At Last I See the Light

Hopelessly Addicted

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This song is again from the Corrs.

I know it's going to be different

There's no denying it

It's a chemical reaction

Natural attraction

And I'm falling

The two of us together

I never thought it's going to happen

I just woke up thinking

About you, about us

Lies, I told myself

But when I look at you

Heart flutters, hands tremble

Today I make a wish

A plea

Whatever obstacle comes

Between us

We will survive

No matter how blind we were

What we feel for each other

Together we'll stay

One mind, one heart, one soul

Together as one



He annoyed her like a high school boy would annoy someone he likes but even though it made her crazy, she allowed it because him doing it makes her think of something else other than the case paperwork. He did it because he indeed likes her. And he love to see her get crazy.

It paid off.

Today, Richard Castle and Katherine Beckett were married in a small, intimate ceremony, with select friends and family as witnesses.

In the beginning, they might have denied it, but the attraction between them is undeniable. Their friends saw it but they determinedly dismissed it, though inside they knew. Until one day, they couldn't hold it any longer.

Today is the culmination of that. As they say their goodbyes to their friends and family to go to their honeymoon, they will embark on a new chapter in their lives, one that they will share.


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