This is a Multiverse where everyone is having a nice day until a rumor came across saying every night, mist will come, and choose a victim, but even if your not the victim, if your out side during it you will be a victim as well. They say is a Skelton with mismatched color clothes of blue, red, and yellow. They wear a cat hood and have a cat tail., and is the one to control the mist. The drawing for the book is dine by DustinWolf12 from wattpad they did the colors and the dress is done by someone on deviant art! If you want to see my wattpad it's cringemaster905!

Fantasy / Mystery
Age Rating:


(Just like to say I am bad at everything so uuuh good luck -w-)


It was a normal, lovely day. Ink was having a nice break from working so hard in his work space. Dream had visit him once , saying he should take a nice break from all the paintings he is working on, so he can clear his mind. At first ink decline but with a little more convincing he finally decided to take a break and relax.

"Hello, ink." Ink was a bit spook from wear the voice was coming from, he turn around to see cross, an old friend of his; tho they never actually do something together, not even talk, so this was new. "Oh! Hello cross, ling time no seen hehe..sooooo uuuuuh whu did you came all this way?" Ink ask the tall Skelton who has a beard clothing design. "I am only here to see if you knew anything about the news" cross has inform ink, who he only gave a dumbfounded face in return. "Uuuh..what news?" This gave a sigh from the tall Skelton. "The new about this mist going around every country, it's weird, the mist will be their for only a week until it passes on to another place, and repeats, but that's not all! Their been countless murders every time the mist is their and it always happens at 9:00pm-3:00am. And the news cast lady said the mist should be going to underground next!" Ink was surprise at this, he didn't think cross would actually think the muirders was cause by the mist, and actually look terrified. "Ok, so what your saying is that we will die when the mist comes? Yeah seems like a hoax to me" ink was unconvinced that the mist would actually do that.

But, we all know that the ones who denies the truth, is the first to go.

"Fine, whatever believe what you want. I am going back to my place seya" cross walked all the way back to his place so he can forget the conservative he had with ink.

Ink just say their, not even going to take notice what had happen, as he only wanted to relax.


Hello, I am classic and welcome back to today's new, on channel 12, to day we bring you all important news about the mist that has been going around. So far the mist has only attracted small parts of ever country. Now here is new from cloud!.

Hello..I am could, I work for the weather channel, as you can see on the map, the mist should be arriving at Underground. So those who live their watch out! For we heard some news about murder when the mist has come around. That's all.

Well you heard it fokes! The mist will be heading to Underground next!
And now for the events hap-

*tv off*

《Fresh POV》
"WOAZ! An uncool mist be coming up in this here joint." Epic came from the bathroom walking to where I at. "Oh! You saw it to bruh! Yeah bruh it's so crazy bruh!" I don't mind they way epic always say brah, cuz he doesn't mind my slang. "Yeah think the mist is a buzz kill?" "Nah bruh, I think it's cool bruh, just another weird thing bruh." I guess epic had a point their, but I still don't like how murders happen when the mist came, oh well.

Nightmare gang didn't care for the mist, but that didn't stop cross from over reacting.


Ok that is it for now, I will update when I can. Ok adios AMIGOS!

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