaving James and Lily talking with Peter trailing behind James in awe.

They were talking about their potions assignment. Earlier in the week they had completed their polyjuice potion and had successfully transformed into each other. It was an experience they didn't wish to repeat.

'I'm sorry but I like being a girl!' Lily said with a smile.

'Well I'm glad to hear that!' James said.

Lily looked abashed at his comment but shook it off before saying, 'At least the colour that your potion turned was decent unlike some others in the class.'

'Ugh I know! Mulciber's turned a mucky brown!' James said with a chuckle. Peter snickered in appreciation.

'I would have hated to drink that!' Lily laughed.

'Me to I -' James began before pausing and quickly turning around, suspicion glazing his expression.

'What's wrong?' Lily said looking around to see what James was looking at but only seeing a tree.

'Nothing. Let's go to dinner.' James said turning around and smiling at Lily and Peter. They all sped up to join the rest. James a little slower and still looking behind him. In slow motion he saw a swish of greasy black hair and a wave of a wand. Suddenly he was up in the air dangling by his ankle. He yelled out but by the time his friends had turned around, Severus had released James who landed in a lump on the floor.

Everyone rushed towards him. James got up and brushed dirt off of his robes, trying to calm himself down. After all, if he retaliated, he might lose the slowly building friendship of Lily Evans and that was the last thing he wanted.

Everyone quickly began asking if he was okay to which he replied, 'I'm fine. I just…fell.' he darted a look over to the tree where he saw Severus standing with a malicious look on his face. Everyone but Remus and Sirius missed this look as they were too preoccupied with helping James to his feet. Sirius looked at Remus who looked at James. Sirius then also looked at James who shook his head in a way that said, 'he's not worth it' before turning and walking back to the castle.

Three weeks of tailing the marauders everywhere was coming to a close and Severus had yet to find the information Voldemort had requested off of him. Voldemort had told him to find out where one of the marauders snuck off to every month. Now, Severus had followed them to the Quidditch pitch and to detention. He had seen them plan and pull pranks as well as sneak down to the kitchens, but never had one of them ever been alone. They always went around in a two, a three or a four. Because of this, Severus knew that he had still not found what Voldemort had asked him to uncover. Severus had started to become tired and annoyed with his assignment. Mainly because, as he was following them twenty-four seven, he was witnessing the budding friendship of Lily and James grow.

He had seen the two of them talking happily in potions, laughing over their cauldron. He saw Lily and her friends, Hestia, Alice and Emmeline eat lunch with the four boys he had come to loath and despise. He had seen them all walk back from the Quidditch pitch together after Gryffindor had practiced. And he had heard that Lily was now spending some of her free periods with the marauders without her friends there. Severus desperately hoped that the last one was just a rumour.

It really pained him to see Lily become friends with the boy they had both hated for five years. To see her slowly become friends with the four boys that plagued his Hogwarts existence. When he and Lily were friends they had made a pact that they would never become even acquaintances with the marauders, and yet here she was breaking that pact under his very nose. Even if they weren't friends anymore Severus thought she would still honour their agreement. He had noticed that her attitude towards them had changed due to what she referred to them as. Yes, she still called them by their last names, but Severus believed that that was more out of habit than with the contempt that she usually said it with. Lily was becoming friends with them and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

So, even though Severus couldn't stop Lily from becoming friends with his sworn enemy, he could make his enemy's life a misery. At every opportunity he got, (and as he was following them, he got a lot of them.), Severus would curse James Potter. He used the leg-locker curse, the jelly legs curse, the tongue-tying curse, the bat-bogey hex and even the hair removal curse. Unfortunately, his curses on James didn't last for too long as he always had someone on hand to remove the curse before it became serious. This wasn't what bothered him though. What bothered him was that Potter would never fight back. Ever. Not like he had in previous years when he had been the one throwing the curses around. He wouldn't even let his friends retaliate for him. He would just walk away.

Now, Severus was at breakfast and had just seen Lily, her friends, (whose names he had never bothered to learn), and the marauders all walk in together. He gripped his fork tightly trying to resist the urge to throw it at James who was talking to Lily. His Lily. They all sat down. Severus watched Lily as she did so, her back towards him, her long red hair cascading elegantly down her back. James sat opposite her and continued the conversation they had been having. He was looking at her in a way that made Severus' skin crawl. Impulsively and inconspicuously, Severus raised his wand and pointed it at James just as he was taking a drink from his goblet. Severus muttered a few well-chosen words and a spell erupted from his wand, hitting James dead in the throat. Severus smiled maliciously.

