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His heartbeat || kookv

Chapter- 1 thursday night

Jiminie, i won't go to the party moreover it's in a club." Taehyung said whining, trying to sleep peacefully but when his best friend is around, how can he ever sleep?

"C'mon Tae, it will be fine. You never go to any parties, sitting inside our dorm and listening to music while everyone is going out to party, its the last year of our university soon we'll graduate.", Jimin said while snatching his pillow, rolling his eyes at his messy bestfriend, always sleeping, a total introvert.

"Please chim, parties are not my thing." Taehyung said while trying to snatch the pillows from him. All he wants to do is sleep, eat , repeat but how can his bestfriend let him do that.

"C'mon tae this is the party of the year, namjoon hyung threw this party, every bachelor and bachelorette from the town is gonna come, its gonna be amazing" Jimin said pouting, and oh his pout, it's the most innocent but has a evil intention behind it, he uses it whenever he needs something from his bestfriend.

"Fine, i'll come just for you, hoseok hyung,seokjin hyung, and namjoon hyung" tae said groaning, he knows he has no choice, his bestfriend would never let him sleep in peace if he says no.

"Thank you so much tae, the party is on friday night and im gonna inform everyone about you coming." Jimin said squealing and running out the dorm, and taehyung thanked the gods as his hyper bestie left the dorm room.

"oh my sleep" Taehyung sighed and went back to bed, he knew he did a mistake by saying yes to jimin but what can he do?


"So...? " Hoseok started, their expectations were too high, they wanted taehyung to attend the party for a reason.

"so what?" jimin asked shrugging. He loved teasing his bestfriends, it was a regular thing he'd do.

"aish, did he agree?" seokjin asked, he knew there would be a positibe answer cause taehyung would never say no to jimin, he was the only one who could change his mind.

"well take a wild guess." jimin giggled, he knew that his bestfriends already knew the answer.

"i'll take that as a yes." seokjin said, and then complete silence, no one said anything just stared at eachother and burst into laughter.

"Plan A done" Jimin smiled in victory along with hoseok and jin.

"im gonna inform namjoon" seokjin said while calling namjoon, namjoon has to be informed ofcourse.

Namjoon -

Seokjin -

"Joon, tae is coming" jin said squealing

"That's great, i'll inform jungkook"

"Make sure you are ready with plan B"

"We will be ready"

"Okay, im gonna hang up now"

"Alright, love you"

"Love you too joon bye" jin said and hung up


Taehyung was awoken by his bestfriend singing while jumping on his bed, again how can he sleep with his hyper bestfriend around

"BREAKUP WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND, YEAH YEAH CAUSE I'M BORED" jimin sang on top of his lungs, while holding a hair brush as his mic, it was one of his favorite songs, he'd sing it in bathroom shower too.

"aish chim stop it, i need to sleep", taehyung said while groaning, he really just wanted to sleep but no he can't.

"Can't blame me im so happy today" jimin said and then continued his singing, jimin would never listen to him.

" OKAY I GET IT THAT YOUR SO HAPPY TODAY BUT PLEASE LET ME SLEEP" taehyung shouted groaning, the loud noise makes him have a head ache. He'd spend most of the time sleeping because he felt peace in it.

"fine but your no fun" jimin pouted, his bestfriend would always scold him for being so loud while he is asleep but jimin likes troubling his friend, he soon saw his friend fast asleep which always made him think, how can he be so tired to always be asleep "aish.." jimin saw taehyung and soon went to bed, knowing that he had nothing else to do.


"How is the preparations going hyung" jungkook asked while sipping his banana milk, walking in the main lobby of the large club, it was still being decorated by party supplies.

"They're going great" namjoon replied, he was incharge for decorations, he'd always have a plan and ideas for everything so everyone would always depend on him for new ideas and designs.

"Jungkook are you really sure you want to do that?" namjoon asked, unsure cause it was a big thing to do. It was risky, he wanted him to be sure to take such a risk

"Yes hyung, i really want to, i've waited for a long time" Jungkook replied smiling dreamily, thinking about certain someone who had invaded his mind. He'd do anything for the certain someone, no matter what it is. It's funny that love can make us do anything, and this certain boy was love sick.

"Alright jungkook, don't let our plan fail." namjoon said sighing, he knew he can do anything that would change hid mind. All he can do is try to make it safe as possible for everyone.

"i won't let it fail." jungkook said while sipping his last sip of banana milk, he knew it was risky but he was ready to risk it all, he'd never let the plan fail--no matter what.


tomorrow is gonna be a hell of a ride

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