At Last I See the Light

Reach For Me

AUTHOR"S NOTE: The song is from the TV series SMASH. It was sung by Krysta Rodriguez as Ana Vargas.

You were never one of my conquests. Never. I saw in your eyes the pain you're going through, why you chose to become a cop instead of someone in the corporate world. It tugged my heart that you have to undergo so much sorrow, I vowed that I will find our and solve it. When you told me what hurts you, it made me admire you even more. You told me to stay away but I need to know to fulfil my unvoiced vow. You lost your building trust in me when I told you my discovery, but you accepted me back.

I saw that hurt, that pain again, when you realised that Dick Coonan killed her. Your mum. You bargained with him so he would tell you a name but he used me as a shield, a sort of leverage. I shouldn't have attacked him so you wouldn't have to shoot him. But Kate, between me and him, I thought you were going to let him shoot me. You made your choice of saving me, losing your chance on a name so important, so vital, in solving your mother's case. I knew then that everything had changed. You're now reaching out, slowly.

I might have missed it again because you were starting to hide again. I need you to reach for me again so I can help. It's not about the books anymore. I told my mother that. It's about what I feel for you. I'm now doing this because I want to protect you. So much. I love you.

Please, Kate. Reach out. Reach for me. I'm willing to wait. I can help you. I want to help you. I know you don't realise it but we are one.

It hurt me when I heard your lie. It took me some weeks to accept that you were still healing. It didn't make me want you less. I understood you more.

The lights may dim everywhere, but you, Katherine Beckett, will shine in the dark. No neon sign will compare to you. Your smile alone can brighten a dark day.

I love you, Kate Beckett, and may the stars shine forever over us, guiding us to a magical place only we know. Reach for me. I am here for you, forever. Always.

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