James grabbed his throat and tried to breathe but only feeling the oddest sensation overwhelm him. He had been trying to swallow his mouthful of pumpkin juice when it had suddenly become lodged in his throat and had turned ice cold. Without warning, James bolted from the great hall. Lily, who had been talking to him, looked about in shock for a second before following him. Hestia, Emmeline and Alice followed her with Remus and Peter following them. Sirius however, paused for a moment and looked around the great hall. His eyes immediately landed on the smirking face of Severus Snape as he watched James dart from the room. Sirius sneered in his general direction before going after his best friend.

He quickly caught up with Lily who was clutching a stitch in her side. She pointed towards the hospital wing and Sirius, followed by Remus, ran there at break-neck speed.

When they arrived in the hospital wing, they saw an almost purple James banging on the door to Madam Pomfrey's office. She swung the door open to yell at whoever had disturbed her, but upon seeing James purple face, quickly sprang into action, pulling out her wand, diagnosing him immediately and melting the ice in his throat.

James gasped for air and collapsed on the nearest bed breathing deeply. Madam Pomfrey quickly set upon finding a bottle of calming draught in the medicine cupboard whilst Remus patted James on the back. Sirius was walking backwards and forwards furiously. Soon the girls arrived and crowded around James instantly asking him if he was all right. He croaked a reply and drank the calming draught Madam Pomfrey had just brought over to him.

'What happened?' Lily asked trying to catch James gaze, 'One minute we were talking about our transfiguration assignment and the next you were running for the hills.'

'Someone froze a mouthful of pumpkin juice in his throat.' Madam Pomfrey said taking the goblet from James' shaking hand, 'You should recover in five to ten minutes. After that you may leave. I've got to go write this down.' And then she left the eight teenagers alone to figure out exactly what had happened.

'Why would someone do that?' Alice asked concerned, 'You could have choked!'

'Some people do not care for the sanctity of life.' Emmeline said dreamily.

'Or the sanctity of pumpkin juice!' Hestia said folding her arms.

'Do you know who did it Potter?' Lily asked James still trying to catch his eye.

James looked down into his lap and said hoarsely, 'I don't know,'

'Oh for goodness sakes Prongs!' Sirius suddenly exploded, 'You know perfectly well who it was!'

'Padfoot.' James said quietly, his voice begging Sirius to shut up.

'No Prongs! If he's not trying to make you choke he's locking your damn legs together!'

'Padfoot.' James repeated a little louder. Sirius still didn't listen.

'He keeps doing this the slime! Removing all your hair…'


'…giving you jelly legs…'


'…splitting your bag open…'


'…changing the colour of your hair…'


'…stealing your stuff…'


'…and you won't retaliate…'


'…won't even let us give what's coming to the little -'

'SIRIUS!' James said, his voice reaching breaking point.

At the sound of his real name, Sirius stopped in shock and looked at James. He saw him begging through is eyes for Sirius to stop. Sirius knew why. Lily Evans. James wanted to show her that he had grown up. Sirius just wished that James growing up didn't include taking what Severus Snape gave them lying down.

'Fine.' Sirius said before sitting on the bed opposite James and fixing him with a moody stare.

'Thank you.' James said quietly returning Sirius gaze. He conveyed his thanks in this stare. He knew that Sirius knew that James didn't want Lily to know that it was her ex-best friend cursing him. Even though they were now sort of friends, James was sure that if Lily found out what Severus was doing, she would find a way to make it James fault. It wasn't true, but it was just how he felt and what he thought.

'Potter,' Lily began tentatively, 'Do you know who did this?' she asked, knowing full well he did.

'No.' James said before hopping off the bed and leaving the hospital wing.

Everyone was excited. It was the first Quidditch match of the season; Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw. The tantalising taste of anticipation was filling the air. People were stood in the stands of the Quidditch pitch waving flags and banners for the teams they were supporting. The Gryffindor's and the Ravenclaw's were supporting their respective teams. Hufflepuff were divided between the two teams. The Slytherin's however had gone all out to express their aversion to Gryffindor, wearing bronze and blue hats and scarves as well as waving enormous flags and banners with giant eagles on them. The crowd roared as the two teams strode on to the pitch, the captains in front.

James waved to the people in the stands, enjoying the attention as he walked up to the captain of the Ravenclaw team. They shook hands as Madam Rolanda Hooch, the Flying instructor and Quidditch Referee, told them to play a clean game. She was known for her fairness, good sportsmanship and for keeping all the Hogwarts Quidditch matches as fair as possible.

The teams mounted their brooms and kicked off from the ground taking their positions. The commentator for the game was Mary McDonald, a sixth year Gryffindor who shared a dorm room with Lily.

'The players take their positions. The Quaffle is released and the game begins!' Mary shouted her voice magnified a thousand times by the sonorous charm. 'Gryffindor's James Potter takes the Quaffle. He dodges a Bludger sent towards him by the Ravenclaw beater and passes the Quaffle to Hestia Jones. She shoots…SHE SCORES! Ten points to Gryffindor!'

