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Loved You 3000


Both were strangers until they got married.

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Chapter 1

[A/N: This is my first fanfic novel. Hope y'all like it. There might be grammatical errors since I am not a professional.]

Unknown P.o.V

"Its time now",was the only thing spoken from the other side of the phone call before it disconnected.

Hyejin's P.o.V

I stood in front of the mirror in the changing room wearing my wedding gown. My hair was curled and done into a messy bun with few fringes on the sides. Flower hair brodges were attached to my hair on the left hand side.

"Hyejin, are you done?", my bestfriend, Yeji asked as she walked in with my veil in her hands.

"Yes I think I am just done", I replied as tears started to pool up in my eyes.

"Hyejin there's still time if you don't wanna get married", she said. Talk to your parents again.

No Yeji they aren't even listening to me regarding this topic. I guess I am left with no choice.

"Ok then Hyejin I will support your decision", she said and left the room after fixing the veil on my head.

I sat on the couch as there was still an hour for the ceremony to start wondering how my life would become after I am married to Lucas. It's not that he is bad or anything like that it's just I don't feel it right for me to do this marriage.

My thoughts were thrown out of the window when I heard the back door of the changing room click open.

A tall young man in his early 20's came and stood in front of me. I rose from my seat and was about to say something when he covered my nose with a cloth. I struggled in his grip but he was too strong. Suddenly I started to feel dizzy and darkness started to hover over me and I lost conscious falling in his arms.

Hyejin's Moms' P.o.V

"Hyejin, dear it's time let's go", I said and opened the door only to find an empty room. I searched the whole room but she was no where to be found. I quickly ran to my husband and told him that Hyejin is missing. Everyone of us were worried as we all searched for her but she was nowhere to be found.

Soon we announced the cancellation of the wedding since the bride was missing and thanked everyone for coming. Once everyone had left we apologized to Mr. Wang and his family and also left for home.

As we entered the house the only thing I heard from my husband was " She is dead for us now, don't ever mention her name in front of me" and he left. Tears left my eyes but I was helpless. "Where are you Hyejin?", I cried.


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