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A True Love Is Never Wrong

Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions

Chapter Two - Madame Malkin

April's P.O.V.

I can not remember the last time I woke up so rested. On the bed and not on the bare ground covered by a blanket. I'm not complaining about blanket. At least it didn't smell like hundred previous users.

The last person who used this quilt except me of course, was an elderly witch. She had a cat. Ginger Persian exactly.

There is something magical about gazing at the starry sky before sleep overwhelm our body.

All this smells - fresh air, trees, damp grass. And the sounds of rustling grass and animals lurking off and minded that they are invisible to your eye.

Muggles all the time thinking about magic. About how it manifests itself might look like magic.

They write about it books create movies, do magic tricks on the model of true magic. They are so fascinated by magic and its source that they can't see it around them.

And oddly if they see the magic they are trying to explain it rationally and even claim it does not exist, but in the depths of their souls they truly believe in it.

I will not say. It annoys me. It annoys me that they excessive rational thought are making them blind. But every child knows that magic can not be rationally explained. Their monsters, visions, their magic and seemingly innocent fun. Everything is real.

Adults simply can not see what they are. Nor to believe them.

I sighed heavily and dragged myself out of the bed. The floor felt cold on my feet, so quickly and unpleasantly awakened I got dressed and reluctantly went down to the main room of Leaky Cauldron.

When I got there and sat down at a table, the waiter immediately gave me a traditional English Breakfast . Two fried eggs, toast, fried bacon and of course pudding. I will never understand how English people can eat it.

After breakfast, I went through the back door of the inn, pressed the proper brick in the wall, and after a short while my eyes appeared crossing the street Diagon Alley - a street where every magician can feel safe from the watchful eyes of Muggles.

Unhurriedly I set off down the street, looking around the shop windows. I don't have to hurry. The train to Hogwarts departs tomorrow. I have plenty of time to wander a little, maybe some dinner. And of course I have to buy books and robes. Both shops were located next to each other so luckily I did not have to look far.

Shop Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions was ... .purple. This is probably the most fitting description. I pushed the door and the bell above them rang.

"Please wait. I will be over in a minute" There was a high voice. I went through the room past few mannequins with robes. Leaned back on the couch standing in the corner, casually crossing my ankles and basing it on the back of the furniture.

P.O.V. Hermione

Bell above the door rang. "One day I will murder Ron. If your brother has a little bit of brain left he shoud avoid me today. "I was furious.

"Calm down, Hermione. I know it was stupid of him but ... "

"Stupid? STUPID? Ginny, he set fire to my school robe. And when I was wearing it."

Furiously I threw my hair over my shoulder and huffed.

"He didn't do it on purpose he just ..."

"Just was himself. He was Ron. Yes I know. But that it will not always excuse him"

I heard a movement behind, thinking that it was Madam Malkin I turned. Then I noticed the black-haired girl casually lying on the couch in the further corner of the store.

"Oh no. My day just got worse" Ginny looked at me and raised an eyebrow questioningly

"Do you know her?" She asked.

"Remember how I told you about mean girl from a lift in the ministry?" Ginny nodded. "Well, it was her." Now I finaly can examined her carefully. Black jeans with lots of holes. Black t-shirt with a wolf and leather jacket with studs.

But the most interesting were the sunglasses completely hiding the girl's eyes.

The black-haired girl smoothly and in fast motion got up from the couch.

"And it's also nice to see you. Miss Hermione as I am not mistaken?"

I looked at the girl for a long time. She was tall with a muscular shoulders, multiple piercings and weird Celtic tattoo on her forearm. I wonder what it means.

Madam Malkin came out of the storeroom and broke the awkward silence. She was eldery woman in glasses with thick lenses, silver hair and purple costume. It fits perfectly into the decor of the store.

"Hello ladies. Which one of you first to the fitting? "The girl broke our eye contact and walked over to the clerk. She stood on a low podium and spread her arms. Madame waved her wand and the yellow measure tape flew out from the end.

I turned to Ginny and saw as she was looking toward the dark-haired with a slight blush on the cheeks.

"Ginny. Stop staring" I hissed at her.

"Can not help it. She's ...hot" I was realy surprised by that

"I didn't know that you ..."

"Of course not. But look at her. "The redhead moved her chin toward the girl "She's like dangerous creature and it's HOT"

"All I see is only rude person who can piss me off"

"Hahahaha. She really gave you a hard time in the ministry. "

"You have no idea. It wasn't bad but ... .UGH ! "I secretly glanced in the direction of the girl. She was looking at me from the corner of her eye and slightly smiling.

Noooo. It is not possible that from such a distance she could hear our conversation. What with this girl and her talent to raise my blood pressure.

"Here is your robe Miss Ryan" Madame Malkin handed the girl a ready-made garment. I have forgotten how fast the older woman can work.

Moment. This is a Hogwarts robe. 'Oh nooo' I groaned softly, knowing what it means. I hope that the Sorting Hat did not make a mistake and 'Miss Ryan' will go to Slytherin.

Black-haired girl nodded, paid and left the store throwing me a last look and smiling a little.

'God, I beg you. Let it be Slytherin'

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