Up in the stands, watching the game, was Remus, Peter, Lily, Emmeline and Alice. They had all decided to sit together to support James, Hestia, Sirius and the rest of the team. They were all words of support and encouragement.

'You can do it!' Alice yelled.

'Make us proud!' Emmeline yelled.

'Kick their butts!' Remus yelled.

'Yeah!' Peter yelled.

'Throw that…ball?' Lily yelled causing the people around her to turn and look at her. She had never been that interested in Quidditch and after five years of watching the game, she had realised that she knew less about the sport than she thought she did. She couldn't even remember the name of the ball. You see, whenever someone would start talking about Quidditch she would just zone out. She knew nothing about it.

'It's a Quaffle.' Remus whispered to Lily.

'I know!' Lily said stubbornly making a mental note to learn at least the basics of the wizarding sport. Especially as her best friend was on the team and it had been just over five years.

Up in the air Sirius was waiting for a Bludger to whack. He had just saved the Gryffindor keeper from a serious concussion and had hit the ball towards one of the Ravenclaw chasers who had been winded due to his superb aiming skills. Thanks to this, the Ravenclaw chaser had dropped the ball into Hestia's arms, who scored a goal moments later. Sirius wished Beater could score goals. It would make the game more interesting for the keepers having to focus on three balls coming towards the hoops. He already thought that the Gryffindor keeper was useless. It wasn't because he always let the Quaffle through the hoops, it was because the Gryffindor chasers were so good, the other team never got a chance to score. This left the keeper flying in front of the hoops with nothing to do.

A Bludger soared towards the Gryffindor Seeker who was only a few feet away from Sirius. He managed to dodge the Bludger so it flew over his shoulder where Sirius was waiting for it. He threw his bat back and with an almighty crack sent the Bludger towards the Ravenclaw's seeker who didn't manage to move out of the way quickly enough. The Bludger hit her right arm, breaking it.

'Ohh!' Mary said, her voice still magnified for the commentary of the game, 'The Ravenclaw seeker takes a beating to her arm thanks to Gryffindor's Beater, Sirius Black. Gryffindor are up eighty points to sixty. Looks like Ravenclaw's chances of winning have almost shattered along with their seekers arm.' Mary grimaced as all the Ravenclaw's and Ravenclaw's supporters sighed as they knew she was right. The game was pretty much over now.

'OI!' James yelled to his Seeker as he saw a small glint of gold zoom towards the Gryffindor goals.

The seeker looked to where James was pointing and immediately flew in that directing her arm outstretched. The Ravenclaw seeker was hot on her tail. The two girls were almost neck and neck. The Ravenclaw girl looked in pain as she attempted to stretch her right arm out, (which was most likely broken), so that she could keep her broom steady with her left.

The snitch suddenly bolted towards the ground. Everyone was so enamoured with the chase for the snitch that James and Hestia were able to take it in turns shooting goals into the Ravenclaw hoops. They scored five more goals before an almighty cheer ricocheted through the stadium.

'The Gryffindor Seeker catches the snitch! That's an extra one-hundred and fifty points for Gryffindor. The final score; two-hundred and eighty points to seventy. GRYFFINDOR WINS!' Mary shouted over the roaring crowd.

The Gryffindor team flew down to the ground and clumped together in a giant hug. They were jumping up and down, relieved that they had won their first game. All they had to do now was win one more game to secure a place in the Quidditch cup final. They were now in full Quidditch mode. Now their training would really start which made the team fear what was to come. James already made them spend most their time on the pitch for practice, that they couldn't see how they could do more.

They were informed that their practice schedule wouldn't change until closer to the game against Hufflepuff by James in the changing room. He was congratulating them on a successful game and was giving them all a bar of Honeydukes chocolate to reward their success. It was something James always liked to do. Give them a reward. It was usually chocolate or Bertie Bott's every flavour beans. Either way, the team always appreciated it.

'Thanks guys!' he finished, 'See you on Tuesday night for practice!'

The changing room emptied leaving Sirius and James alone. James had a sneaking suspicion that Sirius hadn't heard a word he'd said as he was too preoccupied with scoffing down his chocolate bar.

'I should probably wait to give you these things until I've finished speaking, shouldn't I?' James asked Sirius with his arms folded.

'Huh?' Sirius said looking up with a chunk of chocolate protruding out of his mouth.

'Never mind!' James chuckled, slapping Sirius on the back in a brotherly fashion. 'Come on. Moony and Wormtail will be waiting!'

They both gathered their things together and walked out of the changing room where, sure enough, Remus and Peter were waiting dutifully for them. They exchanged congratulations and thanks before heading back to the castle, discussing plans for the upcoming full moon, too used to someone following them to notice or even care.

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